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									                   North Iredell Park Master Plan
                   Iredell County, North Carolina

                   Iredell County Board of Commissioners
                                 Sara Haire Tice, Chairman
                        Robert G. Williams (Godfrey), Vice Chairman
                                    Stephan D. Johnson
                                      Marvin Norman
                                       Ken Robertson

                                     County Staff
                            Joel R. Mashburn, County Manager
                        Susan Blumenstien, Deputy County Manager
                         Tracey Jackson, Assistant County Manager
                        Robert Woody, Recreation and Parks Director

                   North Iredell Park Planning Committee
                               David Holcomb, Co Chairman
                                Kevin Hope, Co Chairman
                               Ted Hawkins, Vice Chairman
                                Cindy Holcomb, Treasury
                               Pam Christopher, Ex-Officio
                                     Deanna Williams
                                     Priscilla Holmes

              Iredell County Recreation Advisory Committee
Mike Heintz, Chairman         Kevin Smith, Vice Chairman              Pam Christopher
W.A. Benfield                 Roger McLelland                         Bob Howell
Larry Johnson                 David Rothwell                          Matt Madison
Barbara Thorson               Godfrey Williams, Ex-Officio

                              Planning Consultants
                                      Site Solutions
                              2320 West Morehead Street
                             Charlotte, North Carolina 28208
                                     (704) 521-9880
North Iredell Park Master Plan                                                       Site Solutions

Project History/Overview
The Iredell County Recreation
Department purchased fifty-seven
acres of land to develop a new
community park in its northern area.
The site is located in the central
northern portion of the County just
west of Interstate 77. Bussell Road,
a branch of the Little Rocky Creek,
and adjacent agricultural land
generally border the property. North
Iredell High School is located just
south of the site with no physical
connection but close enough to allow
joint use of park and school
facilities.                               Soybean fields cover much of the site.

Former primary property owners farmed the land for many years; one of the many possible
crops was soybean. Currently, the site is undeveloped.

In 2004, the County formed a Park Planning Committee led by citizens to begin planning the
park. This committee held public meetings in an effort to form a concept of the park. In the
summer of 2005, the Iredell County Recreation Commission selected Site Solutions to assist
in developing a plan for park development. Site Solutions assisted the County with
designing a master plan, which will provide guidance in developing the park, in the fall of
2005. The main goals established for park development are to:

      Meet active and passive recreation needs for the community.
      Provide sports facilities to attract tournament play.
      Preserve the natural character of the site.

Site Analysis
The following natural/manmade features were considered in the development of the Master
Plan. Please refer to the site analysis plan at the end of this report for additional information.

The property contains a moderate 5-10% slope across the majority of the site with steeper
slopes at 10-15% and greater in the wooded area along the creek. There is one primary
drainage feature subdividing the site. This drainage swale directs the surface flow from the
center of the property to the creek. The topography is suitable for active and passive
recreation although grading will be required for field development.

North Iredell Park Master Plan                                                       Site Solutions

The soil survey of Iredell County, prepared by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation
Service, indicates that the site consists of the following soil types:
     CfB2: Cecil fine sandy loam, 2-6% slopes, eroded. Cecil soils are generally well
       drained and often used for agricultural production. They are low in organic matter
       and acidic.
     CmC2: Cecil sandy loam, 6-10% slopes, eroded.
     CsE: Cecil soils, 15-25% slopes.
     LfB2: Lloyd fine sandy loam, 2-6% slopes, eroded. Lloyd soils are generally well
       drained and have medium fertility. They are moderately permeable and acidic.
     LfC2: Lloyd fine sandy loam, 6-10% slopes, eroded.
     LfD2: Lloyd fine sandy loam, 10-15% slopes, eroded.
     Lo: Local alluvial land. These soils are composed of local alluvial soils that are
       washed into drainage areas. They are typically very well drained and highly
     Mn: Mixed alluvial land, wet. This soil is typically poorly drained but high in
       organic matter.
     We: Wehandkee silt loam. This soil has a high water table and is high in organic

The site includes soils that are suitable for recreation and soils that are very limited; however,
the site limitations can be overcome or minimized by special planning and design. While the
general soils investigation indicates that soil can limit development, a more extensive
geotechnical exploration is recommended for areas where buildings, roadways, parking, or
other structural areas will be developed.

