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									                                      BAND NOTES
                              MARCHING SPARTANS
                                            July 20th, 2008

NEXT BAND MEETING DATE: August 18, 7:00 pm in the band room
The band board meeting is usually the second Monday each month, but will be on the 3 Monday this
month due to the pool party. Everyone is welcome! We are always looking for new faces. Please join us! The summer and fall calendar has been updated with our full schedule of times
and places. Please check it often.

If you would like a copy of the minutes each month, please contact our Band Booster Secretary: Ruth

BAND AMBASSADORS: They are here to help answer any questions!

Leigh Ammons        (student's last names A-C)          847-4815

Anne Collie          (D-K)                              676-2441

Kim Odishoo         (L-Sa)                              847-3631

Peg Ramsdell         (Sc-Z)                             787-7852

Al Godley, SHS Band Booster President: 848-1993

Don't forget!

September 15     $100.00       October 15        $100.00

November 15       $ 90.00

ALWAYS include your child's first and last name in the memo line. Fair Share fundraising may be used for
your payments too.

Questions: Call or e-mail Jerry Diamond 676-0318

Sanderson Band Boosters, PO Box 99370, Raleigh, NC 27624-9370
July 21-23         Band Camp begins at Sanderson                  8:00 am – 4:00 pm

July 22            Freshman Orientation at SHS (school)           8:15 am – 1:00pm

July 24            Band Camp begins at Sanderson                  8:00 am – 12:00 pm

July 25-29         Band Camp at Campbell University               8:00 am

July 29             Parent Meeting at Campbell in Music Bldg Auditorium – 3:30 pm

July 31            Thursday rehearsal                             8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Aug 5-7            Rehearsal                                     8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Aug 7              DCI Social Event at North Hills                6:00 pm

Aug 11             Pool Party Social Event                        8:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Aug 12-14          Rehearsal                                     4:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Aug 15             Band Photos                                   11:30 am

Aug 18             Band Meeting in the Band room                  7:00 pm

Aug 19 & 21        Rehearsal                                      4:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Aug 20             Leadership Clinic with Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser 4:30 pm – 7:00 pm

Aug 22             FIRST FOOTBALL GAME – Tailgating begins 5:00 pm

Aug 25             FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL

Aug 26-28          Regular Rehearsals                              3:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Band Camp Chaperones must register

Any parent that volunteers with the band must register with Wake County Schools. Band Camp Chaperones
need to take care of this ASAP. This can be done at Sanderson in the media center. Contact Andrea Nevill if
you have questions about this.

Volunteer chairs needed

Volunteers are needed to head up our fundraisers for Fruit and Flowers and Frontier Soups. Please contact
Al Godley at 848-1993 to sign up, or contact Sue Truxal at 332-1926 with specific questions regarding the
Frontier Soup sale.
Live DCI event to be Held Aug. 7 at North Hills Theatre

Once again, the 2008 World Championship Quarterfinals of the Drum Corps International (DCI) will be
telecast LIVE on the big screen at North Hills Theatre on Thursday, Aug. 7 beginning at 6 p.m. The telecast
will last several hours. Tickets are $18 each. Don’t miss a single beat as the world’s top 15 corps complete
for top honors at Indiana University’s Memorial Stadium in Bloomington, Indiana! Plus see highlights from
five additional corps.

Last week the band purchased a block of tickets for students who preordered; there are a very limited
number of extra tickets available on a first-come, first-served basis. To reserve one of the extra tickets,
call Marjie Srsic at 848-8327. To pay for a ticket, please send an $18 check, made payable to Sanderson
Band, to Marjie Srsic at 8620 Abbotsbury Ct., Raleigh, NC 27615.

Purchased tickets will be handed out to students at the end of band practice on Aug. 7.

Back-to-School Pool Party Scheduled for Monday, Aug. 11

Mark your calendars now for the annual pool party for band students! It will be held on Monday, Aug. 11 from
8 pm – 11pm at the Summerfield North pool. In addition to hours of fun, pizza and drinks will be served.
Further details (including cost and directions) and a sign-up sheet will be emailed in the coming weeks.

First Home Football Game Tailgating Party, Aug 22

The annual parent tailgate will be held near the East building before the first home football game on Aug. 22,
beginning at 5 p.m. and lasting until right before kickoff. Come meet your fellow band parents and enjoy
some great food. It will be a potluck, with everyone bringing a side dish. Details in a future email.

Questions? Contact Marjie Srsic at 848-8327, or for all social events.

MARCHING BAND 2008 - Designs for an American Landscape
September 20 - Highland Celebration, Scotland High School, Laurinburg, NC

September 27 - Panther Creek High School,

October 4 - SAT day

October 11 - West Johnston High School,

October 18 - Fuquay Varina High School,

October 25 – EXPO – SEE YOU THERE!

November 1 - Crystal Coast Band Classic, Havelock High School,
EXPO 2008 October 25th

                           th                                  rd
The ad deadline is Sept 30 and the trophy deadline is Oct. 3 . You can find the forms on the band web site
under EXPO and earn $ for fair share while supporting EXPO.

