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					    Eleva Strum School District                                                                                                                                              NON-PROFIT
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    Strum, WI 54770                                                          Box Holder                                                                                        STRUM, WI
                                                                                                                                                                             PERMIT NO. 1

                                                                                                                                                                                    March 2010

                                                             Family Day at FCCLA Blood Drive
                                                             FCCLA Week Begins with a Successful Blood Drive
                                                      A GIANT THANK YOU goes out to all the students, staff and community
                                                      members who donated and helped in any way for the February 3, Blood Drive.
                                                      We had 79 donors register including 27 students and 16 staff members.
                                                      Of the students who registered, Tyson Gullicksrud, Sarah Vesta, Gaige Sadler,
                                                      Tiffany Moss, Kaitlyn Gentry, Lacey Gilbertson, Samantha Gregory, Keegan
                                                      Achtziger and Kyle Olson were repeat donors. Many former student donors
                                                      returned to support the drive. It was great to see them continue a tradition of
                                                      coming to our FCCLA blood drive.
Husband and wife: Kevin and Janet Aiona
                                              It turned out to be a family day of donating with Joyce Schmidt’s family having eight
                                              on site donors: Mark, Gary, Jodi, Chad, Tyson, Mark & David Gullicksrud, Joyce Schmidt,
                                              and Judy Foss and two more in Tomah on Thursday. Other families represented were A repeat student donor giving
                                              Mike and Judy Berg, Kevin and Janet Aiona, Andrew and Mindy Pederson, David             platelets.
                                              Gullicksrud and Lori Engen, Brett and Lois Semingson, & Eddie and Mariah Sanchez.

                                             We collected a total of 69 units of blood providing the potential to help 220 individuals. We also collected 3
                                             units of dual red units and 2 platelet units. The blood drive workers were very pleased with the response. The
                                             whole day ran smoothly. Special thanks to Mr. Steve Alleman for the blood drive signs for the highway and
                                             parking lot, custodial staff for set up and clean up help, and Mr. Kyle Kaufman, Mrs. Sarah Gruen and Mrs. Judy
                                             Foss for their classrooms.

                                             The FCCLA chapter provided morning water bottles and snack bags for all student and staff donors. They
                                             also encouraged the donors to eat a good lunch and continue drinking fluids to aid in the donation process.
                                             Brittany Simenson, Jessica Brott, Lacey Gilbertson, and Justin Zareczny worked on the snack bags.

Brothers: David and Mark Gullicksud          Donating blood is an excellent and simple way to help save four lives every time you donate. Our last donor
                                             of the day, student Sarah Vesta, came after basketball practice to donate. Sarah said, “It makes me feel good to
                                             know I am helping others.”

                                             FCCLA has been making a difference in communities for 65 years. The national student organization has over
                                             22,000 members in nearly 7,000 chapters. Throughout the year, Wisconsin’s FCCLA members will use the
                                             training they received at TEAM Trainings to develop, plan and carry out successful projects.

 Athlete’s                                                               Lacey Gilbertson and Brittany Simenson served as FCCLA Blood Drive committee chairs.
                                                                         Special thanks to Mrs. Kathy Thomas, school nurse and Mrs. Judy Foss, FCCLA advisor for
                                                                         help with the donor calling. FCCLA members Morgan Seguin, Lacey Gilbertson,
 1,000th                                                                 Samantha Gregory, Brittany Simenson and Jessica Brott served as greeters. Debbie
                                                                         Wright recruited community members Alyce Higley, Jackie Dryden, Linda Dodge and
  Point                                                                  Mary Bjorgo for the donor canteen.

This athlete made her
1,000th career point on
January 25, 2010, while
playing varsity basketball
against McDonell High
School in Chippewa Falls.
After the game, she was
presented with the game Athlete holding the basketball that she
ball.                      used to make her 1,000th career point.        Linda Dodge, canteen worker, David Berge, dual red donor, Alyce Higley, canteen worker, Lois Semingson, blood
                                                                         donor, Julia Bjorgo, blood donor, Lois Johnson, blood donor
Hall of Fame Award Presentation                                                                                                                                           Spelling Bee
Eleva-Strum Schools will be                                                                                           In This Issue
honoring Coach Rich Roginski
for his induction into the WBCA
                                                                                                 Activity Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12              Winner
                                                                                                 Announcements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4,5
Hall of Fame. The plaque will be                                                                 Awards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3,7
presented at the E-S alumni                                                                      District Greeting. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
basketball tournament before                                                                     Health News . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
the championship game on                                                                         Lunch Menu . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12
April 3, 2010. Please join us!                                                                   Music Announcements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
The alumni tournament is from                                                                    Organization Highlights . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8,9
9:00AM to 4:00PM depending on                                                                    Principal News . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
team brackets. This plaque will                                                                  School Board Minutes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11
be on display at the high school.                                                                School Calendar (2009-2010) . . . . . . . . . .11
                                                        Rich Rogninski, Hall of Fame Member                                                                               This student represented
 Alumni Basketball Tournament form                                                               School Calendar (2010-2011) . . . . . . . . . . . 4
                                                        and E-S Basketball Coach for 29 years.                                                                            Eleva-Strum at the CESA #10
                                                                                                 Sports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10
 and Fun Fest Information on page 10.                                                                                                                                     2010 Regional Spelling Bee.
District Greeting                                                                    Principal News
This seems to be the longest winter on record. Not really, but I have                Spring fever is here! Living in Wisconsin and experiencing many months
seriously had enough of being indoors. Thank goodness for all the                    of sub-freezing temperatures, when the month of March rolls around we
positive energy that our children bring on a daily basis. If you need a little       are certainly ready for some sunshine and warmer weather. We see this
positive energy in your life, please feel free to stop by one of the schools         anxiety and excitement with our student body as winter comes to an
and take a look around. We have all kinds of things going on from                    end. I would encourage you to review our district’s guidelines for dress
Olympic themes to FCCLA leadership workshops, from the Science                       at school and be sure that your son or daughter comes to school dressed
Olympiad team to the spelling bee. If you have never witnessed an                    appropriately.
elementary Friday morning meeting, that may be a great place to start.
                                                                                     Parent/Teacher Conferences These will occur after the completion of the
Budget The school board and the administrative team are diligently                   third quarter on Monday, April 5th and Wednesday, April 7th from 4:00PM-
working together to plan for our district’s future. We are currently                 7:30PM for grades 7-12. Please try to make it out to check on the progress
working with an unbalanced budget and next year’s looks even worse.                  of your child and speak with their teachers.
This is not a surprise with the current funding system which is in place in
the state. We are not alone as district after district across the state is           Sports Our winter sports seasons are wrapping up and tournament time is
going to a referendum for operating expenses. Many districts are going               upon us. What a wonderful time to come out and enjoy some inexpensive
for a second and third time already. Please begin sharing your thoughts              entertainment and experience the excitement that accompanies these
with board members or administrators in the district as we make plans for            games. I would like to thank all of the people that make our winter sports
the future of our great school district.                                             seasons a success. From the players, coaches, and parents to the staff and
                                                                                     custodians that work to make all games enjoyable. A special thank you to
Energy exemptions We have finished all of our energy savings projects                our dance team for providing halftime entertainment and to our pep band
for the year, and we are currently waiting on a number of the rebates for            for the energy they provide before the game.
these projects. It is our sincere belief that we are already experiencing
the energy savings. This exemption will be an option for the district again          Music March is a month of many activities in our music department as their
next year. If affordable, and if we have the needs, we will be looking at            spring concerts are coming up. Please try and see some of the talents of
taking advantage of it again. If you have any energy saving ideas, please            these students in one of our upcoming concerts.
forward them to me. Our staff members are working toward a greener
environment on a daily basis. It is our sincere hope that you will even              Organizations Our school organizations have been very busy over the past
catch the “GREEN” bug and put efforts toward the common good in your                 month. Our forensics team traveled to Eau Claire on Feb. 8th to participate in
own daily lives.                                                                     subdistrict competition. Our FBLA organization competed at Regionals on
                                                                                     Feb. 6th, while our FCCLA members attended a leadership meeting on Feb.
Reminder One way you can express your thoughts to me specifically is to              17th. Thank you for supporting our students’ efforts and involvement.
attend my bi-monthly “lunch with the superintendent”. The next one is                                                 Cory Kulig, Middle & High School Principal
scheduled on Monday, March 8th, 11:30 – 12:30. I would appreciate it if
you called to let me know you were coming so we can plan for the right                                                  IMMUNIZATION CLINIC Continued
space and I can make sure to be available.                                           3. What do parents need to do?
                              See you at school, Mark Gruen, Superintendent          Have your child vaccinated with Tdap and /or varicella vaccine if he or she
                                                                                     has not already received the vaccine(s). To claim a waiver for health, reli-
Health News            IMMUNIZATION CLINIC ~ APRIL 21                                gious or personal conviction reasons, follow the instructions on the Student
                                                                                     Immunization Record and return the signed form to your child’s school.
                                                                                     4. Are there exceptions to the Tdap and varicella vaccine requirements?
The Trempealeau Co. Health Department will have an immunization clinic               Yes, the first is with Tdap vaccine. If your child has already received a tetanus-
in our schools on April 21st, offering the Tdap, and Varicella vaccinations          containing vaccine (i.e., Td vaccine) within the last 5 years of entering the
(required by the state for certain grade levels) and the Meningitis and HPV          grade it is required, your child is compliant and Tdap vaccine is not required.
vaccinations for any student 11years and older (boys and girls) (not required        The second exception is for varicella vaccine. If your child had chickenpox
by the state, but recommended by the Centers for Disease Control)                    disease, even after the 1st dose of varicella vaccine, further doses of the vac-
                                                                                     cine are not required.
New Tdap and Varicella Immunization Requirements
                                                                                     5. If my child meets the Tdap and varicella requirements will he/she need to
Changes in the Wisconsin Student immunization law now require two                    get another dose in a different grade in school?
different vaccines for middle and high school students. Parents are required         No, when a child meets the vaccine requirements for the grade to which the
to have their children vaccinated or claim a waiver.                                 requirements apply (i.e., receives the vaccine or does not receive the vaccine
                                                                                     because of an exception (see #4 above), no further doses are required. For
1. Why are these requirements being made?                                            example, if a child received a dose of Td vaccine because of an injury within
From 1986 through 2004, Wisconsin had the 5th highest rate of pertussis              5 years of entering 6th grade, that child has met the Tdap requirement and
(whooping cough) in the nation with almost 5,000 cases being reported                will not be required to receive Tdap vaccine now or in a future grade.
in 2004 alone. Pertussis outbreaks occur because protection declines 5-10
years after completion of childhood DTP/DTaP vaccinations. Tdap is a new             6. If my child already had pertussis disease, should he or she still get the
vaccine that is recommended for adolescents and is anticipated to help               Tdap vaccine?
prevent pertussis from occurring including pertussis outbreaks in schools.           Children who have had pertussis disease should receive Tdap according to
Pertussis can place a significant burden on children and parents as a person         the routine recommendations because the length of protection provided
with pertussis must be isolated for a minimum of 5 days of antibiotic                by disease is unknown and because the diagnosis can be difficult to con-
treatment.                                                                           firm. This is not an exception to the Tdap requirement.

