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					                       Cyndy Douan on Border Collies as Pets:
                    Can YOU Live with a High Drive Working Dog?
                              December 6 & 7, 2008
                                  Rome, Georgia
          Over the past 10 years, interest in owning a Border Collie as a pet has continued to proliferate.
Movies such as “Babe”, reality TV shows including Border Collies, televised dog sports such as agility and
disc dog, Animal Planet’s “Pet Star” program, as well as the unfortunate recognition of the Border Collie
by the American Kennel Club, have served to showcase the intellect and talent of the Border Collie to the
general public. When searching for the “perfect breed” to bring into your family, why would you not
choose the dog that is said to be the “most intelligent” of all breeds?
          With the explosion of Border Collie Rescue groups throughout the United States and the
increasing numbers of Border Collies finding their way into local shelters, it is evident that a disclaimer or
caution about the potential problems this breed can exhibit in a pet household environment would have
perhaps saved many pet owners and dogs much frustration and heartbreak.
          For the past 19 years, Cyndy Douan has practiced professional dog training for pet owners on a
full time basis. Cyndy is co-founder and past President of the International Association of Canine
Professionals and she is a Certified Dog Trainer. Cyndy has trained more than seventy five different breeds
of dogs plus all varieties of mixed breeds. A recreational agility competitor for the past 8 years, Cyndy has
earned more than 30 agility titles on her current Border Collies including local qualifiers in USDAA Grand
Prix and USDAA Performance Speed Jumping events and ASCA Agility HIT’s. Cyndy has also competed
in obedience, flyball, & disc dog events with her Border Collies.

     “It wasn’t until the late 90’s that I started seeing Border Collies in my business practice. For
     years after, I struggled with solutions that did not work and behavior problems that I did not
     understand. My approach to high drive behavior often met with disastrous results. In 2003, I
     brought a high drive working Border Collie into my own home and, for several months, I
     experienced the frustrations first hand. That year, I began an intensive research project that I
     continue today. Studying the history of the breed, interviewing livestock farmers, sheepdog trial
     competitors, attending performance events & clinics, and experimenting with various
     combinations of approaches with Border Collies has led me to a new though process and very
     successful approaches in helping pet owners to understand their Border Collies and to work to
     progress through their issues.”

DATE: Saturday, December 6, 2008 and Sunday December 7, 2008. This two day seminar is open to
professional dog trainers, rescue volunteers, foster home volunteers, dog sport competitors, and owners of
Border Collies, Border Collie mixes, as well as other very high drive herding breeds.

Schedule:         Saturday:         8:30-9:30 setup for crates and chairs
                                    9am to 9:30 am check in
                                    9:30am- Morning Session
                                    Noon to 1:30pm- lunch
                                    1:30- 4:30- Afternoon Session
                  Sunday:           9am- Morning Session
                                    Noon to 1:30pm- lunch
                                    1:30pm to 4:30pm – Afternoon Session
LUNCH- We will be offering box lunches each day. Firehouse Subs will cater lunch on Saturday. Panera
Bread Co. will cater lunch on Sunday. Please indicate on the registration that you would like a boxed lunch.

Seminar Topics:

History of the Working Sheepdog
The Farmer’s Perspective : How to keep a Sheepdog
                            How to breed Sheepdogs
                            How to tell you have a good working Sheepdog
                            How to train a Sheepdog
Finding “The Work”
Temperament & Behavioral Issues
Socialization to People & Animals
A Question of Sanity
Appropriate Management – Why there is a breakdown when you bring “Pip” home.
The Nuisance of Over Stimulation
What is too Much Exercise?
The Importance of Forced Rest
Fit or Fat?
Health Considerations
Physical Conditioning
Risk of Injuries/Prevalence of Injuries
Training a Sheepdog to live in your home
Attention: the Foundation of Teamwork
“Teammate” vs. “Nemesis” Mindset
Why the Leash?
Relationship Equals Influence
Teaching Self-Control
Managing & Channeling Drive

*******The seminar will be conducted at Georgia Dog Gym. This is a working seminar and you may bring
your dogs. We will lecture on Saturday and work with dogs on Sunday. There are a number of parks in
Rome where you can take your Border Collies for exercise on Saturday after the seminar. All dogs must be
crated during lectures. The seminar is limited to 25 participants. Please pick up after your dogs.

You will also be required to submit updated health records on any dog you are bringing to the seminar.
They should be mailed with the registration packet. If you have any questions about this requirement or
concerns about the health of your particular dog, please contact Cyndy Douan at 706-292-0889 or

All seminar fees must be paid in full in order to reserve a space. Refunds on pre-paid fees will be granted
up to November 21, 2008. After November 21, 2008, there will be no refunds on seminar fees.

When you have submitted the Registration Form, dog health records, and the signed liability release form,
you will receive a confirmation of your reservation.

Recommended Reading before the Seminar: Eminent Dogs, Dangerous Men by Donald McCaig

Directions to Seminar:
From Atlanta: Take I-75N. Exit on Hwy 20 *to Rome*. Follow the signs to Hwy 411 to Rome. Turn Right
at the Rome By-Pass(Hwy 1 Spur). Take a Right at the First Light (Kingston Hwy/293). Drive 2.3 miles.
Turn left at Fred Kelly Rd. Dog Gym is on the corner of Fred Kelly & Kingston Hwy/Hwy 293.
                                       Travel Accommodations

Call for rates and pet fees. Hotel rates and rules change over time so we have not
listed pricing. We believe these hotels are currently pet friendly. Please act
responsibly with your pet while you are staying at these facilities so that they may
continue to allow pets to stay there. Our list of pet friendly hotels in Rome
diminishes every year due to problems with dogs. There is currently a leash law in
our county and city. Please pick up after your dogs. Also please avoid leaving dogs
in your room when you are not there to supervise them.

