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									                         Tayside Dressage Group
                                                                                    November, 2005

Dear Members

As another year draws to an end, we can look back on a year of success both for our well-established
events and also for our new ventures, such as our first season of winter competitions. Membership, too,
has broken a new barrier and now stands at 162. I’d like to welcome Susanne Claxton, Andrew Glover,
Julia MacLean, Lisa Pitkeathly, Jaclyn Scott and Sandra Welland, who have joined since last newsletter.

The AGM was held again in Padanaram Hall, which was considerably warmer this year than last, and the
presentation of 2005 Summer League training grants and rosettes was also made. During the meeting,
discussion centred on the Group’s finances, which showed a deficit in 2004/5. After discussion, it was
decided to raise the annual subscription from £10 to £15, with the joining/re-joining fee remaining at £5.
The meeting also gave the Committee a mandate to raise competition entry fees, should this prove
necessary. Everyone was reluctant to see the subscription increased but it is in no one’s interests if the
Group begins to struggle financially. Subscriptions are now due and cheques for £15, payable to
‘Tayside Dressage Group’, should be posted to: Virginia Lloyd-Owen, Dalmore Farm, Barry Links, by
Carnoustie, DD7 7RS. Anyone who joined after 1st August of this year is regarded as being paid-up till
the AGM in 2006. Please note that only paid-up members can enter winter competitions or book lessons.

Pam noted in her Chairman’s report that 2006 will be the 20th Anniversary of TDG! Some of you weren’t
even born in 1986 – quite an alarming number, for those of us who can remember it very well! We’re
looking for ways to celebrate, so if you think of a good idea, please let us know. Some were put forward
at the AGM. The ‘bottle of champagne for each member’ has already been suggested, so don’t bother
with that one, thanks!

Pam also thanked everyone, member or non-member, who had helped throughout the year, and whose
contributions had made it possible for all our events to run so smoothly. Maggie Orr and Lindis Pitts have
decided to stand down and I’m sure you’ll join the Committee in thanking each of them for their major
contributions during their period in office. It is a relief to us that Maggie will not only allow us to hold
our August competition at Denmill, but is happy to run it as well, so we are particularly grateful to her.

Anna Sive and Carol Taylor were elected onto the Committee. We welcome them and I’m sure that
they’ll enjoy themselves. The office-bearers were re-elected, so we must be doing something right some
of the time. Here is a complete list of the Committee for 2005/2006:

   Chairman: Pam Hunter (01382 320223); Vice-Chair: Marjory Norrie (01241 828619);
   Secretary: Virginia Lloyd-Owen (01241 855604); Treasurer: Wayne Barrett (01828632937).
   Committee: Liz Cox (01821 642384); Catriona Goulding (01241 856378); Sue Kilby (01307
   818481); Steven Livingston (01382 521567); Anna Sive (01575 574526); Carol Thomson (01828
   627734); Sheena Welsh (01241 860317); Lee Wright (01828 632573)

Training: Lessons with Jill Grant continue throughout the winter, either at Easter Rattray (Blairgowrie)
or Pathhead (Kirriemuir), organised by Lee Wright (01828 632573). Erik MacKechnie’s lessons have
been popular, and Catriona Goulding tells me that these will be continuing after Christmas. Please phone
her for details on 01241 856378. The session at Easter Rattray with Justine Sole of Talland was very
successful, if exhausting, and Pam hopes to organise a return visit. Mary McFarlane will give lessons at
Easter Rattray on 15th January, 18th February and 18th March at a cost of £30 per one-hour individual
lesson and £20 each for a shared lesson. Carol Thomson (01828 627734) will take bookings for these.
Congratulations to Mary for becoming at British Dressage Accredited Dressage Trainer.
I’m re-printing the list of members who are qualified instructors with a particular interest in dressage,
who are happy to teach members on a free-lance basis:

Hamish Cameron (BHSII) – 01307 830421                 Rebecca Chalmers (BHSAI) – 01828 626172
Jane Gilchrist (BHSII) – 01821 670218                 Catriona Goulding (BHSAI) – 01241 856378
Anne Johnston (BHSAI) – 01828 627934                  Mary McFarlane (BHSAI) – 01250 873211
Shonagh Steven (BHSII) – 01241 852597                 Shelagh Steven (SMBHSII) – 01241 858282
Jane Welsh      (BHSII) – 01241 860420

Winter Competitions: Thank you to Mary and Jock McFarlane for hosting these, and to Lee Wright for
acting as show secretary. Please see enclosed schedules for competitions on 26th February/26th March.
Please note that because there is only one arena available, you will almost certainly have a longer wait
between your classes than you would where there is more than one arena in use. This is the small price to
be paid for the luxury of an indoor arena.

IMPORTANT: If you decide to withdraw from a competition – either before or after you have
rung for your times – it is very important that you notify the show secretary. The competition on 13th
November was blighted by the number of competitors who just didn’t show up, even though Lee’s mobile
number is given on the show schedules. If you make contact, then everyone knows what is happening
and it is possible that the classes can be re-timed. Those of you new to dressage competitions might not
be aware of what a major impact it has on a class if someone does not turn up for their allocated time. It’s
also discourteous to everyone involved, especially the judges.
Results from Easter Rattray, 13 November

Class 1, Section A (P7): 1st A Glover/Braeview Maximus (73%); 2nd E Lothian/Portia (68.5%);
3rd L Pitkeathly/Europa M (64.5%); 4th G Kennedy/Chico Latino (63%); 5th L Burns/Tommy (62.4%);
6th C King/Reuben (60.5%)

Class 1, Section B (P7): 1st S Durie/Greengairs Foxtrot (74.5%); 2nd H Walker/Tugboat (74%); 3rd= M
Orr/Eve and J Murdoch/Jack (55.5%)

Class 2 (N 21): 1st H Walker/Tugboat (72.5%); 2nd M McFarlane/Rocky (70%); 3rd S Durie/Greengairs
Foxtrot (68%); 4th G Hossack/Fariesh (67.5%); 5th M Orr/Eve (66.5%); 6th J Belford/Victor of
Caenlochan (65.5%).

Class 3 (E44): 1st M McFarlane/Rocky (64.8%); 2nd J Johnston/Duntarvie Kestrel (62.4%)

Warming-up: British Dressage is concerned about the number of accidents and near-misses taking place
during working-in at competitions, especially where this takes place in arenas or indoor schools. There
are recognised procedures that riders are expected to follow when warming-up near other horses and,
when followed, these prevent accidents and extend courtesy to other riders. If you are not sure what you
should be doing, especially in the arenas at Easter Rattray, have a good look at the British Dressage
guidelines, which will be displayed at all our competitions. I’m happy to send out copies on request.

Very best wishes to you all for a happy Christmas and New Year, with some good weather for riding.


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