Two doses of varicella vaccine have been shown to be more effective than             7. Where can I get Tdap and/or varicella vaccine for my child?
one dose in preventing “breakthrough disease” cases of chickenpox in chil-           These vaccines will be offered at no charge at your student’s school on April
dren of all age groups.                                                              21st. They are also available from your child’s doctor or local health depart-
                                                                                     ment. Contact your family physician or the Trempealeau County Health De-
Recommendations for both Tdap and varicella vaccines are made by the                 partment at 538-2311, ext. 220.
Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices to the Center for Disease
Control (CDC).                                                                       PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR APRIL 21ST.
2. What grades are affected and what vaccines are required?                          As we get closer to that date, more information will be provided about how
For the 2010-2011 school year, the following is required:                            to obtain vaccination information and parental consents. If you have any
                                                                                     questions, about any of these vaccinations or requirements, please call me
Students entering             Vaccines                                               at 695-2696, ext. 2090 or the health department at 538-2311, ext 220.
Grades 6 through 8            Tdap (1 dose) & Varicella (2 doses)
Grades 9 through 11           Tdap (1 dose)                                          Thank you, Kathy Thomas RN, District School Nurse
Grade 12                      Tdap (1 dose) & Varicella (2 doses)
Cardinal News                                                                    2                                                                    March 2010
                                                                               Honor Rolls
High School “A” Honor Roll                                                                                                                              1st Semester 2009-2010
  9th Grade      John Baynton       Talli Berger              Heather Gibson       Alyssa Gorell             Kelsey Hong             Hope Howard             Ali Lorenz                  Kendra Mai
                 Kateland Northcott Abram Pedersen            Jacob Rogness        Mariah Sands              Tera Schreiner          David Snow
 10th Grade      Bailee Kensmoe     Katelyn Nicolet           David Overgard       Alexis Severson           Kyle Ulberg
 11th Grade      Rikki Bautch           Jared Behm            Zack Berg            Elizabeth Bilski          Tyson Gullicksrud       Sadie Higley            Brittany Hink               Matthew Krochmalski
                 David Ostertag         Alix Overgard         Valerie Rudy         Rachel Sands              Lauren Semingson        Tyler Walter
 12th Grade      Jessica Brott          Kyle Galindo          Kaitlyn Gentry       Jenna Gibson              Lacey Gilbertson        Evan Glodowski          Samantha Gregory            Ryan Jacobs
                 Karis Kampfer          Kayla Larson          Sam Larson           Carly Lorenz              Megan Nelson            Brian Olsen             Matthew Payne               Andrew Pedersen
                 Sarah Peterson         Taylor Rohrscheib     Megan Schultz        Joshua Segerstrom         Samantha Susa           Sarah Vesta             Justin Zareczny

 High School “B” Honor Roll                                                                                                                              1st Semester 2009-2010
  9th Grade       Kye Back              Rani Behm                  Taylor Berg                    Kjerstin Booth          Pagie Ellifson      Ramsey Jacobs          Emma Kornack          Kayla McDonald
                  Michael Ostertag      Hannah Sather              Alex Thronson
  10th Grade      Brandon Anderson      Jade Austin                Thomas Baynton                 Ben Bontiz              Brandon Felce       Chase Felton           Dana Karlstad         Sam King
                  Stephanie Knutson     Tyler Koxlien              Dylan McCune                   Mason Miller            Jordan Moltzau Tiffany Olson               Reece Pierson         Morgan Seguin
                  Nicklaus Semingson    Vincent Susa               Courtney Thewis                Karli Weltzien
  11th Grade      Brandon Belmore       Deanna Brazeau             Bailey Ellifson                Marcus Hazen            Daniel Johnson      Emma Koxlien           Anh Le                Melissa Loomis
Jacob Mai         Alyssa McLean         Amanda Mellembakken        Karsten Ness                   Deedra Nichols          Hannah Olson        Rosalee Runkel         Shad Seidl            Brandon Semingson
  12th Grade      Jacob Asher           Brittney Booth             Brandalyn Christianson         Adam Dodge              Cody Erickson       Vanessa Gullicksrud    Kimberly Hill         Taylor Jaskowski
                  Ronnie Moltzau        Jeremy Nelson              Sever Nysven                   Meghan O’Brien          Ellen Pedersen      Chad Rosman            Bridgitte Ross        Eddieberto Sanchez
                  Brittany Simenson     Dillon Todahl              Matthew Voigts                 Derrick Westphal

1st Quarter 2009-2010                                                                             Middle School “A” Honor Roll
7th Grade Deslyn Hart             Cassandra Hazen       Tyler Karlstad       Joshua Marino               Alexia McDonald       Aspen Ryskoski       Hunter Ryskoski Douglas Sands
8th Grade Courtney Ashwell        Noelle Belmore        Maria Berge          Scott Bloom                 Kara Enos             Adina Eytcheson Carley Forsythe            Carter Heath       Noah Heath
          Collin Higley           Erin Kensmoe          Alex Larson          Tess Nysven                 Jared Schadrie        Kaylee Semingson

1st Quarter 2009-2010                                                                             Middle School “B” Honor Roll
7th Grade Dalton Bedward          Breanna Butterfield Gage Everson           Amanda Knudtson             Rachel Nelson         James North         Abbi Oium              Kelton Olson       Tyson Rohrscheib
          Vincent Runkel          Nicholas Snow         Caleub Watkins
8th Grade Jacob Brott             Maggie Engen          Brody Dascher        Jake Hulberg                Dana Kensmoe          Jenna Larson        Taylor Phinn           Chase Pierson      Skyler Rivard
          Amber Severson          Gabriel Toft

