2004 Price Comparison of Rubber Division Library with Competing

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					Rubber Division, ACS – 2009 Library Fee Schedule
Effective: April 1, 2009

Service                                                      2009 Fee
Individual Division Meeting Paper (Member)               $15/meeting paper

Individual Division Meeting Paper (Non-Member)                   $45
Copyright and other related access fees on articles
(CISTI, Rapra, etc.)                                         Actual costs
Literature Search (Member)                                     $45/hour
Literature Search (Non-Member)                                $100/hour
Book Loans (Members only)                                     $15/book
Article and Document Photocopies (Member)                     $15/article

Article and Document Photocopies (Non-Member)                $45/article
RC&T Articles (Non-Member)                                      $45

Educational Symposia (Member)                                    $50
Educational Symposia (Non-member)                               $100

Database fees (Chemical Abstracts, Compendex, etc.)          Actual costs
Rush Fee                                                $30.00/item + shipping
Fax                                                               NA
Bibliographies (Member)                                           $50
Bibliographies (Non-Member)                                      $100
Shipping & Handling – USA/Canada
(up to 10 articles or 2 books)                                  $5.00

Shipping & Handling -
USA/Canada (11-20 articles/meeting papers, 3 books)            $10.00
Shipping & Handling -USA/Canada (more than 20
articles/meeting papers, more than 3 books)                Call for a quote

Shipping & Handling –International (including Mexico)      Call for a quote

For More Information:

Christopher Laursen
Science & Technology Librarian
Rubber Division, ACS
The University of Akron
Auburn Science & Engineering 104
Akron, Ohio 44325-3907 USA
Phone: 330-972-7197
Fax: 330-972-5574
E-mail: laursen@uakron.edu