                                          Vegetative communities fall into two categories.
                                          These include open agricultural fields and mixed
                                          hardwoods. Open fields with weeds and grass
                                          or open fields with remaining crop cover the
                                          majority of the site. The entire road frontage is
                                          open with a paralleling roadside ditch that is
                                          grassed. These areas have the least value from
                                          an ecological standpoint. The northern border
                                          of the site contains a wooded stand of vegetation
Mature hardwoods along the creek.          running the entire border. These mature trees
                                           add value to the property and should be
preserved. This area is comprised mainly of dense upper and under-story mixed hardwoods
with sporadic evergreen trees and shrubs. This community includes gum, oak, pine, and
other scrubby hardwoods. Development in this area should be limited.

The site is drained by a central natural drainage swale that bisects the site from north to
south. This swale collects into a creek that runs through a small wetland pond before
outletting into Little Rocky Creek. Portions of the creek and pond within the site likely fall
North Iredell Park Master Plan                                                     Site Solutions

within the jurisdiction of the U.S. Army CORP of Engineers. A streamway and wetland
delineation is recommended to determine if the drainage areas are jurisdictional.

Limited floodplain information can be found for this area. According to the Iredell County
Mapping Department, the site is not in a watershed nor is it located in the 100-year or 500-
year floodplain. A topographical survey will be needed to verify these preliminary findings.

Natural Communities
As noted above, the combination of hydrology, soils, and vegetation have created some
natural community systems along the drainage features. These areas are environmentally
interesting and should be preserved, enhanced, and maintained.

The existing pond in the central northern border of the site contains wetland communities. A
wetland determination will be needed to verify the extent of the jurisdictional area.

Site Access
The site has access from Bussell Road
fronting the southern side of the property.
This road is currently a dirt road section and
will need to be upgraded to accommodate
the heavier vehicular traffic generated by the
park. The Bussell Road frontage has a
straight alignment and offers good site
distance and provides immediate access to
the park. The site is in close proximity to
Interstate 77 by way of Tomlin Mill Road.

Utilities                                        Northeast view of site from Bussell Road.
Water is available at the intersection of
Friendship Road and Bussell Road. A water line will need to be extended down Bussell
Road to the site. A second option will be to drill individual wells for buildings and irrigation
systems. The neighboring property has a well approximately 600 feet deep.

A septic system will need to be constructed to service the restroom buildings. Power is in
close proximity to the site.

The property is located within the Iredell County ETJ. The site is zoned RA (residential
agricultural district). Parks are permitted within this zoning classification. The adjacent
properties are zoned RA and are single-family residential use on large agricultural parcels.

Recreational Needs
Iredell County recognizes the need to develop recreational opportunities for its citizens. The
population growth of Iredell and the growing demand for youth sports has created a strong
demand for the development of a multi-field sports complex serving Iredell County’s

North Iredell Park Master Plan                                                      Site Solutions

northern population. This northern park is part of a plan to build recreational facilities in the
four quadrants of the County. The County has recently completed Stumpy Creek Park in its
southern quadrant.

A series of public meetings (see other sections of this master plan) were held for this park.
Through the public meeting process, the formation of a park planning committee, and input
from park staff, many of the facility needs were identified. Development of this park will
meet many of the current facility deficiencies in this community and provide a community
park for the area.

Program Description
The Master Plan for North Iredell Park proposes significant park development. As described
in the site analysis section of this Master Plan, portions of the site have open fields with
moderate slopes. These areas are suited for athletic fields. Likewise, there are interesting
drainage features, vegetation, and natural features which make a wonderful setting for trails,
picnicking, and other passive recreation opportunities. The placement of amenities in the
park was determined by locating sports fields in the large open fields and passive activities
near the creek and desirable vegetation. The design provides a combination of both active
and passive recreation experiences that will appeal to user groups of all types and ages and is
sensitive to the natural site features.

