Title 49 CFR 571.205, Glazing by dwe15197


									                                  Federal Register / Vol. 69, No. 215 / Monday, November 8, 2004 / Notices                                            64811

      Patrick W. Shea                                         for predicting each driver’s ability to               review and comment. The ICR describes
      Rick N. Ulrich                                          continue to drive safely in interstate                the nature of the information collections
      Roy F. Varnado, Jr.                                     commerce. Therefore, the FMCSA                        and their expected burden. The Federal
      Larry D. Wedekind                                       concludes that extending the exemption                Register Notice with a 60-day comment
      Wonda L. Wooten                                         for each renewal applicant for a period               period was published on June 16, 2004,
      Rick A. Young                                           of two years is likely to achieve a level             (69 FR 33694). No comments were
         These exemptions are extended                        of safety equal to that existing without              received.
      subject to the following conditions: (1)                the exemption.
      That each individual have a physical                                                                          DATES: Comments must be submitted on
      exam every year (a) by an                               Comments                                              or before December 8, 2004.
      ophthalmologist or optometrist who                         The FMCSA will review comments                     FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: John
      attests that the vision in the better eye               received at any time concerning a                     Lee, the National Highway Traffic Safety
      continues to meet the standard in 49                    particular driver’s safety record and                 Administration, Office of Rulemaking
      CFR 391.41(b)(10), and (b) by a medical                 determine if the continuation of the                  (NVS–112), (202) 366–4924, 400
      examiner who attests that the individual                exemption is consistent with the                      Seventh Street, SW., Room 5320,
      is otherwise physically qualified under                 requirements at 49 U.S.C. 31315 and                   Washington, DC 20590.
      49 CFR 391.41; (2) that each individual                 31136(e). However, the FMCSA requests                 SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:
      provide a copy of the ophthalmologist’s                 that interested parties with specific data
      or optometrist’s report to the medical                  concerning the safety records of these                National Highway Traffic Safety
      examiner at the time of the annual                      drivers submit comments by December                   Administration
      medical examination; and (3) that each                  8, 2004.
      individual provide a copy of the annual                                                                          Title: 49 CFR 571.205, Glazing
                                                                 In the past the FMCSA has received                 Materials.
      medical certification to the employer for               comments from Advocates for Highway
      retention in the driver’s qualification                                                                          OMB Number: 2127–0038.
                                                              and Auto Safety (Advocates) expressing
      file and retain a copy of the certification             continued opposition to the FMCSA’s                      Type of Request: Extension of a
      on his/her person while driving for                     procedures for renewing exemptions                    currently approved collection.
      presentation to a duly authorized                       from the vision requirement in 49 CFR                    Abstract: In order to ensure that
      Federal, State, or local enforcement                    391.41(b)(10). Specifically, Advocates                glazing and motor vehicle
      official. Each exemption will be valid                  objects to the agency’s extension of the              manufacturers are complying with
      for two years unless rescinded earlier by               exemptions without any opportunity for                Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard
      the FMCSA. The exemption will be                        public comment prior to the decision to               No. 205, ‘‘Glazing Materials,’’ NHTSA
      rescinded if: (1)The person fails to                    renew, and reliance on a summary                      requires a certification label on each
      comply with the terms and conditions                    statement of evidence to make its                     piece of glazing. As part of that
      of the exemption; (2) the exemption has                 decision to extend the exemption of                   certification label, the company must
      resulted in a lower level of safety than                each driver.                                          identify itself with a simple two or three
