2008 Summer Grant Proposal Writing Workshops Impact Report

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					                                                                             Promoting excellence in research

                        2008 Summer Grant Proposal Writing
                        Workshops Impact Report
Over the past six
years, the USF Office   This USF Summer Grant Proposal Writing Workshops series continues to
of Research and         successfully walk faculty through the grant writing process. This integral
Innovation has          faculty training series helps research faculty identify the funding opportunity
invested up to $40K a   that fits their research aims, assists with the proposal writing, budgeting,
year in support of      and peer review process, and rewards faculty when their proposal is
training and support    submitted to the granting agency.
of our research
faculty.                The workshops are offered in three tracks, each with a focus on a major
                        federal funding agency: National Institute of Health (NIH), National Science
The return on
investment is           Foundation (NSF) and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH).
reflected in the 374    Each track of workshops consisted of seven core workshops. Participants also
submitted proposals     attended four special sessions as well as individual meetings with the
with over $74 million   appropriate workshop leader.
requested — which
has yielded 140         Though this Summer Grant Writing Workshops series is coordinated and led
awards with over $15    by the Office of Research and Scholarship in the College of Arts and
million in funded       Sciences, it is open to all faculty at the University of South Florida. Inside
award dollars.
                        this report you will find demographic data of participating faculty across the
Kudos to the            research disciplines and the positive results of taking full advantage of this
success of USF’s        worthwhile grant writing workshop series.
stellar research

                        To contact us:

                        Office of Research & Scholarship
                        College of Arts & Sciences
                        4202 E. Fowler Avenue, CIS 1040
                        Tampa, FL 33620

                                                                  Workshops held in SCA computer
                                                                  labs to facilitate a hands-on
                        Phone: 813-974-9149
                                                                  learning experience
                        Fax: 813-974-2778
                        E-mail: sjustice@cas.usf.edu
                     2008 Summer Workshops Impact Report

Executive Summary

The USF Summer Grant Proposal Writing Workshops have been funded by the Office of
Research for the past six years. Initiated/Established by, then, Associate Dean for Research and
Scholarship Sandra Schneider, this successful training series walks research faculty through the
proposal writing and peer review process. The end product for many of the participating faculty
is a competitive proposal that is ready for submission.

Over the past six years, the Office of Research has invested about $40K a year for each series.
The return on investment reflects with the 374 submitted proposals with over $74 million
requested which has yielded 140 awards with over $15 million in award dollars.

Though the Summer Workshops series is coordinated and led by the Office of Research and
Scholarship in the College of Arts and Sciences, it is open to all faculty at the University of
South Florida, including those located on our sister campuses.

Inside you will see demographic data of participating faculty across the research disciplines. I
invite you to learn more about this year’s success.


Cheryl L. Kirstein
Cheryl L. Kirstein
              USF Summer Workshops Impact Report - 2008
The USF Summer Grant Writing Workshops is a series of workshops delivered in eight sessions
in three tracks, each specific to a federal funding agency; NSF, NIH and NEH.

The results of the 2008 USF Summer Grant Writing Workshop series:
   • 34 competitive proposals written by participating faculty, totaling $8,310,581
   • 14 of which went out the door to federal funding agencies, totaling $3,451,419 in
       submitted proposals

In the past 6 years, the USF USF Summer Grant Writing Workshops has generated over
$74 million in submitted proposals, which has yielded a return of over $15 million in
federally funded awards.

In this report, you will find registration data, information on peer reviewed proposals, and an
overview of the workshop series and special sessions that were offered to all USF faculty.

The USF Summer Grant Writing Workshops has been a successful program for the past six
years, with a return on investment to be realized in federally funded grants in the years to come.

