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                  Founded 1936
Affiliated with the Surf Life Saving Association
                   of Australia

          69th Annual Report
                         69th Annual Report
Notice is herby given that the 69th Annual General Meeting of the
Macksville-Scotts Head Surf Life Saving Club Inc., will be held in the
Cedar Room of the Nambucca Hotel on Sunday, 30th August, 2009,
commencing at 9:00am.

1.     Apologies
2.     Adoption of the Minutes of the 68th Annual General Meeting.
3.     Adoption of the Annual Report for the Season 2008/2009.
4.     Adoption of the Financial Statements for the Season
5.     Election of Officers for the 2009/2010 Season.
6.     Motions for which due notice has been given.
7.     Such other General Business that may be brought forward in
       accordance with the Rules.
8.     Refreshments.

Greg Bell
                             69th Annual Report
     1936-37    E Cox                  J Wallace   A Spencer
     1937-38    E Cox                  J Wallace   A Spencer
     1938-39    E Cox                  R Madrick   A Spencer
     1939-40    E Cox                  R Madrick   A Spencer
     1940-41    E Cox                  R Madrick   T Offner
     1941-42    E Cox                  R Madrick   T Offner
     1946-47    A Owens                L Snape      V Ivers             L Wood
     1947-48    A Owens                G Rankin     G Rankin            L Wood
     1948-49    A Owens                G Rankin     G Rankin            L Wood
     1949-50    A Owens                G Rankin     G Rankin            L Wood
     1950-51    A Owens                M Bowen      R Owens             J Marsay
     1951-52    H Lane                 A Owens      R Owens             R Owens
     1952-53    D Suttie               J Beaney     J Beaney            L Wood
     1953-54    G McLean               J Beaney     L McIllwain         L Wood
     1954-55    G McLean               J McAlpine P Williamson          A Welsh
     1955-56    G McLean               T Owens      A Russell           A Gillett
     1956-57    A Newman               J Beaney     A Russell           A Gillett
     1957-58    A Newman               W Small      A Russell           A Welsh
     1958-59    S Doyle                R Mohr       K Mitchell          A Welsh
     1959-60    R Mohr                 C McNeill    L McIllwain         J Heward
     1960-61    D Brunsdon             C McNeil     B Irvine            M Moran
     1961-62    D Brunsdon             C McNeill    K Lowe              M Moran
     1962-63    D Brunsdon             M Moran      A Reid              J Down
     1963-64    A Gillett              M Moran      J Down              R Phillips
     1964-65    P Bartlett/C McNeill   M Moran      J Down              R Phillips
     1965-66    C McNeill              D Brunsdon L Barber              R Phillips
     1966-67    C McNeill              M Moran      C McNeill           R Phillips
     1967-68    C McNeill              M Moran      S Murray            R Trimble
     1968-69    C McNeill              M Moran      S Murray            R Trimble
     1969-70    R Trimble              M Moran      T Thompson          M McKay
     1970-71    R Trimble              R Carney     T Thompson          M Moran
     1971-72    R Trimble              R Carney     D Magann            M Moran
     1972-73    R Hughes               P Hardge     D Magann            L Ballangarry
     1973-74    D Webber               P Lane       T Mulligan          K Laverty
     1974-75    D Webber               P Lane       T Mulligan          K Laverty
     1975-76    D Webber               P O’Grady T Mulligan             K Laverty
     1976-77    D Webber               N Townsend E Summerlad           K Laverty
     1977-78    C Adamson              P Lane       E Summerlad         M Lonergan
     1978-79    C Adamson              P Hardge     E Summerlad         R Donovan
     1979-80    R Phillips             P Hardge     G Coombe            A Ritchie
     1980-81    C McNeill              H Langford G Coombe              M Lonergan
     1981-82    C McNeill              H Langford G Coombe/ C McNeill   M Lonergan
     1982-83    C McNeill              H Langford G Phillips            P Tutt
     1983-84    C McNeill              H Langford     G Phillips        G Baxter
     1984-85    W Bethe                R Phillips     J Moran           G Baxter & P Tutt
     1985-86    D Webber               R& G Phillips J Moran            P Tutt
     1986-87    D Webber               M Moran      J Moran             K Laverty
     1987-88    W Bethe                D McKay      C Garner            K Laverty
     1988-89    W Bethe                D McKay      C Garner            D Brunsdon
     1989-90    W Bethe                D McKay      J Morrison          I Gayden
     1990-91    W Bethe                W Richardson J Moran             A Ross
     1991-92    P Dent                 W Richardson J Moran             A Ross
     1992-93    L Ballangarry          W Richardson J Moran             A Ross
     1993-94    L Ballangarry          W Richardson J Moran             A Ross
     1994-95    L Ballangarry          W Richardson J Moran             J Frost
     1995-96    L Ballangarry          A Newman J Moran                 K Laverty
     1996-97    L Ballangarry          A Newman J Moran                 K Laverty
     1997-98    L Ballangarry          A Newman J Moran                 R Taylor
     1998-99    L Ballangarry          A Newman J Moran                 R Taylor
     1999-00    M Moran                C Bell       J Moran             K Laverty
     2000-01    M Moran                C Bell       J Moran             J Bryce
     2001-02    M Moran                C Bell       J Moran             K Laverty
     2002-03    M Moran                C Bell       J Moran             J Donohoe
     2003-04    M Moran                C Bell       J Moran             K Laverty
     2004-05    G Bell                 C Bell       D Scott             T McKay
     2005-06    M Moran                D Flippence H Langford           K Laverty
     2006-07    G Bell                 D Flippence T Brown              J Donohoe
     2007-08    G Bell                 M Coulter    C Bell              J Donohoe
     2008-09    G Bell                 A Newman C Bell                  C Stewart
CADET MEMBERS – 13 to 15 YEARS                     ( 12 )             [4]
ALLAN, JIMI             BRUNDSON, JOEL                      BURTON, MATTHEW
HEATON, KOBY            HENSHAW, GRADY                      JOHNSON, BRAYDON
KOCH, JOSEPH            MORAN, BRODY                        PERKINSON, RACHEL
STACK, WADE             THOMPSON, ANTHONY                   TOWNEY, ADEN

