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                                WOMEN’S STUDY PROGRAM
                              Renewing Your Christian Self: Wisdom
                                     from the Lives of Women
                                  in the Old and New Testament
                                           by Cheryl Dickow

                                     now available for your
                                   parish or women’s groups!

 Approved by National Association of Catholic Chaplains
                for educational credit

Selected by Catholic Exchange as the 2008 online women’s
    study to celebrate John Paul II’s Mulieris Dignitatem
                       Study Kit includes:
                        One Leader’s Booklet
             Ten copies of Renewing Your Christian Self
                     CD’s with eleven podcasts
                Ten course outlines, ten bookmarks

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                        “Behold Your Mother” has an
                       Imprimatur from the Lansing,
                        MI diocese and is an excellent
                      resource for RCIA or other parish
                          adult religious education

                     “Behold Your Mother” also makes
                     an ideal gift for confirmation or
                              Mother’s Day.

The Eucharist Assembled
  by Marie Wilson
A 40 page book offering
mediations on the traditional 14
Stations of the Cross that also
provides pictures that can be
colored by young children or
simply contemplated by older

Bulk rates make this an excellent
choice to complement any parish
religious education program or
Catholic classroom!

    “Walk New: A Lenten Resource for
       Youth” by Kathryn Mulderink,
     OCDS, is the ideal book for pre-
      teens, teens, and young adults.

     “Walk New” works well for youth
      groups as well as Lenten prayer
       groups and retreats as it offers
     meditations on the 14 traditional
      Stations of the Cross, along with
     beautiful illustrations, and invites
      all to respond wholeheartedly to
              Joseph’s Hands is also available in Spanish!

                                               Joseph’s Hands is the ideal
                                                book for young Catholic
                                                classrooms and vocation
                                                  awareness programs!

                                               See why Joseph’s Hands is
                                             endorsed by Archbishop Foley
                                              of Alabama, Catholic author
                                                Bert Ghezzi and has been
                                               featured on Catholic radio!

                                             Order your review copy
                                              today, please specify
                                               English or Spanish.

Chris scratched his head, “I don’t
                                         Many years later Fr. Joseph stood at the
know what went wrong, Joe.”
                                         altar and looked at the host in his hands.
                                         For a fleeting moment he remembered his
Joseph bit his lip, “It’s me. My hands
                                         six-year-old “host” and he smiled at the
are just wrong!”
                                         memory. God had found a use for his

Discover why Isabel’s Sister
 is hailed as the perfect pro-
life book for young Catholic
             classrooms or to
       complement religious
       education programs…

                                 Author Lori Hogg takes
                                 you into a touching
                                 conversation you
                                 won’t forget.
                                 “Between You and
                                 Me” surely will be
 BETWEEN YOU AND ME              used as a channel of
    MAKING A LOVING              God’s grace and a
        CHOICE:                  spirit-filled tribute to
                                 all those touched by
       ADOPTION                  the loving choice of
                                 life through adoption.
                                 ~Dawn Iacono, Director
                                 of Pro-Life, Buffalo
A truly astonishing and engaging story
of what it means to live responsibly in a
time of love, war, and peace. Should be
required reading for every teenager and
adult, wherever they live, whatever their
situation. I could not put it down.
Would make a great movie.

            Stanley D. Williams, Ph.D.
     Author, Producer, and Distributor

    Daily Direction
      for Teenz
  provides 365 days of
  inspiration that encourages
  teens to develop a personal
  relationship with Christ,
  learn Scripture, and find
  peace and joy in everyday
     “Innovative, insightful,
   practical, and inspiring! A
       great gift for teens.”
      +Ronald P. Herzog
      Diocesan Bishop of
     Alexandria, Louisiana
                     Simple truths from John Paul II’s Theology of
                   the Body are used to develop virtues amidst every
                    tween’s concern for fashion, beauty, and friends.
                    This series of books helps each girl discover the
                     unique privilege and call upon her life in God’s
                   kingdom. She will learn that she is a princess and
                     how saying “yes” to God’s plan for her life can
                          change the face of the world forever!

