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									JETTS and its Command Implications
                                                             by George McFarlane

George McFarlane is Business Development                     selected for the Assessment Phase of the
Director at Raytheon Systems Ltd. In this                    Joint Effects Tactical Targeting System
article, he describes how the Joint Effects                  ( JETTS), a ‘Key Enabler for NEC’,
Tactical Targeting System (JETTS) will                       according to the MoD.
provide a target engagement capability
matched to the dynamics of today’s battlefield.              JETTS Architecture
                                                             The JETTS architecture with its true

          n Monday 19 July 2004, Defence                     openness, scaleability and extensibility will
          Secretary Jeff Hoon announced                      provide automated software tools to
          the rebalancing of the UK Armed                    enable Army operational and tactical HQs
Forces. Although the numbers of ships,                       to co-ordinate and synchronise                   can be carried out in a fully automated
tanks and aircraft are to be reduced, the                    surveillance systems and shooters, such as       fashion or by using intervention criteria at
Secretary of State pledged that these                        artillery, naval and air land attack systems,    all points in the chain. This will allow the
reductions would be used to fund the                         across the battlefield. At a tactical level it   Commander and his Staff free access and
creation of Network Enabled Capability,                      will be a tool for the Land Component            total control dependent upon a multitude
or NEC. NEC will increase the                                Commander (LCC) and his staff to link all        of factors including safety, Rules of
effectiveness of UK forces by making vital                   their strike, sensor and enabling assets to      Engagement (ROE), Friendly and Enemy
information available to them, where and                     better integrate joint capability to achieve     Forces situational awareness, and political
when it is needed, through the power of                      the desired effect. In near real-time, the       influences.
the network and the achievement of the                       LCC and his staff will be able to
sum of the parts. The harnessing of this                     determine where their assets are and their       Thus a potential target will be identified
modern capability will allow UK forces to                    state of readiness.                              by, for example, the Airborne Stand Off
be more effective and bring them into line                                                                    Radar (ASTOR), and analysed within the
with the rapidly advancing US capability.                    JETTS will give UK forces a significant          Information Requirement Management
In coalition operations this will mean that                  combat advantage over potential enemies          (IRM) process, using tools such as the G2
a greater degree of interoperability will                    by dramatically improving their reaction         Intelligence Surveillance and Target
be achievable. UK forces will be able to                     time (assessments to date would indicate         Acquisition and Reconnaissance
match the rapidly increasing operational                     as much as 75%), reducing the timelines          Battlefield Infrastructure Support
tempo of allies such as the US.                              for engagements from minutes to                  Application (G2 ISTAR BISA). Once the
                                                             seconds. JETTS will also enable the              image analyst and the intelligence staff
The UK MoD took a major step towards                         prosecution of targets that currently            are firm on the target, they pass the
realising the first stages of this NEC                       cannot be successfully engaged because           details electronically into JETTS within
vision with the announcement that                            they regularly change their location. Thus       the HQ. JETTS, through target lists,
Raytheon Systems Ltd (RSL) had been                          true Sensor to Shooter and Time Sensitive        intervention criteria, ROE criteria, asset
                                                                 Targeting can be achieved with               databasing and other staff and effects
                                                                 increased degrees of confidence and          management tools, selects the most
                                                                 success. At the same time, JETTS will        appropriate fire asset. This selection is
                                                                 decrease the risk of so-called friendly      conducted against a large number of
                                                                 fire incidents through its integration       criteria including range, logistics,
                                                                 and display of the ‘Blue Picture’.           preparedness, the tactical situation,
                                                                 JETTS also brings a superior level of        appropriateness to the target set in terms
                                                                 interoperability that is in line with        of effect and many others. The means of
                                                                 current expeditionary and coalition          achieving effect can be anything from fast
                                                                 warfare doctrine.                            attack aircraft to maritime fires to
                                                                                                              artillery to Electronic Warfare capabilities
                                                                Time Sensitive Targeting                      (for example SOOTHSAYER and
                                                                Using JETTS, the targeting process            REACHER) or even a conscious decision

3 8 RU S I D E F E N C E S Y S T E M S S P R I N G 2 0 0 5
                                                              C O M M A N D A N D N E T WO R K - E N A B L E D C A PA B I L I T Y

