MEETING MINUTES
                                 October 20, 2005

The Capital Area Workforce Development Board met in regular session Thursday, October 20,
2005 at 8:30 a.m. at the Wake County Commons Building, Raleigh, North Carolina. Members
present were Bob Barham, Barrie Davis, Mimi Fletcher, Kenny Gibbs, Linda Horton, P.R. Latta,
Terry Keene (for Earl Marett), Dr. Don Reichard, David Rockefeller (for Bill McNeal), Nelson
Rose, Michele Tavernise, Peggy Wilson (for Marie Watson), and Durwood Woodall. Staff:
Massaline Thomas, Jane Sterner, Joan Lindley, Alfreda Barnett, Regina Crooms and Melissa Hale.
Guests: Joe Durham, Wake County Deputy Manager; Gene Norton, Raleigh ESC JobLink; Denny
Jenkins, Wake County JobLink; Robert Davis, Johnston County JobLink; Edward Smith, Johnston
County JobLink Participant; Kristin Allen, Johnston County Industries; Robin Evans, Johnston
County Industries Participant; Ruth Brown, The DuBois Center; Emma Watkin, The DuBois
Center; Juana Riggleman, The Dubois Center Participant; Shea Cleveland, Youth & Education
Achievement Center; Tom White, Division of Employment and Training; Jackie McMillan,
Employment Security Commission; David Wehbie, Johnston County Schools; Wayne Beverly,
Employment Security Commission; Thomas Bennett, Wake County 4-H.

Chairman Barham called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone. After introductions,
Chairman Barham gave a special welcome to Tom White Director, Division of Employment and
Training and announced that later in the agenda we would hear comments from him. Chairman
Barham also acknowledged Mimi Fletcher, Capital Area Board’s Vice Chair and her husband for
their efforts working with the Red Cross for Hurricane Katrina victims. Chairman Barham asked
Ms. Fletcher to speak at the next Board meeting about the assistance they provided to the Hurricane
Katrina victims. Chairman Barham called attention to the draft minutes, which were mailed to
Board Members last week. He asked for corrections. Having no corrections, the minutes were
approved as written.

Chairman Barham announced that the Capital Area Board has made a special effort to spotlight the
real reason for the Board’s existence “Our Customers”. Capital Area asked the case managers who
provide direct services to our customers to nominate participants who have overcome obstacles and
succeeded. We have participants who represent youth, older youth and adult categories. Chairman
Barham and Tex Bennett, Youth Council Chair presented Robin Evans, Younger Youth
Outstanding Participant with a plaque and gift certificate. Mr. Evans thanked everyone. Kristin
Allen, Yes I Can Program Coordinator at Johnston County Industries spoke about Mr. Evans
accomplishments since entering the program. Presentation was made to Juana Riggleman Older
Youth Outstanding Participant. Ruth Brown, Program Coordinator for the Hope Builders Program
at the Dubois Center accepted plaque and gift certificate on behalf of Ms.Riggleman. Ms
Riggleman was unable to attend due to her child’s illness. Ms. Brown spoke about the many
obstacles Ms. Riggleman has overcome and her desire to excel in her endeavors. Chairman Barham
presented Edward Smith Adult participant of the Year with plaque and gift certificate. Robert
Davis read notes from Faye Wise, Mr. Smith case manager. Mr. Edwards received his Heating
Ventilation and Air Conditioning certificate and is one class away from receiving his Associate
Degree. Mr. Edwards thanked everyone for their help.

Chairman Barham recognized and welcomed Joe Durham, Deputy Manager of Wake County.
Chairman Barham asked Tom White, Director, Division of Employment and Training to say a few
words. Mr. White began by congratulating and thanking the Board and staff on the excellent jobs
they do. Mr. White congratulated Capital Area on achieving all of the Workforce Investment Act
Performance Standards. Mr. White commented on the Hurricane Katrina Job Fair and how well
Capital Area and the Employment Security Commission partnered together. Mr. White mentioned
that he and Regina would be meeting with Raleigh Chamber of Commerce about a new company
coming to the area. Mr. White also mentioned meeting with Tony Copeland, Assistant Secretary of
Commerce about Credit Suisse First Boston and the 55 On the Job Training contracts and that
Capital Area has about 35 people in the program. Mr. White informed the Board that Credit Suisse
reported that this office has been more productive than the office in New York, London and Zurich.

Chairman Barham announced that Capital Area JobLink Career Center at Swinburne has received
notice that their chartering criteria for Level III JobLink has been approved. He asked Durwood
Woodall for an update. Mr. Woodall announced that special recognition would be given at the
North Carolina Workforce Development Partnership Conference in Greensboro at the Governor’s
Awards Banquet. The new three-year charter period is in effect from October 1, 2005 through
September 30, 2008. In North Carolina there are 99-chartered centers; 12 of those centers are Level
III, 16 are Level II and 71 are Level I. Capital Area currently has four additional JobLink Centers
that have shown an interest and are planning to recharter at a higher level over this next year. Jane
Sterner is providing technical assistance. Mr. Woodall thanked everyone. Chairman Barham
thanked the JobLink Committee.

