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									  C LASSICS D EPARTMENT         AT THE    U NIVERSITY      OF   C A L I F O R N I A , B E RK E L E Y — N O V E M B E R 2 0 0 3

                                          Berkeley Classics
   From the Chair
    Robert Knapp                Fitzgerald leaves; Stroud, Miller Retire Soon
   Although the budget
    uncertainties of the      The Department will lose three out-          ticular, his dedication to teaching be-
  University continue to      standing colleagues in the next              ginning Greek has introduced that
  work their hardships,       twelve months. This December Wil-            language to hundreds of undergradu-
 we have still been able      liam Fitzgerald re-                                            ates over the years.
to offer our full range of    tires and returns to                                           Stroud is a leading
 language and civiliza-       England to take up a                                           scholar of Greek ep-
 tion courses, to recruit     lectureship in Cam-                                            igraphy; in this, too, he
    top students to our       bridge University.                                             has inspired many stu-
graduate program, and         Fitzgerald came to us                                          dents over the years.
   to graduate another        in 2000 from the Uni-                                          His close connections
outstanding group of B.       versity of California,                                         with the American
  A., M.A., and Ph.D.s.       San Diego where he                                             School of Classical
  The challenges for the      had taught for many                                            Studies in Athens took
   future are daunting,       years. Raised in the                                           him to Greece often;
    however. I turn the       UK, he did his Ph.D.                                           his active encourage-
guidance of the depart-       at Princeton. He has                                           ment of the Athens ex-
ment over to another as       influential publica-                                           perience has influ-
of July 2004. Next year       tions in Latin litera-                                         enced numerous stu-
   one of my colleagues       ture, especially in                                            dents to spent a year
    will send greetings       Horace, Catullus, and Ronald Stroud on his Seventieth Birthday there to their great
 from this space. It has      Roman cultural stud-                                           benefit.
    been an interesting,      ies. At Berkeley, Fitz-                                        Stephen Miller re-
   challenging, and re-       gerald is a favorite teacher and men-        tires in December of next year. He
   warding four years!        tor; his wide range of expertise             came to Berkeley in 1973 to enhance
                              makes his contributions to our pro-          classical archaeology offerings and,
                              gram immense.                                quite specifically, to initiate Berkeley
                              In June 2004 Ronald Stroud, who              excavations at Nemea, Greece. Over
                              recently celebrated his seventieth           the last thirty years he has made
                              birthday, will retire after almost           many important discoveries there,
                              forty years of service to the Depart-        has turned the site into a model of
                              ment and University. His enthusi-            public presentation in Greece,
                              asm for teaching is legendary; in par-                                  (Continued on page 12)

                              McCarthy Honored with Goodwin Award
                              Kathleen McCarthy received the 2003                 book about the Greco-Roman world.
                              prestigious Goodwin Award of Merit                  It is the only, and therefore most
                              from the American Philological Soci-                important, recognition for classical
                              ety. The Goodwin Award recognizes                   scholarship in book form.
                              the excellence of a recently published                                         (Continued on page 12)

  Photo: Genevieve Shiffrar
    PAGE 2                     Berkeley Classics Newsletter

      Professors & Lecturers…                           Tiberius and the Jews, and Jews and Greeks in the
                                                        new Blackwell Companion to the Hellenistic World,
Anthony Bulloch’s activities this year included a       plus a long review essay on the Cambridge Ancient
talk on Memory and Myth at a symposium organ-           History volumn X, on the High Empire. … Todd
ized by the Gleeson Library (San Francisco) and the     Hickey, Director of the Center for the Tebtunis
University of San Francisco (subsequently broad-        Papyri, also taught in the Department. In addition
cast nationwide on PBS radio), and a talk on Milan      to his teaching he gave a paper at the 2002 Demotic
Kundera's latest novel Ignorance to the San Fran-       Congress and was invited to join the International
cisco Literary Society….John Ferrari ‘s book, City      Workshop for Papyrology and Social History. …
and Soul in Plato's Republic, was published in          Robert Knapp published an article on "Greek
March of this year by Academia Verlag; in October       Coinage, Mercenaries, and Ideology" and, with
he was invited to the Philosophy Department of the      Pamela Vaughn, a second edition of Finis Rei
University of Pavia, Italy, for an 'author-meets-       Publicae. Eyewitnesses to the End of the Roman
critics' session on the book. … Mark Griffith has       Republic; he also presented at the APA on
been preternaturally active over the past year (even    "Horizantal Coin Scatter and Site Use at Nemea",
for him). In October 2002, he was the keynote           at a conference in Seville, Spain, on "The New
speaker at the annual Robinson Jeffers conference       Artemidorus Fragment and the Cartography of
at Tor House, Carmel, and gave a paper on               Ancient Iberia", and on "Coins from Nemea
"Robinson Jeffers and Greek Tragedy". In                (Greece) since 1997" at the XIII Internacional Nu-
February, 2003, he gave the George Walsh                mismatic Congress, Madrid. He lays down the
Memorial Lecture at University of Chicago. The          chairship of the Department in June and next year
title was "Horse power and donkey work: equines in      takes up the mantle of Chair of the Berkeley Acade-
ancient Greek society". In July 2003 he                 mic Senate for a year. ... Leslie Kurke has just
participated in a conference on "Apolline politics      come out with an edited volume entitled The
and poetics" in Delphi, and gave a paper on             Cultures within Ancient Greek Culture: Contact,
"Teiresias and the politics of tragic prophecy". In     Conflict, Collaboration (Cambridge University
September 2003 he attended a conference in              Press) ,co-edited with Carol Dougherty. She's
Amsterdam on "Sophocles and the Greek language",        currently working on a new book on the figure of
and gave a paper on "The language of romance: the       Aesop and ancient Greek popular culture (which
erotics and stylistics of Sophocles' satyr-plays". In   she'll be giving as the Martin Classical Lectures at
September 2003 he also collaborated with Cal            Oberlin in Spring 2005). In November, she spent a
Performances and Professor Linda Jewell                 week at Oxford University as the Astor Fellow. She
(Landscape Architecture) on an exhibit to celebrate     will be visiting Princeton University in Spring 2004
the 100th anniversary of the building of the Hearst     as "Class of 1932 Fellow in the Humanities
Greek Theatre at Berkeley. (The exhibit is set up       Council", teaching a graduate seminar in the
in Doe Library, and will be there October-December      Classics Department. … During the last academic
2003.) And he organized a discussion panel, and         year, Tony Long gave lectures at UC Davis (twice),
gave pre-show talks, for the performances in the        Chicago (twice), Brown, SF State, UTexas and San
Greek of Euripides' Medea by the National Theater       Antonio, these last as Breckenbridge Distinguished
of Greece (their first-ever visit to the West Coast).   Professor in the Humanities. During Fall semester
This year he is a "Senior Fellow" in the Townsend       2004, he is teaching at the University of Utrecht as
Center for the Humanities. He is also (once again)      Belle van Zuylen Professor of Philosophy, and he
Chair of the department of Theater, Dance, and          has also given talks at the Universities of St.
Performance Studies for the Fall (as he was in Fall     Petersburg, Helsinki, and Regensburg. … Donald
2002). … Erich Gruen delivered the Moses Finley         Mastronarde served as an external oral examiner
lecture at Syracuse University (Finley's alma           for a doctoral candidate at the Scuola Normale
mater) and the Mathews lecture at the University of     Superiore di Pisa and also presented there a
Pennsylvania Museum (the inaugural lecture in           seminar on problems in Bacchae, Iphigenia in Aulis,
that newly endowed series). He also spoke at the        and Rhesus. ...In addition to the usual demands of
University of Washington in Seattle, gave papers at     the Nemea project, Stephen Miller undertook a
conferences in Oxford, UCLA, UCSD, and the              number of other projects this year. His spring se-
Society of Biblical Literature, and organized a         mester included a seminar with six graduate stu-
conference last summer in Bavaria on "Cultural          dents who worked on plasters casts of classical
Borrowings and Ethnic Identity in Antiquity." In        sculpture at Berkeley (see story later in this News-
the past year articles have appeared on Cleopatra,      letter). He also presented the results of his research
                                Berkeley Classics Newsletter                                      PAGE 3