AWARD MEMBERS                                      (5)                [4]
AINSWORTH, Lindsay MILES, Brearna                           SMITH, Matthew
WALKER, Anjela     WARDEN, Christopher

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS                                 ( 55 )              [ 29 ]
ALLAN, Rex              BEILBY, Julie                       BELL, Myrtle
BISHOP, John            BONSER, Gwenda                      BONSER, Janette
BRAZEL, John            BRAZEL, Margaret                    CHAPMAN, Simon
CLEWS, Tanya            CROWLEY, Dean                       DANCEY-SPAIN, Jane
DANIELS, Karina         DE LA HUNTY, Melinda                ENGLERT, Jillian
FERGUSON, Kylie         FLETHCER, Rebecca                   FLIPPENCE, David
GALVIN, Anne            GAYMER, Leonie                      GIBBS, Alexander
GLASGOW, Jacqueline     HALAM, Pam                          HARRIS, Melissa
HEATON, Tony            HERBERT, Greg                       HILL, Amanda
JAMES, Karen            JOYNSON, Sean                       KOCH, Rachel
KREINBURG, Rolf         LYONS, Mona                         MALLETT, Peter
MORAN, Penny            PARTINGTON, Michelle                PERKINSON, Mandy
PORTER, Michael         RICHERS, Trish                      ROBERTSON, Melissa
SALTER, Janet           SALTER, Scott                       SHAW, Emma
SMITH, Jill             SMITH, Sara                         STANFORD, Jenny
THOMPSON, Amanda        TREDKINNICK, Brain                  VOUTIER, Veronica
WALSH, David            WARDEN, Carl                        WATSON, Ian
WELLER, Stephen         WHALEN, Danny                       WOLDRING, Karin

JUNIOR MEMBERS ( 7 to 13 years )                  ( 90 )              [ 106 ]
AINSWORTH, TRISTEN      ALLAN, AYLA                         ALLAN, JESSE
ALLAN, JYE              ARNAUDON, KYE                       ATKINS, SOPHIE
BEARD, HOLLY            BROWN, BRENDAN                      BROWN, CAITLIN
COWELL, LEVI            COWELL, THOMAS                      CREED, KASEY
FISHER, CLYDE           FLETCHER, DREW                      FOWLER, STEPHEN
FROST, SASHA            GALVIN, HEATH                       GALVIN, LILY
HALAM, JACOB            HALAM, KASEY                        HARRIS, ASHA
HEATON, IVANA           HILL, SOLOMON                       JAMES, SARA
KINNEAR, JOSHUA         KREINBURG, DOUGLAS                  LAMONT, Freya
MOORE, JACOB            MORAN, ETHAN                        MORAN, MADELEINE
PERRY, KIRRA            PHILPOTT, RAELEE                    PORTER, CHARLES
PORTER, MEGAN           PORTER, RUBY                        PSAILA, CHANELLE
SALTER, KEELY           SALTER, PETA                        SHAW, KATE
SHAW, SID               SMITH, TED                          SPAIN, LUCY
VOUTIER, STEVEN         VOUTIER, WAYNE                      WALSHE, ALANNA
WALSHE, OLIVER          WATSON, GARTH                       WATSON, KAINE
WHALEN, BRENT           WHYTE, BROOK                        WYETH, KYLE
                 OFFICE BEARERS—SEASON 2008/2009
President:               Greg Bell
Vice President:          Jason O’Donnell ( Senior )
                         Ken Atkins ( Junior )
Secretary:               Alan Newman
Assistant Secretary:     -
Treasurer:               Chris Bell
Club Captain:            Chris Stewart
Vice Captain:            Daniel Kingston
Membership Coordinators: Dianne Laverty & Chris Bell
( Computerised member records ):
Registrar:                         Colin McNeill
Patrol Supervisors:                C Stewart & C Bell
U/19 Committee Person:             Aaron Burton
Radio Officer:                     Barbara Bethe
Board & Ski Captain:               Jason O’Donnell
Boat Captain:                      Ken Laverty
Assistant Boat Captain:            C Brazel
IRB Captain:                       David Brunsdon
IRB Vice Captain:                  D Kingston
Competition Committee:             Cathryn O’Donnell,
Chief Instructor:                  Bill Richardson
Assistant Instructors:             C Stewart
Publicity Officer:                 B Richardson
Meritorious Awards:                G Bell, K Laverty, D Brunsdon, C Stewart & B Bethe
Judiciary Committee:               President, Vice President, Junior President, Club Captain,
                                   M Moran, C Brazel & Hon. Solicitor
Branch Delegates:                  G Bell, C Bell & C Stewart
Alternate Delegate:                D Brunsdon, D Kingston & C Brazel
Members Protection Officer:        B Richardson
Gear Stewards:                     C Stewart, J O’Donnell, K Laverty & C Brazel
First Aid Officers:                C Stewart.
Trauma Committee:                  Father Peter Jones & Salvation Army
O, H & S Officer:                  John Bishop.
Honorary Auditors:                 Hooykaas Lawry Valjan
Honorary Doctors:                  Willcocks, Adams, Paton, Gan & Edghill.
Honorary Solicitors:               Terry Perkins & Bob Locke
Public Officer:                    A Newman
Total number of Meetings held for 2008/2009 season was twelve ( 12 ).
J O’Donnell, A Newman, D Kingston, A Burton, J Brazel, C O’Donnell & T
Hardge were eligible to attend 9 meetings.
POSITION                        NAME               ATTENDED      APOLOGY

