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					                                 Principal’s Report
I am honoured to present the 27th Presentation Day report of Inaburra School. It provides
detail on the development of the school in 2008 and summarises our next strategic plan
(2009-2013). I commend the strategic plan to you: it communicates clearly our directions
for Inaburra for the next five years. It can be found on the school website

The school motto of “faith, knowledge, love” can be read as a list of three things that we
value: we value faith in God and people, we value the pursuit of knowledge and
understanding, and we value love as our raison d‟etre as human beings, our purpose in
living. I note that the motto is also sequential: it could be read to indicate that knowledge
is based on faith and that the reason we have knowledge is to learn to love. The
assertion that faith is the basis of knowledge isn‟t prominent in Australian society, but it
does make sense. It is the idea that every time a person sees and identifies something,
they participate in an act of faith by believing that the image the eye presents to the brain
is an accurate representation of the thing they are seeing. Such is true of all of our
senses. Also, every time a person thinks of themselves as having human rights or of
being able to love, they do so because they have faith that they are not simply a mass of
atoms. One belief Christians hold is that the act of faith involved in believing in God
makes the world make sense.

The statement that love is the purpose of knowledge works against the idea that we
should gain knowledge to acquire power or status or wealth. It is true that knowledge
can and does bring these things. According to the school motto, however, the purpose of
knowledge is to bring benefit to the broader community. To provide a specific example:
the architect has knowledge in order to is design buildings and spaces that we can all
live in successfully together; the doctor has knowledge to save and improve lives; the
business owner provides a service or a product that benefits others. Equally, private
knowledge about other people should be used ethically. Knowledge should not be used
to abuse a trust or belittle another person. We should, in the words of the song, „guard
each man‟s dignity‟. In Jesus‟ words, we should love even our enemies. One way to do
this is to be ethical in our use of knowledge about them.

This is a basis on which to build a school. We draw upon this biblical framework at
Inaburra. We recognise daily that we are a work in progress, but we do value faith,
knowledge and love.

In 2008 we have a great deal to celebrate. At the close of this report I have listed
students who have achieved excellence in their field. As I sit here writing this report I am
only too aware that, despite our best efforts, the list will be incomplete. I apologise now if
this is the case. We are very proud of our students‟ achievements. It is important that we
recognise them and I request that any person inadvertently missed be reported so that
we can celebrate their success.


Already in regard to the 2008 HSC we have some first-rate news to report. Our school
captain, Grace Naoum, has been nominated for both Encore (the best HSC Music in
NSW) and OnStage (the best HSC drama in NSW). We congratulate her on these
outstanding achievements. Also, Russell Phillips has had his HSC music compositions
recognised as being amongst the most outstanding in the state. Earlier in the year he
had one of his pieces played by professional musicians at the MLC Composition
Evening at St. James‟ Church in the city. Only one other student in NSW received this
honour. We still await the results of Art Express and Design Tech.

I am very proud to report that Inaburra has received the honour of being named “Best
Engineering School in NSW” at the Wollongong University Awards Ceremony, held in
November this year. We proudly display the shield in our foyer. James Forsyth (Year
12) received the prize “Best Engineering Student” and Lauren Gibb (Year 12)
received the Bluescope Award for Best Female Engineering Student. Adam Downy
was a finalist. Our students also won other awards in their entry categories. I
congratulate each student, Mr Wayne Griffin and the TAS faculty on outstanding
teaching and learning. This is a tremendous honour.

In the Senior School students achieved very pleasing Higher School Certificate and
School Certificate results in 2007. Among the highlights in the HSC were above state
average results in almost all subjects, and averages of between 5-16% above the state
average in twelve subjects. Particular recognition to the following groups and their

        Ancient History: 5% above state average

        Biology: 8% above state average

        Community & Family Studies: 7% above state average

        Design and Technology: 5% above state average

        Drama: 12% above state average

        English Extension 2: 3% above state average (3% above the most capable
         students in the state)

        Food Technology: 8% above state average

        Information Processes: 7% above state average

        Legal Studies: 7% above state average

        Mathematics General: 8% above state average

        Modern History: 9% above state average

        Music 1: 14% above state average

        Software Design: 6% above state average
I note also that subjects such as Chemistry and Physics, whilst scoring 1% above NSW
averages, are competing in a student cohort that has a much higher proportion of
students from selective schools. Inaburra is a comprehensive school and we work hard
to assist students to achieve well in competitive fields.