      was maintained before it was granted; or                   The issues raised by Advocates were                digit number assigned by the agency.
      (3) continuation of the exemption would                 addressed at length in 69 FR 51346                    Failure to clearly identify the
      not be consistent with the goals and                    (August 18, 2004). The FMCSA                          manufacturer would make the
      objectives of 49 U.S.C. 31315 and                       continues to find its exemption process               certification label, and therefore the
      31136(e).                                               appropriate to the statutory and                      safety compliance, unenforceable.
      Basis for Renewing Exemptions                           regulatory requirements.                                 Affected Public: New prime glazing
                                                                Issued on: November 3, 2004.
                                                                                                                    manufacturers (A prime glazing
         Under 49 U.S.C. 31315(b)(1), an
                                                                                                                    manufacturer is a manufacturer that
      exemption may be granted for no longer                  Rose A. McMurray,
                                                                                                                    fabricates, laminates, or tempers glazing
      than two years from its approval date                   Associate Administrator, Policy and Program           materials).
      and may be renewed upon application                     Development.
      for additional two year periods. In                                                                              Estimated Total Annual Burden: 10.5
                                                              [FR Doc. 04–24868 Filed 11–5–04; 8:45 am]
      accordance with 49 U.S.C. §§ 31315 and                                                                        hours.
                                                              BILLING CODE 4910–EX–P
      31136(e), each of the 24 applicants has                                                                       ADDRESSES: Send comments, within 30
      satisfied the entry conditions for                                                                            days, to the Office of Information and
      obtaining an exemption from the vision                  DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION                          Regulatory Affairs, Office of
      requirements (63 FR 30285, 63 FR                                                                              Management and Budget, 725 7th Street,
      54519, 65 FR 77069, 67 FR 71610, 64 FR                  National Highway Traffic Safety                       NW., Washington, DC 20503, Attention:
      40404, 64 FR 66962, 67 FR 10475, 65 FR                  Administration                                        NHTSA Desk Officer.
      20245, 65 FR 57230, 65 FR 33406, 65 FR                                                                           Comments are invited on: Whether
      57234, 67 FR 57266, 65 FR 45817, 65 FR                  Reports, Forms and Record Keeping                     the proposed collection of information
      77066). Each of these 24 applicants has                 Requirements; Agency Information                      is necessary for the proper performance
      requested timely renewal of the                         Collection Activity Under OMB Review                  of the functions of the Department,
      exemption and has submitted evidence                    AGENCY: National Highway Traffic                      including whether the information will
      showing that the vision in the better eye               Safety Administration, DOT.                           have practical utility; the accuracy of
      continues to meet the standard specified                ACTION: Notice.                                       the Department’s estimate of the burden
      at 49 CFR 391.41(b)(10) and that the                                                                          of the proposed information collection;
      vision impairment is stable. In addition,               SUMMARY: In compliance with the                       ways to enhance the quality, utility and
      a review of each record of safety while                 Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 (44                   clarity of the information to be
      driving with the respective vision                      U.S.C. 3501 et seq.), this notice                     collected; and ways to minimize the
      deficiencies over the past two years                    announces that the Information                        burden of the collection of information
      indicates each applicant continues to                   Collection Request (ICR) abstracted                   on respondents, including the use of
      meet the vision exemption standards.                    below has been forwarded to the Office                automated collection techniques or
      These factors provide an adequate basis                 of Management and Budget (OMB) for                    other forms of information technology.