President: *                    Greg Bell              9          3
Senior Deputy President:        Jason O’ Donnell       6          3
Deputy President & Junior       Ken Atkins            10          2
   Committee Person ( JAC ):
Honorary Secretary *            Alan Newman            5          4
Honorary Treasurer *            Chris Bell            10          2
Membership Coordinators:        Dianne Laverty         0          -
                                Chris Bell
Registrar:                      Colin McNeill         11          1
Club Captain: *                 Chris Stewart         12          -
Vice Captain:                   Daniel Kingston        0          -
Chief Instructor: *             Bill Richardson        0          -
Assistant Chief Instructor:     Chris Stewart
IRB Captain:                    David Brunsdon             8      4
IRB Vice Captain :              Daniel Kingston
U/19 Committee Person:          Aaron Burton            2         7
Boat Captain:                   Ken Laverty           12          -
Assistant Boat Captain:         Jim Brazel              6         3
Competition Committee :         Cath O’Donnell          0         -
Radios Officer:                 Barbara Bethe         11          1
Committee Men ( 3 ):            Allan Hall             9          -
                                Jim Brazel
                                Tony Hardge            2          -

Note : There were no recorded Executive Committee Meetings for 2008/2009 season
with * denoting the Executive Committee

    To all those who have lost family or friends during the past season,
                 the Club offers our sincerest condolences.
        FINANCIAL MEMBERS 2008 ~ 2009 SEASON
This season has seen an increase in our Membership with a total of 260 financial
members compared to 244 last season.

LIFE                               ( 13 )                     [ 11 ]
BELL, Greg                BRUNSDON, David         DONOVAN, Richard
HALL, Allan               LANE, Phillip           LAVERTY, Kenneth
MALONEY, David            McKAY, Keith            McNEILL, Colin
MORAN, Judith             MORAN, Michael          PERKS, Darell

LONG SERVICE MEMBERS               ( 14 )                     [ 16 ]
BELL, Chris               BELL, John              BETHE, Barbara
BRAZEL, Charles           HANLEY, Peter           JOHNSON, Craig
JOHNSON, Gary             LANGFORD, Howard        LAVERTY, Dianne
MARSHALL, Robert          O’DONNELL, Jason        RAGAN, Owen
RICHARDSON, William       STEWART, Christopher

RESERVE ACTIVE                       (6)                      [4]
BOYLE, Stephen            DONOHOE, Jeneane        JOHNSON, RALPH
LAVERTY, Dewayne          TRUDGETT, Tony          WESTAWAY, Angus

SENIOR ACTIVE                        ( 40 )                   [ 45 ]
ATKINS, Ken               BARBER, Brendan         BARBER, Matthew
BELL, David               BELL, Melissa           BELL, Melissa J
BONSER, Steuart           BROWN, Terri-Anne       BROWN, Timothy
COCKBAIN, Brian           COOPER, Stacey          COULTER, Michael
CRAWFORD, Luke            FROST, Jason            HARDGE, Tony
HEATON, Charlene          HOLDEN, Ashlee          JOHNSON, Amy
JOHNSON, Kylie            JOHNSON, Michael        JOHNSON, Todd
KINGSTON, Daniel          KINNEAR, Mandy          KINNEAR, Paul
LAVERTY, Rick             McNALLY, Peter          MITCHAM, Glenn
MITCHELL, Rebecca         MITCHELL, Roy           NEWMAN, Alan
NOBLE, Ashlee             O’DONNELL, Cathryn      PERRY, Therese
PIANELLA, Peter           RUSSO, Stephen          SCHMIDT, John
SILVER, John              SPAIN, Richard          VICK, Karen

ACTIVE – 15 to 18 YRS                 ( 27 )                  [ 25 ]
ATKINS, Brittany          BUCKLEY, Lindsay        BURTON, Aaron
CALLINGHAM, Ben           COULTER, Sophie         DONGES, Tony
FORBES, Amanda            FORSLUND, Ty            GIBBS, Lauren
HANGER, Rhys              HARMER, Michael         HEATON, Jordan
HENNESSEY, Benjamin       HOCKEY, Caitlin         KINNEAR, Aaron
LAWLER, Allison           LENNOX, Jason           LEWIS, Daniel
LYONS, Samuel             McLEOD, Grace           MONOHAN, Kate
MOONEY, Kurt              MULVIHILL, Erin         MULVIHILL, Tommy
SCHMIDT, Aaron            SPEAR, Kurt             USSHER, Abby
Russell Phillips, Col McNeill, Michael Moran, Ron Trimble, R Newman, Keith McKay,
C McKay, Dale Brunsdon, J Beaney, M McKay, Doug Webber, Ken Laverty,
Colin Robson, J Moran, Phil Lane, Peter O’Grady, Maurice Lonergan, David Maloney,
Alan Hall, Richie Donovan, Ivy Eades, Judy Moran, Darell Perks, David Brunsdon and
Greg Bell.

Gordon McLean, Cyrus ( Cookie ) Welsh, Herb Sanderson, Charles Robertson,
Eric Wilkes, Milton Ulrick, Willian ( Bill ) Bethe, Allan Gillett, Doug Bonser,
Louis Ballangarry and Arnold Newman.