Individual students achieving first in a subject in the HSC were:
  Ancient History     Jon                                                      Butcher
                      Nick Clement
  Biology                  James Theo
  Business Studies         Adam Kuenzle
  Chemistry                Dana Townsend
  CAFS                     Courtenay Polock
  Design and Technology    Alyce Smith
  Drama                    Jacqueline McFarlane
  Economics                Michelle Blewett
  Engineering Studies      Jordan McGregor
  English Standard         Jake Davies
  English Advanced         Linda Nappa
  English Extension 1      Michelle Blewett
  English Extension 2      Chelsea Burgis
  Food Technology          Jacqueline McFarlane
  IPT                      Brendan Walton
  Legal Studies            Adam Iverach
  Maths General            Mitchell Duley
  Mathematics              Michelle Blewett
  Maths Ext. 1             Dana Townsend
  Maths Ext. 2             Dana Townsend
  Modern History           Chelsea Burgis
  History Ext.             Jon Butcher
  Music 1                  Dana Townsend
  Music 2                  Michelle Blewett
  Music Ext.               Michelle Blewett
  PD/H/PE                  Melissa Power
  Physics                  Linda Napper
  Software Design          James O'Toole
  Visual Arts              Daniel Wittingsglow

In the School Certificate students also performed well.

       English         +3%

       Mathematics +3%

       Science         +3%

       History         +4%

       Geography       +4%
         Computing     +5%

         Individual Students

Individual students who came first in a subject in the School Certificate were:

English:              Ashlee Hannon
Mathematics:          Ashleigh Bedford
Science:              Mitchell Grierson
History:              Christopher Sharpe
Geography:            Ashleigh Bedford
Computing:            Brad Stoicescu

Our 2008 NAPLAN results were also very encouraging.

Year 3
    33% of Inaburra students scored Band 6 in Reading, compared with 20% of
       students across the state
    59% of Inaburra students scored Bands 5 or 6 in Reading, compared with 47%
       across the state
    59% of Inaburra students scored Band 6 in Writing, compared with 26% of
       students across the state
    85% of Inaburra students scored Bands 5 or 6 in Writing, compared with 54%
       across the state
    37% of Inaburra students scored Band 6 in Spelling, compared with 22% of
       students across the state
    63% of Inaburra students scored Bands 5 or 6 in Spelling, compared with 46%
       across the state
    52% of Inaburra students scored Band 6 in Grammar, compared with 26% of
       students across the state
    67% of Inaburra students scored Bands 5 or 6 in Grammar, compared with 43%
       across the state
    44% of Inaburra students scored Band 6 in Number, compared with 22% of
       students across the state
    59% of Inaburra students scored Bands 5 or 6 in Number, compared with 43%
       across the state
    44% of Inaburra students scored Band 6 in Measurement & Space, compared
       with 22% of students across the state
    70% of Inaburra students scored Bands 5 or 6 in Measurement & Space,
       compared with 43% across the state
    No Inaburra student scored Band 1 in any field. In four of the seven measures no
       Inaburra student scored Band 2. 4% of students scored Band 2 in the other
       three measures.

Year 5

Reading: 65% of Inaburra students scored Band 6 or above, compared with 56% of the
Writing: 85% of Inaburra students scored Band 6 or above, compared with 67% of the

Spelling : 69% of Inaburra students scored Band 6 or above, compared with 65% of the

Grammar: 81% of Inaburra students scored Band 6 or above, compared with 63% of the

Number: 61% of Inaburra students scored Band 6 or above, compared with 49% of the

Geometry: 61% of Inaburra students scored Band 6 or above, compared with 52% of
the state

Our challenge in Year 5 is to extend more students into the top band (Band 8). We did
have 20% of our students in Band 8 in Number (compared with 14% of the state), and
15% in Writing (compared with 11% of the state), but in other areas we are on or about
the state averages and we have good information to assist us to further extend our

Year 7

The Year 7 results were divided into six bands – bands 4 to 9. Students in Bands 7 or
above are found in Fig 1.

