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									                             ANNUAL MEETING
                American College of Health Care Administrators
                             New Jersey Chapter
                                April 7, 2009

The New Jersey Chapter of the ACHCA conducted the Annual Meeting/
Education Seminar on April 7, 2009 at New Jersey Hospital Association,
Princeton, New Jersey.

The Chapter President, Michael Hotz welcomed attendees and vendors to the
annual seminar/meeting.

Invocation was given by Sr. Norah Clarke, past president of the NJACHCA.


The minutes of April 16, 2008 annual meeting was presented by Mr. Hotz. A
motion to approve minutes was made by Mr. Jim Caron and second by Norda
Ballontoni. Minutes were accepted.

President’s Report

Mr. Hotz informed that New Jersey ACHCA membership has increased 38%
since November, 2008. A newsletter was distributed to all attendees in their
seminar packet and it was also mailed to all New Jersey Nursing Home
Administrators. The newsletter’s profit will be used to underwrite $250 of the
$600 fee to the first 20 NJACHCA members, who register to attend the
Convocation being held in Providence, Rhode Island in May, 2009. Mr. Hotz also
spoke of the Peer 2Peer website that allows members to connect instantly with
colleagues across the country through an online network. A broad range of topics
are discussed such as PPS, 5-Star, and policies & procedures. Mr. Hotz
announced that certification and advancement to fellowship information will be
available at the Convocation in Rhode Island to all who are interested.

Vendor Committee

The Vendor Committee Chairperson, Mr. Tom Bejgrowicz, thanked all the
vendors for their sponsorship and participation in this event and the given
support throughout the year.
Education Committee Report

Jeanine Reilly, Education Committee Chairperson was introduced. Ms. Reilly
mentioned future seminars beginning with the May 15-19, 2009 annual National
Convocation in Rhode Island. There will also be educational seminars throughout
the State. Our next educational meeting will be on June 11, 2009 on Maximizing
Medicare Coverage at the Health Center at Bloomingdale and on September 10th
the seminar on Financial Issues in LTC including Federal Stimulus Package held
at Saint Peter's Hospital.

Finance Report

Mr. Robert Reyes presented the finance report. The beginning balance in
January 2008 was $17,205. Additional Income of $7,373 throughout the 2008
brought the balance to $24,578. The expenditures in 2008 totaled $14,535. The
bank balance year end was $10,043. A detailed financial statement was
distributed to all members.

A motion to accept the financial report was made by Mr. Caron and second by
Mr. Jim Berg. Financial Report was accepted as presented.

Scholarship Awards

The Scholarships Awards were presented by Mr. Berg, Chairperson of
Scholarship Committee. Mr. Berg asked if anyone is interested in joining the
Committee to please contact him. Applications for nominations are on the
website and opened to anyone affiliated to ACHCA.

The scholarship award was presented to Ms. Sayed who is Administrator in
Training at Parker Home with Mr. Muniz.

The New Administrator Awards were presented to Janet Merly-Liranzo from St.
Ann’s Home and Sister Lucia Maroor from Bishop McCarthy Residence.

Ms. Ledany presented the Distinguished Administrator award to Mr. Chuck
Berkowitz from the Jewish Home in Rockleigh.
By-Laws Committee

A report by the By-Laws Committee was presented by Roberto Muñiz. Mr. Muñiz
stated that were two changes outlined in the bylaws and they are as follows:

#1. Page 2,
Article VII. Elections

“ Notification of elections and/or of any other notification required to the
members should be sent via U.S. Mail or by any electronic means”.

#2. Page 6,
“Updated: April 7, 2009”

Nominating Committee

Ms. Norda Bellantoni presented the nominations to elect officials for the 2009 NJ
ACHCA Chapter. A motion to approve nominations for NJ Chapter officers was
made by Mr. Berg and seconded by Mr. Muniz. The following officers were
elected and sworn in by Mr. Larry Slatky.

The officers are:

Michael Hotz – President
Helaine Ledany – Vice President
Janet Merly-Liranzo – Secretary
Robert Reyes – Treasurer

Ms. Bellantoni also mentioned that a Regional District Director is being sought for
the New Jersey and New York districts. Anyone who is interested in the position
may contact Ms. Bellantoni.

Mr. Larry Slatky was invited to speak on behalf of the ACHCA as a national
representative. He informed that there has been an increase of national
membership by 24%. He mentioned that Ms. Mariana Grachek has done a very
good job in moving the organization forward with the help of the other board
members and chapters across the nation. Mr. Slatky invited everyone to
participate in becoming involved in the different meetings and activities that the
ACHCA offers. The annual educational five day seminar is being held in
Bermuda and the Winter Market seminar in Las Vegas will be held at the Hard
Rock Café or Planet Hollywood. Also available to members is the certification
program and self and development educational programs that maintain
participants up to date in their profession.

After no further discussion meeting was adjourned.
The seminar continued with the scheduled speaker, Daria F. Mauro, Human
Resource Director from Sodexo Senior Services who talked about Generations in
the Workplace and identifying the 4 Generations and key traits and how
generational differences shaped workplace behaviors.

The morning speaker was Dr. Alex Makris, M.D., CMD, whose topic was on
Medical Direction in Long Term Care and reviewed current State and Federal
Regulations as they pertained to the role and the responsibilities of the Medical
Director in Long Term Care.

Respectfully submitted by:
Janet Merly-Liranzo
Janet Merly-Liranzo

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