Ivy Eades, Ron Trimble, Norm Poole, Mayor, Nambucca Shire Council, Col McNeill,
N Lane, Stephen Weller ( Licensee, Nambucca Hotel ), John Beaney, Gwen Bonser,
Barry Reid, Dr P Gan, Robert Laird, Doug Lane, Doug Webber, David Ainsworth,
Graham Welsh, Ross Martin, Dale Brunsdon, Glen Jackson, Noel Spalding, David Frost,
Max Graham, Graham Pawsey, Ray Battle, Mabbs Melville, Terry Perkins, Helen Webb,
David Bevan ( President Macksville Rotary Club ), Member for Cowper – Luke
Hartsuyker, Member for Oxley – Andrew Stoner, Judy Ward ( Macksville Ex-
Servicemen’s Club ), Chairman, Scotts Head Bowling & Recreation Club,
Patrick Ward ( Macksville Pharmacy ) and Ray Rowe ( Caltex, Macksville ).

                        SPECIAL ACHEIVMENTS
 Well done to the following members who have been recognised for
   their outstanding contribution to Surf Life Saving this season

                             Chris Stewart
                 SLS NSW - Mid North Coast Branch -
       Male Life Saver of the Year & Training Officer of the Year

                        Aaron Burton
 SLS NSW - Mid North Coast Branch - Young Life Saver of the Year
      Nambucca Shire Council – Young Citizen of the Year

                             Melissa Bell
                      NSW Lifeguard Association
   Life Guard of the Year for Nambucca & Bellingen Shire Councils
            CLUB TROHPIES/AWARDS – 2008/2009 SEASON
This seasons Club trophies and awards were announced at our Annual Dinner held at the
Nambucca Hotel on Saturday, 27th June, 2009. The successful award winners are as
Bonser Family Senior Club Member of the Year:                   CHRIS BELL

Michael Moran Runner-Up Senior Club Member of the Year:         CHRIS STEWART

George & Mary Hicks Junior Club Person of the Year:             AARON BURTON
Ron & Betty Trimble Runner-Up Junior Club Person of the Year:   TONY DONGES
Nambucca Shire Mayors’ Patrol Member of the Year:               AARON BURTON

100% Patrol Attendance:                                         STEVEN BOYLE
                                                                DAVID BRUNSDON
                                                                JOEL BRUNSDON
                                                                AARON BURTON
                                                                MICHAEL COULTER
                                                                TONY DONGES
                                                                RHYS HANGER
                                                                TONY HARDGE
                                                                GLENN MITCHAM
                                                                DARRYL PERKS
                                                                CHRIS STEWART

Louis Ballangarry Memorial Award:                               KEN ATKINS

Instructors Award:                                              BILL RICHARDSON &
                                                                CHRIS STEWART
Barry Reed Best Most Valuable Carnival Competitor:              220 BOAT CREW -
                                                                Keith McKay, John Silver
                                                                Ralph Johnson, Jim Brazel
                                                                Robert Marshall & Howard Langford

Ivy & Ron Eades Encouragement Award:                            SAM LYONS

Ray Battle Encouragement Award:                                 BRITTANY ATKINS

Andrew Stoner, MP Encouragement Award:                          JIMI ALLAN

Luke Hartsuyker, MP Encouragement Award:                        RHYS HANGER
Michael Moran Encouragement Award:                              KATE MONOHAN
President’s Award:                                              TIM ZIRKLER

Club Encouragement Award:                                       KAREN VICK

Club Encouragement Award:                                       JOEL BRUNSDON

Bonser Family Club Appreciation Award:                          NEVILLE & SANDRA MILES

Michael Moran Service Award:                                    PETER HANLEY
Surf Life Saving Awards:             25 Years                   CHRIS STEWART
                                     25,30, 40 & 50 Years       GARY JOHNSON
                             PRESIDENT’S REPORT
The 2008/2009 season proved to be another successful one for the Club and I am
pleased to report we have again continued the long honored tradition of No Lives
Lost while patrols were on duty. Congratulations to all our members for this result.

Our patrols were again very well attended & for that I thank all of our patrol
members. This year we had eleven members who gained 100% by attending all of
their rostered patrols. It must be remembered that whilst competition plays an
important part of Surf Life Saving, the principal roll of a Surf Club is to safeguard
the public who attend our beaches during the patrol season.

Our Club this year attained more awards than in the previous season and this can
be directly contributed to the involvement of Bill Richardson & our Club Captain
Chris Stewart. My congratulations are extended to all those who obtained awards
this year.

For the second time in two seasons the Club won the Branch Patrol Competition &
the largest increase in Awards which were presented at The Branch Annual Dinner
& Presentation night. This is a fantastic result for our Club & the efforts of Chris
Stewart, Bill Richardson & our patrolling members.

Also awarded on the night was the Branch Senior & Junior Lifesaver of the Year.
These awards were won by Chris Stewart & Aaron Burton & I congratulate them
on behalf of all our members. These Awards could not have gone to two more
deserving recipients. Chris Stewart also won the Award for Training Office of the

The Branch continued its policy, introduced last year, of allocating each club a
proficiency day. While there was some concern as to how this would work last
year, it proved to be very successful for our Club this year with 97 of our members
becoming proficient on the day.

I thank the Branch Assessors for their assistance throughout the year in
conducting our proficiency tests and Award examinations.

Many Club members are unaware of the work required to run the Branch. On
behalf of our Club I wish to thank President Dennis O’Sullivan and the other
elected members of the Branch for their efforts this year, which, given the issues
that arose during the year would have proved very stressful.

