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                                                                       22nd February 2010

Dear Parents,

I would like to apologise for any upset and confusion that was caused over the Book Fair this

Our intention was for children to either bring money to school as they have before to order
and pay for a book, or to browse the books available during the day for parents to purchase
after school.

On reflection, we obviously did not make this clear enough in the information we sent out
before half term. Neither were we aware that the Usborne representative would be handing
out order forms for children to write their interest down on. When this came to light, most
teachers told their classes clearly that writing down the titles of books would not mean that
their parents would necessarily buy them, but despite this, we do acknowledge that this was
an unsatisfactory system which led to parents feeling pressurised and children not
understanding and feeling disappointed when the books they had chosen were not bought

We decided to give Usborne books a try at this year’s Book Week as we felt that previous
book sales had not offered good value for money. However, after today, we felt that Usborne
did not provide a choice of books at reasonable prices and so we will review the idea of having
a Book Fair as part of Book Week in subsequent years.

Once again, we do apologise about the Book Fair today and hope that your children will enjoy
the rest of the Bok Week activities which have been planned.

Yours sincerely,

Alison Pepper

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