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									    Iowa Department of Transportation’s registered trademarks and service marks,
                 and unregistered marks owned by the Iowa DOT

The Iowa DOT takes care in the development and protection of its trademarks, and reserves all
rights of ownership in them and limits their use. No other organization, individual or agency may
use Iowa DOT trademarks without the express written permission of the department, or is
licensed by the Iowa DOT to do so.

These are the currently registered Iowa DOT’s trademarks.

Avenue of the Saints® [design and text]
(See brand guidelines for the use of this

On-Track [initiative that applies to various
technological tools to enhance safety,
efficiency, mobility, and convenience of the
state’s transportation system] (The Iowa DOT
is allowing its ownership interest in this mark
lapse since the initiative for which the mark
was created no longer exists.)

This is a current listing of the Iowa DOT’s registered service marks.

Iowa Department of Transportation [design]
(See brand guidelines for the use of this

Common law or unregistered Iowa DOT office-, program-, service- and project-identifying
See Iowa DOT policy number 000.08 for information about the creation and proper use of Iowa
DOT office-, program-, service-, and project-identifying marks. Generally, the Iowa DOT does
not register these types of identifiers. However, the department reserves all rights of ownership
in them through U.S. trademark common laws.

NOTE: The Iowa DOT’s Motor Vehicle Enforcement insignia is considered a badge of authority
for that office and does not fall under the definition of a logo.

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I-235 Reconstruction Project

I-29 Improvement Project

Council Bluffs Interstate System
Improvements project

Des Moines to Burlington [highway corridor]

Programs and services

Highway Helper [provides responsive
assistance to motorists on the freeway and
interstate systems in the Des Moines Metro]

Safe Routes to School [bicycle safety

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Iowa Scenic Byways

Living Roadway Trust Fund

Motorcycle Rider Education [teaches the Basic
Rider Course and Experience Rider Course]

State Recreational Trails

tripGuide [camera and traffic sensor service in
Des Moines, Iowa City and the Quad Cities]
(See brand guidelines for the use of this
Urban Youth Corps [program provides
transportation-related employment and training
opportunities to youth between the ages of 16
and 21 who face barriers to employment;
accomplishes meaningful and productive
improvements to transportation facilities]
Weatherview [road weather traveler
information service]

DOT bureaus, offices and other sections
Research and Technology Bureau

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Office of Aviation

Office of Design

Office of Document Services

Office of Public Transit

Office of Rail


Funding or strategic planning initiatives
Access Rail [freight rail funding initiative]

Iowa Comprehensive Highway Safety Plan

Iowa Connections…Get on Board [passenger
rail initiative]

Iowa in Motion [Twenty-year, multi-modal
planning document.]

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Iowa Trails 2000 [Resource document
designed to assist trail developer in achieving
the vision of an interconnected, multi-modal,
easily accessible statewide trails system.]

Transportation Investment Moves the
Economy in the 21st Century (TIME-21)
[highway funding initiative]

Education and outreach programs
Bike safety education initiative

EcoLogical Transportation [environmental

Enviro-Explorers [kids’ club educational

Misc. marks
City and Country License Plate

DOT Wear [mark used on clothing worn by
DOT employees, this is different from the
department’s logo used for official business]
Inside [employee newsletter]

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Iowa Fields of Opportunity [Developed by the
Iowa DOT for use by the State of Iowa]

Mississippi Valley Conference 2010 - Iowa

NASCO Conference 2010 – Iowa

NTPAW 2011 – Iowa

Sweet Ride on the Safe Side [teen driver
safety education contest, Aug. 16, 2007-March
14, 2008]

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