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                  LOCHGELLY CENTRE AT 12.15P.M.


     Maureen Rodger, Margaret McFarlane, Ian Christie, Andrew Lightfoot, Ron McNeish,
     Jean McDonald, Stevie Murray, Val King, Lorraine Mullen, Celia Lennox, Catherin Brown,
     Sandy Fraser, Ann Henderson, Greg Jones, Tom Phillips, Anne Bowers, Marge McMaster,
     Gwen Greenlees, Keith Greenlees, Wendy Penman, Eddie Eugster, Hayat Hewitt,
     Gordon Hindlay, Catherine Ewen, Morag Miller, George Provan, Bob Lawson, Ronald Howie,
     Tom Johnston, Allan Williamson, Brian Smith, Mark Ferguson, Ken Blakey, Paula Haggerty,
     Evelyn Patterson, June Lawson, Margaret Stanton, Tracy Mackie and Cathie Fotheringham.

     Officers at top table:   Linda Erskine, Stevie Murray, Gordon Pryde and Jim McNeil.

     Stevie asked for a minutes silence in memory of those members who have died in the past year.


     There were no apologies.


     It was agreed to appoint Ken Blakey and Gordon Hindlay as scrutineers, if required.


     Moved by Ken Blakey, there was no seconder present.

     There were no matters arising.

     Minute approved.


     Chairperson’s Report

     Stevie started by thanking the officers, staff and stewards for their work in the past year.

     Nursery Nurse campaign – our members have been forced into this form of action by the lack of
     assistance by CoSLA. Strike action is always a last resort. There will be all-out strike action on
     Monday. Stevie wished our members all the best in their forthcoming campaign.

     Environmental Services, West Area – the on-going problems with management/employee
     relationship have now been resolved.
Senior Management Review – Stevie reported that following consultation with members that
management are taking comments on board re structures etc.

Single Status – Stevie reported that the Branch have a representative on each of the sub-groups
(Pay & Grading, Terms & Conditions and Bonus) an extension to the deadline will likely be
requested. The Branch also need Stewards to assist in this massive exercise also. Training to
assist stewards is provided through UNISON Scotland and the STUC.

PPP/PFI – officers from the Branch are involved with meetings of the PPP Strategy Group – the
issue of members being transferred to an outside company has now been dealt with.

RMS – Stevie informed those present that with the assistance of the new RMS individual
notification was sent to all members re the Aggregated Annual General Meetings.
Communication from the Branch has been poor and is an area that needs addressed. The Branch
desperately need more Stewards to assist with processes in the Branch. Stevie added that there is
no point complaining about what UNISON is or is not doing if you aren’t prepared to act as a

In the past year the Branch have dealt with approximately 1,000 cases.

Stevie asked if there were any questions on his report.

A member asked when Single Status will be completed? Stevie informed the meeting that the
Branch have just been notified by CoSLA that the date they gave of April 2004 was only a target
date. Fife Council have 93% of posts evaluated. To date there has been no request for an
extension received.

Secretary’s Report

Linda started by thanking the staff, Stevie, officers and stewards for their work.

Linda briefly spoke on the following issues which have been dealt with by the Branch including
facilities review – progress has been extremely slow, Education Service ICT review – now
concluded, Education Service library review, Education Service clerical review in ASDARC,
Rothesay House and Fife House, Community Use Schools – clerical review – the job
descriptions have now to be evaluated, Community Services Parks and Amenities – now almost
concluded, Development Services merger – on-going, 2nd tier structure now agreed with
interviews are being held today. There are however 2 posts being made redundant.

Social Work Service – there is to be a reduction in senior managers from 5 to 4 with all existing
senior managers being replaced. The Branch have been invited to submit questions for the
interviews for these posts and to participate in the development day. There are 23 people to be
interviewed. The recruitment of social workers is also an ongoing issue at present, with the
problem being the local authorities in the surrounding areas offering better pay.

Single Status implementation, Linda reported that a lot of work has been put into this locally and
now some 93% of the posts have now been evaluated. Linda also expressed concern now over
the announcement from CoSLA that April 2004 was only ever a target date. Other UNISON
Branches have also expressed concern on this. Linda added that there will possibly be motions
to National Conference in June to withdraw from Single Status. The Branch will have to wait for
any developments.

It will cost Fife Council £8 million to implement Single Status.

     The Branch will be organising a family fun day in June, a shopping trip to Newcastle and a

     Stevie asked if there were any questions on Linda’s report. There were none.

     Treasurers Report

     Gordon went through the income/expenditure account and balance sheet and highlighted several
     items including the £4,000.00.

     Stevie asked if there were any questions on the accounts.

     A member asked re miscellaneous costs and said that this figure should be broken down.

     Phones – Stevie explained the duty officer process and that the Duty Officer process in the
     branch. The Branch use the Council featurenet phones have UNISON mobile phones and have
     internet costs. These costs are being looked at and an effort being made to reduce them.