on the portrait of Plato that had languished for a      about Iliad 24.54 in its last chapter, won an Ameri-
century in the basement of the Hearst Women's           can Book Award in 2002. It is now going into its
Gym (see story later in this Newsletter). Miller's      fourth printing, probably a revised edition. He has
work on ancient athletics is producing in the spring    also just given, to great acclaim, the fourth annual
of 2004 Ancient Greek Athletics (Yale University        Hsuan Hua Memorial Lecture at the Graduate
Press). In addition to his many extramural lectures     Theological Union; that will be made into a book,
and guided tours around the site of Nemea, Miller       called Our Spiritual Crisis. In it Nagler made bold
was chosen to be the B. S. Ridgway Lecturer for the     to compare Achilles with GWBush, not to either's
Seattle AIA where he spent two days in October en-      benefit! He is no longer chair of Peace And Conflict
joying the company of former Cal students and Ne-       Studies, but he continues to teach there; he also has
mea alumni Jim Claus and Sarah Stroup. … Nelly          some less-than-book publications just coming out:
Oliensis was invited to give the Fowler Memorial        an article in Yoga Journal, another in Tikkun, and
lecture last April under the auspices of Jesus          the after word to a book called In the Footsteps of
College Oxford; her talk was "What Scylla Wants:        Gandhi
Freudian Questions in Ovid's Metamorphoses". She
also gave talks in spring 2003 at the University of                  Grad Students…
Athens, Georgia; at Emory U as University lecturer;
and at Rice University. She is at work on a book        Gabriella Bruni sends along a picture of her son,
entitled Freud's Rome: Psychoanalysis and Latin         Damian Francis Kaplan, now 19 months old; Gabri-
Poetry.… Andrew Stewart was invited to lecture          ella is expecting a second child in December. … Pat
on the statuary epigrams in the new Poseidippos                                       Larash in August at-
papyrus at two conflicting conferences: Cincinnati                                    tended the Groningen
and Athens, November 2002. He chose Athens, and                                       Colloquium on Flavian
Brian Rose delivered his Cincinnati paper in                                          Poetry (Groningen, The
absentia, but both are now in press. He was                                           Netherlands), courtesy
awarded a $233,000 Getty Collaborative Research                                       of a Heller Grant. This
Grant for the project: "Hellenization at Dor:                                         coming January, she
Acculturation and Resistance." Last summer, he                                        will be giving a paper
spent a study season at Dor with five Berkeley                                        at the APA entitled
graduate students; they sorted out Roman to                                           "Martial's Lectrix Stu-
Persian stratigraphy of area D; sorted, catalogued                                    diosa: What Men Can
and studied some 400 black and red-figure sherds                                      Learn by Watching
and 1200 Attic black glaze ones; this was done          Women Read in Book Three of the Epigrams". ...
under aegis of the Hellenization project. His book,     Tim Pepper spent part of the summer at Dumbar-
Athens, Pergamon, Rome, and Venice: The Little          ton Oaks, where he read several Byzantine texts in
Barbarians of the Akropolis and their Legacy" is        a group and the Kadaster of Thebes on his own. …
now in press at Cambridge—he assures us that he         Brian Frazer traveled in Greece for two and a half
did not chose the title, the Cambridge marketing        weeks this last summer with the help of a Heller
people did. He has accepted the editorship of           Travel Grant. … Will Shearin last summer at-
ancient section of Janson's History of Art (Prentice    tended the fifth annual Colloquium Plotinianum
Hall), the major, best-selling textbook in the field.   (Colloque Plotin) held in Muenchenwiler, Switzer-
                                                        land, where -- in addition to losing his luggage -- he
                   Emeriti…                             led the final discussion session, an in-depth consid-
Leslie Threatte is enjoying retirement; he will be      eration of Plotinus Enneads IV 9 5. … Walter M.
in Athens until May, 2004, working on various pro-      Roberts III was awarded the UC President's Dis-
jects. … William S. Anderson is Chair the Senate        sertation-Year Fellowship for the year 2003-2004.
Committee on Memorial Resolutions this year. In         His dissertation: "Ancient Wisdom/Modern Terror: a
2003, he taught at Ohio State University in the         reading of Cicero's De Officiis," is scheduled for com-
Spring Quarter. He also attended the Leeds Classi-      pletion in the Fall of 2004. On November 17 he pre-
cal Seminar in May and gave a paper on Terence's        sented his work before the department of Classics at
Andria. In November he gave a paper at the Pacific      UCLA; sometime next Spring he will do the same on
Ancient & Modern Language Association at Scripps        the Berkeley campus. … Deborah Kamen held an
College on "Disused Suspense in Terence's Eunuch".      Aleshire Center for Greek Epigraphy Summer
… Michael Nagler’s book, Is There No Other Way:         Grant. She spent the month of July as a Visiting
The Search for a Nonviolent Future, which talks         Associate Student Member of the American School
    PAGE 4                       Berkeley Classics Newsletter

