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					     The BIG DIG
  Team Summit Topic Presentation
         April 19th, 2005
Tommy Nguyen & Candace Pederson
• Boston, Massachusetts’ main
  highway - the 6 lane Central Artery -
  (built in 1959) along with the harbor
  crossings could not predict the
  exponential growing Boston
  community that it would have to
  support in the years to come…
Conditions will only worsen…
• High congestion at least 10 hours/day
• Has 4x’s the national accident rate average
• Deteriorating and becoming unstable and unsafe
• Environmental concerns
• Wasted fuel from idling and late deliveries cost
  drivers 500 million dollars/year
• this elevated highway cuts off communities from
  Boston – severing them from economic culture
          Boston’s Future
• By 2010, it is predicted that the Central
  Artery will be completely congested
  with a permanent traffic jam that lasts
  all day and all night.
 CA/T (Central Artery/Tunnels Project or The “Big Dig”)

• 8-10 lane UNDERGROUND expressway
  underneath the existing structure
• Merging as a 14 lane two bridge crossing
  over the St. Charles river
• Central Artery will be demolished and
  space used for other developments (such
  as park space)
“To put these highway improvements in the
  ground in a city like Boston proved to be one of
  the largest, most technically difficult and
  environmentally challenging infrastructure
  projects ever undertaken in the United States.”
  Predicted Solution Benefits
• Less time in traffic!
• 12% reduction in carbon monoxide levels
• Connect communities that were once
• 260 acres of open land – much of it used
  for new parks
• Capped off old dumps with dirt from
 Project SCOPE Management
• Replace the 6 lane elevated highway with
  an 8-10 lane underground expressway
  – 14 lane/2 bridge crossing over St. Charles River
  – Old highway used for parks/developments
• Add extension of I-90 (Mass Turnpike) will
  be a tunnel beneath South Boston & the
  Boston Harbor
  – First link will be the Ted Williams Tunnel under the
   Project TIME management
• Project started in 1991 (design began in

• Summer 2004, 94% complete

• Entire project will be finished mid-2005
• 1983: Work begins on Final Environmental Impact Statement/Report
• 1987: Congress approves funding and scope of Project.
  Building acquisition and business relocation process begins.
• 1990: Congress allocates $755 million to project. Construction begins on
  Ted Williams Tunnel and South Boston Haul Road.
• 1992: More than $1 billion in design and construction contracts under way.
  Dredging and blasting for the Ted Williams Tunnel ongoing.
  Archaeologists find 17th and 18th century artifacts at a North End dig.
• 1993: South Boston Haul Road opens. All 12 tube sections for Ted Williams
  Tunnel are placed and connected on harbor floor.
• 1994: Charles River Crossing design approved.
  New set of loop ramps open in Charlestown.
• 1998: Enter peak construction years, including Charles River Crossing.
• 1999: Overall construction 50 percent complete.
  New Broadway Bridge opens.
  2000: Nearly 5,000 workers employed on the Big Dig
• 2001: Overall construction 70 percent complete.
• 2004: Dismantling of the elevated Central Artery (I-93). Looking Ahead . . .
• 2005: 96% complete. Issues are popping up…
    Project COST management
•   Construction: $9,120 Million
•   Force Accounts: $596 Million
•   Right of Way Settlements: $572 Million
•   Design: $996 Million
•   Project Management: $1962 Million
•   Insurance: $572 Million
•   Contingency: $258 Million
    Project Management Monthly
• CA/T established this report to publicly
  document scope, schedule, and cost
• Posted on website for anyone to view
• Lists all project management details that
  are discussed
           Current Problems
• Cost overruns!
• Leaky tunnel walls
• Tuesday April 5th: Dirt/debris fall and hit
  motorists (damage cars/ambulance)
The Big Dig
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