Myrtle Beach


                    Wayland-Cohocton Eagles

Molly Curtis                                       12
Leah Haszlauer                                     12
Katelyn Heiman                                     12
Ashley Meyer                                       12
Leah Stephens                                      12
Brooke Weidman                                     12
Meaghan Anger                                      11
Chelsea Gregorius                                  11
Geena Huber                                        11
Sara James                                         11
Alyssa Kennedy                                     11
Morgan Kuhn                                        11
Megan Oas                                          11
Terin Brown                                        10
Leslie Havens                                      10
Brittney Kemp                                      10

Coach Stewart                           Varsity
Coach Nowatzki                          JV
Coach Mastin                            Volunteer Assistant
Coach Weidman                           Volunteer Assistant
Coach Miller                            Volunteer Assistant
Coach Martin                            Modified
                       Myrtle Beach Itinerary

As we quickly approach our departure for Myrtle Beach, we want to
inform you further on the trip.

Schedule for the week in Myrtle Beach:
Date                    Plan for Day            Time
Friday, April 6         Travel day to Myrtle    Leave @ 4 AM. Be @
                        Beach. Check in at      school @ 3:30 AM
                        Ocean Reef Resort
Saturday, April 7       Practice/Scrimmage      TBA
Sunday, April 8         Easter
Monday, April 9         Myrtle Beach Softball   Akron, OH @ 8AM,
                        Classic @ Pepper        Field A
                        Geddings, 3300 North
                        Oak Street, Myrtle
Tuesday, April 10       Myrtle Beach Softball   St. Mary’s Ryken, DC
                        Classic @ Pepper        @ 12:30 PM
                        Geddings, 3300 North
                        Oak Street, Myrtle
Wednesday, April 11     Myrtle Beach Softball   Beaumont, OH @ 12:30
                        Classic @ Pepper        PM
                        Geddings, 3300 North
                        Oak Street, Myrtle
Thursday, April 12      Myrtle Beach Softball   TBA
                        Classic @ 3300 N. Oak
                        Street, Myrtle Beach
Friday, April 13        Myrtle Beach Softball   TBA
                        Classic @ 3300 N. Oak
                        Street, Myrtle Beach
Saturday, April 14      Check out. Travel day
                        to Wayland-Cohocton.
                       Important Phone Numbers

Place                                          Phone Number
Ocean Reef Resort                              1 843 449 4441
7100 N. Ocean Blvd.
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
Dave Stewart (School Cell Phone)               585 402 8747
Dave Mastin (School Cell Phone)                585 402 8750
Ron Weidman (Cell Phone)                       585 260 4781
John Crossett (Cell Phone)                     585 727 0438

                           Uniform Checklist

Softball Jersey

Softball Pants


Maroon Socks





#15 Sunscreen
                  Myrtle Beach Rules and Regulations

The Athletic Code of Ethics that you signed must be strictly enforced.

Permission Slip/Waivers must be signed releasing Wayland-Cohocton
School District, Wayland-Cohocton Employees, and chaperones of any
and all liabilities in connection with the trip.

If leaving the room for an extended time, please leave in groups no
smaller than three and please sign out with the chaperones.

Players will not be released to visit or meet relatives or friends without
advance written arrangements through parents.

No visitors in rooms, excluding parents.

Curfew will be strictly enforced.
     1.    Back to the hotel and in your room by 9:00 PM.
     2.    Lights out at 10:00 PM. TV off at 11:00PM.
     3.    No players will leave their room after curfew.

Act orderly and well mannered in public. Always remember that you
are representing yourself, your school, and your community.

Your room will be crowded so have respect for others property.

Rooms will be picked up, garbage disposed of, and dishes washed each
day. This will be done before the maids make up your room.

No stereos allowed. Walkmans only!

Players may not ride in any car without permission.
Phone calls:
     1.      Make phone calls from pay phones only.
     2.      Understand that a hotel provides long distance telephone
             service to make money. There is often a service charge for
             every call made be it local or long distance.
     3.      There will be no incoming or outcoming calls after 11 PM.
     4.      Please bring phone cards to use when using the phones.

There will be no food deliveries allowed after 11 PM.

Do not switch rooms under any circumstances.

It must be understood that this is a softball trip not a vacation. It is
hoped that you enjoy every facet of the trip but always keep in mind
that softball is the number one priority when on this trip.

Parents and players:     Please read and understand the above
                         rules and regulations. Be aware that any
                         violation may result in the guilty party
                         being sent home early at the expense of the
                         guilty party’s family. Removal from the team
                         may also result.

Parent or Guardian___________________________________________

                   Myrtle Beach Room Assignments

Chaperones/Room #                  Players
Mr. and Mrs. Crossett              T. Brown, G. Huber, B. Kemp, C.
                                   Gregorius, M. Kuhn, M. Oas
Mr. and Mrs. Weidman               M. Curtis, L. Haszlauer, K. Heiman,
                                   A. Meyer, L. Stephens, B. Weidman
Mr. Mastin, Mr. James, and Ms.     M. Anger, A. Kennedy, L. Havens,
Nowatzki                           S. James
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart

                           Van Assignments

Van #                              Players
  Parent Consent for the Wayland-Cohocton Central School District
                     Myrtle Beach Softball Trip

I/We hereby give consent for                                        to
participate in the Wayland-Cohocton Central School District softball
trip to Myrtle Beach, SC. I/We understand that participation by my
child is on a voluntary basis and my permission is given with the full
understanding of the potential risks involved with traveling as well as
playing the game of softball.

I/We agree to accept full responsibility and hold the Wayland-Cohocton
Central School District, school personnel and any chaperones harmless
for any claims in case of accident or injury to my child. I/We also
authorize the Wayland-Cohocton Central School District, softball
coaches and chaperones to obtain such medical or health care as is
necessary for the health and welfare of my child.

     Date                                        Parent/Guardian