Middle School “A” Honor Roll                                                                                                                                  2nd Quarter 2009-2010
7th Grade Breanna Butterfield        Deslyn Hart            Samantha O’Brien        April Olson                 Aspen Ryskoski        Hunter Ryskoski        Douglas Sands
8th Grade Courtney Ashwell           Noelle Belmore         Maria Berge             Scott Bloom                 Kara Enos             Adina Eytcheson        Carter Heath     Noah Heath               Collin Higley
          Jake Hulberg               Erin Kensmoe           Alex Larson             Tess Nysven                 Taylor Phinn          Jared Schadrie         Kaylee Semingson Gabriel Toft

Middle School “B” Honor Roll                                                                                                                                  2nd Quarter 2009-2010
7th Grade Gage Everson              Cassandra Hazen         Tyler Karlstad           Tanner Koser               Joshuar Marino        Alexia McDonald        Rachel Nelson         James North         Abbi Oium
          Kelton Olson              Tyson Rohrscheib        Nicholas Snow            Caleub Watkins
8th Grade Jacob Brott               Maggie Engen            Brody Dascher            Carley Forsythe            Jerad Hutchins        Dana Kensmoe           Cora Ness             Chase Pierson       Skyler Rivard
          Lindsey Ross              Amber Severson

Student Teacher Introductions                                                                                                                   Valentine’s Day
                                                                    Hi, my name is Amanda Foster, and I am student                              MS student council sold roses, chocolates,
                                                                    teaching with Mrs. White Body this quarter. I                               and boxes of Sweethearts for Valentine's Day.
                                                                    am an Eau Claire native and will graduate from
                                                                    UWEC in May with a comprehensive major in
                                                                    secondary English education. When I’m not in
                                                                    school or working at a law office, I enjoy visit-
                                                                    ing with family and friends, relaxing with my
                                                                    boyfriend Kyle, and playing with my cats, Yoshi
                                                                    and Bowser. During my time at UWEC, I have
                                                                    delivered Meals on Wheels, volunteered at local
                                                                    schools, and worked as a tutor in the University
Kindergarten Student Teachers        Ms. Bor Vang
                                                                    Writing Center. I believe in the power of literacy
                                     Miss Kazoua Vang
                                                                    and strive to make learning meaningful and
Kindergarten is pleased to have two student                         worthwhile for students.
teachers working with us for the third quarter of
the school year. Mrs. Petersen’s student teacher
is Miss Kazoua Vang and Ms. Bor Vang is working                     I am looking forward
in Mrs. Sands’ class. Both are currently students                   to a fun and positive
in the Early Childhood Program at the University                    experience in the Eleva-
of Wisconsin-Stout. This is their final placement                   Strum School District!
before receiving their teaching license. The
Kindergarten students and teachers are enjoying
working and learning with these two fine young                       English Student Teacher

Cardinal News                                                                                        3                                                                                           March 2010
      CHILD DEVELOPMENT DAY                            Head Start is Accepting
       FRIDAY, MARCH 12, 2010
                                                     Applications for 2010-2011                                Reality
                                                    Western Dairyland Head Start is accepting
 The child development screening will be held
 on Friday, March 12, 2010, from 8:30 a.m. to
                                                    applications for the 2010-2011 school year.
                                                    Head Start is a comprehensive preschool
                                                                                                               for Seniors
 12:30 p.m. in the Early Learning Center at
                                                    program which provides education, health,
                                                    dental, nutrition, mental health, social and
                                                                                                               Wednesday, April 28
 Strum Primary School. Children between the                                                             The Eleva-Strum and Osseo-Fairchild schools
                                                    adult services in partnership with families.
 ages of 2 ½ and 3 ½ by March 1st are eligible                                                          and local businesses and volunteers will be
                                                    The Head Start program is located in the
 to be screened at this time.                                                                           teaming up to co-sponsor the sixth annual
                                                    Strum Grade School in collaboration with
                                                    4-year-old Kindergarten and the Early                “Reality Check” – an interactive, hands-on,
 Children will be encouraged to participate in                                                          authentic experience for seniors to learn about
                                                    Childhood Special Education program.
 play that focuses on skills development in the                                                         money management first hand. If you would
                                                    Anyone with preschool- aged children is
 areas of social, speech and language, fine and                                                         like to conduct a station, assist students, or be
                                                    encouraged to apply as many factors can
 gross motor, and cognitive ability. You and                                                            part of the management team, contact Judy
                                                    affect eligibility for Head Star. Applications,
 your child will meet with a therapist or teach-                                                        Foss, at Eleva-Strum or Rosemary Twesme, at
                                                    income and age verification can be completed
 er, who will be able to speak with you about                                                           Osseo-Fairchild HS.
                                                    during Eleva Strum Child Development Day
 any questions or concerns you may have and
                                                    on Friday, March 12th, 2010, at Strum Primary
 will discuss the growth and development of                                                             The students will be researching and select-
                                                    School, Strum, WI.
 your child. Western Dairyland Head Start will                                                          ing their careers, participating in classroom
 also be available to answer enrollment                                                                 cash management lessons, and preparing to
                                                    INCOME VERIFICATION ~ PLEASE BRING:
 questions and provide vision and hearing                                                               put their financial skills to the test. The week
                                                    • Earning statements for last three months
 screenings for children.                                                                               before the event, a representative from Globe
                                                    OR • 2009 Income Tax Return
                                                    OR • Check stubs or an Award letter from:           University will be presenting a program on the
 Please contact the Strum Primary School at                                                             costs of independent living which is a preview
                                                         • SSI
 715-695-2916, ext. 4 to schedule a time for                                                            of what they will experience at Reality Check.
                                                         • Social Security
 your child’s screening.
                                                         • Child Care Assistance
                                                                                                        Each student enters the event with a family
                                                    AGE VERIFICATION ~ PLEASE BRING ONE OF              status and a paycheck. Volunteers will assist
  SCHOOL CLOSING ANNOUNCEMENT                                                                           them in purchasing life’s necessities – housing,
                                                    THE FOLLOWING:
You can find out through one of the local           • Birth Certificate                                 transportation, groceries, insurance, and more.
radio and television stations listed below if our   • Baptismal Certificate                             The truth of life’s responsibilities sets in quickly
schools need to be closed due to inclement          • Immunization Card                                 as students make their first stop at the tax
weather.                                            • Or other official document                        station. Several other twists will await them
                                                                                                        while participating in Reality Check.
 WQOW-TV      18                  ATTENTION! If you receive Child Care
                                                    Assistance, your child is considered eligible for   This event would not be possible if it were not
 WEAU-TV      13                                                                      for the great support of our schools and willing
                                                    the Head Start Program ~ regardless of family
 WAXX         104.5 FM      todayswaxx1045.         income.                                             volunteers, community financial institutions,
                            com                                                                         and business supporters. Please contact Judy
 WAYY         790 AM             Please call 695-2916, ext. 1198 or 985-2391,        Foss 695-2696, ext. 2064 for more information
 I-94         94.1 FM           ext. 223 for more information.                      on how you could assist in this exercise.
 WECL         92.9 FM       929thebigcheese.
 WHTL         102.3 FM
                                                       ACT Test Dates & Registration Information
                                                    For more information on the ACT or to register to take the test,
 WQRB         95.1 FM            go to or contact the school counselor.
                                                                                                                                3rd Quarter
 Rock 92.1    92.1 FM                    Test Date         Registration      (Late Fee Required)             Ends March 26
 WBIZ         100.7 FM                                     Deadline                                         2nd Semester
 WISM         98.1 FM            April 10, 2010      March 5, 2010         March 6 – 19, 2010
                                                     June 12, 2010       May 7, 2010           May 8 – 21, 2010
                                                                                                                                Ends June 8

    School Calendar 2010-2011                       ACT Registration Fees: ACT (without writing portion) ~ $31
                                                    ACT (with writing portion) ~ $46 Late fee amount ~ $20
 Aug. 30,31    M,T    Teacher Inservice/                                                                                         Middle School &
                      Workday                                                                                                     High School
 Sept. 1       W      First Student Day                Did you know about Homework Club?
                                                                                                                                  Parent Teacher
 Sept. 6       M      No School, Labor Day
 Oct.14,15   TH,F No School,
                                                       Please, answer the following questions:                                     Conferences
                                                       Does your student need help with homework?
                  NWEA Convention                      Does your student need some help catching up in a class?
                                                                                                                                Monday, April 5th
 Nov. 25,26 TH,F No School                             Does your student need help completing an incomplete?                   Wednesday, April 7th
                  Thanksgiving Break                   Does your student need help studying for a test?                          4:00PM-7:30PM
 Dec. 23-31 TH-F No School, Christmas/                 Does your student need to make up a missed test?
                  New Year’s Break
 Jan. 21     F    No School, End Sem/                   If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then
                  Teacher Work day                            Homework Club is what you are looking for!
 March 14-18 M-F No School, SpringBreak                                                                                          Eleva-Strum Public
                                                       Homework club is held every Wednesday afternoons from
 April 22,25 F,M Easter Break                          3:30 – 4:30PM. The middle school Homework Club is in Mrs.                Eduation Foundation
 May 30      M    No School /Memorial Day              Marsolek’s room and the high school Homework Club is in                   Meeting April 14
 June 8      W    Last Student Day                     Miss Summers’ room.                                                          7:00 p.m.
 June 9      TH   Last Teacher Day                                                                                                Central Library
                                                               Homework club is open to ALL students!