of Classical Studies at Athens. While there, she be-      Gluck’s Orfeo ed Euridice as a musical interlude at
gan work on her dissertation, and had the opportu-        Commencement in the spring. She is now working
nity to examine the epigraphical records of manu-         on her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature at Brown
mission in Athens (in the Agora and Epigraphical          University. She writes: “I think I'm starting to
Museum) and at Delphi. … Last February Curtis             understand why grad students are so stressed out
Dozier gave a paper, "Chronology as an Intertex-          all the time! But so far everything at Brown is
tual Device in Euripides" at the University of Vir-       wonderful. I'm enjoying my classes very much;
ginia's Graduate Student Colloquium. Jon Ready            right now I'm working in French, English, and
also spoke, giving a paper on “Portraiture in Roman       Italian, which is a lot of fun, but I am eagerly
Egypt”, so Berkeley was well represented. This            looking forward to taking some Classics courses
January Curtis be giving a paper at the San Fran-         next semester. The transition from undergraduate
cisco APA on the Cassandra scene from Aeschylus'          to graduate study was much easier than I'd
Agamemnon. … Yelena Baraz participated in the             expected, and although moving across the country
summer session of the American School in Athens           has resulted in some mild culture shock, I'm
with support from the school. ...We welcomed six          enjoying it so far.” … Jacque Myers (’96) is back
new grad students to the program in 2003: Elias           in California. She writes: “Luke (my husband) and I
Avinger (Evergreen State College and the University of    had been thinking about moving back West for a
Washington) … Christopher Churchill (Wesleyan Univer-     long time, and we finally did it this past summer.
sity) … David Crane (University of Chicago) … David       He is teaching Latin at Santa Monica High School,
Goldstein (Amherst College and Oxford University) …       and I am at St. Matthew's Parish School in Pacific
Athena Kirk (Harvard University)                          Palisades. I have 6th, 7th, and 8th grade classes; so
                                                          far things are going fairly well. We really like living
     Bits and Bytes from Alums...                         in L.A., but it will take both of us a while to adjust
Jason Barnard (’02) writes that after graduating          to the new schools. I visited Margaret McConnell
without a clear direction, he took a year off to decide   (’98) in Portland over the summer, so naturally we
what he want to do; he finally settled on Greek re-       were both thinking of our UCB days. Also, I was
ligion and mythology, somewhat within an Indo-            really pleased to read in a Classics Department
European context. He would like to use linguistics        newsletter that there were twenty-five students
as wells as Sanskrit and Hittite, but mainly as tools     graduating with Classics degrees. How terrific! I
to help better understand Greek religion and its          think there were only five of us the year I
evolution. He has been auditing, but still doing the      graduated.” … Rory Miller (’02) is finishing up at
work for, Greek Religion and Greek Prose Composi-         UCLA Law School. He has helped out one of his
tion, both taught by Anthony Bulloch; He is also ap-      professors, Stephen Munzer, in finishing prepara-
plying for Grad school this year to Berkeley, Har-        tions of an essay entitled "Childlikeness and Sim-
vard, Stanford, and Washington. … Rachel Reyes            plicity" that will be published in The Downside Re-
(’02) spent several weeks of the summer of 2002           view (out of Downside Abbey in Bath, England). He
with the University of Oklahoma and St. Anselm’s          is a UCLA Law Review editor for the current year
College (New Hampshire) program in Rome; she              and next spring will be clerking for Judge Dickran
loved the city and met wonderful people. … David          Tevrizian of the U.S. District Court for the Central
Weinreich (’02) writes: “I decided last spring I          District of California. … Caroline Weiss
wanted to work in politics. I got an internship in the    (Lawrence) (’76) went to Cambridge to study clas-
CA state Assembly last summer, working for SF             sical archaeology on a Marshall Scholarship. She
Assemblywoman Migden. Since she was about to be           now lives in England: “You might be interested to
termed out, and many other employees were taking          know that I am now living in London and writing a
off, I was lucky enough to get a paid job. Then I was     series of children's historical novels set in first cen-
there just long enough to meet the right people, and      tury Rome. I call it 'Nancy Drew meets Gladiator'.
I got another job after her term ended. Now I'm           The Roman Mysteries have already been bought by
working for the Democratic Floor Alert, where I'll be     ten countries. The first four books are out here in
analyzing bills on Environmental and water policy         England and the first two in America, France and
issues. I was very sad to learn Professor Threatte        Holland. I do quite a bit of promotion around British
left. He was by far my best Greek Professor.” …           schools and libraries and I often mention my start
Ariane Helou (’03) graduated in Classical                 in Classics at Berkeley and my two favorite profes-
Languages; among all her accomplishments last             sors: W.Gerson Rabinowitz and J.K.Anderson.”
year she sang Dido in the student production of Pur-      Check out her website http://www.romanmysteries.
cell's Dido and Aeneas and sang an aria from              com … Suzanne Wood (’99) writes: "My interests
                                  Berkeley Classics Newsletter                                       PAGE 5

