File with the department and A&S Advising by your fifth semester

Name                                                 ID #                      Expected Graduation Date
Local Address                                                          Email                              Phone
A Guide for the Major is available in the Religious Studies office, 221 Arts & Science Bldg, 882-4769. This form must be filed
with A&S Advising Center, 107 Lowry.
Double Major (if applicable)                                           If a double major is declared, remember to file a Graduation
Plan in the department of your other major.
Minimum Department Requirements: 30 hours from the list below (at least 21 hours numbered 2000 or above) are required. You
must have a minimum GPA 2.0 in Religious Studies courses. At least one course must be taken in each of the three fields below,
excluding the General Courses area; also, you must have at least one course in Asian (“A”), one in Western (“W”), and one in
Indigenous religions (“I”). “E” denotes elective courses.

                          Sem Taken        REQUIRED COURSES
                          _______   1100   Introduction to Religion, OR,
                          _______   2110   Major World Religions
                          _______   3990   Junior Seminar
                          _______   4100   Modern Perspectives in the Study of Religion
                          _______   4990   Senior Seminar (CAPSTONE)

Sem Taken – History                        Sem Taken -Religious Narratives            Sem Taken – Society
   1820 Asian Humanities (A)                   2270 Mod.Lit. & Quest Values (E)            1500 Religion & Culture (W)
   2310 Rel of China & Japan (A)               2280 Bibl. Themes in Am. Lit (E)            2050 Religion & Law in America (E)
   2510 Intro to New Testament (W)             2410 Torah: A Liberal View (W)              2100 Indigenous Rel (I)
   2600 Early Christianity (W)                 2500 Intro Hebrew Bible/OT (W)              2250 Rel, Persp. on Peace & War (E)
   2610 Medieval Christianity (W)              2900 Contemp. Rel. Thought (W)              2400 Judaism (W)
   2620 Hist of Christ., 1500+ (W)             2920 Images of Good & Evil (E)              2450 Holocaust & Ref. Genocide (E)
   2700 Islam (W)                              3300 The Prophets (W)                       2910 Rel & Contemp Soc Issues (E)
   3000 Hist Rel in Am to Civ War (E)          3310 Psalms & Wisdom Lit (W)                2939 Rel & Human Sexuality (W)
   3200 Hinduism (A)                           3400 Gospels of M, M & L (W)                3210 Hist Rel Post-Civ War Am (E)
   3210 Hist Rel Post-CivWar Am (E)            3600 Spirituality (W)                       3380 Native Am Rel (I)
   3240 Buddh of S & SE Asia (A)               3710 The Reality of God (W)                 3750 Women & Religion (E)
   3250 Buddhism of East Asia (A)              3740 Religion & Film (E)                    3760 Geography World’s Rel (E)
   3410 Life & Letters of Paul (W)             4110 Myth & Rel Symbolism (I)               3800 Religion in America Today (E)
   3430 Rev & Apocalyptic Lit (W)              4300 Rel Narratives of S. Asia (A)          4120 Studies in Ritual (I)
   3500 Second Temple Judaism (W)              4400 Catholic Intellectual Trad. (W)        4130 Haunting & Healing (W)
   3540 Jewish–Chr. Relations (W)              4410 Major Religious Thinkers (W)           4210 African American Religion (E)
   3700 Modern Religious Thought (W)           4630 Sanskrit I (A)                         4380 Anthrop. Theories of Rel (E)
   4200 W Afr & Am Diaspora Rel (I)            4640 Sanskrit II (A)                        4418 Rel Reporting & Writing (E)
   4310 The Confucian Tradition (A)                                                        4500 Greek & Roman Literature (W)
   4320 Intro to Daoism (A)                                                                4750 Women, Rel & Culture (E)
   4550 The Historical Jesus (W)
   4560 Crusades (W)

                                                     GENERAL COURSES
        Sem Taken       Course                              |  Sem Taken                  Course
                       2005 Topics in Religion                    |                       2950 Directed Readings
                       3005 Topics in Religion                    |                       4960 Directed Readings
                       4005 Topics in Religion                    |

Dept Advisor                                                                               Date
Chair                                                                                      Date
Dean                                                                                       Date

                                                             (OVER)                                Forms: Grad plan-major 12/07

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