Cardinal News                                                              4                                                                 March 2010
  Chippewa River Adventure Camp for Girls ages 8-12                                                                          PROM Masquerade Theme
 Saturday, April 17, 2010, 8:30 AM- 4 PM, $69 per student, Round Hill, Durand, WI
  Contact Libby Thurston,, 715-836-3365 (or toll free at 866-893-2423)                                  Saturday, April 17 8PM - 12AM                                                                                                        Grand March for all couples who wish to be
 o Exciting outdoor activities        o Archery                  o Fly fishing                                          announced will start at 8PM in the auditorium
                                                                                                                             followed by the court presentation and
 o Canoeing                           o Rifle Range              o Native American tools
                                                                                                                             crowning of the prom king and queen.
                                                                                                                           Then everyone will proceed to the dance.
 • Everyone will receive a surprise gift. • Door prizes at the end of the day.                                                 Music provided by Music in Motion.
 • Snacks and pizza will be provided.     • Come on the bus or with parents                                                 Please use the entrance by the HS office.
          Parents are welcome to attend at no additional cost.                                                           All high school students are encouraged to attend.

   Got Plastic Bags? Let’s recycle them into a bench!
      Please bring them to the High School office. Thank you!                                        Support Eleva-Strum Big Brothers/Big Sisters
         Students for Environmental & Ecological Diversity (SEED)
                                                                                           Bowl for Kids Sake, April 16-18th 2010
                                                                                              Independence, WI @ La Hacienda/Club Midway
                FBLA ANNUAL CLOTHES DRIVE                                                Open to anyone who wants to come out and have fun for a good
       Accepting all clean and useable clothing from March 1-26.                      cause! Obtain $75.00 in pledges and have a chance to win a weekend
         All donated clothes will be distributed to local shelters.                    waterpark get away as well as many other great grand prizes! Please
                 Please bring your donated clothes to                                 pick up pledge sheets from Debbie Wright, Eleva Intermediate School.
         Mrs. Brenner (Room 2056), Eleva-Strum High School.                                                        Thank you for your support!
                              Thank You!

          Spring Plant Sale                                                      Corn Furnace Reduces Natural Gas Use
                                                                                                                                         The E-S greenhouse corn
        2nd Weekend in May!                                                                                                              furnace has made a big
                                                                                                                                         difference in reducing the
                                            Strawberry Baskets
        The greenhouse classes                                                                                                           amount of natural gas used.
        growing season has started                                                                                                       The greenhouse was closed
                                                                                                                                         down in December and
        and they will be offering 30
                                                                                                                                         January for six weeks, but
        varieties of flowering plants                                                                                                    with the spring plant
        and 20 different vegetable                                                                                                       production underway
        varieties.                                                                                                                       growing space is needed.
                                                                                                                                         Special thanks to Fricky Back
    Cucumber Crop                 Germaniums
                                                                                                                                         for donating approximately
                                                                                                                                         150 bushels of corn. The
                                                                                                                                         greenhouse class is looking
                                                                                 Students filling corn in the hopper.
                                                                                                                                         for additional corn. Please
                                                                                                                                         contact Mr. Behm if you have
                                                                                 “You have the Corn ...                                  some corn that can be used
                                                                                                                                         at 695-2696, ext. 2041.
                                                                                    We have the wagon”
                                                                                                                                                         Check Your
                                                                                                                                                          not all cartridges
   Under 18? Looking for a job? Don’t forget a WORK PERMIT!                                                                                               can be remanu-
 A work permit is required before anyone under the age of 18 is allowed                                                                                   factured which
 to work in any job with the exception of agriculture or domestic service                                                                                 means some of
 work. Employers should have a valid work permit for each minor before                                                                                    the cartridges we
 work may be performed. The work permit establishes a minor’s proof of                                                                                    are getting need
 age and ensures the employer, parent/guardian, and minor are aware of                                                                                    to be discarded.
 the state child labor laws and regulations. If a minor changes place of
 employment, a new work permit needs to be obtained for the new                                                                                           Please visit www.
 employer. Work permits may be obtained in the school district office.                                                                          
 The following information must be provided to the permit officer before                                                                                  and click on
 a work permit can be issued.                                                                                                                             “Qualifying
 1. Proof of age (birth certificate, WI ID card or WI driver’s license)                                                                                   Lists” to find out
 2. Employer’s written intent to hire, including job duties to be                                                                                         which cartridges
 performed and the hours and time of day to be worked.                                                                                                    can be refilled
 3. Parent/guardian written consent                                                     Contact Donna                          All school
                                                                                        at 695-2696, Ext. 2181                 offices                    and which cell
 4. Social Security card                                                                                                                                  phones qualify.
                                                                                        Thank you!                             and LMCs
 5. Payment of $10.00 permit fee (Employer must reimburse the minor
 for this cost no later than the minor’s first paycheck).
                                                                                                                                                          Thank you!

Cardinal News                                                                5                                                                                March 2010
                                                         Music Announcements
                    Music March Schedule 2010                                                             Youth Band to Perform and Showcase
 E-S Concerts begin at 7:30PM, unless otherwise noted.   Dates and times are subject to change.
 Monday, March 1st, Dorian Band Festiaval @ Decorah, Iowa                                                   with Middle & High School Band
 Tuesday, March 9th, MS Choral Clinic at Osseo-Fairchild
 Monday, March 15th, Youth, MS,& HS, Band Concert and
                                                                                                              BAND-O-RAMA IN MARCH
                                                                                                  The Youth Band, made up of fifth and sixth grade musicians, will
 Middle/High School Choral Concert starts at 7:00PM                                               perform on March 15th in the Central Auditorium at 7:30 PM. The
 Tuesday, March 16th, MS Band Clinic at Lincoln                                                   evening concert will showcase the entire Music Department with
 Tuesday, March 23rd, 6th Grade Musical 2:15PM & 7:30PM                                           performances by the Youth Band, Middle School Band, and the High
 Sunday - Tuesday, March 28-30 Chicago Trip                                                       School Band. The Youth Band will be playing selections such as Gypsy
                                                                                                  Dance, Peggy Sue, and The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Their portion of the
                                                                                                  concert will conclude with the Middle School joining them to perform
                                                                                                  an exciting piece called Lightning! The Youth Band will be traveling
                 SIXTH GRADE PRESENT MUSICAL                                                      to the high school prior to the concert to practice with the two bands
                                                                                                  together. On the night of the concert, all members will need to be
         “COMPOSE YOURSELF”                                                                       at the Central High School by 7:00 PM and wear their red shirts with
                                                                                                  black pants or skirt.
 The sixth grade class will present a musical called Compose Yourself
                                                                                                  All Youth Band members are encouraged to stay for the entire concert
 on March 23rd at 2:15 and 7:30 PM in the Central Auditorium. Program
                                                                                                  to support the other bands and as a learning experience. Plan to
 notes state “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could actually meet face to
                                                                                                  attend this fun concert featuring musicians of all ages.
 face the composers and musicians of days gone by?” Compose
 Yourself is about a group of today’s students taking a field trip to a music
 museum. They find many wax statues of the famous composers such
 as Beethoven (Josie Olson), Mozart (Calvin Iverson), and Bach (Jacob
 Matchey) who sing solos later in the show. The students become tired
 and fall asleep. They are suddenly woken up by a group of singing
                                                                                                                               YOUTH BAND
 composers. Is it real or is this a dream? Within the show, the students
 gain a new appreciation of the music and lives of this group of “old                                                          TO BECOME
 dudes” as they called them. Other composers featured are: Brahms
  (Wyatt Nelson), Hancel (Kayla Belden, Haydn (Steven Coffey), Mahler
 (Allen Rivard), Mendelssohn (Axton Hynek), Mussorgsky (Autumn
                                                                                                                               A PEP BAND
                                                                                                                               On March 1st the Youth Band will
 Rehling), Schubert (Bryanne Risen), Strauss (Brittny Sonsalla), Stavinsky                                                     become a pep band to cheer on the
 (Joshua Pedersen), Tchaikovsky (Mackenzie Hutchins), Verdi (Koby Back),                                                       Eleva-Strum Cardinal Girl’s Basketball
 Wagner (Grace Toft), Glass (Colton Costello).                                                                                 Team. The game will be played against
                                                                                                                               the Alma Center Girls’ Team. Pep band
  Many students will be featured with vocal solos and dancing. Katie                                                           members will plan to meet at the
 Solfest will perform on the piano the piece Fur Elise by Beethoven.                                                           Central High School Gym by 6:45 PM.
 Letters were sent out to parents at the time of casting with costume
 suggestions. As in the past, the costumes of the shows will be well
 worth seeing. A big thank you to all the parents for researching and                               Free admission is given to all band members who participate.
 finding authentic-looking costumes for your child. All the students of                             Everyone needs to wear their red Youth Band shirt and face paint
 the Eleva Intermediate School will be attending the afternoon show.                                is encouraged. Band members have been having fun learning our
 The public is invited to attend either the afternoon or evening show.                              school song, Alma Center’s school song, and the national anthem
 Preparing for this show has been an ideal way to begin a study of the                              plus some pep music. Join us in supporting our team and the
    Classical Composers. Mark this date on your calendar!                                           Youth Band by attending this game.