have deviated away from the Classics into some-             thinkers of the past and to the interplay of science
thing quite unrelated—Behavioral Neuroscience. I            and humanities in his life and work captured per-
am applying to Psychology departments this winter           fectly the Commencement’s spirit of celebration.
to hopefully start a PhD. program in the Fall of
2004.” From Marty Wetsch (’02), who went on to
                                                                       Honors, Awards for
graduate school at the University of Minnesota:                         Undergraduates
“Classes are going fine and the Classics and Near
Eastern Studies Department here is fantastic. Min-          Departmental Citation for Distinction in the
neapolis is very nice but I do miss the California                           Major
weather and just being in Berkeley.” ...                    Boris Rodin (Classical Languages and Slavic
                                                                    Languages and Literature)
      Around the Department…                                  Chair's Award for Distinction in Classics
Our Office Manager, Susan Pulliam, was promoted              Vasilios Spyridakis (Classical Civilizations)
                        this year, as was our Per-                         Chair's Book Prize
                        sonnel Manager, Trish                              Tiah Schindelheim
                        Howard. … Maria Cer-                 W. K. Pritchett Prize in Elementary Greek
                        deňo retired from build-                                 Winner
                        ing maintenance after fif-                         Vaheh Shirvanian
                        teen years. She did a
                        wonderful job of keeping
                                                                              Emily Gruen
                        our corridors and offices
                                                                         Molly Evangeline Allen
                        clean (if not neat…). Her
                        good will, cheerfulness,               Outstanding Graduate Student
                        and eagerness to do her
                        duties at an exceptionally            Instructor Awards for Two GSIs
                        high level was much ap-             The Graduate Student Instructor Outstanding
                        preciated. She is greatly           Teaching Award recognizes the innovation, enthusi-
                        missed.                             asm, dedication, and wisdom of our very best
         Commencement 2003                                  Graduate Student Instructors. In 2003-2004 the
                                                            Classics Department had two winners of an Out-
       Scientist/Humanist Professor Walter                  standing GSI Teaching Award. The Department
           Alvarez Challenges Students                      awards them each $200 from Annual Fund contri-
                                                            butions as a modest indication of our appreciation
Walter Alvarez of Berkeley’s Department of Earth
                                                            for their fine accomplishment. This year Jonathan
and Planetary Science spoke to over 200 assembled
                                                            Pratt and Han Tran received awards.
students, parents, and friends at the second Clas-
                                   sics-AHMA Com-
                                   mencement in May           Teaching Effectiveness Award to
                                   2004. Alvarez has                   Yelena Baraz
                                   revolutionized the
                                   thinking about the       Sponsored by the Graduate Division's GSI Teaching
                                   age of the dinosaurs     and Resource Center and the Graduate Council's
                                   and the end of that      Advisory Committee for GSI Affairs. The Teaching
                                   era as the result of a   Effectiveness Award, now in its 12th year, recog-
                                   huge asteroid strik-     nizes a small number of Outstanding GSIs who
                                   ing the Earth. His       have identified a specific problem in teaching and
                                   book, T.Rex and the      have designed, implemented, and assessed a project
                                   Crater of Doom, is a     that addresses this particular teaching problem.
                                   delightful detective     Outstanding GSI Award recipients from the current
                                   tale of how his dis-     and previous year are invited to submit essays for
                                   coveries came about.     this competition. This year twenty-three GSIs from
                                   Alvarez’ connection      across the campus will receive the award. We are
to and sympathy with humanist endeavors and, in             proud that one of those recipients is our own Ye-
particular, classical studies is longstanding. His at       lena Baraz
times humorous, at time moving tribute to the great
    PAGE 6                      Berkeley Classics Newsletter

     Erich Gruen Named Faculty                           sics department is smaller than that of Berkeley,
                                                         their lecturers are accomplished and engaging. I
          Research Lecturer                              was particularly impressed with their knowledge of
Erich Gruen was named one of two Faculty Re-             and familiarity with our Classics department and
search Lecturers at Berkeley last spring; he will        distinguished faculty. My professors and I were es-
deliver his lecture in April 2004. Previously, An-       pecially able to relate because we knew the same
thony Long of the Department received this               faculty members. It made me proud to come from U.
honor as well.                                           C.Berkeley. All school pride aside, the University of
                                                         Melbourne has a first-rate Classics department. As
Being named a Faculty Lecturer is the highest ac-
                                                         the premier Australian university, Melbourne Uni-
colade the Academic Senate can bestow on one of
                                                         versity boasts outstanding professors who hail from
its members. In being selected, the Senate recog-
                                                         all over the world. Chris Mackie, especially, offered
nized Gruen as exceptional on all fronts--in his
                                                         me tremendous advice pertinent in and out of the
teaching, as his Outstanding Teaching Award and
many successful graduate students prove--in his          Australian students and professors acknowledge the
service, as the key role he has played over the          validity and importance of Classics in today's world.
years in the Graduate Group in Ancient History           And the Aussie culture is just a fringe benefit of
and Mediterranean Archaeology attests--and, of           studying Classics at the Berkeley of Australia."
course, in his research. That research shows an
astonish breadth and depth. His colleagues and              Classics Grad Finds New Life
students await with much anticipation his Faculty
Lecture next spring.                                            Brian Kenney, Olive Grower
Morrison Travel Grant and Other                          Brian Kenney (‘95) writes: “My apologies for my
        Summer Travel                                    tardiness in sending this email to you. I would like
                                                         to think that there was a reason for this other than
Ben Chaika, who had spent the academic year              the fact that sometimes it is difficult to take a mo-
2002-2003 in Oxford, followed that with a summer         ment to look back. But here I am at 3:08am on
stint excavating at Calleva Atrebatum (Silchester)       Tuesday, July 1 2003. I am sitting in my office at
in England. He writes that once he got used to be-       Pacific Farms and Orchards in Gerber, California
ing excited about finely layered soil, it was a very     trying to catch up on the work that sometimes keeps
educational experience. He also worked to plant a        me from sleeping. Truth be told, I am a farmer now.
garden of medicinal, culinary, and decorative plants     I grow olives and produce high quality, award win-
as well as herbs, which replicated that in existence     ning extra virgin olive oil. I work with my best
in antiquity. He was the winner of the Morrison          friend at his family's farm. We grow prunes, wal-
Travel Grant … Chrystal Anne Parsons                     nuts, almonds, olives, and alfalfa. I spend half of my
(Classical Civilizations ‘03) journeyed to Rome          time tending to my crop and the other half selling
last summer from June 10th to the 24th in the            my product. I find myself leaning heavily on Cato
midst of a heat wave, the likes of which hadn’t been     and Pliny and they have provided me with a good
seen since the 18th century. After the first couple of   basis for understanding this art that they call agri-
days cursing the gods and asking herself why she         culture.
hadn’t gone on a Roman Britain trip, she sucked it       The path back to the North Valley was a circuitous
up and made the most of the opportunity. Co-             one and included employment at Apple Computer
losseum, Forum, Palatine—but it was not, she             and software engineering jobs in the US and Bel-
writes, so much the ruins which made the trip            gium. I married Hana Yoon, my college girlfriend
worth it but the museums that contained the evi-         who graduated from Mills college, in 1997 and we
dence of every day life in Rome. She had won a           fled the Bay Area in 2000. I spent 2000-2002 pri-
Classics Travel Grant.                                   marily as a freelance writer but also working on my
                                                         current pursuit, Pacific Sun Olive Oil www.
Education Abroad “Down Under”                   Hana and I now have a one
                                                         year old daughter, Aislinn, and a great mutt named
Jaclyn Parker (‘04) spent the last Australian aca-       Buddy.
demic year at the University of Melbourne as a           Throughout the past eight years, I have drawn
Classical Civilizations major She writes of her ex-      heavily on my education on a daily basis. I am pas-
perience: “The department welcomed me and helped         sionate about the humanities and I can honestly
my transition prove successful. Although their Clas-     state that my training in Greek and Latin put me in
                               Berkeley Classics Newsletter                                      PAGE 7