         Fig 1: Number of Year 7 students in top three bands (7-9) for 2008 NAPLAN

                      Item Tested             Inaburra (%)        State (%)
           Overall Literacy                        76                56
              Reading                              77                43
              Writing                              63                53
              Spelling                             78                65
              Grammar & Punctuation                71                55
           Overall Numeracy                        86                58
              Number, Patterns & Algebra           81                56
              Measurement & Data                   85                59
             Space & Geometry                      82                58

We only had two students in band 5 for overall literacy and two in Band 5 in numeracy,
with no students in band 4.

Our challenge in Year 7 is to extend more students into the top band (Band 9). We did
have 20% of our students in Band 8 in Number (compared with 14% of the state), and
15% in Writing (compared with 11% of the state), but in other areas we are on or about
the state averages and we have good information to assist us to further extend our
Students have bursts of learning and times of plateau and consolidation. This should be
taken into account in reading these scores.

Year 9


The National Curriculum

Most parents will be aware that the Federal Government has continued the movement
towards one education system. Early in 2009 draft copies of some curricula will be
released for comment. English, Mathematics, Science and History are among the first
subjects to be considered at a national level. Inaburra has been involved in the process
of developing the National Curriculum, with Mrs Williams (English) and Mr Durston
(History) taking an active part in the consultations. Mrs Croft (Mathematics) has actively
followed developments.

               Inaburra Junior, Middle and Senior Schools

With Mr Moir stepping down from his position of Head of Senior School (overseeing
Welfare and Operations) at the close of 2007, Mr Hartley has done a superb job as
Deputy Principal of both the Middle and Senior Schools in 2008. He will take on a more
specialised role in 2009. The success of every school is based on the work of its
teachers. Mr Hartley will focus more on leading teacher professional development in
2009, and will receive support from Mr Stanley, who has been promoted to Deputy
Principal: Welfare and Operations. Mr Stanley will take on a very similar role in 2009 to
Mr Moir‟s and I congratulate him on his appointment.

Junior School (Years K-6) will continue to be led by Mrs Annette Clarke, ably supported
by Mr Greg Gordon (Student Welfare) and Mrs Julie Davis (Student Learning). Miss
Trish Casey will provide an Infants perspective.

Middle School (Years 6/7-9) will continue to have the support of Mrs Cathy McGovern
(Student Welfare) and Mr Liam Bailey (Teaching, Learning and Curriculum).

Senior School (Years 10-12) will continue to be served by Mrs Sue Gaskell (Student
Welfare) and Mr Jason Corbett-Jones (Teaching, Learning and Curriculum).

There will be a few other changes to our staffing in 2009. Firstly, in our Junior school we
welcome Miss Sarah Cockrem who is joining our team to facilitate our growing numbers
in the Infants section. She is a dynamic and interested ex-student of the school and we
are pleased to have her as part of our school community. She will be joined by music
specialists, Mrs Kathryn Reed (0.3) and Mrs Irena Dimitrovska (0.2), who will initiate the
chamber orchestra program. Mrs Cathy Drury will teach one day per week on Year 5
next year.

Congratulations to Mr Matthew Burns who has announced his engagement to Miss
Andrea Hill. Congratulations also to Mr Daniel Watson who will marry Miss Anna Forsyth
in January. We wish both couples much joy as they prepare for their future lives

In English we extend a thank you and our best wishes to Mrs Sian Lim who will take
maternity leave in 2009. She will be replaced by Mrs Joanne O‟Rafferty who is joining us
from Danebank. Mrs Juliette Smith will conclude her time with the Mathematics staff as
we welcome Mrs Freda Laurenson (previously Head of Mathematics at Macarthur
Anglican College) to teach senior Mathematics. Also Mrs Susan Hauser will increase her
teaching load in the new year.