The Claremont House- Bed and Breakfast

906 E. 2nd Avenue SW
Rome, GA 30161

Rates include gourmet breakfast.
The facility is pet friendly. The house is set on a one
acre lot and in a safe area of town. There is a nice side yard for
exercising your dogs. No pet deposits. No extra pet fees.
10 minute drive to the seminar site.

Jameson Inn
40 Grace Drive
Rome, GA 30161

Howard Johnson Express
1610 Martha Berry Blvd, NE
Rome, GA
15 Minute drive to the seminar site

Other lodging for your dog:

Georgia Dog Gym (the seminar site)

You may make a reservation with us for an overnight space for your dog or dogs. We are offering the
discounted rate of $15.00 per night per run. Runs are approximately 4’ x 5’ each. Call 706-378-2275 to
make that reservation.
                       Cyndy Douan on Border Collies as Pets:
                   Can YOU Live with a High Drive Working Dog?
                               Seminar Registration
                                 December 6 & 7

Name: ______________________________________________
Home Address: _______________________________________________
City/State: _________________Country:______ Zip/Postal Code________
Home Phone: ( ) _____-___________ Fax: (     ) _____-____________
E-Mail: __________________________
Business/Organization Name: ____________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________
City/State: _________________Country:____ Zip/Postal Code: _________
Business Phone: ( ) _____-________      Fax: ( ) ____-__________

   Seminar Fees

       $175.00 - Two Day Seminar Tuition
       $ 9.00- Boxed Lunch –Saturday (Firehouse Subs)
       $ 9.00- Boxed Lunch- Sunday (Panera Bread Co.)

Complete the following if paying by credit card:     ____Master Card    ____ Visa  _____ Discover
Credit Card Number: ___________________________________________ Expiration Date: __________
Security code: ____________________ (the 3 digit code on the back of the card)
Cardholder Name: ___________________________ Cardholder Signature: ________________________
Billing Address with Zip Code (If different from above):________________________________________

Please check one:
________ I will not be bringing dogs to the seminar.

________ I will be bringing a dog or dogs to the seminar and have included copies of their health records
with this registration.

Please mail your registration forms to Georgia Dog Gym, LLC, 35 Fred Kelly Rd, Rome, GA 30145
If you have questions about the facility call 706-378-2275 or visit
If you have questions about the seminar content please call or e-mail Cyndy Douan at 706-292-0889 or
                           SEMINAR LIABILITY RELEASE

I hereby certify that I am the owner or authorized agent for the dog(s) I will have with me and I
agree to accept full responsibility for myself and my dog(s) during the entire seminar hosted by
Georgia Dog Gym, LLC and while on the premises of Georgia Dog Gym, LLC.

I agree to expressly assume all risks of injury or death to me or my dog while using the facilities,
equipment, materials, and/or while receiving assistance, training, guidance, tutelage and/or
instruction, and/or engage in the activities, events, sports, festivities and/or gatherings at any time
during the seminar hosted by Georgia Dog Gym, LLC or while on the premises of Georgia Dog
Gym, LLC.

To the fullest extent allowed by law, I agree to waive and release any and all claims for myself or
my dog, whether of personal injury, bodily injury, property damage, damages, losses and /or
death that may arise from my or my dogs aforementioned use or receipt. I understand and
recognize that there are certain dangers and perils connected with such use and/or receipt, which
I fully acknowledge, understand, and accept.

I also agree to use my best judgment in any undertaking of these activities, use/or receipt and to
adhere to any and all safety instructions and recommendations given to me, for me or my dog,
whether oral or written.

Kingston Kennels, LLC, Jeffrey M. White, or Cynthia M. Douan. I AGREE TO RELEASE AND
INDEMNIFY Georgia Dog Gym, LLC, Kingston Kennels, LLC, their Owners, their agents and
employees from any and all liability for injuries, whether they arise or result from any alleged
NEGLIGENCE or any other cause.

I have carefully read this agreement and release of liability and understand its contents. I hereby
certify that I am a competent adult assuming these risks of my own free will, being under no
compulsion or duress. I AM AWARE THAT THIS IS A RELEASE OF LIABILITY and a legal,
binding contract between myself, my heirs or legal representatives and Georgia Dog Gym, LLC,
Kingston Kennels, LLC, their owners, agents and employees.

This document is intended to provide a COMPREHENSIVE RELEASE OF LIABILITY, but is not
intended to assert any claims or defenses which are prohibited by law. I understand and agree
that this Agreement will be interpreted pursuant to the laws of this state. If any portion of this
agreement is deemed unenforceable, the remainder shall be given full force and effect. I

 PARTICIPANT NAME:                                                   DATE: _________
                                  PLEASE PRINT

         SIGNATURE: ___________________________________

 I AM THE □ OWNER □ AGENT OF THE DOG WITH ME.             Dogs Call Name: __________________

                                                              Breed: _________________
                                                              Age:________    Sex:____

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