As always, the success of the Club depends on the efforts of many and I thank all
those who have contributed in a positive sense to the results of the Club.
                           2008/2009 Award Recipients
The Club congratulates the following Award recipients:

Melissa J Bell, Josef Koch, Jason Lennox, Kate Monohan, Erin Muvihill & Tommy Mulvihill
21/03/2009 - Sophie Coulter, Lauren Gibbs, Laccie Henshaw, Amy Johnson, Peter McNally,
Tia Perry and Richard Spain.
CERTIFICATE 11 in PUBLIC SAFETY ( AQUATIC RESCUE ) : 19/02/2009 - Chris Stewart
Grady Henshaw, Braydon Johnson, Brody Moran, Rachel Perkinson, Wade Stack,
Anthony Thompson, Aden Towney, Timothy Worthing. 10/05/2009 Matthew Burton
Greg Bell, Michael Coulter, Dianne Laverty, Chris Stewart, Kenneth Laverty
ADVANCE RESUCITATION CERTIFICATE : 20/12/08 Ty Forslund, Aaron Kennear,
Paul Kinnear, Kurt Mooney. 28/12/08 - Anne Allan, Kate Monohan, Angela Walker.
24/2/09 David Brunsdon, Chris Stewart.
DEFIBRILLATION CERTIFICATE : 28/12/08 Chris Stewart, Anne Allan,
Tim Zirkler. 26/04/09 Josef Koch, Kate Monohan, Anjela Walker.
SPINAL MANAGEMENT : 19/04/09 Aaron Burton, Michael Coulter, Tony Donges,
Amanda Forbes, Rhys Hanger, Peter McNally, Glenn Mitcham, William Richardson, Abby Ussher,
Karen Vick,
SILVER MEDALLION IRB DRIVER : 14/06/08 – Michael Coulter, Ty Forslund, Daniel Kingston,
Aaron Kinnear, John Schmidt,
IRB CREW CERTIFICATE : 14/06/08 Aaron Burton, Michael Coulter, Tony Donges, Ty Forslund,
 Rhys Hanger, Daniel Kingston, Aaron Kinnear, Sam Lyons, Aaron Schmidt, John Schmidt, Chris Stewart.
19/10/08 Brian Cockbain.
David Brunsdon, Chris Stewart
SURF PLAY ONE ~ 28/12/08 H Beard, K Chapman, L Cowel, B Gaymer, R Smith, A Walshe.
05/04/09 – D Kreinburg, J Moore, R Partington
SURF PLAY TWO ~ 28/12/08 T Ainsworth, L Chapman, T Clews-Sorensen, C De La Hunty, S
Frost, L Galvin, K Glasgow, A Harris, F Lamont, C Psaila, A Robertson, C Rudder
05/04/09 – B Desmond, S Hill, D Voutier.
SURF AWARE ONE ~ 28/12/08 : A Allan, B Brunsdon, D Fletcher, H Galvin, J Moore, K
Thompson, A Tredinnick, E Tredinnick, K Watson. 05/04/09 – M Englert, L Spain.
SURF AWARE TWO ~ 28/12/08 : B Brown, J Burton, S Cavanagh, S Fowler, K Halam, S James,
S Mallett, C Martin, C McGinness, P Perkinson, S Voutier, O Walshe, G Watson. 05/04/09 – K
Creed, C Desmond
SURF SAFE ONE ~ 28/12/08 – K Arnaudon, S Crowley, C Gaymer, J Halam, M Moran, P Salter,
S Shaw, T Smith, W Wilesmith, B Wyeth.. 05/04/09 – B Ferguson, S Tredinnick, J Stewart.
SURF SAFE TWO ~ 28/12/08 – J Allan, C Brown, I Heaton, D Perkinson, M Robertson, E
Sutherland, W Voutier. 05/04/09 – T Cowell.
SURF SMART ONE – 28/12/08 : J Allan, S Atkins, C Fisher, S Joynson, I Kelly, E Moran, M
Porter, K Shaw, B Whalen. 05/04/09 – R Porter, K Wyeth.
SURF SMART TWO – 28/12/08 : M Brunsdon, K Salter, J Scruse. 05/04/09 – C Porter
                         CARNIVAL SPONSORS
To the following people and business houses we say a big thank you for your support.
Without your help, our Club would not survive.
                       Nambucca Hotel, Macksville
                        Scotts Head Reserve Trust
                 Scotts Head Bowling & Recreation Club
                             Mid Coast Trucks
                             Caltex, Macksville
                          Food Works, Macksville
                           Neville & Sandra Miles
                         Macksville Quality Meats
                Stafford Everson ( Frederickton Abattoirs )
                            Peter McGuinness
                              Graham Pawsey
                                Ray Sellings
                               Paul Hoffman
                                 Webbs BP

                           LIFE MEMBERSHIP
Life Membership was awarded to Greg Bell at the 68th Annual General Meeting held

Greg has gained the following Awards throughout his long and continuous association
with the Surf Life Saving movement:
Surf Life Saving Certificate                1967
Bronze Medallion                            26/01/1969
Advanced Resuscitation Certificate          16/07/1991
Surf Coach 1                                02/12/1993
Surf Official 1                             02/12/1993
Silver Medallion IRB Driver                 06/11/1994
IRB Crew Certificate                        06/11/1994
Training Officer Resuscitation              11/12/1994
Training Officer Bronze Medallion           15/04/1999
Radio Operator Certificate                  12/09/1992
Cert 11 in Public Safety Certificate        03/01/2006
Spinal Management Certificate               24/02/2007
Defibrillation Certificate                  24/07/2007
Silver Medallion Basic Beach Management 31/08/2008
Senior First Aid Certificate and Long Service Awards being 25, 30 and 40 years.

Greg has for many years been a member of the Club’s committee and has held the
positions of Junior President, Committee Member and President.

The Members congratulate Greg on being awarded Life Membership.
I wish at this point to thank in particular our Club Captain Chris Stewart, Treasurer
Chris Bell, Surf Guard Operators Diane Laverty & Chris Bell & Bill Richardson our
training officer, for their efforts throughout the year. I also wish to thank the other
members of the Committee for their commitment to the cause.