Dr Yan Bai is leaving Inaburra to teach closer to her home and we are grateful for the
contribution she has made to our growing Mandarin program. She will be replaced by
Mrs Elly Kwong.

Our PE staff is delighted with the contribution of Ms Melissa Riethmuller who has joined
the staff. She has replaced Mrs Kirsty Margetson who gave birth to a boy, Jack Thomas,
in September. We also celebrated with Mr Phil Lucas and his family on the birth of baby
Chelsea Grace in January of this year.

Other babies born in our school community include Mr Matthew Brown‟s new son, Judah
Forrest and Mrs Michelle Gabbot‟s new daughter, Paisley Sally. It is always wonderful to
rejoice with others and the blessing of new life.

Mr David Bell will conclude his time with us as chaplain after six years of service. We
thank him for his commitment to our school and wish him well in his future directions as
marketing manager with Anglican Youth Camps.

There will be some changes in the Science Faculty: Mr John Aitken will step down as
coordinator but will remain with us in a part time capacity. He will share his teaching
responsibilities with Mrs Meddwyn Hinton who is returning from maternity leave. Mr Greg
Smith will take on the task of leading the Science team but will no longer be in charge of
school productions. This role will move to Mr David Collins.

Mr Ramsay resigned in the middle of the year and Mr Peter Gillies joins us in a full time
capacity in Media and ICT. We thank Mrs Lauren Lucey for her expertise in the role as
one of our counsellors.

Finally, we wish Mr Wayne Griffin all the best as he leaves us to pursue his own
business venture. We will certainly miss his creativity and expertise.

               An Emphasis on Reading, Writing and Numeracy

Our teaching staff continues to take a strategic approach to classroom practices. I
commend them on their professional approach and their dedication to providing our
students with quality educational programs and lessons. We are very proud of our
student body and the depth of their application and commitment to achieving their best in
academic pursuits. They continually partake in the many opportunities that are offered at
Recently, the Junior School introduced the Principal‟s Writing Competition. This involved
all students from Kindergarten to Year 6 writing and publishing an original composition.
Students were exposed to the elements of picture books and learnt about the interaction
between the story and the illustrations. They were also taught about the importance of
how literary techniques shape the meaning of a text. The quality of the stories was

Our Thrass program has continued in 2008 and is now extended to our year 5 students.
It is an innovative program that introduces students to more manageable ways of
mastering spelling in the English language.

The Mathematics and Visual Arts teams held a school wide photography competition
encouraging students to see mathematics at work in both natural and man made
structures. Students were asked to submit a photograph and a 200 word explanation of
the mathematical elements in their picture. Students from all levels of the school
community participated with some artistic and artful responses. Some of these are on
display tonight.

Students have also enjoyed the internet program titled Mathletics. This program helps
students gain confidence in measurement, addition, subtraction, order and direction, and
number patterns. Students can work at their own pace or be involved in live competitions
with students from all over the world. The students have not only enjoyed working with
mathematical concepts; they have also improved their numeracy in many areas. We are
excited about the prospect of increasing the number of students having access to this
program in the Junior School next year.

In 2009 Inaburra will extend their music facility and commence a pre-Chamber Orchestra
program. All year 1 students will learn the violin or cello for one year as part of their
general education. Students who love these instruments will have the opportunity to
continue. Those who currently learn string instruments will be gathered together for
performances. Over the next few years a chamber orchestra should be established.

We also continue to recognise the role that grandparents play in the lives of children.
Our annual Grandparents‟ Day was a time for rejoicing and sharing.

The Mandarin program is now well established. Inaburra is one of only a handful of
schools in the state teaching Mandarin to all students K – 7. Mandarin will increase in
importance for us as a community. We have the bold ambition of seeking to enable our
students to become bilingual.
In 2008 we have had a particular emphasis on reading and information skills. In the
middle and senior schools our librarian, Mrs Lochens has introduced a series of very
effective innovations that have increased the number of books being read significantly.
Each student in years 7 and 8 has a reading card, and regular reading lessons have
enabled teachers and Mrs Lochens to identify books for students to read. Further, a plan
has been established that emphasises types of books that are promoted. For example,
in term 4 students in Year 10 are introduced to classics. Students are getting a taste of
Dickens and Austen and Orwell. This supplements the regular reading programs of the

In the Junior School we continued to promote reading via the Premier‟s Reading
Challenge, with some students reading double the prescribed number of texts. We are
part of the National Literacy Day program and we have completed a review of our
reading materials. We are now ready to add to our reading material in the Junior School.