                                                               to deliver end-to-end              team from RSL who will support the
                                                               coherent targeting from the        integration, test, evaluation and
                                                               political to platform level.       acceptance process. The initial software
                                                                                                  drops of JETTS are already undergoing
                                                               Although JETTS will use            trials and tests at the Battlelab. This work
                                                               some key technologies from         is progressing well towards the first
                                                               the Raytheon’s Advanced            operational JETTS capability, which will
                                                               Field Artillery Tactical Data      be delivered in 2007. The £10M
                                                               System, used so successfully       Assessment Phase will run over these
                                                               by US forces during combat         two-and-a-half years, during which time
                                                operations in Iraq, it will be a brand new,       RSL will develop the first operational
to do nothing. For lethal indirect fire         world-beating system with significant             drop of the software. This software drop
attack, the task is passed directly and         export potential. This 21st century               will then be issued to the Field Army and
seamlessly into the Fire Control BISA (FC       capability is seen by the MoD as the first        could be operationally deployed soon
BISA). Fire assets are then ordered to fire     step on their path to harnessing the most         after. User feedback obtained during the
or carry out the required activity and the      modern technology and moving towards              first deployment and the development of
target is prosecuted. JETTS, meanwhile,         the totally integrated warfighting                this initial capability drop will be
tasks Battle Damage Assessment (BDA)            operational concept. The sum of the parts         incorporated into the future increments
Surveillance and Target Acquisition (STA)       will be brought together to emphasise and         of the programme during the
assets to record and analyse the target to      increase the overall capability, realising the    Demonstration and Manufacture (D&M)
ensure the required result has been             full potential of modern technologies.            Phase.
achieved, in conjunction with the
intelligence staff using G2 ISTAR BISA.         The Warminster ‘Battlelab’
                                                Following on from RSL’s
Interdependencies                               selection to carry out the
It can be seen from the process                 Assessment Phase of JETTS,
description above that the linkages and         the MoD has opened a
dependencies between JETTS and                  ‘Battlelab’ at the Land Warfare
Command Batlespace Management                   Centre Warminster. This
(Land) applications, in particular FC BISA      facility has been
and G2 ISTAR BISA, are extremely                commissioned to assess and
important. These interdependencies are          help with the engineering and
critical if these systems are to achieve the    design work of the system.
NEC Vision as articulated to date.              Lord Bach, Minister for
                                                Defence Procurement, said at the time of          The outcome of the Assessment Phase
JETTS is due to be deployed and used            the opening of the Battlelab:                     will be carefully examined by the MoD
only at the LCC level and below within                                                            before any commitment is made to the
the Land environment. Targeting above             ‘JETTS is a hugely complex project which        manufacture phase of the JETTS
this, within the Joint arena, is envisaged to     will automatically synchronise everything       programme under a separate contract.
be met through the Targeting Support              from artillery to fast jets, so that they can   Following on from the initial JETTS
Capability (TSC) requirement. The TSC             work together quickly and safely, ensuring      operational capability in 2007 the full
requirements and strategy are currently           land commanders get the most from all           operational capability will be realised in
being analysed and endorsed by the MoD.           the assets at their disposal on the             incremental deliveries through to 2015.
Many of the required capabilities are             battlefield. The new facility here at
similar and it is envisaged that TSC and          Warminster will be used to test the             A True Targeting Capability
JETTS will require close linkage in order         software as it develops and allow the           In conclusion, JETTS will allow the
                                                  Army to experiment with new tactics and         Commander and his staff to manage joint
                                                  doctrines in a synthetic environment. The       effects in a co-ordinated and effective way.
                                                  Battlelab will be vital to the development      The introduction of JETTS will see a
                                                                of JETTS – a project which        significant shift with improved operational
                                                                could have dramatic               tempo in command and control
                                                                implications to the way a         functionality and effectiveness within the
                                                                battle is planned and fought.’    LCC HQ in line with 21st Century
                                                                                                  technology. The User will have a true
                                                               The facility will have 11 full-    targeting capability that matches the
                                                               time staff, including officers     dynamics of the land environment
                                                               from all three Services and a      battlespace. s

                                                                                                           S P R I N G 2 0 0 5 RU S I D E F E N C E S Y S T E M S 3 9

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