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					                                                      ABC Bank Inc.
                                                      Finance and Leasing
                                                      Bankcentre Drive
                                                      Big City, PO , World County

                                                      XXth Month 2010

RE Account No: XXXXX/001/01

Dear Sir/Madame

I am writing to you regarding the above account to inform you that I am currently
experiencing financial difficulties and am working to resolve them.

I am at present assessing my full financial situation, using a government aproved
Self-Help guide and am working out how much I can pay each of my creditors taking
into account all of my living expenses and commitments.

While I am doing this, it would be of immense help to me if you would give me four
(4) months of suspended payments. I feel very confident that I will be in a very sound
financial situation after that and in a strong position to pay all subsequent payments. I
would however request that no additional interest and other charges be added to this
account during this period.

I really do regret this action but I find myself with no other option at this present
moment in time. I will be cancelling my direct debit with effect from (Month) 2010
and resume it again in (Month) 2010.


(Your Name Here)

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Description: This letter asks the lending institution for a payment holiday and explains why and how you intend to go about the taking of a short term payment break in your lending arrangement.