a position to easily learn other languages including   and Oxford University, where, from 1984 until his
C, C++, Java, Tcl, HDL, and Verilog. I have never      retirement in 2002, he was Camden Professor of An-
regretted my choice in education and I would like to   cient History. Professor Millar is a renowned au-
thank your department for the excellent training.”     thority in the field of ancient Roman and Greek his-
                                                       tory. He lectured on “A Greek Roman Empire:
 New Education Abroad Program                          Power, Belief and Reason under Theodosius II (408-
           in Rome                                     450)”. In bringing new light to times and places lit-
                                                       tle known to his audience, he opened up new ways
The University of California Education Abroad Pro-     of thinking about our sources and the world of the
gram has at last initiated a program in Rome. It       “Greek” (i.e., eastern Mediterranean) world of Late
has had centers elsewhere in Italy for many years.     Antiquity. In addition to delivering the Sather Lec-
Fall 2003 is the inaugural semester. Estelle Hoff-     tures, Professor Millar taught a highly successful
schneider (‘04), a major in Classical Civilizations,   seminar focusing on the Roman Near East in Late
is attending with the aid of a Classics Study          Antiquity
Abroad Grant.
                                                        Nemea 2004: The Games Return
       Classics Women’s Group                             Third Nemead Scheduled for July 31, 2004
                                                       The ancient Greeks celebrated festivals at Nemea
The Classics Graduate Women's Group is a forum
                                                       that were part of the cycle of games at Delphi, Isth-
for female graduate students with classical inter-
                                                       mia, and Olympia. For a brief period each year,
ests—including students from Classics, AHMA,
                                                       wars and hostilities were suspended by a sacred
Rhetoric, and Comparative Literature—to discuss
                                                                                          truce and the
issues of concern to women in the field. The group
                                                                                          games were held.
meets a few times a semester, generally at a gradu-
                                                                                          About ten years ago
ate student's apartment, with an individual female
                                                                                          there was a dream
academic as our "special guest." During the past
                                                                                          to recreate the an-
year, we have held a number of well-attended
                                                                                          cient Nemean
events, with "guests" both local (Leslie Kurke and
                                                                                          games in the newly
Kathy McCarthy) and visiting (e.g., Danielle Al-
                                                                                          excavated and re-
len from the University of Chicago). The Annual
                                                                                          furbished stadium.
Fund provides support for these sessions.
                                                                                          The Society for the
           Student Prizes 2003                         Revival of the Nemean Games, now 1800 strong
                                                       worldwide, made that dream a reality for the first
   Richardson Prize for Latin Translation              time in 1996 and again in 2000. Now, for the third
                                                       time, the games will be held at Nemea. Hundreds
              William Short
                                                       of competitors from scores of countries will converge
Marianne McDonald Prize for Greek Translation
                                                       on the ancient site; families will sit on the slopes of
         Jon Christopher Geissmann
                                                       the stadium to watch the races on the track below.
    MacKay Prize for Translation of Latin              Contestants will enter the stadium through the
              William Short                            same tunnel where athletes passed in the fourth
    Millar Sather Professor 2003                       century B.C. and will begin the races from the same
                                                       stone line and with the same starting mechanism.
                      In Spring semester, 2003,        If you would like to be a part of the games, or would
                      Professor Fergus Millar was      like information about coming as a spectator, go to
                      the the 89th incumbent of the    the website at “stadium” “Modern
                      Sather Chair of Classical Lit-   Games”.
                      erature. He was educated at
                      Trinity College (B.A.) and All
                                                                       Crocs Galore
                      Souls College, Oxford. At Ox-        Mastronarde & Students Stuff the Past
                      ford he studied Philosophy
                      and Ancient History, and re-     Last spring semester Donald Mastronarde and 15
                      ceived his D. Phil. there in     freshmen ran a class called “Papyrus and Greek Lit-
                      1962. He has held positions      erature.” Freshman seminars are meant to engage
                      in University College, London    new Berkeley students with professor; this class
                                                       was the ultimate in ‘hands-on’ experience. Four
    PAGE 8                      Berkeley Classics Newsletter