The Master Plan for North Iredell Park proposes the following facilities:

      Basketball – 2 full courts
      Soccer Complex – 4 full size fields
      Baseball/ Softball Complex – 4 fields
      Fenced Dog Park
      Tennis Courts – 2 Courts
      Small Amphitheater
      Walking Trails – 1.5 miles
      Park Infrastructure
      Playgrounds
      Picnic Shelters
      Sand Volleyball Courts
      Outdoor Educational Facility
      Disc Golf Course – 18 hole

The Northeast Park Master Plan proposes a community park with an emphasis on attracting
local and regional tournament play to the park.

Physical Needs
Based on the findings of site analysis and park program, the guiding physical needs of the
park should include:
North Iredell Park Master Plan                                                  Site Solutions

      Develop a central park entrance from Bussell Road. A network of roads and trails is
       needed on site for vehicular and pedestrian circulation.
      Water, sanitary sewer, and power will need to be extended through the park to serve
       restrooms, irrigation systems, and lighting systems.
      The site is bordered by residential property on the eastern and western boundaries.
       Park development should be sensitive to adjacent property owners by minimizing
       development along common property lines. Ditches, berms, fences, landscaping, or a
       combination of barriers should control site access.
      The proposed park requires new construction. There are no existing facilities or
       infrastructure on site. Clearing, grading, and storm drainage systems need to be
       developed to serve the park amenities.
      The site has drainage features subdividing the site. Park development should be
       sensitive to these areas unless jurisdiction delineation determines otherwise.
      The baseball and soccer complex will be developed in open fields. New landscaping
       is needed to create shade in pedestrian areas.

Public Involvement
The public has been an active participant in
the planning of this park. Public participation
began in 2004 when the County held its first
public meetings. At this time the planning
committee and an early concept for the park
were formed.

The Master Plan for North Iredell Park has
gone through an extensive public participation
process. Two meetings were held with the
citizen-formed planning committee and an
additional open public meeting was held. All
meetings were well attended with over sixty
                                                   Public meeting held on February 2, 2006.
citizens attending the open public meeting.
The community was heavily involved from programming the park to deciding where to
locate ball fields and other amenities. Public support for the park has been unanimous.

Plan Implementation
The park will likely be developed in phases as funding becomes available. To make the
project economically practical, a multiple phase development approach could be used. One
development strategy may include the following phases:

      Phase One development may consist of the park entrance from Bussell Road, all
       soccer fields along the southern boundary of the site, restrooms, playground, shelter,
       trails in the southwestern corner of the site, associated parking, and infrastructure.

North Iredell Park Master Plan                                                Site Solutions

      Phase Two development may consist of the baseball complex, restroom building,
      picnic shelter, trails, tennis and basketball courts, associated parking, and

     Phase Three development may consist of the remaining parking and park drive from
      Bussell Road, the multi-purpose picnic complex, educational area, outdoor
      amphitheater, and infrastructure.

     Phase Four development may consist of the dog park, additional large and small
      picnic shelters, frisbee golf course, and the remaining trail. These minor park
      elements can be developed in multiple phases as funding is available or as one final

North Iredell Park
Master Plan Preliminary Cost Estimate - February 28, 2006

Final Master Plan

Site Work
Item                      Item                    Unit   Estimated        Unit         Sub-Total
 No.                                                      Quantity        Price
  1 Mobilization                                  ls         1           $50,000.00      $50,000.00
  2 Tree removal / clearing & grubbing            ac         4            $2,400.00       $8,400.00
  3 Bulk Grading                                  cy      240,000             $3.00     $720,000.00
  4 Fine Grade Roads/ Parking                     sy       12,400             $0.70       $8,680.00
  5 Topsoil Stripping 6" stockpile and re-sprea   cy       16,000             $2.50      $40,000.00
  6 Erosion Control                               ls         1           $80,000.00      $80,000.00
  7 Seeding                                       ac         12           $2,500.00      $30,000.00
  8 Asphalt pavement - Light duty                 sy        6300             $16.00     $100,800.00
  9 Asphalt pavement - Heavy duty                 sy        6100             $23.00     $140,300.00
 10 Asphalt trails - 6                            sy        6500              $7.50      $48,750.00
 11 Concrete sidewalks, 4" d                      sy        4700             $33.00     $155,100.00
 12 *Curb and gutter, 1'-6"                        lf       6370             $14.50      $92,365.00

                                                            Probable Site Work Costs   $1,474,395.00

       *Curb & Gutter all pavement edges.

