Year 11 GCSE Exams

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                                                                         October 2009

                                                                          Congratulations to last year’s

 86% 5+ A*-C Grades
                                                                          Year 11s who once again
                                                                          helped the school exceed all
                                                                          of its academic targets and
                                                                          finish in the top 1% of state
                                                                          schools nationally.

  Year 11 GCSE Exams
 Please remember that Year 11 pupils will be sitting GCSE
 exams in November.

 Monday 9th November at 9am—GCSE English Paper 1
 Thursday 12th November at 9am—GCSE English Paper 2
 Friday 13th November at 1pm—GCSE Maths
 Monday 16th November at 9am—GCSE Science
 Wednesday 18th November at 9am—GCSE Science
 Friday 20th November at 9am—GCSE Science

                                       HHSEC’s new House System has been launched with great

                                       At the time of printing the house scores were:
           e Co res                    Malloy House: 2150 housepoints

        us Sco
                                       Parnell House: 2211 housepoints

      Ho on
                                       Moore House: 2479 housepoints
                                       Broadhurst House: 2593 housepoints
        ti                             At this early stage of the competition it’s still all there to
                                       play for!

House Poetry Competition
Congratulations to all pupils that took part in the House Poetry Completion. Winners were:

Year 7: 1st Tyler Harborne 7C, 2nd Chloe Brooker 7B, 3rd Ryan McGill 7B, 4th Fahim Saif 7A

Year 8: 1st Samiar Ahmed 8L, 2nd Maria Mahmood 8L, 3rd Shamsa Afshan 8L, 4th Artiola Qazimi 8L

Year 9: 1st Hafsa Mohammed 9C, 2nd Naeema Khatan 9C, 3rd Stacey Hill 9C, 4th Mohammed Uddin 9C

Year 10: 1st Afiya Arshad 10B, 2nd Emma Facer 10B, 3rd James Beddow 10S, 4th Abbiegale Mayes 10S

                                                         Turn over for WISE UP!
An excellent contribution to their houses. Well done!
       How Wise is your Child’s Attendance?
You will have recently received a letter explaining what the WISE UP to
Attendance initiative is all about. You will get regular updates on your
child's attendance to school and which of the WISE UP categories they
fall into.

For those pupils in the GOLD category the benefits are obvious with
improved academic progress, access to opportunities in school, and
increased access to further education and the world of work.

More immediate rewards include trips and prizes, ranging from school
bags and vouchers to mobile phones and games

                                                     WISE UP TO ATTENDANCE
In brief, the categories are:

  Gold     Your child’s attendance is above
           97%. (Having less than 6 days
           absence in the year)
 Silver    Your child's attendance is 95+%.
           (Having less than two weeks
           absence in the year)
 Bronze Your child’s attendance is 90+%.
           They will be missing up to 20 days
           each school year!
   Red     Your child's attendance is be-
           tween 80 and 90%! They are
           missing too much time from school!
WISE UP! Your child’s attendance is below
           80%! They are missing so much
           time from school, it will be
           Impossible for them to keep up!

Don’t worry if your child is not in the GOLD category yet. If they work
hard on their attendance they’ll soon start to move up and see a real
impact in their work. Also, don’t forget, good attendance also earns
points for them and their house so, WISE UP!