            Musical “GREASE!”                                                                         Windy City
                                                                                                                                                   Solo &
                                                           The spring musical
                                                           will be held May 7th,
                                                           8th and 9th, with a
                                                                                                    Here We Come!                                    Saxophone
                                                           daytime performance                        Chicago Itinerary
                                                           for the elementary
                                                           students on May 6th.
                                                                                                  Sunday ~ March 28th
                                                           Come out and see a
                                                                                                  6:00AM Buses arrive for loading
                                                           wonderful musical!
                                                                                                  6:30AM Buses depart
                                                           Mark your calendars
                                                                                                  1:00PM Check into the hotel
                                                           to attend!
                                                                                                  3:00PM Group Dinner (TBD)
                                                                                                  5:00PM Blue Man Group                             Brother and Sister Duet
                                               Burger Palace Boys,                                Monday ~ March 29th
                                               Patty Simcox, and                                  9:30AM    Museum of Science and Industry
                                               Pink Ladies                                        1:00PM    Field Museum
  Volunteers are needed to help complete the set, costumes, and                                   5:00PM    Navy Pier (Dinner)
  make-up. This is a wonderful opportunity to be a part of a fabulous                             7:00PM    Broadway Show (TBD)
  community event. We thank you, in advance, for your consideration                               Tuesday ~ March 30th
  in assisting us.                                                                                8:30AM    Michigan Ave
                                                                                                  11:00AM   Willis Tower Skydeck (Sears)
  If you would like to help, please contact:                                                      1:30PM    Gurnee Mills Outlet Mall
                                                                                                  9:30PM    Arrive home                              Student acting for her
  Mary Summers 695-2696 (ext. 2131)
                                                                                                                                                     musical theater
  Jaclyn Coenen 695-2696 (ext. 2044)
                                                                                                                                                     selection “Just You Wait”
                                                                                                                                                     from My Fair Lady.
Cardinal News                                                                                 6                                                              March 2010
 Star Students                                                            January                                         January Student Awards


                                                                                                                          Most                          Participation/Effort Nominations
                                                                                                       Student                                           Eddie Sanchez, Brittney Booth,
                                                                                                        of the          Improved                          Marcus Hazen, Jessica Brott
                                                                                                        Month                                Most Improved Nominations
                                                                                                                                             Emma Koxlien, Reece Pierson, Chase Felton
        Subject                      7th grade                     8th grade
                                                                                                                    Student of the Month Nominations Eddie Sanchez, Jake Mai, Tyler Koxlien,
    Language Arts             Cassie Hazen                   Amber Severson
                                                                                                                    Jared Behm, Hannah Olson, Bailee Kensmoe, Mariah Sands
                              Hunter Ryskoski                Alex Larson
    Math                      Dalton Bedward
                              Aspen Ryskoski
                                                             Gabe Toft
                                                             Skyler Rivard
                                                                                                    Grade Level Spelling Bee Winners
    Reading                   Alexis McDonald                Gabe Toft
                              Josh Marino                    Tess Nysven
    Science                   Jake Hulberg                   Samantha O’Brien
    Social Studies            Tyson Rohrschieb               Alex Larson
                              Vince Runkel                   Erin Kensmoe

 2010 Forensics

                                                                                                                     4th grade, 6th grade, 5th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade

                                                                                                   10th Annunal Invention Science Fair Winners
                                                                                                   The 10th Annual Invention Science Fair was held on January 27, 2010, for
                                                                                                   the fifth graders of Eleva-Strum Intermediate School. The students spent
                                                                                                   about six weeks designing and creating their inventions at home. The
                                                                                                   inventions ranged from new gadgets, to helpful devices, to new items for
                                                                                                   pets and everything in between. The students were very creative with
                                                                                                   their ideas and inventions. It’s amazing that after doing this for ten years
The Eleva-Strum Forensics team got their                                                           now, they’re still able to come up with new ideas. They were then on
season off to a great start this year! Several                                                     display at the fair where students, friends, parents and other relatives were
members attended the UW-Eau Claire invita-                                                         able to walk around and learn about each of the inventions from the cre-
tional on Saturday, Feb. 6. They all received                                                      ator. The inventions were judged according to creativity, originality, and
commendable scores. The team continued                                                             quality of product. First, second, and third place medals were awarded to
its success at the Subdistrict tournament on                                                       each class. Overall, it was a huge success and we’ll look forward to next
Monday, Feb. 8. The entire team received                                                           year!
scores high enough to advance them to the                                                          First place “PTC (Portable Card Table)”
next level, which is the District tournament in                                                    Second place “Light and Voice Recording
March.         Congratulations, Team!                                                              Dog Collar”
                                                             Student with 4th place trophy
                                                             and student with 5th place from       Third place “Mitti-Dry”
Forensics Catergories and Participants                                                             Honorable mention “Candy Keeper.”
Solo Acting Hannah Olson, Mariah Sands                       the UW-Eau Claire Invitational.
Oratory        Eddie Sanchez
Prose          Sarah Vesta
Poetry         Kyle Galindo, Chastity Parris
Play Acting    “Graceland” Samantha Gregory, Kaitlyn Gentry                                                                                       First place “Game Time Butter”
“Watermelon Boats” Amanda Mellembakken, Maria Sanchez                                                                                             Second place “Water Hose Helper”
“Reduced Shakespeare Company’s Romeo & Juliet”                                                                                                    Third place “Handicap Meal Helper”
Morgan Seguin, Kyle Ulberg, Thomas Baynton, Alyssa Gorell                                                                                         Honorable mention ”Christmas Tree Waterer
Solo & Ensemble 2010                                                                                                                              3000.”
On February 20, 2010, HS band and choir students
participated at the District Solo & Ensemble Festival
at Central, along with students from Augusta and
Alma Center Lincoln. Congratulations to all on their
hard work and preparation ~ Molly Anderson, Hope Howard,
Ivy Biederman, Andrew Gregory, Tyler Koxlien, Kataryna Potter, and  Musical theater selection
Brittany Simenson. Good luck to those who received a                “I Could Have Danced All
Starred-First rating allowing them to perform again Night” from My Fair Lady.
at the State WSMA Festival on May 1 ~ Kaityln Gentry,
Samantha Gregory, Megan Nelson, Hannah Olson, Ellen Pedersen, Sarah                           Triple Trio                                                                                  Flute Solo
Peterson, Mariah Sands, Samantha Susa and Sarah Vesta.
Cardinal News                                                                                  7                                                                              March 2010
                                               Organization Highlights
FCCLA Family, Career and Community Leaders of America                                New FCCLA STAR Events
Regional FCCLA Leadership Meeting at UW-Stout                                        “Fashion Design”
                                                                                     Student took a new direction this year and
                                                                                     decided to try the new STAR event of Fashion
                                                                                     Design. Fashion Design is an individual event for
                                                                                     participants to develop a clothing label, research
                                                                                     the intended audience, and design the label’s
                                                                                     first 6-piece collection. Her portfolio had to
                                                                                     include design basics, fabric choice, and pricing.
                                                                                     She also had to sew a sample garment of one of
                                                                                     her designs and present an oral presentation.

