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September, 2003                    http://www.ICEweb.com.au                                         1
ICEnews                                                                                    Issue 10

Honeywell Industrial Automation has released their new MC Toolkit, a pocket configurator that
connects to a Pocket PC for communication with DE and HART transmitters.
TRACE Technology (www.tracetechnology.com) has a handy product to help manage
hydrocarbon and sulphur emissions on analyser vents in classified areas. The TRACErase uses a
catalytic reaction process to convert the emissions to water and CO2.
Staying with Analysers, Great Britain based company Palintest (www.palintest.com) have
developed high quality plastic sample tubes equal to the traditional glass units. Typical
environments where this is the case include food and pharmaceuticals.
Buhler (www.buhler-ratingen.com) has released two new series of pumps compliant with the
ATEX 95 (100a) regulations. The P 2.2 and 2.4 are supplied as modular packages that can be
suited to the task at hand.
The Endress+Hauser Energy Manager is a field mounted unit that can determine energy levels in
a circuit, display the information locally, log it, and communicate it on to another control system.
E+H have also released the TopCal S pH system for use in slurries and mining applications. The
TopCal S has a fully automated retractable clean and buffing cycle for the electrodes.
RTM Group member Arkon (www.arkon.co.uk) has a new flat electromagnetic flowmeter
suitable for use in flumes. Accuracy ranges between 2 and 4% and can be used in Zone 2 areas.
EuroNorm Standard EN60204 indicates wire colours are to conform to the following:
Black: Main electrical circuit (AC & DC)
Red: Control electrical circuit (AC)
Blue: Control electrical circuit (DC)
Orange: External energy
Light blue: Neutral
Green/Yellow: Ground
Motorola has recently developed ―Nano Emissive Displays‖ that are based on Carbon nanotubes.
These NEDs can be used to excite sub-pixels on a flat TV-like piece of glass in huge arrays.
Hopes are that NED‘s will make plasma and LCD screens obsolete.
Have you ever needed to focus sound in a specific area, (Maxwell Smart‘s Cone of Silence comes
to mind), well American Technology Corp. (www.atcsd.com) have figured out a way to use
Hypersonic Sound Technology to do just that. Huge potential for this exists in the noisy plant
Do you think you are a computer buff? If so you may want to have a look at the Computer
History Museum web site at www.computerhistory.org.
Emerson Process Management has a new free chlorine measurement system that does not require
reagents or sampling systems to measure free chlorine.
Another British company, Ashe Morris Ltd. (www.ashemorris.co.uk) has developed a novel heat
exchanger that changes heat transfer area to manage the heating or cooling load.
More British knowledge can be downloaded from the GAMBICA web site at
www.gambica.org.uk/newsite/public/html on topics of enclosures and variable speed drives.
A novel binary actuating valve that does not require energy to maintain its state has been
developed by Camcon Technology Ltd. (www.camcontec.com). The rolling swing valve uses a
short electrical pulse to alter the magnetic field retaining the armature, which causes it to rapidly
move to the other position.

September, 2003                     http://www.ICEweb.com.au                                       2
ICEnews                                                                                   Issue 10