                                     crocodiles are      come together to discuss things arising from class.
                                     preserved at        In Classics 28 AB shows excerpts from a documen-
                                     Berkeley from       tary on Troy by the well-known English journalist
                                     the original ex-    Michael Wood - last spring Michael Wood was in-
                                     pedition to         vited to attend a chat session, and for an hour the
                                     Egypt funded        class in California chatted with a fascinating (and
                                     by Phoebe A.        fascinated) journalist in his London office.
                                     Hearst. The         The educational potential of the internet has proba-
                                     class replicated    bly only just begun to be realized. Some UCB Clas-
                                     these crocodile     sics courses now use bulletin boards, and these can
mummies which are the final repository of many of        allow students in large classes to exchange views
the papyri in the Tebtunis collection in the Bancroft    and information among themselves, and with the
Library. The mock mummies will be used in public         instructor and TAs, in a way that is impossible in
school presentations.                                    class. And email, of course, has made communica-
                                                         tion easy and instantaneous - a mixed blessing.
       Classics Goes High Tech                           Email Of The Year Award so far goes to the student
                                                         who wrote: 'Professor, I had to miss class today. Did
Have you visited the Classics Dept. website in the
                                                         you say anything important? If you did, please
last few months (
                                                         email me back with a summary.'—Anthony Bulloch
classics/)? If you have, you'll have been welcomed
with an All New site, beautifully done by Donald
Mastronarde. The Classics Department has always
                                                                  Classical Casts Project
                                                         Last year we reported that Stephen Miller was
been in the forefront of applying new technology -
                                                                              working hard to restore and
yes, the faculty was the first in the humanities to
                                                                              display casts of classical sculp-
take up using desktop PCs when they first appeared
                                                                              ture which had languished at
over twenty years ago, led by none other than well-
                                                                              Berkeley in various places and
known Servius pioneer Charles Murgia - and the
                                                                              in various states of decrepi-
website is just one indication of Berkeley Classics at
                                                                              tude for many years. Through
the leading edge.
                                                                              the efforts of Miller and eager
Everyone knows about the remarkable Nemea exca-
                                                                              graduate students in a spring
vation project, owned and run by UC Berkeley for
                                                                              seminar, many casts were re-
the last 30 years under the direction of Steve
                                                                              stored. In coordination with
Miller, but have you taken a look at its beautiful
                                                                              Commencement exercises in
website ( And how about Tel Dor, in
                                                                              May, these casts were dis-
which Berkeley's Andy Stewart plays a major part
                                                                              played in a special exhibit at
                                                                              the Marchant Building in Oak-
And Berkeley's Tebtunis Papyri collection now has a
                                                                              land, and a fine catalogue ap-
fine site:
                                                         peared, Plaster Casts at Berkeley.
Many courses now have their own websites. An-
thony Bulloch, for example, has                        Classics Lecturers
and for two of his courses; at first
these sites were put up for Classics 28 and Classics     The Annual Fund provides support for up to three
121, but they now attract traffic from all over the      special Classics Lecturers to visit the Department
world, particularly from schools across the country,     each year. Since the last Newsletter we have had
and there are regular visitors also from all five con-   excellent lectures by:
tinents.                                                 Genevieve Lively, University of Bristol, "Tiresias-
The internet has some great advantages pedagogi-         -Teresa; A Man-made-woman in Ovid's Metamor-
cally. Donald Mastronarde has designed a whole set       phoses" … Danielle Allen, University of Chicago,
of tutorials for his ancient Greek course which any-     "Time's Fluidity: on the elasticity and regularity of
one can take online in their own time, as a supple-      time in Greek Thought …Peter Wilson, New Col-
ment either to his beginning Greek classes (for          lege, Oxford, "Diken in the Oresteia" ...Andrew
which he wrote the book), or to any other Greek          Ford, Princeton University "Herodotus: Amatuer
class or textbook. (Go to: http://socrates.berkeley.     and Historian of Poetry" ...John Scheid, College de
edu/~ancgreek/ancient_greek_start.html.) Anthony         France, "Casual Disorder or Theological Structure?
Bulloch uses a weekly evening chat session for his       The Gods on the Capitol" ...William Johnson, Uni-
courses, enabling students, instructor and TAs to        versity of Cincinnati, "The Posidippus Papyrus:
                                 Berkeley Classics Newsletter                                        PAGE 9

Bookroll and Reader".
Each talk is followed by a low-key reception where                    Plato? In Berkeley??
guest lecturer and audience mingle and exchange            A portrait herm of the Greek philosopher Plato is
ideas.                                                     emerging from a century of obscurity and disrespect
                                                           to assume its rightful place in ancient history,
                     Ronfest                               thanks to the sleuthing Stephen Miller. In a pres-
                                                           entation at the Hearst Museum last April, he pub-
Over Labor Day weekend, 2003, forty-five friends,                                      licly outlined research
old and new, gathered at Marconi Conference Cen-                                       and scientific test results
ter on Tomales Bay north of San Francisco. The oc-                                     that he said shows the
casion: Ron Stroud's seventieth birthday. Think-                                       sculpture purchased for
ing that it was high time to celebrate a beloved pro-                                  UC Berkeley and
                         fessor, friend, and colleague,                                brought to its anthropol-
                         we had begun to plan the                                      ogy museum in 1902 is
                         event three years earlier                                     not a contemporary fake.
                         with the question, "How best                                  Additionally, Berkeley's
                         to honor Ron?" A festschrift?                                 Plato turns out to be a
                         Out of the question! Half-                                    rare depiction of Plato
                         jokingly the idea of an honor-                                not as a famous philoso-
                         ary decree came up, one in-                                   pher, but as a just and
                         scribed not just on any stone;                                virtuous citizen.
                         it had to be pentelic marble,                                 The Berkeley Plato's
                         that with which Athens had                                    story began in Rome,
                         honored so many of its                                        where classics scholar Al-
                         friends and benefactors. Cir-     fred Emerson purchased it for Phoebe Hearst—
                         cumstances converged to           benefactress of the UC Berkeley museum—from a
                         help transform what began         well-known antiquities dealer. Emerson was dis-
                         as a seemingly impossible         missive about the herm—a marble bust of Plato and
                         "what if" into a reality. While   its pedestal— and mentioned it only in passing in a
                         Paula conspired in Athens         long letter to Hearst about his purchases. Initial
                         with Harry Kritzas, who           museum catalogue records at UC Berkeley note that
composed the decree and arranged for its inscribing,       the herm's significance was in doubt. But the crown-
Lisa contacted Ron's former students whose contri-         ing blow came in 1966, when UC Berkeley graduate
butions funded the effort. Twelve months later the         student R.J. Smutney, studying Latin inscriptions,
inscribed stele was complete. By land and sea it           inspected the writings on Plato's shaft—it had been
travelled from Greece to England, then to Texas. Fi-       separated from the head, which couldn't be found—
nally in August it completed its truly "monumental"        and declared it a fake. Miller can now prove the op-
journey to California. Meanwhile, we had invited           posite: the sculpture, brought by ship and then over-
Ron's family, friends, students, and colleagues to         land by rail to the museum in 1902, dates back to
gather for a birthday party-cum-mini-conference.           approximately 125 A.D. While it is a copy, it is an
Many contributed generously both financially and           elegant replica of a Greek original from about 360
in other ways to make the three-day event a memo-          B.C. What's more it provides a glimpse of what
rably happy one for Ron and his family. We heard a         Plato really may have looked like. Paul Zanker,
tribute by Erich Gruen, and lively talks on areas          Sather Professor at UC Berkeley a decade ago, has
close to Ron’s scholarly heart: law (Michael Ga-           suggested that previously identified portraits of
garin), historiography (Carolyn Dewald), epigra-           Plato were unsatisfactory because they attempted to
phy (Angelos Matthaiou), and Corinth (Nancy                force a prototype into the later mould of
Bookidis). There was much visiting and reminisc-           "philosopher" types. Miller believes that the Berke-
ing. The culmination came Saturday night, when we          ley Plato not only proves that Zanker was on the
presented, with sufficient pomp, champagne and             right path, but it gives a much sharper and more ac-
silly party hats, to an unsuspecting wreathed and          curate image of Plato's appearance—that it takes us
pointy-hatted honorand (see p. 1) the stele. —Lisa         closer to that non-philosopher prototype. — Kath-
Kallet, Paula Perlman, University of Texas, Austin.        leen Maclay
   PAGE 10                      Berkeley Classics Newsletter