                                                                                     Environmental Ambassador”
                                                                                     Alyssa Gorell, and Morgan Seguin took the challenge to try Environmental
                                                                                     Ambassador. As a team, they addressed the environmental issue of over-
                                                                                     use of plastic bags and the adverse impact they have on human health.
                                                                                     They had to investigate and carry out a stewardship project for the home,
                                                                                     school and community. They prepared a portfolio, completed an online
                                                                                     project summary, and gave an oral presentation.
FCCLA Regional STAR Events Projects                                                  CTSO State Officer Government Day
*State Qualifiers                                                                    An important component of Career & Technical Education is the Career &
Gold                                                                                 Technical Student Organization (CTSO). All of the state officers of Wiscon-
*Job Interview Lacey Gilbertson                                                      sin’s Career and Technical Student Organizations (DECA, Skills USA, FBLA,
*Teach and Train Mariah Sands                                                        HOSA, FCCLA, and FFA) met at the state capital on Thursday, February 11
*Illustrated Talk Samantha Gregory                                                   for Government Day.
*Focus on Children Noelle Belmore,                                                   The day started with an overview by Sara Zwiefelhofer on the agenda for
Lindsey Ross, Kaylee Semingson                                                       the day. The officers were greeted by Ms. Deborah Mahaffey, Assistant
*Fashion Design Jade Austin                                                          State Superintendent, Division for Academic Excellence, Department of
*Environmental Ambassador                                                            Public Instruction. She congratulated the officers on their willingness to
Alyssa Gorell & Morgan Seguin                                                        take on leadership roles and pointed out that students in CTSO’s have
*National Programs in Action                                                         greater academic engagement, civic engagement, self-efficacy, and
Kayla Larson, Jessica Brott, Brittany Simenson                                       employment skills are more evident. Representative Pope-Roberts gave
Illustrated Talk Maria Sanchez, Amanda Mellembakken                                  the officers a legislative greeting. She also explained a bill that she was
Bronze                                                                               presenting that day. Senator Lehman and Representative Davis presented
National Programs in Action Stephanie Knutson, Jordan Moltzau, Megan                 a panel on the importance of Entrepreneurship Education in Wisconsin.
Salava                                                                               They informed the officers that it costs the state $32,000 per prisoner
                                                                                     versus $12,000 per student per year. They said high reading skills and high
Focus on Children                          “Building Blocks of Character”            math skills will help us out of recession. Networking was cited as key and
Middle school FCCLA members, developed a character project for the                   challenged the officers to learn something new each day for the rest of
primary students on responsibility and trustworthiness. They worked with             their lives to keep their minds nimble.
Mrs. Kempf and the primary teachers to share their skits and discussions
with the students during FCCLA Week.                                                 Former State Officers shared their CTSO experiences and how they
                                                                                     transferred their skills into the future. The skills they identified were
                                                                                     public speaking, working in a large group, communicating effectively
Class members assisted                                                               with diverse backgrounds, time management, and working to find
with the different skits for                                                         common ground. They also stressed that ideas have value.
the K-3 grade students.                                                                                  E-S student, State FCCLA Regional Vice President,
                                                                                                         McKenzie Baecker, CFC and Larissa Speerstra, Gilmanton,
                                                                                                         FBLA state officers, along with other area state officers
                                                                                                         met with State Senator Kathleen Vinehout. She was very
                                                                                                         impressed with Representative Chris Danou’s staff and
                                     Their goal was to teach these character                             their candid views on current issues. The group also vis-
                                     traits while helping the students under-                            ited with Representative Mark Radcliffe’s staff. She said,
                                     stand that their actions have reactions                             “The overall experience was awesome.”
                                     either positive or negative.They plan to        Student in front of
                                     prepare additional skits for the students       the Veteran's       The Government Day capped off National CTSO Week.
                                     before they present their project at the        Memorial at the     Each school celebrated the week in their schools. Eleva-
                                     state conference in April.                      Wisconsin State     Strum FBLA and FCCLA featured special events for their
                                                                                     Capital during      members and held organization trivia contests. FFA will
National Programs in Action                               “Spend and Save”           Legislative Day.    celebrate February 21-27.
We shared our Spend and Save project
with the fourth graders of Eleva-Strum.                                              FFA Chapter                                                                        Barnball 2010
We talked about the importance of
saving money. The three of us would
like to thank Mrs. Knobloch and Mr.
Lowe for taking time out of their
schedules for us to do activities with
their students. We enjoyed seeing what
the students valued and are looking                                                                                                          E-S FFA Barnball Players
forward to returning a third time next
month.                                                                               E-S FFA Chapter president presenting the first place
                                                                                     trophy to Durand’s Barnball team. Teams participating
Participants presented their projects at Stout on February 17, 2010, to get          were Eleva-Strum, Durand, Whitehall and Mondovi.
tips for improving their projects before the state conference in April.                                                                              Go Team!

Cardinal News                                                                    8                                                                                      March 2010
                                            Organization Highlights
FBLA Future Business Leaders of America                                         French Classes                                     Haiti Fundraiser
FBLA Week Tour                                                                  The French I class and French 7B joined forces to raise money for
During FBLA week, on Feb. 11, members toured First Net Impressions              charitable organizations working in Haiti, which is a French-speaking
and Xcel Energy Contact Center in Eau Claire. Students received career          country. They launched a week-long series of fundraisers, including a Hat
information as well as experienced the business work environment.               Day, an IPod day, a bake sale, and pay-per-play Wii games at lunchtime.
                                                                                They raised $160, which will be divided between two organizations: CARE
                                                                                and Doctors Without Borders. Special thanks go out to Kyle Galindo, who
                                                                                donated the use of his Wii, Donna Traaseth, who baked brownies for the
                                                                                bake sale, and all the other parents who helped provide food for the bake
                                                                                sale. Thanks also go out to the French students, who donated their time
                                                                                and energy to making this fundraiser a success. Très bien, mes élèves!

                                                                                                                                       Wii DAY
                                                                                HAT DAY
                                                                                                                                        IPod Day

FBLA Region IV Regional Competition
Congratulations to the FBLA members who placed in Region IV Regional
Competition on Saturday, February 6, 2010, at Lincoln High School in
Alma Center. They competed with 48 other schools and approximately
790 entrants.

Lauren Semingson 4th in Business Procedures
David Overgard and Jade Austin 5th in Business Ethics                                                                  BAKE SALE DAY
Sarah Peterson 5th in Future Business Leader
Matt Krochmalski, Tanner Bedward, Karsten Ness
5th in Digital Video Production                                                 Scandinavian Art & Studies Classes
Tom Baynton 5th in Marketing                                                                         Swedish American Institute and Ikea Tour
David Ostertag 6th in Sports Management
Brian Olsen 7th in Economics                                                    The Scandinavian Art and Studies classes toured the beautiful Swedish
Sam Larson 9th in Economics                                                     American Institute on Wednesday, January 27 thanks to the generosity of
                                                                                Bjorn Borgen. It provided a great summary for the Scandinavian Studies
                                                                                class and a wonderful introduction for the Scandinavian Art class on the
                                                                                depth of the Scandinavian culture. While at Ikea, the classes had the
                                                                                opportunity to experience Swedish cuisine and design.
                                                                                Students listening
                                                                                to our tour guide,
                                                                                who was familiar
                                                                                with Strum as
                                                                                she had visited
                                                                                with the Nymo
                                                                                family several
                                                                                years ago.
FBLA Week                                               “Trivia Contest”
Q1: The first local FBLA chapter was organized in February 1942 in ____ .
Q2: FBLA was founded by Hamden L. Forkner and first sponsored by what
Q3: In 1958, the decision was made to create a separate division of FBLA
for college students. What was this new division called?                        Our tour guide, Marilyn, kept the students engaged throughout the tour
Q4: What is the first stanza of the FBLA creed?                                 with additional stories and visuals to go along with the interesting and
Q5: What is the slogan for FBLA this year?                                      beautiful architecture, art, glasswork, and displays. The students marveled
                                                                                at the size of the mansion. Many speculated at what it would cost to build
FCCLA Week                                              “Trivia Contest”
                                                                                it today.
Q1: What is the name of the National FCCLA magazine for members?
Q2: What FCCLA State Officer from Eleva-Strum served as State President         Ikea provided a stark contrast to the museum with its displays of the clean
2003-2004?                                                                      lines of modern Scandinavian furnishings. The students were impressed
Q3: What are the three areas of the FCCLA National Student Body                 with the comfort of the chairs even though they were not cushioned.
Q4: What are the three “R”’s to the FCCLA National STOP the Violence            It was a fast paced day that allowed the students to see the best of the
Program?                                                                        past and a glimpse of modern designs.
                        ANSWERS ON BOTTOM OF PAGE 12.