Our reading recovery programs continue to operate in Junior and Middle Schools, with
tutoring in place for students who have been identified as in need. The after school
homework and mathematics programs have been in operation now for two years and
have assisted numerous students to improve their results.

Mrs Croft and our Mathematics staff have been reviewing programs. Staff training on the
electronic whiteboards has the purpose of bringing Mathematics alive. Staff members
are exploring new ways to teach difficult subjects. Our numeracy results in Year 9 have
indicated that Inaburra is well above state average in the value added in numeracy.

Dr Lloyd Dawe has been a welcome addition to our staff. He has worked very effectively
alongside our Mathematics staff in the following areas:

      Students need to see the relevance of Mathematics. Development of
       stimulating lessons linking Mathematics to real life situations. For example, we
       promoted the Mathematics of the equinox at Easter; and we examined the
       connections between Maths and Mozart and Captain Cook in 1772.
      Year 12 students need assistance with difficult concepts. His assistance of
       our Year 12 Mathematicians has been a welcomed by teachers and students,
       allowing greater one to one tuition.
      Development of skills in problem solving. Dr Dawe has worked with classes
       in Mathematics and Science on understanding the ideas in Mathematics.
      Development of skills in the use of technology connected to Mathematics, in
       particular software applications on the smart boards.

Dr Dawe will reduce his load in 2009 but will continue to work with our Mathematics staff
as they progress the aforementioned programs. He is now also working with Mrs O‟Neill
to assist the more able mathematicians in the Junior School.

Learning Creatively

Good learners take charge of their own learning, they own it. Inaburra has always had
an emphasis on active learning. To further develop this Science teachers have
reintroduced a stimulating dissection program. Students are asked to deduce answers
from the evidence. The program culminates in Year 10, with an assignment that teaches
clearly how to conduct scientific research.

Mr Smith is leading our Science teachers in the development of Moodle programs.
Students can connect to the internet and find materials that they both used in class and
that will assist them in their learning. They can share resources and ask questions about
the subject in question. Mr Smith applied for and received a government grant to
undertake this program with other staff.
In 2009 we will be examining how we can further advance this type of learning in
Science. Science and TAS teachers are working together on an Aquaponics program.
Students will learn how to be environmentally friendly fish-farmers. .This program grows
plants that consume the waste products of the fish, effectively leaving the water clean.
Both the fish and the plants flourish, without degrading the quality of the land and water.
This important project will teach students how to care for the environment.

We will continue to develop our Year 7 Integrated Project where students investigate a
topic connected to a series of excursions on Water, and to run programs such as the
Biofuel project in Automotive Technology classes. In Year 10 students have transformed
a regular diesel engine to run on biofuel. In Year 9 students in woodwork have been
constructing their own fully functioning boats. These are on display in the foyer tonight.
Please take time also to look at the brilliant art works. We proudly display student art
throughout the school.

Our Junior school staff readily give up their lunchtimes to introduce and encourage our
younger students in creative and academic pursuits. We are pleased to continue to offer
choir, chess, Maths Olympiad, dance groups, computer skills, debating and God Squad
to our students. The staff is dynamic and enthusiastic in working with our students and I
commend them for their hard work.


2008 has been a rich year for Inaburra in regard to cultural pursuits. There were
numerous highlights. High School Musical played to sold-out audiences throughout the
final week of Term 2. There was vibrant dancing and singing, the band was tremendous
and the production was filmed by a different team each night. Everyone backstage, on
stage and front of house worked together to make the performances pulsate with
energy. Well done to Mrs Balderston, Mr Smith, Miss Hull and their team.

