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                                                      Spring newSletter - 2009
Hi Everyone,                                                      Can’t Lose Weight?                                                 Spring Vitality
                                                       Naturopath Sarah Neil, runs the weight loss          Spring is finally here! Now is the time we become
Hope you enjoy our inaugural Ramsdale
                                                       program at Ramsdale Pharmacy & Wellbeing             focused again on a regular exercise regime, which
Pharmacy & Wellbeing Centre                            Centre. Sarah develops individual eating plans       probably got put on the back-burner through the
                                                                                                            winter period. The consumption of comfort food
Newsletter!                                            with her clients that focuses on what you eat
                                                                                                            and drink has become obvious on the waist-line
                                                       rather than how much you eat.
We thought it would be a good way to                                                                        and the energy levels aren’t quite there. You want
                                                       If you have difficulty losing weight                 to get motivated and start feeling good again,
keep all our loyal customers in touch                  You may be suffering from :                          exercise more, eat better etc. Commonly though,
                                                                                                            as we come out of winter and into spring we tend
with what we are doing and new services                • Syndrome X                                         to lack the motivation and vitality we want, to do
we have on offer.                                      • Liver dysfunction                                  all these things. Often your mood is lowered, you
                                                       • Thyroid dysfunction                                don’t feel quite right and are probably tired and
We would like to offer 10% discount                                                                         still getting the occasional sore throat and sniffle.
                                                       • Hormone imbalance                                  Why is it that you often feel this way with the
on supplements for all new clients with
                                                       • Body type factors                                  changeover of seasons?
their first naturopathic consult booked in                                                                  There are many reasons why this may be the case,
                                                       • Body toxicity
September.                                                                                                  some of which are;
                                                       Benefits from losing weight include:                 Adrenal fatigue due to ongoing exposure to stress
Spring is finally here after a long wet                • Improved energy & vitality                         Post Viral Syndrome
winter. It’s a good time to take stock and             • Lowered cholesterol                                Low immunity
embark on internal spring clean.                       • Prevention of diabetes                             Poor diet/ eating habits
                                                       • Prevention of heart disease                        Lack of sleep
                                                       • Increased self worth                               Low iron levels
          Fallen off the band wagon                                                                         Vitamin D deficiency
                                                                                                            These examples are all very common and can be
                 over winter?                           No two people are the same so it                    treated and managed effectively with the right
Feeling sluggish, tired, worried about weight          makes sense that no two weight loss                  help.
                                                                                                            Having a consult with Sarah Neil our Naturopath,
gain, you are not alone! Eating more comfort                programs be the same.                           can give you insight into some of the reasons you
foods, lack of exercise, wet weather and winter        At Ramsdale Pharmacy & Well Being Centre             may be feeling this way and how to improve your
lurgies can all take their toll on our health and      we offer Naturopathic consults to work out an        symptoms to help you regain your health and
energy levels. Spring is a great time to kick start    individual weight loss or detox program just for     vitality.

a detox or weight loss program to help you feel        you.

fantastic again!                                       Factors such as thyroid, hormonal issues
                                                       emotional patterns, stress are taken into account
                                                                                                                                  Sarah Neil
If you feel you need a boost, a personalised detox     during your personalised consultation.                                     Naturopath
program may be just what you need.                     Sarah welcomes new and existing clients who                    Adv. Dip Naturopathy Member ATMS
Naturopath, Sarah Neil believes an individualised      would like help to achieve their health goals.
                                                                                                                   Specific Dietary & Lifestyle Advice
program is far better than using a standardised        We have a vast range of practitioner only                   Supplement Recommendations
product or kit, ‘by having a consult we can alter      supplements and retail ranges that can assist with          Weight Loss
                                                       the detox and weight loss programs.                         Women’s Health
the detox program to suit your lifestyle and health                                                                  Pregnancy Support
                                                       At Ramsdale Pharmacy & Wellbeing Centre we
goals.’                                                                                                              Thyroid Support
                                                       stock high quality vitamin and mineral ranges,
                                                                                                                     Hormonal Issues
This will vary depending on factors such               weight loss products including:                             Bach & Bush Flower Essences
as gender, age, work, family and financial             •   Metagenics                                              Mineral Hair Analysis
commitments.                                           •   Nutrition Care                                          Food Sensitivity Testing
                                                                                                                   Digestive Disorders
When our systems are overtaxed, they begin to          •   BioCeuticals                                            Stress, Anxiety
break down in a multitude of ways. Allergies,          •   Thorne                                                  Fatigue
headaches, depression, irritable bowel syndrome,                                                                   Celloids
                                                       •   Sandra Cabot
fatigue, weight gain and insomnia are just a few       •   Mediherb                                                1hr $60
                                                                                                                  30 min $35
of the symptoms that can result. The majority          •   Nutri Medicine                                    Health fund rebates available