This report is written with gratitude to the USF Office of Research for the continued financial
support, without which these workshops would not be possible. And well earned kudos and
sincere thanks to the College of Arts & Sciences Office of Research and Scholarship for making
this workshop series such a joy to host.
2008 USF Summer Grant Writing Workshops
Registration Demographics

Registration Data
    Registered in ALL 3 tracks
    NIH                                          97
    NSF                                          37
    NEH                                          26

Faculty, Student, Staff Percentages per Track

    Faculty                                     71%
    Student                                     14%

    Staff                                       13%

    Community                                   2%


    Faculty                                     71%
    Student                                     20%

    Staff                                       9%


    Student                                     74%
    Faculty                                     22%
    Staff                                        0%
Total Registration by College / Area                                       160
                      Arts and Sciences                                    53
                      Business                                             4
                      Education                                            6
                      Engineering                                          4
                      FMHI                                                 10
                      USF Health                                           72
                      Moffitt Cancer                                       1
                      Tampa Bay Community                                  2


                                       1%                    Business
                                                       35%   Education


                                                      3%     Moffitt
                                                 3%          Community
Competitive Proposals Written by Participating Faculty
There were a total of 34 competitive proposals written by participating faculty which can yield
over $8M in awards if funded.
     Total Proposal Dollars                                            $8,310, 581
   Total Submitted Dollars                                              $3,451,419

        Participants        College/Dept   Proposal Title                                                   Proposed Budget

        Akiwumi, Fenda      CAS/GPY        Tracking women’s adaptive strategies and           sustainable
                                           livelihoods in a mining area of Sierra Leone                     $       86,102.00
        Slone, Debra        CAS/LIB        Assessing the Role of Public Libraries                           $      470,019.00

        Archer, Kevin       CAS/GPY        Florida’s I-4 High Technology Corridor: An Emerging Global
                                           City-Region                                                      $       90,000.00
        Butler, Brooke      CAS/PSY        Capital Trial Judges                                             $       52,491.00
        Alsharif, Kamal     CAS/GPY        Comparing and Assessing Lakes Using FET
                                                                                                            $      213,674.00
        Yicheng, Tu         ENG/CompSci
                                           Cyber-Enabled Discovery and Innovations                          $      211,264.00
        Foday, Jawad        COPH           Advancing STEM Communication through Interdisciplinary
                                           Research                                                         $     2,203,200.00

                                           Development of surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy to
        Li, Xiao            CAS/CHM        study neurotransmission process                                  $      709,047.00

        Clune, Michael      CAS/ENG        Literary Immortality                                             $       50,000.00
        Kukla, Rebecca      CAS/PHI        Making and Transmitting Medical Knowledge                        $      369,393.00
        Simeon-Jones,                      Century Revolutionary Novels: The Female Thought in Three
        Kursuse                            Languages, Two generations, Within One Nation
                                           Revitalizing Native American Languages and Cultures by
        Deoksoon, Kim       COEd
                                           Digitizing                                                       $       49,928.00
        Dhondt, Beth        RFM            Green Leap-Golden Frog Award                                     $        5,000.00

        Heydt, Collin       CAS/PHI        Directing the Conscience and Cultivating the Mind: Practical
                                           Ethics in Eighteenth Century Britain                             $       35,000.00
                                           A “Roman Revolution”?: Augustus and the Dictators in the
        Perry, Scott        CAS/HTY        1930s                                                            $       55,000.00
                                           Believing in the World:Towards an interpretivist minimal
        Manning, Richard    CAS/PHI        empiricism                                                       $       50,400.00
        Berish, Andrew      CAS/HUM        Making Jazz, Making Place in the 1930s and 1940s                 $       48,000.00
                                           “We the People”: The American National Imaginary in an Age
        Archer, Kevin       CAS/GPY        of Globalization                                                 $       40,000.00
        Schonfeld, Martin   CAS/PHI        Climate philosophy                                               $      100,000.00
Competitive Proposals Written by Participating Faculty continued


      Castaneda, Heidi   CAS/ANT       Oral Health Literacy among Mexican-Origin Migrant Families
                                       in Central Florida                                           $   404,250.00
                                       Understanding the mechanisms underlying the links between
      Chang, Chu-
                         COPH          psychosocial factors and work-related musculoskeletal
                                                                                                    $   147,000.00

      King, Georgette    HEALTH/DOP    HIV Prevention Providers’ Acquisition and Utilization of
                                       Knowledge About the Impact of Trauma on Risk-Behaviors
                                       Among Black American Women                                   $   250,000.00
      Mahmud, Rashda     COPH          Data Mgmt of Electronic Medical Records
                                                                                                    $   100,000.00
      Mengalkoch,        HEALTH/PT,R
                                       Energy Storing Prosthetic Feet Study
      Larry              EHAB                                                                       $   638,870.00
                         HEALTH        Documentation status and reproductive outcomes among
                                       Hispanic women                                               $    65,940.00
      Rideout, Drew      Health/COM    RYGB Attenuates Liver Injury                                 $   275,000.00
                                       Development of the Mulitdimensional Treatment Outcome
      Ruiz, Mark         FMHI
                                       Inventory                                                    $   404,250.00