The books provide guidance along with fun quizzes, tips, and stories
and are meant to enforce the role of parents as the primary educator
                         of their children.

       The five titles of the “ALL THINGS GIRL” series:
                 • Friends, Boys, and Getting Along
     • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…What is Beauty, After All?
                             • Girls Rock!
                        • Mind Your Manners
                        • Modern and Modest
     • ATG journal for Prayers, Thoughts, and Other Important
        My Big Feet
         by Joan L. Kelly

is not just a story of acceptance,
but also a fun adventure tale.
When the new girl, Isabel,
moves into town, Rob and his
misfit    buddies      have    the
opportunity to become true
heroes. Rob's kid sister Bridget,
a master of disguises, even gets
in on the act. Spies take Isabel
and her parents hostage on the
eve of Isabel's birthday dance,
to which the whole eighth grade
class has been invited. Rob and
his gang must figure out a way
to pool their unique, God-given
talents to save the day.

Catholic parents and teachers
    will love the perfect
denouement of “My Big Feet!”

     Bulk prices make this, and all our books, ideal for
   classroom purchases and excellent replacements for
                secular book club selections!


                                            Hiding the Stranger in Hickory
                                                     By Joan L. Kelly

                                          The adventure begins when a young
                                          farm girl, Katie, finds an unconscious
                                          teenager in a meadow. When she and
                                          her siblings try to help him discover
                                          answers,     they    find   themselves
                                          involved in intrigue and possible
                                          danger.     Who is this mysterious
                                          stranger that suddenly shows up on a
                                          small Illinois farm? Where did he
                                          come from? Where is he going?

          Joan’s books are ideal for late elementary and middle school readers.

 Order a review copy of “Hiding the Stranger” today to see why Joan’s work is being
enthusiastically embraced in classrooms and homeschool curriculums around the country!

Includes Hiding the Stranger
       of Baker Street
  and Hiding the Stranger:
     The Journey Home
                  See why kids
                and adults love…

                         Chapter One

Page 2   impending adjective; about to happen; threatening or

         drought noun; a period of dry weather, especially a
         long one that is injurious to crops

         plaguing verb; to pester or annoy persistently or

         parched adjective; to become very dry

Page 3   devastated verb; Ruin, destruction

Page 6   granary noun; a building for storing grain

Food for Thought

    1.   How did the drought affect the lives of the farmers?
    2.   Describe the birthday surprise that Tressa never

The Green Coat, A Tale from the Dust Bowl Years is a “must have” novel for
middle and high school classrooms! This engrossing cross-curriculum narrative is
captivating readers of all ages across the nation. Students are drawn into the storyline
and personalities presented in The Green Coat in a tale that is masterfully woven to
entice, teach, guide, and reflect. A quiet message of spirituality permeates each chapter
of The Green Coat as two teenage siblings struggle to meet the challenges of the
devastating circumstances wrought upon them during the dust bowl era.

The novel’s broad appeal coupled with a teachers guide included at the end of the book
make it a hit with teachers, students, and parents alike. The teachers guide contains a
broad section of vocabulary terms and relevant questions for each chapter. An additional
section includes examples of figurative language and literary techniques. This work of
historical fiction presents itself as a wonderful tool to compliment language arts, social
studies and religion curricula.

Make The Green Coat an integral part of your Catholic classroom experience. This
engaging and beautifully moving story will become a valuable addition to your reading
program that you will want to include year after year.
            When Kids Dream
             and Trucks Fly
           By Rosemary McDunn

    A wonderful book on the power of
    the imagination that also includes
            workbook pages.

       Bulk Rates
        make this
      Excellent for
      classroom use

Kids love to join Johnny and his
friends as they set out to capture the
Leprechaun's gold!