A number of draft New Zealand standards are available for comment and review on the New
Zealand standards web site at http://spex.standards.co.nz/drafts.jsp.
If you need to translate between one protocol and another, you may want to get yourself a ‗Babel
Box‘ from Visual Controls Limited. The Babel Box can translate between more than 70 protocols
as listed on their web site at www.visualcontrols.co.uk/babelbox.htm.
Finnish company Outokumpu and UK based Malvern Process Systems have jointly developed a
new laser diffraction-based on-stream particle analyser for use in slurry applications, particularly
mineral slurries. The PSI 500 uses a highly sophisticated diluter unit to ensure delivery of the
appropriate sample concentration to the optical sensor. More information on these products can
be found at www.outokumpu.com
Continuing with sample conditioning, Waters Equipment Company (www.watersequipment.com)
have released a new series of single point sample conditioning modules capable of pressures to
5000 psig (34 474 kPa), 1000 oF (538 oC) and flows of 0.4 USGPM (1500 cc/min).
The Kaeser Condensate Filter (www.kaeser.com) is designed to handle and filter out most oil and
other compressed liquid contaminates related to compressed air condensate. Single units can
handle flow rates to 500 cubic feet per hour (14 cubic meters/hour).
United Filtration Systems, Inc. has released a new line of membrane filters for process analyser
sample conditioning systems. Information on the Guardian Membrane Filters can be found at
Intechno Consulting in Switzerland have released a number of interesting reports on the state of
Process Automation and sensor markets for the remainder of this decade. The comprehensive
summaries can be found in the Press Release section of their web site at
The IEE recently sponsored an ‗Advanced Coriolis Flow Metering‘ symposium with a number of
interesting presentations on new developments in this area. Copies of the presentations can be
downloaded by registering on their web site www.iee.org and proceeding to the
www.iee.org/OnComms/PN/controlauto/coriolis.cfm page.
Automation Research Corporation (ARC) has recently updated its forecast for DCS market
growth. Part of their findings conclude that replacement of systems cannot be justified on Total
Cost of Ownership (TCO) and better ease of use as this at best provides a 25% cut in TCO which
is less than 2% of the replacement cost and since most control systems being sold today are for
replacements the market forecast was revised downward.
The European patent databases can be searched on line at www.european-patent-
office.or/espacenet/scripts/email_notific.htm. This site allows searching of the patents for all
members of the European Union.
exida is collecting data and needs your help. They are offering FREE glossy exida.com Safety
Lifecycle posters to anybody who fills out a Field Equipment User Survey on-line. Limited one
entry per person. All entries must be valid and completely filled out. A drawing will be held to
select 10 winners to receive a Safety Equipment Reliability Handbook free of charge... normally a
$600 Value! Fill out the on-line survey by going to: http://www.exida.com/survey2.asp
Kensington, has developed a WiFi Finder that flashes and beeps when it finds a location with
WiFi signals. http://kensington.com/html/3720.html to learn more.
Encirq Corporation (www.encirq.com) announced the availability of Encirq 3e Database Suite -
technology, tools, and components for creating compact, application-specific embedded
databases. Databases developed using Encirq 3e technology can have a footprint under 50kB, yet
still have full-features, reliability, and performance that you would expect in an embedded

September, 2003                     http://www.ICEweb.com.au                                      3
ICEnews                                                                                   Issue 10

system. The Encirq 3e Suite is now available for both 16- and 32-bit CPUs, with/without an
RTOS, often with memory footprints of less than 50kBytes.
The Fieldbus Foundation has courtesy of Emerson Process Management released HSE (High
Speed Ethernet) sample code to its members as part of the HSE Packet Analyser Toolkit
Professional (AT-442). AT-442 is the successor to the previously released AT-440 toolkit
consisting of an HSE Packet Analyser, HSE Device Implementation Guide, and Sample HSE
Field Device.
The HART Communication Foundation has just released the 3rd Edition of the Complete HART
Guide on CD-ROM as well as a new Power of HART Training CD. The HART Guide is
available for free from the foundation‘s web site at www.hartcomm.org while the training CD has
an associated fee.
The Profibus Organisation has been busy recently as well with the release of its first three
PROFInet products, a new 32 page PROFInet Technology Guide, the opening of a PROFInet
Competency Center in Johnson City, Tennessee, and a new Profibus cable tester. More
information on all these items is at www.profibus.org
All three of the above organizations are also collaborating on a new standard. EDDL, Enhanced
Device Description Language, is a description language used to describe parameters of field
instruments allowing it to display graphical images in a platform independent environment. This
will make it possible for users to see the actual echo or reflection of a radar or ultrasonic device
on their host or maintenance display terminal.
The Zigbee Alliance (www.zigbee.org) has endorsed the IEEE 802.15.4 standard as a the
Physical (PHY) and Media Access (MAC) layers on which they will develop their star, mesh, and
cluster-tree topologies supporting low power reliable remote monitoring and control applications.
Zigbee products will be able to run for long periods of time unattended and without a connected
power source due to their low power requirements and wireless communications connectivity.
WorldFIP has now made available an on-line university to learn more about the technology. The
e-learning courses are available on their web site at www.worldfip.org for a monthly fee of EUR
MTL has updated their web site for their I/O95 and Open Systems Technology products. To see
and learn more go to www.mtl-most.com.
The long awaited IEEE82.3af Power over Ethernet standard has been approved, now all that is
required are devices.
The Can in Automation (CiA) group and the Ethernet Powerlink Standardisation Group (EPSG)
have agreed to use CANopen device profiles in Ethernet Powerlink devices in a harmonized join
task force. More information can be found at www.ethernet-powerlink.org.
The ‗ink‖ on the new OPC XML-DA specification is barley dry and Technosoftware of
Switzerland (www.technosoftware.com) is already offering a server development toolkit. Sample
projects for Visual Basis, .Net; Visual C++ and Borland C++ Builder are also included in the
offering. OPC Foundation has set up compliance test only for servers. To find out about results of
compliance test go to http://www.opcfoundation.org/05_products/05_self_cert.asp
there all tested servers are listed.
Moore Industries International (www.miinet.com) has recently released the HIM smart loop
interface with a HART to Modbus option that converts HART signals to Modbus RTU.