     Postage – Stevie informed the meeting that postage costs will increase in the coming year as
     there will be an increase in mailings to members.

     George Provan then asked re staff costs – Gordon explained that this is the 3 full-time and 1
     part-time members of staff employed by the Branch.

     A member then asked re conferences – Gordon explained that for the National Conference in
     Brighton the Branch sent 9 delegates. The cost for this conference accommodation alone for
     over £4,000.00.

     Stevie highlighted some of the other conferences attended by Branch Officer and Stewards
     throughout the year:

     Welfare, Police, Lesbian and Gay, PPP/PFI, Social Work, Housing, National Women’s
     Conference, Scottish Council, Local Government conference.

     The Branch are taking 4 new delegates to national/local government conference to try to
     encourage more members to become active.

     Member asked re the Black Members’ conference, Stevie explained that there is no Black
     Members Convenor in the Branch at present.


     Stevie asked for approval of the accounts – approved.

     Stevie informed those present that Lawrence Kemp is retiring and Tom Foster is standing down
     as Auditors. The Branch will now have to seek new Auditors. Stevie gave a vote of thanks to
     Tom and Lawrence for their work over the years.


     Stevie informed those present that there was a ballot for the Service Conditions Officer post.
     Stevie asked everyone to ensure that they complete their ballot paper and place it in the ballot
     box before they left.

     There are a number of vacant posts at present, it was agreed that Hayat speak to Stevie after the

     Branch Chairperson -                             Stevie Murray

     Branch Secretary -                               Linda Erskine

     Branch Treasurer -                               Gordon Pryde

     Service Conditions Officers (Shared) -           Alex Duncan/ Eleanor Haggett (shared)
                                                      Colin Paterson
                                                      Archie Melville
                                                      Brian Schulz/Marlene Burt (shared)

     Disabled Convenor -                              Post vacant

     Education Officer -                              Stevie Murray

     Communications Officer -                         Roddy Cameron

     APF Convenor -                                   Post Vacant

     Health and Safety -                              Post vacant

     Retired Members Secretary -                      Nan and Archie McLean

     Sports and Social Secretary -                    Brian Schulz/Jim Anderson (shared)

     Welfare Officer -                                Eleanor Haggett

     Women’s Convenor -                               Marie Macrae

     Black Members Convenor                           Post vacant

     Colleges Convenor                                Post vacant

     Equal Opportunities Convenor                     Marie Macrae

     Lesbian and Gay Convenor                         Alec Deary

     Young Members Officer                            Post vacant

     Voluntary Sector Convenor                        Post vacant

     Stevie asked for approval of the above list – agreed.


     Name                        Service                              Workplace

     David Allan                 Building Operations                  Keir Hardie Street Depot

     Lorraine Davies             Community Services                   Dunfermline Library
     Graeme Smith                Community Services                   Kirkcaldy Museum & Art Gallery/

                                                              Methil Heritage Centre
Dave Smart              Community Services –           Whitehill Depot, Glenrothes
                             Parks & Amenities

Keith Greenlees         Development Services           Dunfermline Business Centre

James Anderson          Education Service              Balwearie High School
Robert Gold             Education Service              Collydean Primary School
Elizabeth Hunter        Education Service              Ladybird Nursery
Michelle Robertson      Education Service              Hyndhead School
Steven Drury            Education Service              Leuchars Primary School
Bob Simpson             Education Service              Madras College, South Street Campus
Hannah Lafferty         Education Service              St Columbas High School
Denis Reddington        Education Service              St Kenneth’s Primary School

Callum Graham           Environmental Services         Elgin Street Depot, Dunfermline
Alex Dixon              Environmental Services         Elgin Street Depot, Dunfermline
Peter Morgan            Environmental Services         Prestonhall Depot, Cupar
Carolyn Aitken          Environmental Services         Prestonhall Depot, Cupar
Roddy McCafferty        Environmental Services         Prestonhall Depot, Cupar

David Oliver            Facilities Service             County Buildings, Cupar
Anne Kinloch            Facilities Service             County Buildings, Cupar
John Hutton             Facilities Service             Kingdom House

Anne McKenna            Housing Service                Lismore Place, Kirkcaldy

Neil Wilson             IT Service                     Carleton House
Sharon Greig            IT Service                     Carleton House
Marian Harvie           IT Service                     Fife House 02
Roddy Cameron           IT Service                     Haig House

Antonia Palmer          Lauder College

Malcolm Hogg            Local Office Network           Contact Centre, Forth House
Andrea Thomas-Cartier   Local Office Network           Contact Centre, Forth House
Kenneth Blakey          Local Office Network           Cowdenbeath Local Office
Marge McMaster          Local Office Network           Kelty Local Office
Lorraine Rough          Local Office Network           Oakley Local Office