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      64812                       Federal Register / Vol. 69, No. 215 / Monday, November 8, 2004 / Notices

         A Comment to OMB is most effective                      Regulation Project Number: REG–                      Estimated Total Reporting Burden:
      if OMB receives it within 30-days of                    209545–92 NPRM.                                       6,150 hours.
      publication.                                               Type of Review: Extension.                           OMB Number: 1545–1378.
        Issued in Washington, DC, on November 3,                 Title: Earning and Profits of Foreign                Regulation Project Number: PS–4–89
      2004.                                                   Corporations.                                         Final.
      Stephen R. Kratzke,                                        Description: Application of the                      Type of Review: Extension.
      Associate Administrator for Rulemaking.
                                                              proposed regulations may result in                      Title: Disposition of an Interest in a
                                                              accounting method changes which                       Nuclear Power Plant.
      [FR Doc. 04–24854 Filed 11–5–04; 8:45 am]
                                                              ordinarily require the filing of Form                   Description: The regulations require
      BILLING CODE 4910–59–P
                                                              3115. However, the proposed                           that certain information be submitted as
                                                              regulations waive this filing                         part of a request for a schedule of ruling
                                                              requirement if certain conditions are                 amounts. The regulations also require
      DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY                              met, with the net result that no burdens              certain taxpayers to file a request for a
                                                              are imposed.                                          revised schedule of ruling amounts.
      Submission for OMB Review;
                                                                 Respondents: Business or other for-                  Respondents: Business or other for-
      Comment Request
                                                              profit.                                               profit .
      October 26, 2004.                                          Estimated Number of Respondents: 1.                  Estimated Number of Respondents:
        The Department of Treasury has                           Estimated Burden Hours Respondent:                 70.
      submitted the following public                          1 hour.                                                 Estimated Burden Hours Respondent:
      information collection requirement(s) to                   Frequency of response: On occasion.                8 hours, 13 minutes.
      OMB for review and clearance under the                     Estimated Total Reporting Burden: 1                  Frequency of response: On occasion.
      Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, Pub.                   hour.                                                   Estimated Total Reporting Burden:
      L. 104–13. Copies of the submission(s)                     OMB Number: 1545–1339.                             575 hours.
      may be obtained by calling the Treasury                    Regulation Project Number: IA–33–92                  OMB Number: 1545–1464.
      Bureau Clearance Officer listed.                        Final.                                                  Regulation Project Number: IA–44–94
      Comments regarding this information                        Type of Review: Extension.                         Final.
      collection should be addressed to the                      Title: Information Reporting for                     Type of Review: Extension.
      OMB reviewer listed and to the                          Reimbursements of Interest on Qualified                 Title: Deductibility, Substantiation,
      Treasury Department Clearance Officer,                  Mortgages.                                            and Disclosure of Certain Charitable
      Department of the Treasury, Room                           Description: To encourage compliance               Contributions.
      11000, 1750 Pennsylvania Avenue,                        with the tax laws relating to the                       Description: The regulation provides
      NW., Washington, DC 20220.                              mortgage interest deduction, the                      guidance regarding the allowance of
      DATES: Written comments should be                       regulations require the reporting on                  certain charitable contribution
      received on or before December 8, 2004                  form 1098 of reimbursements of interest               deductions, the substantiation
      to be assured of consideration.                         overcharged in a prior year. Only                     requirements for charitable
                                                              businesses that receive mortgage interest             contributions of $250 or more, and the
      Internal Revenue Service (IRS)                          in the course of that business are                    disclosure requirements for quid pro
         OMB Number: 1545–1083.                               affected by this reporting requirement.               quo contributions of $75 or more. These
         Regulation Project Number: INTL–                        Respondents: Business or other for-                regulations will affect donee
      399–88 Final.                                           profit.                                               organizations and individuals and
         Type of Review: Extension.                              Estimated Number of Respondents/                   entities that make payments to donee
         Title: Treatment of Dual Consolidated                Recordkeepers: 1.                                     organizations.
      Losses.                                                    Estimated Burden Hours Respondent/                   Respondents: Individuals or
         Description: Section 1503(d) denies                  Recordkeeper: 1 hour.                                 households, Business or other for-profit,
      use of the losses of one domestic                          Frequency of response: Annually.                   Not-for-profit institutions.
      corporation by another affiliated                          Estimated Total Reporting/                           Estimated Number of Respondents/
      domestic corporation where the loss                     Recordkeeping Burden: 1 hour.                         Recordkeepers: 1,750,000.
      corporation is also subject to the income                  OMB Number: 1545–1360.                               Estimated Burden Hours Respondent/
      tax of another country. The regulation                     Regulation Project Number: PS–102–                 Recordkeeper: 1 hour, 8 minutes.
      allows an affiliate to make use of the                  88 Final.                                               Frequency of response: On occasion.
      loss if the loss has not been used in the                  Type of Review: Extension.                           Estimated Total Reporting/
      foreign group to take the loss into                        Title: Income, Gift and Estate Tax.                Recordkeeping Burden: 1,975,000 hours.
      income upon future use of the loss in                      Description: The regulation provides                 OMB Number: 1545–1774.
      the foreign country. The regulation also                guidance to individuals or fiduciaries:                 Regulation Project Numbers: REG–
      requires separate accounting for a dual                 (1) For making a qualified domestic                   135898–04 NPRM and Temporary;
      consolidated loss where the dual                        trust election of the estate return of a              REG–152524–02 NPRM and Temporary;
      resident corporation files a consolidated               decedent whose surviving spouse is not                REG–123305–02 (formerly REG–
      return.                                                 a United States citizen in order that the             102305–02) NPRM and Temporary; and
         Respondents: Business or other for-                  estate may obtain the marital deduction,              REG–102740–02 NPRM and Temporary.
      profit.                                                 and (2) for filing the annual returns that              Type of Review: Extension.
         Estimated Number of Respondents:                     such an election may require.                           Title: REG–135898–04 NPRM and
      500.                                                       Respondents: Individuals or                        Temporary Regulations: Extension of
         Estimated Burden Hours Respondent:                   households.                                           Time to Elect Method for Determining
      3 hours, 14 minutes.                                       Estimated Number of Respondents:                   Allowable Loss; REG–152524–02 NPRM
         Frequency of response: Annually.                     2,300.                                                and Temporary Regulations: Guidance
         Estimated Total Reporting Burden:                       Estimated Burden Hours Respondent:                 under Section 1502; Amendment of
      1,620 hours.                                            2 hours, 40 minutes.                                  Waiver of Loss Carryovers from Separate
         OMB Number: 1545–1318.                                  Frequency of response: Annually.                   Return Limitation Years; REG–123305–

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