Item                       Item                   Unit   Estimated        Unit         Sub-Total
 No.                                                      Quantity        Price
  1    Landscape Plantings (internal)             ls         1           $75,000.00      $75,000.00
  2    Landscape Plantings (side buffer           ls         1           $35,000.00      $35,000.00
  3    60x60 play area / equipmen                 ea         1           $45,000.00      $45,000.00
  4    30x30 play area / equipmen                 ea         1           $25,000.00      $25,000.00
  5    Signage                                    ls         1           $10,000.00      $10,000.00
  6    Access Gates                               ea         2            $2,750.00       $5,500.00
  7    Bike Racks / Flag Poles / Misc             ls         1           $10,000.00      $10,000.00
  8    18- Hole Frisbee Golf Course               ls         1           $30,000.00      $30,000.00
  9    (2) Fenced and Lighted Tennis Courts       ls         1           $80,000.00      $80,000.00
 10    (2) Asphalt Basketball Courts              ls         1           $36,000.00      $36,000.00
 11    Restroom/Concession bldg., 1600 s          ea         2          $240,000.00     $480,000.00
 12    Picnic Tables-STD.                         ea         8              $900.00       $7,200.00
 13    Picnic Shelter-20'x24'                     ea         2           $20,000.00      $40,000.00
 14    Picnic Shelter-20'X64'                     ea         1           $52,000.00      $52,000.00
 15    Fenced Dog Park                            ls         1           $10,000.00      $10,000.00
 16    Trash Receptacles                          ea         12             $750.00       $9,000.00
 17    Split Rail fence along Frontage             lf       1680             $15.00      $25,200.00

                                                             Probable Amenities Cost    $974,900.00
Storm Drainage / Utilities
Item                       Item                       Unit    Estimated           Unit           Sub-Total
 No.                                                           Quantity           Price
  1    Catch Basin / Yard Inlets / Manholes             ea        32              $2,100.00       $67,200.00
  2    Detention Outlet Structure                       ea        1               $8,000.00        $8,000.00
  3    Storm drainage RCP 24" Avg                        lf      4400                $29.00      $127,600.00
  4    Riprap                                          ton       120                 $35.00        $4,200.00
 5     Restroom Building wells & pump                  ea          2             $10,000.00       $20,000.00
 6     Irrigation wells and pump                       ea          2             $10,000.00       $20,000.00
 7     2 1/2" Domestic lines                            lf        150                 $8.00        $1,200.00
 8     Septic Tank and Drainage fields                 ea          2             $42,000.00       $84,000.00
 9     Sewer Line - 4" PVC                              lf        1100               $16.50       $18,150.00

                                                                 Probable Storm / Utility Cost   $350,350.00

       *Site will be on well water. Estimates are not
       guaranteed. Water capacity is unknown.
       *Water line may exist in Friendship road 1400 LF away. (Size unknown at this time)

(4) 225'x360' Soccer Fields
Item                       Item                       Unit    Estimated           Unit           Sub-Total
 No.                                                           Quantity           Price
  1    Sprigging-bermuda                               sf      372,400                 $0.08      $29,792.00
  2    Soil Amendments: Sand, 1" depth                 cy        1000                $14.00       $14,000.00
  3    Soil Conditioner: 1 1/2" depth                  cy        1500                $18.00       $27,000.00
  4    Fine Grading                                    sy       36,000                 $0.60      $21,600.00
  5    Irrigation                                      ls         1              $60,000.00       $60,000.00
  6    Goals                                           ea         8               $2,000.00       $16,000.00
  7    Lighting-30 ft-c                                ea         4              $65,000.00      $260,000.00