Our Club has again been fortunate to have had wonderful support from a number
of businesses and individuals this season. Thanks go to our major sponsors, The
Nambucca Hotel, Scotts Head Bowling and Recreation Club & Scotts Head
Holiday Park. I also thank our patrol sponsors, Macksville Caltex, the Bonser
Family, Ivy & Ron Eades, Nambucca Shire Council, Cactus & Judy Moran, the
volunteers who help cater on our carnival dinner & on the other fundraising
activities we held during the year.

Our Annual Two Day Carnival was again another success even allowing for a
clash with The Settlement City Challenge. This severely affected the support by
our Branch Clubs of the Open Carnival on the Sunday. Many thanks go to our
members and the masters’ competitors from other Clubs who supported both days
of our Carnival weekend.

The event was further strengthened by the Club hosting a round of the North
Coast Boat Series on the same weekend which was well supported by Clubs on
the North Coast.

The Club was represented at Branch, Country & State competitions and I
congratulate those who medaled at these events particularly our 240 Boat Crew of
Jim Brazel, Ralph Johnson, Howard Langford, Rob Marshall & Keith McKay, who
won Bronze at State. I also congratulate our competitors who medaled at the
Country & Branch Championships

Our Junior Club had another successful year under the guidance of Ken Atkins
and his committee, with numbers remaining similar as in previous years. As in
previous years we have had all the u/14 squad obtain their awards and commence
patrol duties.

In an attempt to attract & retain u/19 members, a Youth Committee under the
control of Club Captain Chris Stewart has been running activities at the Club on
Friday nights. This has so far proven very popular & it is hoped the interest will
translate into new members for the Club next season.

I congratulate Aaron Burton, our U/19 Committee Representative, who was
honored in the Australia Day Awards by being named Nambucca Shire’s Young
Citizen of the Year.

Last year the Club sought to construct another building to house our patrol
equipment and provide a compliant first aid room. The Committee took this action
due to a lack of space in the clubhouse bays and a first aid room which could not
be utilised due to lack of space. This obviously created an Occupational Health &
Safety issue which had to be addressed.

Unfortunately there was adverse reaction to our proposed development due to
misinformation circulating within the community. Accordingly, the Committee
resolved not to proceed at that time.

On behalf of the Club, I extend my sympathy to all who lost loved ones during the
year and wish all those suffering ill health a speedy recovery.

Finally, I look forward to the continued involvement of all existing members next
year to ensure the continued success of our Club.

Greg Bell

We greatly appreciate the help the following non members who gave throughout the
season. Without this help our fundraising would not have been as successful.

                            David ( Frosty ) Frost
                                Earl Grace
                              Alison Laverty
                             Lynn McCullough
                             Danny Rosendaum
                                Ray Sellings
                               Bernie Spear
                                  Phil Tutt
                                 Raz Welsh
                          PATROL SPONSORS
The coming season will be the 19th year of Patrol Sponsorships with seven ( 7 )
businesses being Patrol Sponsors each year. These businesses have been a
great help to the Club as their funds, through this program supply the Club with the
necessary funds to purchase the equipment needed to help us patrol our beach
safely. Their continued support is greatly appreciated.

In addition to the funds received from our Patrol Sponsors, we receive annual
donations from Mrs Ivy Eades, a grant under Section 94 funding from Nambucca
Shire Council and the supply of much needed fuel for our IRB’s from Ray Rowe of
the Caltex Highway Restaurant, Macksville. We encourage all members to support
the local businesses who support us.

        Macksville Ex-Servicemen’s Club                          18 years

        Macksville Rotary Club                                   18 years

        Macksville Pharmacy                                      18 years

        Scotts Head Bowling & Recreation Club                    18 years

        Terry Perkins, Solicitor                                 18 years

        Nambucca Hotel, Macksville                               18 years

        Austone Pty Ltd                                          18 years

        Star Hotel, Macksville                                   16 years

        AS McNeill Real Estate                                   2 years

        Macksville Quality Meats                                 2 years
               FOR 2008/2009 SEASON

Name                 Hours                Name                 Hours

Male                                      Female
Chris Stewart   258.5                     Brittany Atkins      47.3
Aaron Burton    116.5                     Cath O’Donnell       39.3
Ken Atkins       83.8                     Ashlee Noble         36.8
Tony Donges      81.8                     Mandy Kinnear        30.3
Rhys Hanger      75.5                     Karen Vick           30.0
Samual Lyons     58.5                     Lauren Gibbs         26.5
David Brunsdon   55.0                     Caitlin Hockey       26.5
Ben Callingham   47.0                     Stacey Cooper        22.8
Kenneth Laverty 44.0                      Chris Bell           18.0
Glenn Mitcham    43.3                     Kate Monahan         16.8

Some interesting statistics :

Total Awards ~ 2008/2009 Season ( includes Service Awards )=    91
Total Awards ~ 2007/2008 season                            =    37
Total Awards ~ 2006/2007 season                            =   116

Total Proficiency Updates ~ 2008/2009 Season              =    136
Total Proficiency Updates ~ 2007/2008 season              =     74
Total Proficiency Updates ~ 2006/2007 season              =     71

JAC Awards ~ 2008/2009 Season                             =     86
JAC Awards ~ 2007/2008 season                             =     68
JAC Awards ~ 2006/2007 season                             =     68
                      CLUB CAPTAIN’S REPORT
It is with great pleasure that I submit my first report as club captain. The season
2008/2009 has again been a highly successful one with the proudest thing that any
Club Captain can report that no lives have been lost whilst patrols were on duty. I
would like to thank all of our patrol members who turned up each week. As each
season comes and goes there is more and more pressure placed on our club and
its members to deliver a high standard of life saving services and I’m proud to
report that all of our members have met this challenge.

