Financial Analyst Team (09) by mmw12015


									Financial Analyst Team (09)
Use analytical and problem solving skills to make decisions and recommendations using financial
reports, both internal and external. The team analyzes and interprets computer reports from a
business case study.
Any student may enter this event. A team will consist of 2-4 members. At least one (1) member
should have an accounting background.

 Team must supply                                      Business Professionals of America
 Sharpened no. 2 pencils, pens, ruler                    assumes no responsibility for
 Cordless calculator: Electronic devices will be         hardware/software provided by the team.
 monitored according to ACT standards.                    No equipment, supplies, or materials other
 See page 7. Contestants who violate this rule            than those specified for an event will be
 will be disqualified.                                    allowed in the testing area.
 Published and/or unpublished written reference        No previous Business Professionals of
 materials                                               America tests and/or sample tests or
 One (1) laptop/notebook computer per team.              facsimiles thereof (handwritten,
 Team must bring all supporting devices (e.g.,           photocopied, or keyed) may be taken
 extension cords, power supply, printer, paper, etc.     into the testing area. Violation of this
 Optional                                                rule will result in disqualification.
 Poster board, easel, flipcharts, and markers

• Apply generally accepted accounting principles to determine the value of assets, liabilities, and
  owner’s equity
• Prepare, interpret, and analyze financial statements for service, merchandising, and
  manufacturing business.
• Use planning and control principles to evaluate the performance of an organization and apply
  differential analysis and present-value concepts to make decisions. Analyze factors that affect
  the choice of credit, the cost of credit, and the legal aspects of using credit.
• Analyze the role and importance of agency law and employment law as they relate to the
  conduct of business in the national and international marketplaces.
• Communicate in a clear, courteous, concise, and correct manner on personal and
  professionals levels.
• Use mathematical procedures to analyze and solve business problems.
• Complete and analyze comparative financial statements
• Analyze financial statements including ratio analysis
• Prepare and analyze budgets
• Perform forecasting
• Identify risks that affect business decisions
• Analyze and interpret financial data using common statistical procedures
• Enter and edit data using spreadsheet software
• Prepare a technical written report
• Present findings in a formal presentation using supporting materials
• Report must follow the Style & Reference Manual format for reports
• School names should not be visible on any equipment, screen savers, etc., utilized during
   presentations in front of judges.
Equipment/supplies provided:
• No computers will be provided in preparation room or presentation room.
• Projection surface provided at national competition only.

Preparation Room:
Teams are allowed to use only one computer in the preparation room. Teams must bring one
laptop/notebook computer, portable printer, software, and paper for use in the preparation room.
Carry-in and set-up of equipment must be done solely by the contestants and take place within the
time allotted for orientation/warm-up.

Method of evaluation:
• Application (Judges’ rating sheet)
• Team presentation of business solutions (all team members must participate with no indication
   of student names, chapter, location, city, state, etc.)
• Question/answer period by judges on the case problem presented
Length of event:
• No more than five (5) minutes orientation
• No more than 90 minutes preparation time
• No more than ten (10) minutes set-up in presentation room
• No more than ten (10) minutes presentation time
• No more than five (5) minutes for judges’ questions
• Each state is allowed two (2) entries.

Please note:
Those students who wish to receive judges’ comments must submit a self-addressed,
stamped envelope to the administrator at the time of competition.

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