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									South East Asian countries, especially Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, China
and Korea have now come together in a world first to collaborate on jelly
fish control. This has never happened any where in the world and the
start was given at the jelly fish summit. The issue of increasing numbers
of dangerous and very large jelly fish has become very serious. This has
caused a lot of deaths in the past too. The fishermen are the ones who
are inconvenienced the most. The jelly fish get stuck in the nets and
their tentacles hurt the other valuable fish. So by the time they dock,
the injured fish would have become rotten making them useless. The jelly
fish are not edible. Hence the entire process is not profitable for the
fishermen. They have voiced their concerns with the government. This
summit is a direct result. The countries which attended the summit are
China, Japan and Korea. These are maritime super powers and will do a lot
to maintain their dominance of the seas.

The jelly fish menace has become very big in the recent years. There are
no strong observations or reasons behind this phenomenon. The most
important thing to notice is that there are not only a huge number of
these dangerous creatures; they are increasing in size dramatically. The
average size ranges a length of 6 ft to a weight of 200 kilo grams. These
are very large numbers and give us a idea of the problem. Jelly fish are
poisonous even a long time after their death. This is another issue. The
fisher men are also at risk while handling the dead jelly fish. Many new
methods have been decided upon in this summit. Ways to tackle the menace,
ensuring the safety of the fishermen and of the general public which uses
the beaches for swimming. We all know that the jelly fish sting can be
fatal if not treated immediately. Hence this is no laughing matter. The
seriousness can be seen with the representatives from big countries
coming together to discuss a common problem. Due effort has been put into
coming up with new methods and technologies to ensure that the jelly fish
are contained and do not increase in population to dangerous levels. The
well being of many people depends on it in these sea faring countries,
where the sea is a way of life.

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