September, 2003                     http://www.ICEweb.com.au                                      4
ICEnews                                                                                    Issue 10

Emerson Process Management also has a Modbus interface module. The Model 3420 Fieldbus
Interface Module converts H1 devices to a Modbus network. Information on the 3420 can be
found at www.plantweb.com.
American company J-Works have unveiled the JSB-340, a USB relay output and opto-isolated
input with four 2-Amp form C relays and an equal number of inputs. The device plugs into a
standard USB port. Devices can be ordered from their web site at www.j-works.com.
Another USB product, this one from BTS Fluid Measurement (www.btsmeasurements.co.uk) that
includes a number of standard industrial process sensors with integral electronics and a USB
interface. Up to 127 sensors can be connected to a single PC.
Measurement Computing Corporation (www.measurementcomputing.com) have a USB based
device, providing 8 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs, 16 bits of discrete I/ ad a 32 bit counter in a
single compact package. The PMD-1208LS is fully compatible with Labview, Softwire and
Universal Library while also coming with a library of C++ routines as well.
Brazilian manufacturer Smar (www.smar.com) have also released a discrete device. The field
mounted FR302 connects two discrete outputs directly to an H1 network. A number of other
Function Blocks are also available in the device.
Digi International has launched a wireless serial adapter that uses Bluetooth to connect peripheral
devices to EIA-232 devices. Communication range is up to 100 meters for Class 1 radio and 10
meters with a Class 2 radio. More information on Wavespeed/S can be found at www.digi.com
A new fieldbus compendium has been edited by N.P. Mahalik. The book, ―Fieldbus Technology
Industrial Network Standards for Real-Time Distributed Control‖ retails for EUR 149.95.
The British Standards Institute (www.bsi.org) has a 34 page publication ―PD 0014:2000 Guide to
the evaluation of fieldbus protocols – Selecting the best fieldbus for your application‖ for sale in
either a print or PDF version.
Pepperl+Fuchs are making available a copy of the FuRIOS reports and associated articles based
on the work done by Aventis and Infraserv under the auspices of the NAMUR group. This report
discusses the economics of installing fieldbus versus remote I/O technology and can be obtained
from your local Pepperl+Fuchs representative on request.
A complete listing of Foundation Fieldbus related course offerings can be found on the
Foundation‘s web site at www.fieldbus.org/ProductsAndServices/Training/SchedulePrices/
Technology plays a key role in our everyday lives, yet many people have no idea how it works.
The KnowledgeContext web site (www.KnowledgeContext.org) hopes to change that by offering
for free curriculum materials for school teachers. A related set of materials is being prepared for
adults as well.
Negative Refraction, which refracts an incident ray by the same magnitude but in the opposite
direction from the normal line as a typical material has been proven by researchers at Harvard and
Cambridge universities. It is hopeful that the results of this work will make it possible to fabricate
lenses that will allow subwavelength focusing.

September, 2003                     http://www.ICEweb.com.au                                       5
ICEnews                                                                                Issue 10

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http://www.ICEweb.com/au/icenews/register.htm or sending a note with the subject ‗subscribe
ICEnews‘ to jimrussell@iceweb.com.au or ian.verhappen@iceweb.com.au
A new engineering newsletter and website has been created by Barry Prince at
www.enginears.co.nz that is worth a look or bookmark in your favourites list.
Standards Australia has a no obligation free service providing free e-mail notification about new
product releases for all ISA, ICE, ETSI, DIN, Australian, and JIS standards. Registration can be
done at www.standards.com.au.
Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions has acquired Columbus Ohio based Sensotec.
Sensotec manufactures pressure, torque, load, temperature, force, acceleration, and displacement
Israel based Manufacturing Process Management software company Tecnomatix has acquired
Texas based SCADA ad Manufacturing Execution System company USDATA.
The Synergetic Micro Systems arm of Lantronix has been spun off as Grid Connect Inc.
Mistubishi Electric Corporation and Toshiba Corporation have formed a joint venture company
Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation to handle sales, engineering,
installation and servicing of industrial electric and automation systems. The new company begins
operations October 1.
Seimens is purchasing Danfoss‘ flow division for merger into the Automation and Drives
division at Siemens.
Yamatake America Inc. and MycroSensor technologies LLC have entered into a strategic alliance
to allow them to create a combined product portfolio and thus better meet customers complete
solution requirements.
Osaco Technology has launched the Advance Process Control technology web site at www.APC-
network.com as a virtual community for this subject. The initial focus will be on the refining and
petrochemical industry with Dr. Y. Zak Friedman as the forum moderator.
A new version of the UCCnet Data Synchronization Services using XML schemas for standard
messaging has been released. Details can be found at http://knowledgebase.uccnet.org
Cirronet Inc. (www.cirronet.com) have released a set of industrial wireless data products with
Underwriters Laboratory Intrinsic Safety approval
WPA is the WiFi organizations solution to security issues relative to Small and Home office users
of wireless Ethernet. The Wi-Fi Protected Access presentation at Networld in April 2003 can be
downloaded from www.wi-fi.org/OpenSection/protected-access.asp
The Web Services Interoperability Organization (www.ws-i.org) has a working draft on Basic
Profiles for non-proprietary web services. The draft itself can be found at www.ws-
Lantronix has developed an Embedded Device Server
(www.lantronix.com/products/eds/xport/index.html) that can be connected to a conventional
LAN port/jack. This compact device enables OEM‘s to develop network capabilities, say for

