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									   Case Studies:
When New Media and
Old Media Converge

    Presented by Cara Stewart Good
          February 18, 2009
 How do I successfully integrate new media into
traditional communication and marketing plans?
What we’ll cover

• Case studies to illustrate how companies
  are combining new media and old media
  to reach their strategic objectives
• Considerations before integrating social
• How to know when to use new media tools
  — and when to avoid them
• What is involved in maintaining a blog,
  building a podcast and more
Power to the … content generators

• Social media was intended to gives everyday people a
  voice and platform to share their own content
• Companies see the value of harnessing publishing models
   – Text
   – Web video
   – Podcasts
• Created even more channels for an increasingly fragmented
• The key is to balance and complement traditional media —
  and remember your goals
The art of business storytelling

Your job: ensure the successful delivery of ideas throughout the communications chain.
The ―old‖ communicator’s tool box
The ―new‖ communicator’s tool box

                                    courtesy: WebGuild
Case study: Build an unknown on $0 budget

                       How Going Green Draws
                         Talent, Cuts Costs
Key take-away: In Google we trust

•   Kill the gatekeeper — reach audiences directly
     –   Intranets and social media platforms to communicate with employees
     –   Go straight to customers and consumers instead of bartering with the traditional press
•   Authenticity counts — avoid “corporate speak”
     –   Op-ed pieces and how-to articles are a start but avoid using these as promotional vehicles
     –   Share personal experiences
•   Think visual
     –   Corporate videos are reborn
     –   Show the humanity of your company
•   Market to the season
     –   Calendars and almanacs still have a place in this new world
     –   Check GoogleTrends for what’s topical
•   Write “scannable” copy
     –   Use subheads and bold-face headers
     –   Keep it short—between 500 and 700 words is best.
     –   Provide links to other information, artwork and solicit feedback
     –   Offer bulleted takeaways or story highlights
Case study: Unify a work force

Serena Software adopts Facebook as intranet site
•   BusinessWeek called the exercise a big “corporate bear hug”
•   Company demographics proved challenging
     –   900 employees; average age: 41
     –   Thought it was ―frivolous‖ but now see the value of collaboration
•   Get personal on Facebook Fridays
     –   Challenge staff to spend 1 hour each week on Facebook
           •   Update their profiles,
           •   Collaborating with colleagues and clients
           •   Recruiting for Serena

•   Set up employees-only group on Facebook as a kind of alternative corporate intranet
     –   Exchange documents
     –   Update corporate information
     –   Share marketing videos
•   René Bonvanie, an SVP at Serena says, “We believe we can get people to
    communicate and collaborate more.”
Key take-away: Trust professionals

• Social media is an HR and corporate PR issue
• “HR perspective on Facebook in the Enterprise,” written for
  HR professionals, says HR managers should approach the
  use of Facebook in the enterprise cautiously
• A responsible way to handle this is for employers to
  negotiate a reasonable conduct policy with employee
  representatives, and make it clear to them what is expected
  of them in their private lives, both offline and online.
• Don't control unless there's an absolute need to control
Case study: Dodge a stodgy image

Printronix enters new market category by building thought
•   2005: Infuse brand into all tools
     –   Speakers bureau for events & press
     –   White papers
     –   Demo centers and university alliances
     –   Editorial coverage
     –   Education-based programs
     –   Case studies
     –   Trade and consumer advertising campaign
     –   ―RFID Labeling‖ book
•   2006: Create new media brand tools
•   2009: Only digital media is funded
Key take-away: Get more mileage from content

• Podcasts take planning

   – 1x month

   – Script like any other material

   – Use telephone recordings for ease

   – Repurpose for advertising, sales, etc.

   – Embrace your customers, partners, etc.
 How do I successfully integrate new media into
traditional communication and marketing plans?

Use all of the knowledge, talent and know-how that
  got you here… to get you where you’re going
Thank you
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