We already have several bands registered. Come to the Band Parent meeting at the conclusion of band
camp to find how you can help in this event.

We usually wait until band camp to announce the spring trip, but Mr. Flowers wanted to let everyone know a
little early this year. The chorus, band, and theater programs are planning a trip to New York this spring. The
estimated cost will be $700 and we will go the first part of the spring break week leaving April 3rd and coming
back on the 7th. We will get more details out later with the specific itinerary, but wanted everyone to know
while it is still Walnut Creek season so that hopefully everyone can work some concerts to build up their
accounts. We will get more details out later.


SCRIP has a NEW EASY PURCHASE PLAN! NEW SCRIP orders are due by AUGUST 15, 2008

The band boosters will now keep gift certificates on hand:

$25    Applebee's                           $25    Barnes and Noble/ B.Dalton

$25    Best Buy                              $25    Borders/ Waldenbooks

$25    Chili's                               $25    Circuit City

$25    Home Depot                           $15     iTunes

$25    Lowe's Hardware                      $25    Outback/ Carrabas

$10    Starbucks                             $25    Rite Aid

$25    Starbucks                             $25    CVS

$25    Office Depot                         $10    Wendy's

$25    Cheesecake Factory                   $10    Auntie Anne's

This is a great way to earn fair share dollars. Ordering is all on the web site.

Organization info: Sanderson Band Boosters Raleigh, NC

Enrollment Code:      E714FF3412769

SCRIP coordinator: Elizabeth Wentz 518-8338

Fundraising info continued:
Raleigh Citipass Books

A representative will be present for the last day of band camp to do her presentation and show us the
Raleigh Citipass Books. Books sell for $20.00 with $10.00 going to the students’ fair share. Many special
prizes will be awarded to students for selling – find out the details at band camp! Parents can pick up books
on that day. The fund-raising campaign will kick off at Band Camp July 29, 2008 and continue through
September ??????????????.


Please let Ronda and Jim know if you are interested in continuing with the Walnut Creek Concert
Fundraising Events. ABC training is required and we are hoping to have it scheduled at Sanderson. It is
IMPORTANT to let the coordinators know if you are interested!!

Coordinators: Ronda Decker Jim McFarlane

Yankee Candle

The Yankee Candle Fundraiser will begin in November. Begin planning now on who you can sell to and who
you might want to buy a gift while helping your student’s fairshare! More info to come.

Beth Ammons, rising junior colorguard, will sing with the Baptist State Youth Choir next week; she auditioned
and made this select group of 100 high school students from across the state -- they will tour the state and
will stop in Raleigh for a concert on Saturday, July 19 at Meymandi Hall at 7 pm.

Stephanie Barnett, rising junior euphonium, Jessica Grossano, rising junior euphonium and trumpet, Nate
Hitchings, '08 graduate trumpet and Patrick Williams, rising freshman trombone, performed solos in their
private teacher's annual spring recital on June 9th at Bay Leaf Baptist Church. The program was focused on
all forms of jazz music from Dixie to Swing with Nate closing out the program as the featured soloist
performing Gallagher's Sonata.

Sean Crosson, rising senior percussion, Meghan Jones, rising junior percussion, and Troy Larimer, rising
junior percussion, have been involved in a praise band which Meghan started called "The Way" at Benson
Memorial United Methodist Church with Sean on drumset and Meghan and Troy on guitar and all 3 on
vocals. They debuted in June at a Youth Sunday service.

Rising junior percussionists Meghan Jones bass, Brandon Fernandez tenors, Troy Larimer bass, Jesse
Rogers snare, Donald Turner snare, and rising senior percussionist Sam McFarlane snare, attended the Matt
Savage Marching Percussion Camp held in July in Ellerbe, NC so they could work on technique and prepare
for the 2008 marching season. Three of our students won awards that gave them discounts for next year’s
camp. Troy earned most valuable bass, Donald earned most valuable snare and Brandon earned most
improved tenors. Brandon also attended the University of Georgia at Athens Marching Percussion Camp, the
University of South Carolina Marching Percussion Camp and the UNCG Summer Music Camp.

Phillip Knorr, rising senior trumpet, and David Williams, rising junior tuba, performed patriotic musical
selections with the Triangle Youth Brass Band (TYBB) and the UNC-Greensboro Concert Band on July 4 in
Greensboro as part of the "Fun Fourth Festival". The performance was held at Jamieson Stadium, Grimsley
High School.

Trevor Shelton, rising junior percussion, recently played bass with a band at the "Art of Lifestyle Concert" in
Durham. The concert was to bring awareness of the freedom of slaves in Texas. His group was participating
in the event "expression through music".
Patrick Short, rising senior trombone and '08 drum major, has been working on his drum major skills with a
local young man who has often served as a drum major judge at NC marching band competitions. Patrick is
getting prepared to lead off the '08 season with a bang!

David Williams, rising junior tuba, performed with the Triangle Youth Brass Band (TYBB) on May 24 at Koko
Booth Amphitheater in Cary, in conjunction with the Triangle Wind Ensemble and Concert Singers of Cary.
On May 25, David and the TYBB performed with the Triangle Youth Brass Ensemble at Meymandi Concert
Hall in Raleigh.