The Fete and Open Day was yet another successful event. Our students were given the
opportunity to showcase their talents. We held our annual talent quest which offered our
Year 10 students the opportunity to produce a live TV program and for the talented
members of the school community to celebrate the gifts God has given them. The
bands, choirs, dance teams, budding chefs and scientists all showed off their wares. Our
many stalls displayed crafts and clothes, with other stalls auctioning a variety of items.
Over $30 000 was raised. Thanks must be extended to our Fete organisers for their
tremendous efforts.

The School Band program continues to flourish. Under the able leadership of Mr Mike
Newton and Mrs Janelle Drake Inaburra students have travelled widely. The A Cappella
Choir performed at the City of Wollongong Eisteddfod and received equal 3 rd place. Our
school bands performed at the annual Engadine Bandfest in June of this year. The
Inaburra Stage Band received the only gold award given. The Inaburra Concert Band
received a “silver plus plus” award. The judge was a trombonist with the London
Philharmonic Orchestra. We are delighted to have the quality of our bands recognised at
this level of competition. Our Concert band also performed at Westfield Miranda,
supported by the Inaburra Choir.
In September the Inaburra Stage Band travelled to Noosa Heads to perform at the
annual Noosa Jazz festival. They were required to play three 1 hour shows over the
weekend, mixing with some of the country‟s finest jazz musicians including Ed Wilson‟s
Big Band. The students received great reviews from the organisers and from
professional musicians.

The Annual Music Nights were also widely acclaimed featuring performances from our
youngest, budding musicians in the Junior School through to more seasoned
performers. We are proud of the efforts of them all.

Drama Nights also feature strongly in our program. Held throughout the year, these
nights offer our young actors the opportunity to perform in front of live audiences. They
are popular and entertaining evenings.

Students in the Senior School ably presented their HSC individual and group
performances during the Creative Arts Festival. Held over two nights our Year 12
students showcased their HSC major works in Drama, Visual Arts, English, Music,
Media and D & T. It was an impressive display. Many students had the opportunity to
speak about their projects to explain the choices and influences on their work. Student
works are also on display throughout the school and in the main reception areas.

Global Education commenced this year. Our year 10 students have experienced life
outside the Shire by being involved in service based visits to Vietnam, North Queensland
or Sydney. The aim of Global Education is to provide real-life opportunities for Inaburra
students to engage with and contribute towards people in different life circumstances
across the globe.

The Vietnam experience has enabled the students involved to gain an awareness of
poorer communities. They were challenged by a variety of cultural experiences. The
students have raised sufficient funds to purchase rice that will feed an entire school
population for a calendar year. They were exposed to needs that they do not have to

The students travelling to North Queensland accompanied Mr David Peachey (former
NRL player with Cronulla and South Sydney) to several Indigenous communities where
they assisted with programs and interacted with youth from a culture different to their
own. They gained a greater appreciation and understanding of different perspectives
and lifestyles.

The students who stayed in Sydney worked alongside people with cerebral palsy and
associated physical and mental disabilities. The Spastic Centre has spoken very highly
of the attitudes and commitment demonstrated by Inaburra students and their
compassion towards others. The students were exposed to the difficulties presented by
life in a wheel chair and were able to assist in arts and crafts programs. They also
worked alongside people with physical disabilities in their place of employment and were
able to realise the limitations and joys that they experience.

Our awareness of God‟s creation can be demonstrated in faith and love. The team
approach to global education is to sustain a heightened social consciousness of the
gospel and engage the big picture of education. Our students have benefited
enormously but more importantly they have been able to impact the lives of others in a
very positive way.

Our Year 10 Debating Team was the runner up for the second year in a row in the
Sutherland Shire Debating Competition and our Year 9 team reached the quarter-finals.
Our school captain, Sean Blake, was crowned “Lion Youth of the Year” for the district.
Students competed admirably in a variety of public speaking competitions. Our Year 6
Debating teams performed splendidly in their Independent Schools Gala Day, winning
against SCEGGS Redlands and losing narrowly to Loretto Kirribilli. Mrs Annette Clarke
has continued in her role as Chair of Junior School Debating for Independent Schools in
2008, and the Junior School is progressing well in the development of debating skills in
the classroom setting.

