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               Creative City?
      What are the Signs of a
    DodoLab Wants To Know:
                                                                                  Why is this a sign of a creative city?
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       There has been much discussion and theorizing recently about what
       makes a city or community truly creative. DodoLab would like to                                       SIGN 2
       take advantage of the fact that the ICASP Colloquium has brought
       together a socially and creatively engaged group who can help us
       consider this question in a way that is focused and collaborative.
       Our request is simple. While in Guelph for the colloquium and Jazz
       Festival, please use this eBook to describe and identify the locations
       of four signs of a creative city. Signs could be buildings, design
       features, amenities, facilities, even people. We’ve included a map of
       the core of Guelph so you can mark your sites there as well. Please      Description:
       return your eBook to the DodoLab at the Macdonald Stewart Art
       Centre at the end of the colloquium on Friday, September 11.
       We’ll be using these eBooks as guidebooks to photograph the city
       and will be producing a collaborative photo essay that will be made
       available online as a slide show and in a series of eBooks that can
       be downloaded and shared. We’d appreciate it if you’d include your
       name and email address below so we can let you know when the
       photo essays are available to view and download. If you forget to
       drop off this eBook, please mail it or scan and email it to us at:
                        DodoLab c/o School of Architecture
                        7 Melville Street South                                 Why is this a sign of a creative city?
                        Cambridge, Ontario N1S 2H4
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          Your home:
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           Why is this a sign of a creative city?             Why is this a sign of a creative city?

                                     Description:                                          Description:

                                       Location:                                             Location:

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                      1          2                  3

                                                        A   River Run Centre
                                                        B   St. George’s Church                   H
                                                        C   Guelph Youth Music Centre
                      4          5                  6
                                                        D   Upper Wyndham Jazz Tent                       I
                                                        E   The Bookshelf’s E-bar
                                                        F   Guelph City Hall
                                                        G   Royal City Park
                                                        H   Macdonald Stewart Art Centre
                                                        I   McLaughling Library
           2,4,6,8,10,12                                                                                      2

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