Cardinal News                                                               9                                                                      March 2010
                                                        Cardinal Sport s
                                      BB Regionals                                                                                                Spring Sports
        Varsity Boys                                                                                        JV & Varsity Girls
                                       March 2nd
Mar. 2,4,6    Regionals                  7:00PM                                                       3/1         Lincoln (Alma Center)            First Practices
                                        E-S hosts                                                                                                     March 15
Mar. 11-13    Sectionals                                                                              3/6         Conference Playoffs @
                                       Gilmanton                                                                                                      Softball
Mar. 18-20    State Tournament                                                                                    Alma ~ Games at
                                                                                                                                                      March 22
                                                                                                                  10AM, Noon, 2PM
                                                                                                                                                      HS Track
  Middle School Girls         7th         8th                                                   Mar. 9,11,13      Regionals                           April 5
                                                                                                Mar. 18-20        Sectionals                          MS Track
  3/1   @ Fall Creek         5:00PM       6:00PM
                                                                                                Mar. 25-27        State Tournament                    HS Golf
  3/8   @ IC (Regis)         5:00PM       6:00PM                                                                                                      April 12
                                                                                               Games JV 6:00 PM Varsity 7:30 PM
                                                                                                                                                      MS Golf

    Final Four Basketball Fun Fest                                                                                         Cardinal Football
    Watch the College Games on the High-Definition TVs!                                                                     Discount Cards
                       April 3, 2010, at Chip Shots                                                                           The following businesses are offering
                    (Formerly The Viking Clubhouse)                                                                           discounts: A&W, EC , Coffee Cup, Strum,
                         $10.00 Admission Ticket                                                                              Cold Stone, EC, Dairy Queen, Osseo &
                     Includes snacks and beverages                                                                            Mall, EC, Erberts & Gerberts, London Rd,
                                                                                                                              EC, Fazoli’s, EC, Gloria Jean’s, Mall, EC ,
                                                                                                                              Godfather’s Pizza, EC, Hardees, Osseo,
                     Doors Open at 4:00PM                                       Items for silent auction fire pit donated and Miland Motors, Eleva, Moe’s Diner,
                    1st Game starts at 5:07PM                                   created by Global Finishing of Osseo, WI and Osseo Norske Nook, Osseo, Old Country
             2nd Game starts 40 minutes after 1st game                          grill made by the Cardinal Manufacturing      Buffet, EC, Orange Julius, Mall, EC, Papa
                                                                                class.                                        Murphy’s, EC, Player’s Pass for Golf,
             Cash Prizes~ Raffle Tickets~Silent Auction                                                                       Sammy’s Pizza, EC, SNIPS, Strum, Taco
                                                                                                                              John’s, Cox Ln, EC, Subway, Osseo.
    Silent Auction items awarded between 1st and 2nd game.
                                                                                                                              Proceeds will be used to improve
         Prizes will be drawn between 1st and 2nd game.                                                                       training equipment in the weight room
                                                                                                                              and on the practice field.

   Come Out & Enjoy College BasketballTournament Fever!                                                                    Cards are $20 and expire 10-30-10.
                                                                                                                           They can be purchased from high
             E-S Alumni Tournament on same day from 9AM-4PM.                                                               school football players or from Mr.
                                                                                                                           Behm at 695-2696, ext. 2041.

E-S Alumni Basketball Tournament                                                  Hope to see you there! ~ Coach Roginski
The E-S Alumni basketball tournament is Saturday, April 3rd, 2010, from 9 AM to 4PM. Eleva-Strum Schools will be presenting a plaque honoring
Rich Roginksi for his induction into the WBCA Hall of Fame before the Championship game. A fun fest will follow at Chip Shots (Formerly the Vi-
king) to watch the Final Four Basketball Tournament. This will be a fundraiser with all proceeds going to athletics and a community health & fitness
room. It is our hope that someday we can add a small fitness center that will benefit our athletes and members of our community.

We need to set up teams as soon as possible so we can work out a game schedule. We will try to keep the team level at 8-10 players per team. The
preliminary plans are being made for a 6-8 team tournament. We will be returning to the old format as requested by some where classes will play
together or be with classes close to them. A participant must have played Eleva Strum basketball one full season during high school and
graduated from E-S High School.

Please let me know if you plan to participate. I must have all information sent to “Coach Roginski at Eleva-Strum High School” no later than March
26 so we can easily establish teams and get information on the game schedule and teams back to everyone by March 29. The $20 registration fee
will help pay for shirts, officials, etc. The registration fee must accompany the registration form. Plan on attending the fun fest as it will be a great

             E-S Alumni Basketball Tournament Registration Form
 Name: _____________________________________________________ Class of: __________ Age: _______

 Address: ______________________________________              E-mail: _____________________________________________________________

 City: _________________________ State: ________ Zip Code: __________ Occupation: _______________________________________

 Spouse’s Name: ___________________________________________ Spouse’s Hometown: _________________________________________

 Spouse’s Occupation: ______________________________ # of Children: ________ College (name if attended):                        __________________

 Shirt Size (check one): ( ) M ( ) L ( ) XL ( ) XXL ( ) XXXL

 Check your cost:
                                                                       Sent your payment and form to:
        ( ) Alumni Tournament Game Player $20
                                                                       Rich Roginski                                E-mail:
        ( ) Fun Fest Ticket $10 each
                                                                       E-S Central High School                      (H) 715-287-4792
        ( ) Both $30
                                                                       W23597 Hwy. 10                               (W) 715-695-2696, Ext. 2006
                                                                       Strum, WI 54770-8609                         (Cell) 715-530-1238
 Please make checks payable to Eleva-Strum Schools.

Cardinal News                                                                10                                                                        March 2010
                                                       School Board Minutes
School board meetings are held in the Middle/High          discussed different options available for future           Mr. Gruen presented no further info on the change to
School library on the second Monday of each month          drivers’ education classes with the retirement of the      a county wide assessment system.
at 6:00PM. Meeting notices are put in the local            current teacher as of June 30, 2010.
papers and posted at all three schools and the post                                                                   Motion by Smith, seconded by Bilski to continue
offices of Eleva and Strum.                                Mr. Semingson, Elementary Principal informed the           project circuit membership for 3 more years. Motion
                                                           board of the upcoming events at the elementary that        carried.
January 10, 2010              Regular Board Meeting        include a polka workshop at Strum Primary School
President Havenor called the meeting to order at 6:03      and a reward bowling trip for students at Eleva            Motion by Bilski, seconded by Semingson to hire
P.M. in the MS/HS IMC at Central.                          Intermediate School.                                       Scott Sorenson as 2009-2010 head baseball coach
                                                                                                                      and Wesley Fleischer as 2009-2010 JV baseball coach.
Roll call: Tom Bilski, present; Dan Wallery, absent;       Motion by Smith, seconded by Semingson to enter            Motion carried.
Robert Smith, present; Jody Ausen, absent; Brett           executive session as per SS 19.85 to discuss
Semingson, present; Greg Sather, present; Lois             co-curricular evaluations, probationary teachers and       Dan Wallery presented what the ACT enhancement
Havenor, present. Five present.                            non-union employee contracts. Roll call: Ausen, yes;       taskforce has been working on.
                                                           Sather, yes; Bilski, yes; Semingson, yes; Wallery, yes;
Verification of public notice and agenda was               Smith, yes; Havenor, yes. Motion carried                   Lois Havenor and Greg Sather presented information
published in the January 7, 2010 issue of the Tri-                                                                    they learned at the WASB state convention in
County News. Agendas also posted at all three              Motion by Sather, seconded by Smith to exit                January.
schools and the post offices in Eleva and Strum.           executive session. Roll call: Sather, yes; Semingson,
                                                           yes; Ausen, yes; Bilski, yes; Wallery, yes; Smith, yes;    Mr. Kulig, HS/MS Principal informed the board that
Motion by Semingson, seconded by Bilski to approve         Havenor, yes. Motion carried                               the semester final schedule went smoothly and the
the agenda as posted. Motion carried.                                                                                 recent blood drive had 26 students and staff donate
                                                           Motion by Ausen, seconded by Wallery to adjourn.           along with other community members.
Wallery entered meeting at 6:05 p.m.                       Motion carried.
                                                                                                                      Mrs. Knudsen, Director of Pupil Services spoke about
Motion by Smith, seconded by Sather to approve             Meeting adjourned at 9:20 P.M.                             the PBIS training team that recently attended a
the minutes of the December 14, 2009 regular board                                                                    second level of training for additional intervention
meeting. Motion carried.                                   THOMAS J. BILSKI, CLERK                                    and response techniques.