Our Mock Trial Team performed exceptionally well in their competition. As a team made
up predominantly of Year 10 students they had wins over Year 11 teams from Aquinas,
Bethany College and Menai High, before being knocked out by Danebank. All of these
events help to train our students in critical thinking.

We again ran an Indoor lunch-time Futsal competition, the Euro Football Cup with our
own students. Numerous boys and girls teams entered in four separate competitions.
Our thanks to Mr Phil Lucas, Mrs Lauren Soper and Mr Troy Dixon for their leadership
and organisation of this school-spirit building event. The Gym was booming with noise at
lunch-time as the teams competed.

Media is another dynamic component of the Inaburra story. There have been a number
of important roles for our Media students in 2008 including the following:

      We have been engaged in Media debates. Our school captains represented
       Inaburra on the Insight program on SBS on the topic Religious Schools in
       Australia. Our participation was extensive, even though we did not have our topic
       broadcast on the night.
      As a follow up to this program we connected with ex-Inaburra student, Lisa Main,
       and our senior classes visited SBS and watched a show being made.
      On Fete and Open Day our students presented a Talent Quest based on the
       theme of Hollywood. The Media students filmed all competitors and celebrated
       with the Year 10 Dance Troupe (Brittany Cairns, Blake Hatton, Emily Stevenson,
       Monique Strachan) the winners of the competition.
      The production, High School Musical, provided the opportunity for students from
       various years to film, edit and market a DVD of the production. The result was a
       quality product.
      Weekly broadcasts of a variety of films have been shown.
      Student films have been played on Showcase evenings.

In class students have created their own documentaries, dramas and original pieces. A
popular program type this year with seniors was the „mocumentary‟.

Media students also have regular involvement in weekly school assemblies. It is a
fantastic forum for students to both gain and practise skills in using technology
associated with sound, visuals and film. Tonight‟s event is a testimony to all they have
Once again, we ran the very popular EC program during terms 1 and 2. EC provides
students with an opportunity to experience a range of activities outside the regular
school curriculum. The school production was the largest group, which ran with great
enthusiasm. Other interesting options included the following:
     Animal Care, including visits to Hanrob Boarding facility at Helensburgh
     Green Stuff (replanting and renovating Bunyan‟s Land)
     Jewellery Making
     Running a Bible Study
     Mexican Cookery
     Café Basics – learning how to manage elements in small business

In 2009 we will make a few changes. EC will operate in year groupings to enhance the
Welfare aspects of the program. It will have a strong service component and will enable
Home Group teachers to relate to the students in their year and develop deeper
relationships, EC will run once a fortnight, whilst Home Group will occur on the alternate


This year, the Welfare Team was responsible for implementing a new program which
encouraged our community to consider the needs of others. The “Choose Respect”
initiative was a positive way to introduce students to the importance of being „others
centred‟ and to look for ways that they can contribute to making our school a more
pleasant environment for everyone. The staff was introduced to the program during a
Professional Development day and all students (K – 12) completed a training session.
The home group program was an excellent time to consolidate the understanding.

The Welfare Team work tirelessly each year to provide individual care for our students.
Through the home group program students have the opportunity to discuss areas of
concern and to work through their understanding of challenging topics such as
forgiveness, bullying and how to study more effectively. This time allows for more candid
discussions and for a personal follow up if necessary. Our aim is to provide a safe and
loving environment for every student in the school.


It has been another excellent year for Inaburra on the sporting field. We have continued
our involvement in the Shire Catholic Combined Colleges sporting competition which
runs every Friday. Our results have improved further this year with Inaburra teams
winning more than 60% of games each week. This is an outstanding result when
considering the size of Inaburra and the size of the larger schools we compete against.
The sports offered are listed below.