                                       Short-Term Shifts in Antisocial Behavior: Peer Effects on
      Sullivan, Chris    CAS/CCJ       Delinquency and Substance Use
      Vaquera,                         Friendships and Risk of Obesity among Diverse-origin
      Elisabeth          CAS/SOC       adolescents                                                  $   220,500.00

                                       Development of the Service Process Adherence to Needs and
      Vergon, Keren      FMHI          Strengths(SPANS) as a Treatment Fidelity Tool

                                       The Relationship of Social Capital to Multi-System Use of
      Christy, Annette   FMHI          Persons Subject to Repeated Emergency Commitment             $           -

      Carrion, Araida    CAS/SWK       Utilization of Hospice.End Stage Cancer patients             $   137,813.00
      Dobbs, Debra       CAS/GEY       Revision Palliative Care Training                            $   153,890.00
      Moor, Andrea       HEALTH        Dev for Course 2008 Kinase Signaling                         $   275,000.00

      Highlighted in Green – the project has been submitted to the funding agency
                   2008 Summer Workshops Impact Report
Introduction to the three tracks of workshops: National Institute of Health (NIH), National
Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). Each track
of workshops consisted of seven core workshops throughout the summer. Syllabi for each track
can be found in the appendix.

Participants also attended four special sessions as well as individual meetings with the
appropriate workshop leader. Successful workshop participants completed a step-by-step
process to produce a grant proposal for submission to a peer-reviewed federal agency
competition. There were a total of 15 NIH, 8 NSF and 11 NEH participants whom submitted a
completed grant proposal by the penultimate session, the largest number in all six years thus far.

NIH Track Workshop Leader: Cheryl L. Kirstein, Ph.D.
Dr. Cheryl L. Kirstein is the University of South Florida’s College of Arts and Sciences
Associate Dean of Research and Scholarship, a Professor of Psychology in the College of Arts
and Sciences and a Professor of Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology in the College of
Medicine. Her research projects focus on the impact of drugs of abuse during development and
have been funded by the National Institutes of Health for over 15 years. She has also participated
on several study sections for the National Institutes of Health.

NSF Track Workshop Leader: Jeffrey Ryan, Ph.D.
Dr. Jeff Ryan is Professor and Assistant Chair in the Geology Department at USF. He spent two
years as a Program Director in the Division of Undergraduate Education at the National Science
Foundation, and has served on over a dozen NSF review panels and visiting review teams. He
currently serves on the Steering Committee of the NSF-MARGINS Program, and on the
Executive Board of the Council on Undergraduate Research. Currently, he has four active grant
awards from three different NSF funding programs.

NEH Track Workshop Leader: Roger Ariew, Ph.D.
Dr. Roger Ariew is Professor and Chair of the Philosophy Department at the University of South
Florida. He has been the recipient of numerous awards from the National Endowment for the
Humanities (NEH), including a Summer Fellowship, two NEH Research Grants, and three NEH
Fellowships. Dr. Ariew has also received numerous conference grants from agencies such as the
NEH and the Matchette Foundation. His research has also been supported by a 3-year National
Science Foundation research grant. Dr. Ariew has also served as Director of two NEH Summer
Seminars. His experience as a reviewer is extensive, including his service for many years as a
panelist for the Research Division at the NEH.
                   2008 Summer Workshops Impact Report

Special Sessions

Community of Science: The Community of Science (COS) database contains information for
more than 22,000 available research grants worldwide, worth over $33 billion, updated daily.
COS Expertise, their knowledge management service for individuals and institutions, contains
more than half a million first-person profiles of researchers at more than 1,300 institutions
around the world. In this session, participants were given an online tour of the Community of
Science, and built their own COS profile. This profile allows faculty to search for the research
grant opportunities that best fit your program, get web notices when opportunities are available
that fit the search criteria and creates a research expertise profile that can be searched by
potential collaborators.