Alec Deary              Policy & Organisational Dev.   Carleton House
Margaret Scott          Policy & Organisational Dev.   Fife House
Rab Breslin             Policy & Organisational Dev.   Fife House
Nick Henderson          Policy & Organisational Dev.   Fife House
Marie Macrae            Policy & Organisational Dev.   Fife House

Bridget Hanna           Scottish Police College        Tulliallan Castle

Violet Bell             Social Work Service            Castlehill, Cupar
Helen Honeyman          Social Work Service            Castlehill, Cupar
Tracy Harrison          Social Work Service            Castlehill, Cupar
James Green             Social Work Service            Dalgairn Centre, Cupar
Marjory Wright          Social Work Service            Forward Centre, Glenrothes
Heather Campbell        Social Work Service            Park Road, Rosyth
Irene McGillvary        Social Work Service            South Street, Glenrothes

      Janette Hoggan             Social Work Service            Station Road, Leven
      Margaret Martin            Social Work Service            Stenhouse Street, Cowdenbeath

      Janice Russell             Trading Standards              Kingdom House

      Colin Paterson             Transportation Service         Trading Estate, Cupar

                                Health and Safety Representative

      Name                       Service                        Workplace

      Michael Blair              Elmwood College                Horticultural Department
      David Francis              Transportation Service         Trading Estate, Cupar

      All of the above nominations were received by the closing date and were confirmed as being in
      order. The Branch continue to accept new Steward Nominations throughout the year. Stevie
      asked for approval of the above lists – agreed.


      There were none.


      10.1   Conference/Committee delegates for 2004

             National Delegate/Local Government Conference 2004

              Michelle Smith - Development Services -       Anne McKenna - Housing Service
              Eleanor Haggett - Branch Officer              Colin Paterson - Branch Officer
              Linda Erskine -Branch Officer                 Stevie Murray - Branch Officer
              Marlene Burt - Branch Officer                 Jim Anderson - Education Service

             Scottish Local Government Conference 2004

              June Green - Job Analyst Team                 Stevie Murray - Branch Officer
              Anne McKenna - Housing Service                Brian Schulz - Branch Officer
              Janice Russell - Trading Standards            Alec Deary - P.O.D.
              Eleanor Haggett - Branch Officer              Colin Paterson - Branch Officer
              Irene McGillvary - Social Work Service        Roddy Cameron - IT Service
              Linda Erskine - Branch Officer                Gordon Pryde - Branch Officer
              Catherine McManus - Community Services        Michelle Smith - Development Services

             Local Government Forum 2004

             Eleanor Haggett and Stevie Murray.

             Scottish Council 2004

              June Green - Job Analyst Team                 Stevie Murray - Branch Officer
              Catherine McManus - Community Services        Gordon Pryde - Branch Officer
              Eleanor Haggett - Branch Officer              Alec Deary - P.O.D.
              Irene McGillvary - Social Work Service        Colin Paterson - Branch Officer

       Linda Erskine - Branch Officer                   Roddy Cameron - IT Service
       Marlene Burt - Branch Officer                    Brian Schulz – Branch Officer
       Anne McKenna - Housing Service                   Michelle Smith - Development Services
       Janice Russell - Trading Standards               Marie Macrae - P.O.D.

       A member asked re the process of choosing delegates to conference, Stevie explained the
       process and also added that proportionality must be met as 75% of members are female.

       The Scottish Council meets 3 Saturdays per year.

       Linda explained that under UNISON Rules delegates must be brought forward to the
       AAGM’s for approval.

       Stevie asked for approval for the list of delegates – Agreed.

10.2   Pay Award – Stevie informed the meeting that following the recent consultation exercise
       the results are as follows: £1,000 in the first year (flat rate) and 5% in the second year
       with a minimum hourly rate of £6.00. The Trade Unions have submitted the results of
       the consultation to CoSLA and will await their response. Fife Council have budgeted for
       2½ %.

       Stevie highlighted the importance of having a workplace steward for the consultation

       A lengthy discussion took place re the 1% cut in funding for next year.

       Tom Phillips asked if there are any discussions at present re allegiance to the Labour
       Party. Stevie responded by saying that this can go through the APF group. Members do
       not have to affiliate to the APF fund. A motion was taken to conference 2 years ago re `

       A member asked re UNISON sponsored MSP’s, Stevie explained that this is not done
       from a local level but is done nationally.

       Linda informed members that they can change from APF to GPF.

10.3   The free prize draw winner was George Provan, Education Service.

10.4   Janitorial Review – a member asked re progress made on this, Stevie informed the
       member that Alex Duncan is the officer who has been dealing with this issue. Stevie
       agreed to pass on the members details to Alex.

10.5   A member then asked re the on-going difficulties in Social Work. Linda informed the
       meeting that the new Head of Service is currently drafting a paper re this. There are 18
       vacant Social Worker posts in Fife at present.

       A member then expressed concern as it was the Head of Social Work who blocked an 5
       Social Worker posts from being advertised.

       It was agreed that Linda and Stevie would take this issue to the Social Work Forum.


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