Our clubs annual proficiency day was a huge success with 97 members passing
their proficiencies. Nearly all our club members were proficient on the one day and
having the one proficiency day a year takes a lot of pressure off the club as well as
the Branch Assessors who give a lot of their time to do these assessments. For
this I would like to thank all of the Assessors from the Branch who attended

Education & Training was an area that our club really excelled in this year. We
hosted Branch run courses of Beach Management, Training Officers, Defibrillation,
Spinal Management. We ran club courses of Bronze Medallion, Surf Rescue Cert.,
Advanced Resuscitation, IRB Drivers, IRB Crewpersons with a total of 91 awards
being gained by members of our Club, compared to 37 for the 2007/2008 season.
The Club received an award at the MNC Branch Dinner for volume increase in
awards. I would like to congratulate all members who obtained awards this
season. To our chief instructor Bill Richardson, my thanks for another great
season in the training area. I would also like to make special thanks to our Branch
Facilitators who ran courses at our Club: Paul Rayner, Kerry Fisher and Sue
Crowd and a special thanks to the Branch Director of Education, Kim Rayner, for
the great job she has done this season.

Our patrols were well attended all season. For this I would like to thank all of our
patrol members for making my job so easy. I would also like to make special thank
to Aaron Burton, Tony Donges, Rhys Hanger and Sam Lyons for all the extra
patrols they did this year filling in whenever it was needed. I would like to
congregate Aaron Burton on being named Nambucca Shire Council’s Young
Citizen of the Year as well as being named Mid North Coast Branch Young Life
Saver of the Year. The club also won the Branch Patrol Competition which belongs
to all of our patrolling members for the outstanding job they did this season.

This season the club formed a Youth Committee which has been a big success. It
started with running midweek BBQ’s over the Christmas break. They were able to
raise $1,100. The committee purchased a pool table for the club with the funds. In
addition to this they have been running game nights on a Friday evenings as well
as movie nights. I believe this will be a great benefit to the club and attract a lot of
new junior members. I would like to thank both Aaron and Tony for all the effort
they have put in to making the Youth Committee a success.
Our annual carnival was another great success. As well as being our major fund
raiser for the year, our annual raffle was also very successful again this season as
was our Saturday morning raffles. I would like to thank everyone who helped with
fund raising this season.

I would like to congratulate Ken Atkins & David Brunsdon for the great season the
JAC has had and I hope they will have an even better season next year.

I would like to thank all of our Clubs Competitors for keeping the Club colours
flying at carnivals. I would also like congratulate Ashlee Holden on her selection in
the NSW Country Team which toured New Zealand as well as all competitors
selected in the MNC inter-branch team. Our Under 23 Ladies Boat Crew won gold
at the NSW Country Championships and the 240 Men’s Boat Crew won Bronze at
the NSW State Championships.

I would like thank President Greg Bell for his leadership and always steering the
Club in the right direction, Chris Bell for the great job she does keeping a close eye
on our finances as well as the outstanding job she does as surf guard officer,
Butch & Dianne Laverty for ensuring all our Patrol data is kept up to date, our
Branch Director of Life Saving Paul Rayner for all his assistance throughout the
year and to all of our Clubs Office Bearers for the outstanding jobs you have done
this season.

Finally I would like to thank all the members of our Club for all the support and
encouragement that you have given me this season. A club is only as good as the
members in it. We have a good Club because of the members. I believe that if we
all keep working together, as we have done this year, our club will only get
stronger and we can continue to be the best club in the MNC Branch.

Yours in life saving
Chris Stewart
Club Captain
In January 2009 we were pleased to find out we were successful in our application
for a grant to supply the club with a new shade shelter. Thanks go to the North
Coast Reg. Cancer Council for supplying the shelter.

The Mid North Coast Branch Championships were to be held at Bonny Hills on
15 February 2009 but due to inclement weather and subsequent big seas they
were postponed until 15 March 2009. We had 12 competitors on the day who all
displayed excellent sportsmanship. It was great to see all ages combine to
compete in the all age relay. Outstanding performances on the day came from
Sophie Atkins in the 12s, winning the gold medal in the board event for the second
year running; and Elise Sutherland in the 11s and Rachel Perkinson in the 14s for
winning bronze medals were in their swim events.

On 1 March 2009 Scotts Head Nippers helped clean up Australia. Surf Lifesaving
is about being community minded and this was a perfect way for the Nippers to
contribute to their community.

After the holiday break as well as competition days the focus has been on surf
awareness and skills. The Nippers have enjoyed working on their learning
outcomes and practicing beach and water skills.

The season concludes today 5 April 2009 with Presentation, AGM and BBQ.
Congratulations to all age winners and competitors. This year with the help of the
club instructors Chris Stewart and Bill Richardson, our U14 members have been
able to attain their Surf Rescue Certificates, we wish them all the best for the
future and hope to see them back as cadets and patrol members next year.

It has been an enjoyable year at Macksville Scotts Head Nippers which is
evidenced by the smiles on the faces of all involved.

This is my first time in this role and it has been a very steep learning curve. I wish
to thank all those who have been involved in the successful running of the Junior
Club. Special thanks must go to the sponsors, committee members, age
managers, cadet members, water safety team, BBQ cooks, fundraising team. Last,
but by no means least, thank you to the children and parents who turn up each
week and keep the future of Nippers and Surf Life Saving alive.

 Ken Atkins
Junior President
                   JUNIOR ACTIVITES REPORT
On 31 August 2008 as a preseason event Macksville Scotts Head Nippers set up a
display at the opening of the new footbridge at the Yarrahappini Festival at Stuarts
Point. It was a great opportunity to promote the club.