                                                                         Probable Fields Cos     $428,392.00
(4) Ballfields - (2) 320' grass infields / (2) 275' skinned
Item                       Item                        Unit   Estimated          Unit         Sub-Total
 No.                                                           Quantity          Price
       (2) 320' Fields
 1     Backstops-Traditional, aluminized wir            ea        2              $7,500.00     $15,000.00
 2     Fence-10ht.,aluminized, 9 ga                     lf       160                $11.00      $1,760.00
 3     Fence-8ht.,aluminized, 9 ga                      lf       360                $10.00      $3,600.00
 4     Fence-6ht.,aluminized, 9 ga                      lf      2,000                $7.50     $15,000.00
 5     Service gate-6' ht.x12'w                         ea        4               $500.00       $2,000.00
 6     Infield Mix-6" depth, 60/40 clay/sand            cy      1,000               $16.00     $16,000.00
 7     Turface-infield and warning track               ton        16              $210.00       $3,360.00
 8     Sprigging-bermuda                                sf     162,000               $0.08     $12,960.00
 9     Soil Amendments: Sand, 1" depth                  cy       2100              $14.00      $29,400.00
 10    Soil Conditioner: 1 1/2" depth                   cy       3150              $18.00      $56,700.00
 11    Fine Grading                                     sy      18,000               $0.60     $10,800.00
       (2) 275' Fields
 12    Backstops-Traditional, aluminized wir            ea        2              $6,500.00     $13,000.00
 13    Fence-10ht.,aluminized, 9 ga                     lf       160                $11.00      $1,760.00
 14    Fence-8ht.,aluminized, 9 ga                      lf       360                $10.00      $3,600.00
 15    Fence-6ht.,aluminized, 9 ga                      lf      1,600                $7.50     $12,000.00
 16    Service gate-6' ht.x12'w                         ea        4               $500.00       $2,000.00
 17    Infield Mix-6" depth, 60/40 clay/sand            cy      1,000               $16.00     $16,000.00
 18    Turface-infield and warning track               ton        32              $210.00       $6,720.00
 19    Sprigging-bermuda                                sf     118,000               $0.08      $9,440.00
 20    Soil Amendments: Sand, 1" depth                  cy       2100              $14.00      $29,400.00
 21    Soil Conditioner: 1 1/2" depth                   cy       3150              $18.00      $56,700.00
 22    Fine Grading                                     sy      13,200               $0.60      $7,920.00
 23    Foul Pole, powder coated finish                 ea         8               $400.00       $3,200.00
 24    Spectator Bleachers (4 row x 27')w/o pa         ea         8              $5,600.00     $44,800.00
 25    Bases                                           ea         4               $700.00       $2,800.00
 26    Team Benches                                    ea         8              $1,200.00      $9,600.00
 27    Concrete pads                                   sy       3,140               $25.00     $78,500.00
 28    Irrigation                                      ea         4             $15,000.00     $60,000.00
 29    Scoreboard, wireless                            ea         4              $7,875.00     $31,500.00
 30    Signage                                         ls         1              $2,000.00      $2,000.00
 31    Trash Receptacles                               ea         8               $750.00       $6,000.00
 32    Lighting-50/30 ft-c                             ea         4             $63,200.00    $252,800.00
 33    Grassing Maintenance                            ls         1             $10,000.00     $10,000.00

                                                                        Probable Fields Cos   $826,320.00

       *Fence is based on permanent installed fence.
             Project Summary

Site Work                                                                            $1,474,395.00
Amenities                                                                             $974,900.00
Storm Drainage / Utilities                                                            $350,350.00
Soccer Fields                                                                         $428,392.00
Ballfields                                                                            $826,320.00

Total                                                                                $4,054,357.00
Contingency-10%                                                                       $405,435.70

Preliminary Construction                                                             $4,459,792.70

Design, testing, Permitting, Survey-12%                                               $535,175.12

Total Project                                                                        $4,994,967.82

*Numbers are based on recent construction budget numbers from 2004-5 Bid projects.

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