Communications – President Havenor read a thank            February 8, 2010              Regular Board Meeting        Mr. Semingson, Elementary Principal informed the
you note from the Middle and High School Teachers                                                                     board of the recent elementary spelling bee that is
                                                           President Havenor called the meeting to order at 6:00      ran as a spellathon with students collecting pledges
for the holiday meat and cheese tray.
                                                           P.M. in the MS/HS IMC at Central.                          for each word spelled correctly with the proceeds
Motion by Bilski, seconded by Semingson to approve                                                                    used to purchase new technology.
                                                           Roll call: Tom Bilski, present; Dan Wallery, present;
payment of General Fund checks #40411-40582;
                                                           Robert Smith, present; Jody Ausen, absent; Brett           Mr. Gruen, Superintendent gave an update on the
Petty Cash check #1665; Student Activity Fund
                                                           Semingson, present; Greg Sather, absent; Lois              2009-10 energy exemption projects and the Cardinal
checks #14257-14287. Roll call: Smith, yes; Bilski, yes;
                                                           Havenor, present. Five present.                            Manufacturing program.
Semingson, yes; Sather, yes; Wallery, yes; Havenor,
yes. Motion carried
                                                           Verification of public notice and agenda was               Motion by Sather, seconded by Semingson to use the
                                                           published in the February 4, 2010 issue of the Tri-        approximately $8,000.00 of trust fund loan balance
Hearing of visitors – none
                                                           County News. Agendas also posted at all three              from refinancing as part of the regular loan payment.
                                                           schools and the post offices in Eleva and Strum.           Motion carried.
Ausen entered meeting at 6:08 p.m.
                                                           Motion by Bilski, seconded by Smith to approve the         Motion by Wallery, seconded by Smith to enter
Motion by Sather, seconded by Bilski to approve pur-
                                                           agenda as posted. Motion carried.                          executive session as per SS 19.85 to discuss co-curric-
chasing CESA #10 service contracts for 2009-2010 for
Instructional Materials Center, Instructional Leader-                                                                 ular evaluations and non-union employee contracts.
                                                           Motion by Semingson, seconded by Wallery to                Roll call: Sather, yes; Bilski, yes; Semingson, yes; Wal-
ship, Testing and Assessment Service Center, Career
                                                           approve the minutes of the January 11, 2010 regular        lery, yes; Smith, yes; Havenor, yes. Motion carried
and Technical Education, District Instructional Sup-
                                                           board meeting. Motion carried.
port, Science Math and Technology Resource Center,
PI-34 District Support, Educational                                                                                   Motion by Semingson, seconded by Sather to exit
                                                           Communications – none                                      executive session. Roll call: Sather, yes; Semingson,
Technology Leadership,
                                                                                                                      yes; Bilski, yes; Wallery, yes; Smith, yes; Havenor, yes.
                                                           Motion by Smith, seconded by Wallery to approve            Motion carried
Project Circuit, Data Processing – Financial and
                                                           payment of General Fund checks #40583-40787;
Student Services, Delivery Services, Environmental
                                                           Petty Cash check #1666-1671; Student Activity Fund         Motion by Bilski, seconded by Sather to approve con-
Services and Administrative Costs and dropping
                                                           checks #14288-14328. Roll call: Smith, yes; Bilski, yes;   tracts for non-represented hourly and salaried at a
CESA #10 Ed Tech Consulting/Staff Development.
                                                           Semingson, yes; Wallery, yes; Havenor, yes. Motion         4% package increase. Roll call: Sather, yes; Bilski, yes;
Motion carried.
                                                           carried                                                    Semingson, yes; Wallery, yes; Smith, yes; Havenor, yes.
Motion by Bilski, seconded by Semingson to hire                                                                       Motion carried
                                                           Sather entered meeting at 6:05 p.m.
Linda Engen for additional hour per day as English
Language Learner teacher. Motion carried.                                                                             Motion by Smith, seconded by Semingson to ad-
                                                           Hearing of visitors – Forest Schoen from the               journ. Motion carried.
                                                           Eleva-Strum Education Foundation presented
Motion by Semingson, seconded by Smith to hire
                                                           information they have gathered concerning school           Meeting adjourned at 10:25 P.M.
Janine Myren as regular route bus driver. Motion
                                                                                                                      THOMAS J. BILSKI, CLERK
                                                           Mark Gruen, District Administrator reviewed the
Motion by Smith, seconded by Ausen to hire Nadine
                                                           2009-10 year to date expenses and compared them
Olson as 2009-10 head track coach. Motion carried.
                                                           to the budgeted amounts.                                     GRADUATION                         Friday Early
Board advised WASB delegate, President Havenor, to
vote as seen necessary on resolutions at 2010
                                                           Motion by Bilski, seconded by Wallery to support             May 29, 2010                        May 7, 2010
                                                           having drivers’ education outside the school day and
                                                           running a similar program as in the past for the 2010-
                                                           11 school year and raise the fee to $250.00 for
Mr. Kulig, HS/MS Principal updated the board on ACT
enhancement info he collected from other schools
                                                           resident students and $325.00 for non-resident stu-           School Calendar 2009-2010
                                                           dents. Motion carried.
within the Dairyland Conference, upcoming HS
semester finals schedule and newly installed security                                                                 March 29-       M-F       No School, SpringBreak
                                                           Motion by Semingson, seconded by Sather to accept          April 2
                                                           teacher’s union letter of agreement for open house in
                                                                                                                      May 31          M         No School
                                                           fall of 2010. Motion carried.
Mr. Gruen, Superintendent gave an update on the                                                                                                 Memorial Day
2009-10 budget, possible 2010-11 energy exemp-                                                                        June 8          T         Last Student Day
                                                           Student fundraising activities were discussed.
tion, environmental health and safety program and
upcoming Cluster A school board workshop. He                                                                          June 9          W         Last Teacher Day

Cardinal News                                                                         11                                                                       March 2010
                                          Central’s March Activity Calendar
     Sunday                Monday                           Tuesday                Wednesday          Thursday              Friday                 Saturday
                   1                             2                             3               4                     5                     6
                   HS GB vs Lincoln              BB Regionals                                  BB Regionals                                GB Dairyland Conference
                   MS GB @ Fall Creek                                                                                                      Playoffs @ Alma
                   Dorian Band Festival @
                   Decorah, IA                                                                                                             BB Regionals

 7                 8                             9                             10              11                    12                    13
                   Regular Board Meeting         GB Regionals                                  GB Regionals                                GB Regionals
                   6:00PM                        MS Choral Clinic @ Osseo-                     BB Sectionals         BB Sectionals         BB Sectionals
                   Forensics District @ Osseo-   Fairchild
                   MS GB @ IC (Regis)                                 National Breakfast Week

 14                15                            16                            17              18                    19                    20
                   Youth, MS/HS Band and         MS Band Clinic @ Lincoln                      GB Sectionals         GB Sectionals         GB Sectionals
                   MS/HS Choir Concert                                                         BB State Tournament   BB State Tournament   BB State Tournament
                   7:00PM (Note time change)

 21                22                            23                            24              25                  26                  27
                                                 6th Grade Muscial                             GB State Tournament GB State Tournament GB State Tournament

                                                                                                                     End of 3rd Quarter

 28                29                            30                            31

                            Spring Break                 Spring Break               Spring Break           Spring Break

                    MUSIC ~ C H I C A G O T R I P

One of the daily
winners for the
                                                 Answers to the Trivia Questions from page 9. FBLA Q1: Johnson City, Tennessee
                                                 FCCLA Q1:   Teen Times                                 FBLA Q2: The National Council for Business Education.
   FCCLA Week
                                                 FCCLA Q2:   Chelsey Bauer-Emerts                       FBLA Q3: Phi Beta Lambda (PBL)
  Trivia Contest
                                                 FCCLA Q3:   Fitness, Nutrition and Healthy Choices     FBLA Q4: “I believe education is the right of every person.”
                                                 FCCLA Q4:   Recognize, Report and Reduce               FBLA Q5: Answer: Simply the Best

Cardinal News                                                                          12                                                              March 2010