The Louis Ballangary Memorial Golf Day was held on 14 September 2008 and
Macksville Scotts Head Nippers were the chosen beneficiaries of the day. Special
thanks must go to Jeneane Donohoe and the senior club members who made the
day such a success.

The season started with our first registration day on 28 September 2008 at the
Scotts Head Clubhouse. On 12 October 2008 we had our second registration day
at Macksville Pool so we could do swim proficiencies. A third registration day was
held on 19 October 2008 at the beach and run swim run proficiencies as well as
training took place.

Port Macquarie held the first Branch Carnival on 26 October 2008. The carnival
was represented by a small number of very keen Macksville Scotts Head
competitors. Everyone competed with enthusiasm and the 13s and 14s girls were
delighted to bring ribbons home in the sprint relay.

Our first competition day was 2 November 2008 which was a great day and we
celebrated with a BBQ afterwards.

Interviews were held to select a 14s male and female member to represent the
club at branch level in The Nipper of the year interviews. On 8 November 2008 the
successful candidates, Anthony Thompson and Rachel Perkinson travelled to Port
Macquarie to take part in these interviews. It was a great experience for all that

On 23 November 2008 the second branch carnival was held at Hat Head in
extremely windy conditions. Despite this our small contingent happily competed in
their events. Stand out performances came from the 12s in their pet events, Jesse
Allan in the sprint and flags and Sophie Atkins in the board and sprint.

On 5-7 December 2008 junior members from the U13 and U14 age groups and
parent chaperones attended the Newcastle Permanent Leadership Camp held at
the Bonny Hills Conference Centre it was a fun and informative weekend.

On 14 December 2008 a fun day and BBQ was held before our holiday break.
Nippers recommenced on 1 February 2009.
The 2008-09 Season was a highly successful one for the Scotts Head
Club, with over ninety new awards gained by various members

While the Season began with some bad news with Terri-Anne Brown
stepping down from her role as Instructor, the assistance and efforts of
Chris Stewart were an invaluable support to me and I would like to take this
opportunity to express publically the thanks I have regularly extended to
him throughout the Season.

Also deserving of thanks, and congratulations, is Aaron Burton, who
trained and presented a squad of Surf Life Saving Certificate candidates in
the second half of the Season and will be a valuable asset to the Club in
coming years.

The long-suffering Chris Bell also deserves thanks for her efforts in
keeping up the paper-work involved with new squads and presenting them
for assessment. I am more than aware of the efforts Chris has put in this
area, and the extra problems I have caused her in this area.

One real positive for the Club this Season has been the range of Awards
that have been assessed over the season. Spinal Management. IRB
Drivers and Crewmen, Advanced Resuscitation Certificates and Defib
Groups all went through this Season. Patrol rosters and efficiencies will be
enhanced by the addition of these new skills.

Members who are interested in developing their skills or extending their
range of Awards are invited to see Chris or myself and we will do our best
to get courses up and running.

Bill Richardson
Chief Instructor
                     BOAT CAPTAIN’S REPORT
First of all, I would like to thank all the rowers who have helped me through the

With the loss of the Reserve boat crew at the start of the season it looked like it
was back to the old boys again to carry on. But with the arrival of Luke Crawford
from Bermagui and Michael & Todd Johnson, Tony Trudgett and Ryan Austin, we
were soon able to make a strong crew.

I would like to congratulate Mooki, Paris ( Ashlee ), Stacey, Beck, and Caitlin on
winning the Country Open Women’s Championships at Bonny Hills. To Braz,
Howard, Rob, Ralph & Mooki, well done on your 3rd place at the State Titles. To
the crew that always looks good but can’t crack it for a medal, Garry, Michael,
Charlie, Darryl and myself, well done on making the finals at State. To the Under
19 boys that look to have so much promise, but fell apart due to lack of training,
the two Bens, Isaac and Dan, thanks for hanging in there. You gave Luke a ray of
hope in the first few carnivals with so many firsts and seconds.

I would like to thank Luke for not only sweeping and rowing but also for
maintaining the boat, the oars and for his friendship to all the members.

The statement of the year cam from one of our Under 19 boys, Dan, who said “
Boys we won’t use any energy driving home, so lets leave it all in the boat “, and
they won it at Minnie Waters.

Boat Carnival Dates for next Season are:
                        17/19/2009                Cudgen
                        31/10 & 1/11/2009         Red Rock Corrindi
                        14 & 15 /11/2009          Scotts Head
                        19/12 /2009               Coffs Harbour
                        9 & 10/01/2010            Urunga
                        30/01//2010               Minnie Waters
                        13/02/2010                Woopi
                        06/03/2010                Yamba

All Boat Rowers are reminded that as well as paying Club Membership of
$ 25, a Boat Levy of $ 20 for Senior rowers and $ 10 for Junior rowers is also
payable at the beginning of the 2009/2010 season.

Thank you to everyone for your support over the season

Butch Laverty
Boat Captain
                            BOARD & SKI

The 08/09 Season was reasonably quite for the board and ski section .

There where 5 competitors that made the branch team :

       Joel Brundson ,
       Cathryn O Donnell ,
       Brittney Atkins,
       Grace Mc McLeod and
       Ashley Holden.

Well done and congratulations.

The club has sold off a lot of old boards and skis and has kept up its
commitment to subsidies any serious competitors by 50% of the purchase
price of the board or ski.

We have also purchased 2 soft rescue boards which will be very beneficial
on patrol and for training of awards.

There were the usual repairs and maintenance issues on the craft.

I would like to thank all members for a successful season.

Jason O Donnell
Board & Ski Captain

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