September, 2003                    http://www.ICEweb.com.au                                      6
ICEnews                                                                                  Issue 10

example a print server for the Small and Home Office market that would free up a PC from
having to do this task.
A series of pages at www6.tomshardware.com/network/20030710/index.htm provides
background on the Wi-Fi protected access and how it works.

The 46 page CIDX security guide ―Guidance for Directing Cybersecurity in the Chemical Sector
Version 1.0‖ is now available for download from the Chemical Industry Data Exchange web site
at www.CIDX.org.

Two useful sites to help plan your travels are www.iamat.org, a not-for-profit organisation
advising travelers about health risks in various parts of the world, and www.national-
holidays.com where a listing of national and bank holidays by country can be found so you can
either plan to participate in or avoid these events in your travels.
If you would like to have your event listed in ICEtime, please send a note or press release to the
editor at ian.verhappen@iceweb.com.au
16th – 19th MICONEX 2003, Shanghai, China. International Fair for Measurement
     instrumentation and automation www.miconex.com.cn
21st – 23rd FlowEXPO2003, 7th Guangzhou International Exhibition of Valves, Pumps, Pipes,
      Seals, Guangzhou, China. More information can be obtained by sending a note to
22nd – 23rd 4th Annual World Class Best Practices in Maintenance, The Westin, Kuala Lumpur
24th – 26th Intergraph Process & Power 2003 in Las Vegas, Nevada. www.p2c2.org/ipp2003 for
     registration and details.
24th – 28th Interkama India, Hyderabad, India www.interkama.com
28th – Oct. 1st Telvent User Group conference. More information at www.telvent.abengoa.com
29th – Oct. 3rd, Emerson Global Users Exchange Conference, Opryland Hotel, Nashville,
     Tennessee www.emersonexchange.org for information.
7th – 9th 2003 Triconex User Group, New Orleans.
8th – 10th Siemens Process Automation User Community, Baltimore, Maryland
      www.sea.siemens.com/process and click on the User Community banner.
8th - 9th Processing Technology Expo 2003 virtual tradeshow. To register or participate point your
      browser to www.reedbusinessinteractive.com/virtual.htm
12th – 18th IEC 2003 67th Annual General Meeting of the International Electrotechnical
     Commission, Montreal, Quebec www.iec-2003.org
13th – 15th 3rd International Conference on Safety, Nancy France
13th – 15th 5th International Conference on Process Intensification for the Chemical Industry,
     Maastricht, Netherlands www.bhrgroup.com/confsite/index.html

September, 2003                    http://www.ICEweb.com.au                                      7
ICEnews                                                                                Issue 10