 Wind Ensemble, Concert Band and Marching Spartans 2007-2008 CDs
     AVAILABLE! 2007-2008 Slide Show DVDs are also available!
Remember this year for only $10.00 per CD! Great music by our finest Sanderson Musicians! See Mr.
Flowers to purchase your copy. - The DVD is $10.00. The money raised from this sale is donated to the
Tom Krier Scholarship Fund. Thank you to Ally Smiddy for a GREAT show and to Brian Decker for making
the copies available to our band! Please send your checks to the Sanderson Band Boosters.

President’s Note:

Wow! What a year already! I do not know how Darden did all this last year. When you see her, be sure to
let her know what a great job she did and how much you appreciate it. She is still with the band as is her son
and is helping me transition in. I have so much to learn and so many people to get to know. Please, when
you see me, come up and say hello and DO NOT assume I remember names. I’d love to say that I was
great at that but I’m not. I want to know every parent, student and instructor associated with the band. So
bear with me.

Many people have been working a lot of hours to get things ready. Andrea Nevill has been organizing band
camp for months. Be sure to let her know how much you appreciate what she does. And don’t forget to
thank the chaperones!

Brenda has been working on the newsletter. She is putting up valiantly with me. I want the newsletter to be
the source for what is going on. It will come out right after the monthly Band Meeting each month and will
have notes from all of us and dates as well as information. Be sure you read it and carry a copy with you
and thank her for her work.

But, don’t forget the website! That is our central point for ongoing information. Nelson Williams does great
work keeping it updated, organized and making us look like geniuses. Be sure to thank him for his efforts.
By the way, if you need something posted, send it to Creighton or me. We’ll work with Nelson to get it
reviewed and posted.

Let’s talk Band meetings. In the past, these have been referred to as “Board Meetings” and yes, the Band
Board does meet but really it is a meeting that covers a lot of things. We encourage all parents to join us to
not only find out what is going on but to provide input and shape to our plans and events. From now on I’d
like to refer to this as the BAND MEETING. Join us!! We need your input, voice and ideas.

Budgets: $700 is our fairshare this year and that amount will still not cover our expenses. We often talk
about where your fairshare money goes but that is just part of it. Our budget actually comes closer to $1,000
per student than $700. We are changing the budget to reflect this so everyone sees where it all goes and
from where it all comes. We are presenting the consolidated budget at the Band Meeting this month (July).
I hope to have a copy attached to this newsletter or at least on the web page.
Expo is critical to making up the difference between $700 and $1000. We need your support, your help and
you to volunteer. Please, let Norman George or I know of your desire to help out. One of the best things you
can do is to sell ads for the program, sell trophy sponsorship and coming soon, help solicit sponsors! Jean
McCloskey has done some tremendous work on these areas, especially on a presentation for sponsors. We
really want to improve ads in the program and sponsorships this year. Jean presented the sponsorship
program at the July meeting. If you’d like to see it and learn about it, let us know. Be sure to thank her for
her hard work.

Fairshare funds to your account are being paid for ad, trophy and sponsorship sales! This is a great way to
earn fairshare money for band fees OR band trip expenses AND it helps make Expo that much better which
keeps our band fees low.

Speaking of fairshare, your timely payments are critical. We have expenses and responsibilities all year.
This is especially true before marching season even begins. Sarah Williams, Julie Lebria and Jerry Diamond
(yes, it takes 3 of them) all work on budgets, fairshare, check writing and banking for the band. These 3
people really deserve thanks for not only their tireless hours but for keeping our bills paid, fairshare accounts
up to date and the money deposited and reconciled. Be sure to find them and thank them!

As a reminder, we have made some changes to paying bills. Reimbursements for expenses need to be
submitted with in 2 months of being incurred. After that we appreciate your donation. Also, a form is need
with your receipts to help insure the expenses are credited to the proper accounts. While Sarah writes all the
checks I need to approve the expense prior to her writing them. This includes bills from vendors! Plan
accordingly and thank you for your support.

I’ve failed to mention so many people that are working so hard. It is not intentional; I just can not remember
them all right now. Please, find them and let them know what they mean to our children. Say thank you.
One person I do want to mention is Denice Short. Denice and Cathy Perkinson are preparing for uniforms to
be fitted this coming week and have enlisted a lot of eager parents help, and we greatly appreciate that!
Way to go Denice!

I am working with Creighton to put a list together of opportunities for our students: Camps, Ensembles,
Performances, etc. that are outside of school. I think these improve and enrich the skills and character of our
children. Look for that both here and on the website.

Lastly, we all make the band successful. Supporting our students is critical and supporting each other is,
too. Thank you for all you do, each of you. Whether it is driving our children to practice, picking them up
afterward, volunteering, building props or driving the truck. We all need each other. I hope you will join us
for the annual tailgate party before the first home football game. We meet in the parking lot and usually
hangout near the building near the spirit rock. Be sure to join us and enjoy the fellowship!

I am excited about the new marching season. It is full of hope, promise and excitement. I have faith that it
will be all that and more.

Al Godley
Band Booster President

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