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									                                          Biological Interactions
                                             Research Report
You are to write a report based on the five different types of species interactions.

         Competition           Each species affects each other negatively; Trying to gain the same
         (inter- and intra-)   resources. Include examples of both interspecific (different species) and
                               intraspecific (same species).

         Parasitism            One species benefits by living off another. The other species is harmed or

         Predation             One species actively hunts and kills the other species for food.

         Commensalism          One species benefits from the relationship, while the other is unaffected.

         Mutualism             Both species benefit from the relationship.

         Coevolution           The ultimate relationship; Two organisms that have evolved together.

         No Relationship       The species live in the same ecosystem, but have no direct interactions.

For each interaction listed, research two different examples of animals, plants, bacteria, or fungi
that have these relationships. Each interaction should have its own paragraph in your report. Include
the following information:

    1.   A definition of what defines this type of relationship, in your own words.
    2.   Identify the common and scientific name of each organism for your examples.
    3.   Explain the relationship the two organisms have; how each interacts with the other.
    4.   Include a citation at the end of the paragraph showing where you got your information.

Here are some examples (you can’t use these in your report)
         -   Clownfish / Sea Anemone (Mutualism)          - Deer / Wolves (Predation)
         -   Fleas / Dogs (Parasitism)                    - Sharks / Remoras (Commensalism)
         -   Male lions (Intraspecific competition)       - Wildflowers (Interspecific competition)

Your report will be graded on the following:

         2pts for correctly identifying the relationship (x7)      _________
         2pts for fully explaining the relationship (x7)           _________
         1pt for identifying each organism (x7)                    _________
         2pts for common and scientific names (x7)                 ________
         1pt for citing your sources (x7)                          _________
         4pts total for spelling and grammar                       __________

Total: ________ out of 60

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