of these common ailments are the direct result         •   Ethical Nutrients                                      Tues 9-2:30
of toxin build-up in our systems that has              •   Iso Whey Complete
                                                                                                                    Wed 2-6
                                                                                                                  Thurs 9-2:30
accumulated during the course of our daily lives.
 Book in for a free, organic                                                           Cooking for Health &
   cosmetic make over-                                                                     Well Being
   no strings attached!
                                                                                Whether you’d like help with weight-loss, detoxing, cooking for food
                                                                                allergies/intolerances, or you’d just like some new ideas for your home
                                                                                meals; we have a recipe book to cover it!
If you have sensitivities or allergies and think that you’ll never be able to
wear makeup again or you’ve never liked make up because of how it feels-        Spring is a great time to look at detoxing, losing those excess kilos you’ve
then think again!                                                               accumulated through winter or simply adding more raw foods to your
                                                                                diet for optimum health. There are many health benefits to doing a detox
We stock the organic and natural ranges Miessence, Couleur Caramel              diet and increasing your intake of raw foods, including; weight loss,
& Ere Perez and have had fantastic results with many women who have             increased energy, improved immune function and greater mental clarity
sensitivities and allergies.                                                    and emotional balance.
                                                                                Sandra Cabot’s, Liver Cleansing Diet and Raw Juices Can Save Your Life
                                                                                are great guides with yummy recipes.
                                                                                Leslie Kenton’s, The Raw Energy Bible and the X Factor Diet are also
                                                                                great titles for dietary help to improve health and lose weight.
                                                                                We offer an extensive range of diet and recipe books to help you with your
                                                                                cooking and health needs. Some of the popular authors we offer include;
                                                                                Dr Sandra Cabot (as mentioned above), Dr Gillian McKeith; known for
                                                                                her You Are What You Eat range, Petrea King and Dr Peter J D’Adamo
                                                                                author of The Blood Type Diet.

   Book in for a free make over on a Monday, Tuesday
   or Friday- they take about an hour, are fun and will
   allow you to see for yourself just how good organic
                and natural make can be.
                                                                                     Bush & Bach Flower
                                                                                    Remedies for Emotional
   Spring Not Fun                                                                     Care & Wellbeing
    for Everyone
Spring is time when allergies and hay fever can                                                      The history of Flower Essences
effect your well being. Our range includes herbs,                                                    can be traced back many
vitamins and homeopathic remedies. We also stock
a wide range of natural sinus rinses which can
                                                                                                     thousands of years with many
be very effective in managing airborne allergies.                                                    cultures using Flower Essences
Come in and see our friendly staff and we are                                                        to treat emotional health &
happy to find the right products to help manage
hayfever naturally!
                                                                                                     wellbeing. We are once again
                                                                                                     beginning to understand that
                                                                                emotional wellbeing is a major component of good
                                                                                health in the whole person. Flower essences are pure
                                                                                and natural and can be used by the whole family
                                                                                including your pets and during pregnancy, to help
                                                                                manage the emotional demands of everyday life.

                        Vitamin D Highlight
                                                                                In the Bush Flower range we offer the; Essence
                                                                                mists, combination drops, creams and the individual
                        Tasmanians are at greater risk of vitamin D             essence drops. In the Bach Flower range we sell their
                        deficiency especially over winter.                      individual stock bottles, Rescue Remedy in drop form,
                        Low levels of Vitamin D has been now shown to           Spray, Cream and pastilles and we can tailor make a
                        affect many aspects of our health from assisting
                        calcium absorption, maintaining immune health,          Bush or Bach Flower Remedy of your choosing.
                        prevention of chronic disease.
                        We stock Vitamin D in various strengths from
                        1000-5000 IU in capsules or drops.

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