     Thesaurus Linguae Graecae                           of ten were assigned specific numbers and inter-
                                                         leaved with acid-free paper for protection. 2523 re-
         (TLG) at Berkeley                               cords were added to the database, so that the total
                                                         number of records available on-line now stands at
In partnership with the Library, the Department
                                                         6244, about 20% of the collection. 466 papyri re-
has sponsored a campus site license for access to the
                                                         ceived conservation treatment and new mountings,
On-Line Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG).
                                                         and 519 new digital images were produced.
The TLG is the electronic repository of "literary"
                                                         Day-to-day work in the Center was carried out with
Greek texts developed over the past 30 years at UC
                                                                                        the help of four Gradu-
Irvine. Previously, the Department and the Library,
                                                                                        ate Student Research-
as well as many individual faculty members, pur-
                                                                                        ers and four under-
chased licenses to the CD-ROM version of the TLG
                                                                                        graduates in the Un-
data and used the CD with applications that were
                                                                                        dergraduate Research
less than ideal and not well maintained in the world
                                                                                        Apprenticeship Pro-
of rapidly evolving operating systems. The matura-
                                                                                        gram, one of whom,
tion of internet technologies has now made it possi-
                                                                                        Classics major Estelle
ble for TLG to develop its own software for on-line
                                                                                        Hofschneider, worked
                                                                                        for both semesters and
The TLG database has many uses. It serves an on-
                                                                                        also was awarded a
line library containing more texts than scholars
                                                                                        summer stipend by
have in their offices and more than many university
                                                                                        URAP. Among the four
libraries have scattered in their collections. It is a
                                                                                        volunteers, retired
source for excerpting Greek texts for use in hand-
                                                                                        chemist and friend of
outs and scholarly books and articles. It allows
                                                         the Classics Leon Petrakis worked on the jumble
many kinds of searching relevant to studies of con-
                                                         of unsorted fragments that were still in a tin box
cepts, grammar, vocabulary, and style. And it can
                                                         from the excavation, discovering more fragments of
be used to identify quickly the source of extremely
                                                         Homer. CTP sent one of its Graduate Student Re-
fragmentary literary texts found on papyri.
                                                         searchers to Washington State University to cata-
The On-Line TLG has a number of advantages. The
                                                         logue and scan the papyri in their study collection
database that is accessible is fully up to date, con-
                                                         and another to Umm El-Breigat (ancient Tebtunis)
taining more texts than the CD-ROM, and the data-
                                                         to assist the Italian-French team excavating there.
base keeps growing. With the new site license, stu-
                                                         Among scholarly visitors, Dominic Rathbone of
dents and faculty can log in with standard browsers
                                                         London served as the CTP distinguished lecturer in
from any computer on the campus network. If the
                                                         April 2003, and Mark Depauw of Leuven received
computer has a sufficiently recent OS and applica-
                                                         support to spend several weeks in the summer re-
tions, then it will already have fonts that include
                                                         viewing demotic pieces and selecting a group for fur-
the full set of needed Greek characters in the Uni-
                                                         ther study and publication. Papyri were featured in
code encoding, thus eliminating the old difficulty of
                                                         a number of courses, including a session of the
installing special fonts and configuring a browser in
                                                         proseminar that looked at the fragments of Sopho-
a special way. By using the Library's authenticated
                                                         cles’ satyr-play Inachos after a new cleaning.
proxy server, campus users can even use the TLG
                                                         In the near future two further hopes will be brought
from their homes, even with a third-party ISP.
                                                         to fruition. First, in June and July 2004 CTP is
For more information about TLG, visit http://www.
                                                         hosting the second in a series of Summer Seminars
                                                         sponsored by the American Society of Papyrologists
The TLG license is paid for by donations to the An-
                                                         (for details see
nual Fund.—Donald Mastronarde
                                                         berksumm.html). Second, the Department of Clas-
   Center for the Tebtunis Papyri                        sics asked for and received permission to search for
                                                         a 50% faculty position in papyrology, effective July
In its second year of operation, the Center for the      2004. This will integrate the CTP papyrologist more
Tebtunis Papyri made significant progress on many        fully into the academic programs and facilitate
fronts. The mounted papyri in the collection were        greatly the planned growth in the activities of the
arranged in new security cabinets in the Bancroft        Center.
vault. A large number of fragments were placed in        CTP has received significant funding from the Vice
acid-free folders for the first time, and over 10,000    Chancellor for Research, the Salus Mundi Founda-
that had previously been placed in folders in groups     tion, the Department of Classics, and the Dean of
   PAGE 11                     Berkeley Classics Newsletter