Juana Riggleman, Older Youth Outstanding Participant was able to make it to the meeting.
Chairman Barham congratulated Ms. Riggleman on her accomplishments. Ms. Riggleman thanked
everyone and stated that she is now working on her Veterinary degree.

Moving on to the next item, Chairman Barham called on Regina Crooms for information on the
assistance Capital Area provided for Hurricane Katrina victims. Ms. Crooms talked about how staff
went out to the evacuation center to aid evacuees. Jane Sterner updated the Board on the Hurricane
Katrina Job Fair sponsored by Capital Area and the Employment Security Commission. Ms.
Sterner stated that 55 employers were present and 23 were on a waiting list. Ms. Crooms informed
the Board that many people were hired on the spot. Transportation was provided from the shelter.
Capital Area did a survey asking the employers if they would be willing to participate in other job
fairs sponsored by Capital Area Workforce Development Board. The response was yes. Ms.
Crooms stated that Capital Area would be receiving $825,000.00 to provide training for Hurricane
Katrina evacuees and stated that she would be meeting with the Red Cross to see what kind of
assistance they needed. Division of Employment and Training will do Public Service
announcements. Mr. Woodall asked if we know how many evacuees will stay in the area? Ms.
Crooms said that 60% will stay in this area and that the average population is 50 years and older.
Wake County has 320 families here. Joe Durham stated 1200 people are still here. Wake County is
tracking their development. Mr. Durham mentioned that the benefits will soon run out and they will
be coming to Wake County Human Services for assistance. Mr.

Woodall asked how long the benefits would last and Ms. Crooms stated that FEMA gives them 3
months of rental assistance with the option of an extension.

Chairman Barham announced that Capital Area exceeded their WIA performance standards for the
past year. As a result Capital Area will receive incentive funds for this exceptional performance in
the amount of $38,462.00.

Chairman Barham mentioned that staff would like to show their appreciation to the contractors by
having an appreciation breakfast at each of our 5 contractors sites. Ms. Crooms distributed a
schedule of the breakfasts dates and times to the Board members and asked if any Board member
would like to come by any of the contractor sites to show their appreciation for the work they do.
Please coordinate with Capital Area staff.

Chairman Barham asked Massaline Thomas to share with the Board the exciting news about how
her son got a job with Norwegian Cruise line. Ms. Thomas stated that because of her working with
Capital Area she was able to find out about Norwegian Cruise line coming to the Employment
Security Commission looking for people to hire. Ms. Thomas stated that her son was hired on the
spot as an Assistant Cook, the family is so proud of him.

Chairman Barham indicated that at each meeting we provide time on the agenda for Board members
or guests to bring workforce related items for discussion. Wayne Beverly of the Employment
Security Commission talked to the Board about the activities of Hurricane Katrina and how the Call
Center here in Raleigh is taking claims for the state of Mississippi. Mr. Beverly said the
unemployment rate in Mississippi and Louisiana is over 50%. Mr. Latta asked why is the
unemployment rate so high if they have the contractors there doing rebuilding? Mr. Beverly stated
the contractors bring in there own workers.

Chairman Barham announced the North Carolina Partnership Conference in Greensboro, NC on
October 26-28. Capital Area has reserved a 15 passenger van for Board and Staff to cut down on
gas. Chairman Barham and Jane Sterner will be conducting a workshop at the conference on
“Straight Talk What the Private Sector Employer expects from WIA.

Regina Crooms announced the release of the RFP for the JobLink Career Center (One-Stop)
Operator. Ms. Crooms stated that the Garner/Clayton area has the need for a JobLink Career
Center. Capital Area received $30,000.00 in state wide Youth Funds to also make it a joint Youth
center. Ms Crooms also said that there is a need for more JobLink Centers in more areas. Michele
Tavernise mentioned the need for more staff.

Chairman Barham asked the Board for help on the Strategic Alliance Committee. Chairman
Barham called on Alfreda Barnett to explain the process to the Board on working on this committee.

Robert Davis talked about the new JobLink Career Center at Johnston Community College. Mr.
Davis thanked Dr. Reichard, President of Johnston Community college for having the Johnston
County JobLink at the college. Chairman Barham also thanked Dr. Reichard.

Michele Tavernise suggested changing the Board meeting from December 1st to December 2nd so
that the Board would be there for the Johnston County staff appreciation breakfast. Dr. Reichard
offered the Board to use the new Boardroom at Johnston Community College. The Board was all in
favor for having the next board meeting at Johnston Community College on December 2nd .
Chairman Barham thanked everyone for coming and the meeting was adjourned at 10:30 a.m.


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