Grants.gov: Grants.gov is the single access point for over 1,000 grant programs offered by all
Federal grant making agencies. This workshop serves as an introduction to Grants.gov and
covers the following topics:

   •   Overview of the major types of formal agreements available through Grants.gov
   •   A brief history of this federal grant resource
   •   Locating/downloading available grant applications for research areas of interest
   •   How to complete and submit a downloaded grant application

PI Responsibility Training: In this session, participants received a tour of the new PI
Responsibilities Training Module which was created by the Office of Research and Innovation as
an educational learning to better prepare Principle Investigators for their role as a responsible
researcher. Participants had the opportunity to complete the training and receive GEMS course

NIH SF 424 (R&R) Electronic Submission, Facilitated by: Cheryl L. Kirstein, Ph.D. was open
to all USF Faculty. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has replaced paper grant
applications with electronic applications and requires electronic submission of grant applications
via the online portal of Grants.gov. The SF 424 (R&R) is an application form that is comprised
of common data elements developed for use by Federal agencies funding Research and
Research-Related programs. The NIH SF 424 R&R Electronic Submission Process workshop
was created to answer questions such as:
    • What do I need to do to get this uploaded?
    • What do I need to know about pictures and graphics?
    • Why is it coming back with errors?
               2008 Summer Workshops Proposal Budget
                                                                            Office of
      Budget Item                           Description                                  CAS     Total
  Director                 40% position for summer for Workshop
                           Organizer and Facilitator                         10,080      8,640 18,720
  Support Staff Hours      Coordination of registration, attendance,
                           surveys, catering, resource binders, etc.          9,000      7,000 16,000
Materials and Supplies
 Books                     Reference Books for participants: Grant
                           Application Writer's Handbook, The Craft of
                           Research, The Book of Scholarly Arguments,         3,226              3,226
                           Guide to Proposal Writing 4th Ed
  Color Printer Supplies   Color toner/paper for brochures, hand outs,
                           presentations, etc. with color illustrations       1,500      1,500
  Resource Binders         Resource binders (paper, binders,
                           approximately $3 per binder)                         600                600
  Office Supplies          Name badges, pencils, pens, index tabs,
                           masking tape, poster board, binder clips,            600                600
                           storage boxes, etc.
Awards/ Honoraria
Guest Speaker / Leader     Honoraria and expenses associated with
Honoraria                  workshop guest speaker and Humanities              3,000              3,000
                           workshop co-leaders
Refreshments               Food, beverages, refreshment supplies and
                           coffee supplies for all workshop sessions (for     2,500              2,500
                           22-24 sessions)
Computer Lab Usage         CAS computer lab use for hands on training,
                           IT tech assistance as needed                         500                500
Projected Office of Research Expenses                                        31,006     17,140 45,146
                   2008 Summer Workshops Impact Report
Budget Narrative

The Personnel dollars were transferred to the College as E&G salary dollars.

We came under budget in the Materials and Supplies as well as in the Catering categories.

Due to our overwhelming success this year, we anticipate over $17K in participation awards.

Overall, this year was highly successful, as measured by the receptiveness of research faculty
across the university and when measured in the number of competitive proposals produced by
the workshop participants.

Return on Investment

It is our hope that the University realizes the value of teaching faculty the value of competitive
proposals to be submitted for federal funding. In this report, we try to shed some light on the
return on investment (ROI).

Some of the return on investment and real results of the USF Summer Grant Writing Workshops
series can be measured in:

   1. Submission of proposals to federal funding agencies such as NIH, NSF and NEH
   2. Deeper understanding of USF policies and funding agency guidelines
   3. The faculty’s increased awareness of the resources available to them in the Division of
      Sponsored Research, Research Financial Management, and college-specific Office of

One metric used to measure the University’s ROI for the Summer Grant Writing Workshop
series has been to track the proposals written by participating faculty. Attached is a record
(broken down by year) of the proposals written by participating faculty and awards received thus

This is but one small measure of the value realized, though. The PIs in our workshop series learn
invaluable lessons on:
    • The value of interdisciplinary approach to research, as this workshop is populated with
        faculty from across USF in Academic Affairs and Health, including faculty from our
        regional campuses,
    • The value of faculty peer review and constructive criticism, and the need to re-submit
    • How to overcome the pitfalls of electronic submission process.
Summer Grant Writing Workshop Impact
Historical Data 2003-2008

Total Proposals Submitted           374

Total Awards                        140

Total Dollars Proposed      $74,818,680

Total Award Dollar          $15,008,032