13th – 17th IMEKO Conference on Environmental Measurements, Budapest, Hungary.
21st – 23rd ISA 2003 Reliance Centre, Houston, Texas. www.isa.org/isaexpo2003 abstract
      deadline is February 15.
22nd – 23rd IEEE Sensors 2003 Toronto, Ontario. Deadline for abstracts to be submitted to
     www.ieee.org/sensors is April 14.
24th Foundation Fieldbus End User Council Global Meeting, Shell Deer Park, Houston, Texas.
     www.fieldbus.org for registration information.
27th – 29th World Batch Forum 2003 European Conference, Mechelen, Belgium www.wbf.org or
      e-mail dean@wbf.org
4th – 7th Inchem Tokyo 2003, Tokyo International Exhibition Center, Tokyo Japan
17th – 20th Eastern Analytical Symposium (EAS), Somerset, New Jersey. Phone 412/372-8965 for
18th – 20th ISA Show South America 2003, Sao Paulo, Brazil www.isashow.com.br
18th – 20th 50th Chem Show, New York, New York www.chemshow.com
12th – 15th 18th International Forum Process Analytical Chemistry, Crystal Gateway Marriott
Arlington, Virginia www.ifpac.com Abstracts are due September 15, 2003
27th – 29th SIcon/04 New Orleans, Louisiana. Conference details and a call for papers can be
found at http://www.siconference.org/.
17th Foundation Fieldbus Annual General Meeting and End User Council symposium, New
     Orleans, Louisiana. Watch for details at www.fieldbus.org.
7th – 12th PITTCON 2004, Pittsburgh Conference, Chicago Illinois. www.pittconn.org
19th – 24h Interkama 2004 in conjunction with Hannover Fair, Düsseldorf, Germany
18th – 22nd Analysis Division 49th Annual Spring Symposium, Louisville, Kentucky.
     www.isa.org/~analysis for more information.
30th – July 2nd 2004 American Control Conference, Boston, Mass.
If you are willing to receive five e-mails from CTRLink you can get a brief overview of Industrial
Ethernet. The request can be completed at www.ctrlink.com/reqform_5days.htm. A related set of
presentations on Arcnet, DeviceNet and Industrial Ethernet can be viewed as a series of HTML
pages at www.controls.com/presentation.htm.

September, 2003                    http://www.ICEweb.com.au                                    8
ICEnews                                                                                Issue 10

 A recent thread on the automation mail list provides some excellent links on Modbus protocol
source code in a variety of languages. The full thread can be accessed at
A free controller tuning and documentation program, ‗Tune Guide‘ can be downloaded from
http://hem.fyristorg.co/PI_Tune/index.htm. The program offers a variety of tuning methods
including AMIGO and the classic Ziegler-Nichols methods.

An RF Immunity Testing Guide is available from Schaffner EMC at either 732/225-9533 or
The third edition of Emerson Process Management‘s Control Valve Sourcebook is now available
and can be obtained from your local representative. This classic ‗text‘ covers topics including
actuator selection; valve sizing procedures, packing materials, and codes.

The source code from Chapter 18 of C Unleashed, Digital Signal Processing, is available for free
download at http://home.att.net/~jackklein/C_Unleashed/Conde_list.html.

Sixnet (www.sixnetio.com) has just released version 2.2 of their I/O Tool Kit with its associated
library of Linux software and resources. The CD can be requested from the web site.

Another CD, this one from Baldor (www.baldor.com.au), provides technical information on the
Baldor product line as well as an energy savings analysis program for PC‘s and Palm Pilots for
various motor types including variable speed drives.

Cognex Corp. has a free CD based machine vision reference and application guide that can e
requested at (www.congnex.com.visionguide). The CD provides an introduction to machine
vision for manufacturing and production control engineers.

An on-line training program covering design and maintenance of steam systems is available from
Spirax Sarco. Access to the 30 minute session requires login and registration at
Deloitte Consulting has released a useful tool for all of us. The Bullfighter is a bit of software
developed by the consulting group that can be added in to Microsoft Word and PowerPoint to
check the document for obfuscation and ‗non value added‘ phrases such as ‗value based paradigm
shift. The 4 Meg applications can be downloaded at www.dc.com/insights/bullfighter/. All
your coworkers will be glad you did.
Relcom Inc. and Circor International Inc sponsor this issue of
ICEnews, which is a joint publication of ICEweb and ICE-Pros, Inc.
Well recognized by such brand names as Circle Seal Controls,
Hoke/Gyrolok fittings, and Go Regulators, Circor International Inc. is
a leading supplier of valves and related products and services to a wide
range of users who require precise, efficient, and safe fluid-control
systems. For over 125 years they have been providing a complete array of fluid-control products
and technologies to a highly fragmented industry.
Relcom Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of wiring
components and test equipment for the physical layer of Foundation
Fieldbus and Carrier-band industrial local area networks (LAN). From
our headquarters near Portland, Oregon, USA, we have provided taps,

September, 2003                    http://www.ICEweb.com.au                                     9
ICEnews                                                                                                     Issue 10

repeaters, network monitors, and test equipment to demanding users and leading control system
manufacturers since 1985.
ICE-Pros, Inc. is a global independent Instrumentation & Control Engineering consultancy
specializing in the areas of Fieldbus technology and process analyzer sample systems. More
complete information can be found on their web site at www.ice-pros.com
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