Arts and Humanities, as well as from The Bancroft       of Zeus provides him with a unique laboratory.
Library and grants obtained through it (NEH, Del-       —Stephen Miller
mas Foundation). —Donald Mastronarde
                                                                         Tel Dor 2003
  Archaeology at Berkeley                               In late June, a small and select team of UC Dor
                Nemea 2003                              staff and graduate students joined the Israeli and
                                                        other US staff for a month-long Dor study season.
This was a year of quiet but substantial progress at    This was our first summer funded by the generous
Nemea as our attention focused ever more sharply        $233,000 grant awarded us by the Getty Foundation
on the final publication of our discoveries. In that    for investigating the problem of Hellenization at
context it is a pleasure to announce that Nemea III:    Dor, and we were determined to make the most of
The Coins by Robert C. Knapp and John Mac               it.
                                    Isaac is sched-     Living right by the beach at Nahsholim proved
                                    uled to appear      quite a temptation, but somehow we managed to get
                                    next summer.        the work done. Computerizing plans and excava-
                                    Since little re-    tion pictures; endless hours of stratigraphical "locus
                                    mained to be done   crunching" and flow-chart construction; and sorting
                                    on that volume at   through hundreds of decorated and undecorated
                                    Nemea, we were      Athenian potsherds and (occasionally) finding joins
                                    able to focus on    in them - with all this to do the month sped quickly
                                    Nemea IV: The       by. And who can forget all those fun hours by the
                                    Hero Shrine of      sewage farm and the cowshed doing aerobics, Dor
Opheltes and Its Environs which is being authored       style: emptying our two huge containers of the thou-
by Jorge Bravo and Barbara Rieger, two                  sands of boxes of pottery and bones--the legacy of
younger scholars and long-time members of the Ne-       twenty years of excavation--sorting and where nec-
mea excavation staff. Although we did not exca-         essary re-boxing them, moving the containers and
vate, another activity was unexpected. One of the       their contents across the road, then repacking and
oldest houses in the village was demolished this        reshelving everything for the winter.
summer, and we supervised. Although we retrieved        On the publication front, our splendid Hellenistic
many ancient fragments, including many pieces           mosaic and homely little Nike are now in print (the
from the Temple of Zeus, the most interesting were                                          mosaic in full
a column and capital from the Early Christian Ba-                                           color: see illustra-
silica. They are important additions to our knowl-                                          tion) in Hesperia,
edge about the architectural adornment of that                                              the journal of the
building. Preparations were also made for the                                               American School
Third Nemead in summer 2004. Although Greece                                                of Classical Stud-
has seen a decline in tourism of about 20% in each                                          ies at Athens.
of the last two years, the number of visitors to Ne-                                        Emboldened by
mea has increased by nearly that same percentage                                            our article's re-
during the same period. It seems reasonable to an-                                          ception, the pre-
ticipate even more visitors next year and to prepare                                        sent writer and
the site for them. Repairs were made around the         History of Art graduate student Becky Martin are
Museum; inside; much painting was done and we           now completing a second one, an overview and pre-
commissioned a new model of the Sanctuary of Zeus       liminary study of two centuries of Athenian im-
as it appeared in 300 B.C. The stadium area was         ported pottery at Dor.
trimmed and pruned leaving as an end result a           Recruiting has started for Dor '04, and already vol-
neat, almost garden-like appearance that adds to its    unteers are starting to trickle in. Our goals for next
attractiveness. Work on the reconstruction of the       season include more work on the two Roman tem-
Temple of Zeus also continued; Professor Nicos Ma-      ples and further investigation of the Roman, Helle-
kris of the Department of Engineering is playing an     nistic, and Persian remains on the south side of the
ever greater role in that work. Professor Makris is     city, including the remainder of the area where in
a member of the Earthquake Engineering Research         2000 we found our Hellenistic mosaic and Nike.
Center at Berkeley and is especially interested in      Who knows what surprises might await us there?
learning what the ancient Greeks knew about seis-       Readers of this newsletter may like to know that we
mically sound construction. Rebuilding the Temple
    PAGE 12                      Berkeley Classics Newsletter

accept anyone over 18 who is fit, willing to work,
and not obviously insane, and that we have now                    Annual Fund Supports
abandoned our somewhat spartan inland accommo-
dation for the delights of Nahsholim beach No pre-
                                                                     Many Activities
vious archaeological experience is necessary. For
further information please visit our website at
                                                          The Annual Fund continues to help in or http://sscl.          numerous ways. Last year it provided —Andrew Stewart
                                                          •       Travel money for undergrads who participated in
                                                                            a summer study programs
(Continued from page 1)
                                                              •    Travel money to assist graduate students’ study
trained and inspired many students, and produced
                                                                                      in Rome
first-rate publications of the work.
All three colleagues will be sorely missed.                   •    Sponsorship of the Classics Lectures series, and
                                                                            refreshments after lectures
                                                              •    Reception for Berkeley alums and friends at the
    Want to be kept informed about                                   American Philological Association meetings
 events related to Classics at Berkeley?
                                                          •       Tickets for undergraduates to see Fiona Shaw in
 Check out the “Events and News” page of the
                                                                     her production of Euripides’ Medea, Aurora
              departmental website                                 Player’s production of Oedipus Rex, and the Na-
     at                     tional Theater of Greece production of Euripides’
 You can sign up for our mailing list by clicking                                       Medea
  on the “Friends of Berkeley Classics” link at           •       Honorarium for Walter Alvarez, our Commence-
                  the Home Page.                                  ment speaker, and Monique Elias, accompanist
                                                                  •     Reception catering after Commencement
(Continued from page 1)
                                                              •    Award money for the Chair’s Book Prize; for the
McCarthy's impressive achievement provides the op-                Departmental Citation in Classics; for the Chair’s
portunity to showcase cutting-edge research in the                  Award for Distinction in Classics; and for the
Classics Department.                                               Outstanding GSI Awards (which are University
In "Slaves, Masters and the Art of Authority in                        awards, but without a monetary prize)
Plautine Comedy," McCarthy examines ways in                   •       Refreshments for the Classics Women’s Group
which individuals of all strata of Roman society                                       gatherings
viewed themselves in relation to slaves and to the
                                                          •       Site license for the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae on
current power structure. She does this in an innova-
                                                                                  the Berkeley campus
tive way—through analysis of the works of the play-
wright Plautus.                                           •       Refreshments for semesterly undergraduate stu-
McCarthy credits her students, both undergraduates                       dent receptions and movie nights
and graduate students, with helping her develop the       •       Reframing and matching frames for lists of hon-
book. She says that giving lectures has helped her                          ored undergrad students
present the information clearly and convincingly.
                                                              •    Poster publicizing the Classics Department, its
She says, "The graduate students here are amazing.
                                                                                faculty and program
They really push quite hard and this has helped my
manuscript." Undergraduates, too, have benefited          •       Contribution to the costs of the Ronfest celebrat-
much from Professor McCarthy. Students sense                         ing Ronald Stroud’s seventieth birthday
McCarthy's warm support in small Latin language
courses, but also even in large lecture courses such as
"Introduction to Roman Civilization."                     Please help with these and other beneficial
McCarthy is not the only faculty member in the Clas-        programs by contributing to the Annual
sics Department to have received the Goodwin                 Fund using the envelope provided. We
Award. Donald Mastronarde received the award in           would also like to hear news of your doings.
1997, and Emeritus Professor W.K. Pritchett won it        You can send news in the donation envelope
in 1976. The Classics Department is probably un-          or directly to Robert Knapp, at the Classics
equalled in its possession of three Goodwin Awards in      Department, 7233 Dwinelle Hall, Berkeley,
the last 25 years.                                               CA 94720-2520, or via email at
—Genevieve Shiffrar, College of Letters and Science

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