Summer Competition (7-8, 9-10 Divisions)
Girls – Oztag, Softball, Basketball, Volleyball, Waterpolo (Open)
Boys – Cricket, Softball, Oztag, Volleyball, Waterpolo (Open)

Winter Competition (7-8, 9-10 Divisions)

Girls – Netball, Soccer/Football, Hockey (Open), Oztag (Mixed)
Boys – Basketball, Soccer/Football, Hockey (Open), Oztag (Mixed)

Winter Results

7/8 Boys Football – Champions
Yr 8 Boys Basketball – Runners Up
Open Boys Hockey – Runners Up
Open Girls Hockey – Runners Up
9/10 Girls Football – Runners Up
7/8 Girls Football – Runners Up

Summer Results

Yr 9 Boys Cricket – Champions
Yr 8 Boys Oztag – Champions
9/10 Boys Softball – Champions
Yr 10 Boys Oztag – Champions
7/8 Boys Softball – Runners Up
Yr 7 Boys Volleyball – Runners Up
Yr 7 Girls Basketball – Champions
Yr 7Girls Volleyball – Champions
7/8 Girls Softball – Runners Up
9/10 Girls Softball – Runners Up
Yr 10 Girls Oztag – Runners Up
Yr 9 Girls Basketball – Runners Up
Yr 10 Girls Basketball – Runners Up

Our students also competed in a number of Gala days throughout the year. These days
are a pathway for elite sportsmen and women to represent at CSSA, CIS and All
Schools NSW level. To be a CIS representative means a student is one of the best in
their sporting field out of 250 or so Independent Schools across NSW. This year
Inaburra has had several CIS reps. The following students competed at the NSW All
Schools event in their particular sport:

Baseball       Luke Martin

Waterpolo      Amber Francis

Swimming       Tyler Liversey

Athletics      Jaimee Bannister
Rugby League           Gene DuBois

Hockey         Nathan Woellner

Cricket        Ryan Almond

Triathlon      Anthony Sawdy, Joshua Cornish, Sam Cornish.

Inaburra students also represented at the National Christian Schools Swimming
Championships. Four of our students competed. Jessica Lauricella blitzed the field
achieving five gold medals and one silver medal. Jessica was named the U15 Girls
National Champion. Dahlas Rogers performed exceptionally well earning one gold and
one bronze medal. Kyle Druery excelled with one gold and three silver medals. Marama
Bovoro was also fabulous, winning a gold medal in the 4 x 50m Relay.

At a second event, the All Schools Swimming Championship, Tyler Livesy and Brittani
Pickering also earned excellent results. Congratulations to our students.

At the NSW CIS Athletics event Inaburra students had some impressive results. Jaimee
Bannister was crowned female athlete of the meet after an exceptional day on the track.
Her results earned her a place in the Pacific School Games held in Canberra. Jaimee
finished 3rd in the 200m final and 4th in the 100m final with times close to those being
achieved by Olympic athletes.

Other students who competed at the CIS level were also very successful and we
congratulate them – Daniel Barnett, Caitlin King, Rebecca Nelson, Jason Freshwater
and Amy Herrmann.

As a school we are proud of our students and their achievements. We look forward to
another year where we can rejoice in the sporting arena with many talented young
people. It is also important to note the enthusiasm and commitment of the staff that
enable events to take place. From the weekly sporting program to the more elite levels
of competition, our students are supported and encouraged by teachers in the school.
We also recognise the contribution of many parents who help make these successes
possible. Thank you!

Finally, we are looking forward to a new and improved playground that will enable our
PE and Sports programs to flourish further. The plans include a full sized Basketball
court, Tennis courts, and enclosed Cricket nets which will allow students to train and
practise their skills in a variety of sports. We are very excited by the options that the new
playground will offer.

As you can see we have a great deal to celebrate. One of the things I love about
Inaburra is the way that students enjoy each other‟s talents. I listen to the applause at
assemblies for student performances, I observe the respect that students have for one
another, I watch our student leaders guiding younger students and welcoming guests. I
feel proud. Growing up is a tricky business, but it is important to be encouraged by the
good news stories that our children participate in each day. Thank you for your support
in 2008 and I wish you a blessed Christmas.

Behold I bring you good news of great joy for all the people: to you is born this day in

the City of David a Saviour, who is Christ, the Lord [Luke 2:10,11]