Nature and History of Nursing in the Philippines

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					Nature of Nursing                                   International Council of Nurses Version 2002
DEFINITIONS      according     to:    FLORENCE           NURSING encompasses autonomous &
NIGHTINGALE                                                  collaborative care of individuals of all
    For over 100 years, she defined it as                   ages, families, groups & communities,
       “the act of utilizing the environment of              sick or well & in all settings. Nursing
       the patient to assist him in his                      includes the promotion of health,
       recovery.” (1860)                                     prevention of illness, & the care of ill,
    She considered a clean, well ventilated                 disabled, & dying people. Advocacy,
       & quiet environment essential for                     promotion of a safe environment,
       recovery.                                             research, participation in shaping health
DEFINITIONS according to : SOTEJO & JACKSON                  policy & in patient & health systems
    A personal service given with the heart                 management, & education are also key
       by the nurse to her patient, assistive or             nursing roles.
       helpful by nature, to anyone who,            American Nurses Association 2004
       because of pain, want or need, is not             Nursing aids the protection, promotion,
       able to do the things & health activities             & optimization of health and abilities,
       he generally does for himself. The nurse              prevention of illness & injury,
       utilizes for this purpose various                     alleviation of suffering thru’ the
       knowledges, attitudes & skills;                       diagnosis & treatment of human
    A service based on an understanding of                  response & advocacy in the care of the
       the patient as a human being deserving                individual, families, communities, &
       of respect from his fellowmen;                        populations.
    A complex service concerned not                Canadian Nurses Association 1987
       w/relief of observable physical signs of          The nursing profession exists in
       pain or discomfort alone but in freeing               response to a need of society & holds
       the patient from afflictions of the mind,             ideals related to human health
       emotion & spirit by providing                         throughout the life span. Nurses direct
       reassurance, an environment conducive                 their energies toward the promotion,
       to freedom from fear & anxiety &                      maintenance, & restoration of health;
       appropriate health instructions;                      the prevention of illness; the alleviation
    A helping act impelled by genuine                       of suffering & the ensurance of a
       interest in the welfare and the well-                 peaceful death when life can no longer
       being of the person being helped                      be sustained.
       brought about by the systematic study             Nurses value a holistic view & regard an
       of the patient’s social & family ties &               individual as a biophysical being who
       causes & effects, and thus establishing               has the capacity to set goals & make
       his worthiness & value. Because of this               decisions & who has the right &
       feeling, the patient develops a sense of              responsibility to make informed choices
       urgency to recover & be his usual self                congruent w/personal beliefs & values.
       again;                                            Nursing, a dynamic & supportive
    A service for promoting early recovery                  profession guided by its ethics, is
       and      rehabilitation    of    patients,            rooted in caring, a concept of evident
       prevention of disease and promotion of                throughout its four fields of activity :
       health;                                               practice, education, administration &
    A service universal in scope because it is              research.
       rendered to anyone in need, regardless       Definitions of Nursing by Other Authors
       of age, sex, economic, political or social        TAYLOR
       status, creed, color or nationality.
              Nursing is a unique healthcare     Other definitions…
               discipline in which nurses                    Caring is the essence of Nursing
               provide a service based on                       what is.
               knowledge & skill.                            Nursing is the care of others.
    HENDERSON                                    Nursing as collaboration means that the nurse
           Nursing        is    assisting the    works as partners in health care team with
               individual, sick or well, in the   other professionals.
               performance of those activities    Nursing as professionalism means having a
    WATSON                                       specific body of knowledge, set of values, &
           Nursing is caring                     skills that differentiate them from one another.
    NIGHTINGALE                                  Basic Definitions of Nursing
           Nursing is the act of utilizing the         From the Latin word “nutrix” meaning
               environment to assist the                    “to nourish”
               patient in his recovery                           Most definitions of nurse &
Emerging Definitions                                                 nursing describe the nurse as a
   1. Nursing is caring.                                             person who nourishes, fosters
   2. Nursing as collaboration.                                      & protects & who is prepared
   3. Nursing as professionalism.                                    to take care of sick, injured &
RTRMS definition:                                                    aged people.
          1. Nursing as caring means the
               concern for others and self

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