Beautifully    illustrated  pictures
accompany enchanting limericks to
make this a wonderful picture book
for children. The fun word pairs and
melodic cadence is sure to capture
every youngster's imagination, from
1 to 100!

Mrs. Hoyt has been presenting her
wonderful work to local libraries
and schools for many years and is
available in the southern Wisconsin
area for book signings.
                    Agatha Bagatha: Very Bad Cat
                    Agatha Bagatha teaches
                    wonderful lessons of truth
                    and conscience in the most
                    unusual way!

                    A delightful read by Jeanne

The uproarious story
of what happens when
the Easter Bunny feels

All proceeds of “Sweet
Tweets” by Trudy
Schubert go to the
Lakeland School for
Autistic Children.

      Lonny the Lizard Finds a

              By Joan L. Kelly

She looked at her oldest son and said, “Lonny, would you like to help
me clean out the storage room while your dad takes Luke to softball
practice tomorrow?”

“Sure, I’d be glad to help, Mom!” Lonny answered enthusiastically.

                                    Lonny will tell his Dad and his brother about the
                                    Treasures that he and Mom found.

    See why kids, teachers,         What does that word mean?
                                    Request:        to ask for something
    and parents love Lonny          Donate:         to give something without charging for it
   as he discovers treasures        Storage:
                                                    to put something away to keep for later
                                                    to move things apart
    to hold in his hand but,        Marbles:        small balls of glass used for games
       more importantly,            Recognized:     to realize that you have seen something
     discovers treasures to         Inherited:      received something, usually from a parent
       hold in his heart.           Scrapbook:      a book for collecting pictures or other
                                                    flat items
                                    Sealed:         closed tightly
                                    Recipe:         list of things to put in food that you
                                                    are making
     Contact us if you would        Celebrate:      to have a party for a special reason
    like Mrs. Kelly to read to
      your class or for bulk        How do you say that?
              rates!                Ouranosaurus (oo-ran-oh-sore-us)
                                    Spinosaurus (spy-nuh-sore-us)
                                    Velociraptor (vuh-lah-sih-rap-tur)          Oviraptor (oh-vee-rap-tur)
                                    Triceratops (try-ser-uh-tops)
                                    Styracosaurus (sty-rak-uh-sore-us)

                                    Ornithomimus (or-nith-uh-my-mus)
                                    Dromaeosaurus (droh-mee-uh-sore-us)
Read the inspirational testimony of
   Catholic radio and television
  best-selling author, and speaker
              Foreword by:
    Al Kresta, CEO Ave Maria Radio
              Endorsed by:
      Monsignor Magnan of Italy
      Doug Keck, President EWTN
  Dr. Meg Meeker, Best-Selling Author
 Joan Lewis, EWTN Rome Bureau Chief
Jerry Usher, Host Catholic Answers live!”

                                             Intrigue and drama
                                                unfold in this
                                            beautiful story of one
                                            man’s journey to the

                                             See what happens
                                             when the first-ever
                                                American is
                                             considered for the
                                               Seat of Peter!

                   Joey’s Journey
                    by Brad Thomas
                                                       Endorsed by Detroit's Auxiliary
                                                          Bishop Earl Boyea, authors
                                                           Kimberly Hahn and Patti
                                                      Armstrong, "Broken and Blessed"
                                                         is the inspirational story of
                                                       Celeste, a baby whose short life
                                                     impacted hundreds of people and
                                                        prompted Dr. Mark Latkovic,
                                                       Professor of Moral Theology at
                                                      Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit
                                                      to say, "Because your story is at
                                                        once personal, yet universal, I
                                                       believe that your audience is a
                                                      broad one - Catholic, Protestant,
                                                     Jew, Muslim, even non-religious. It
                                                      has much to teach about not just
                                                         suffering and death, but the
                                                               meaning of life."

                                                       Invite Cathy to speak at your

  Elizabeth: A Holy Land Pilgrimage is
   not the typical inspirational novel!

Part travelogue, part history lesson, part
Bible study, this book blends a wonderful
story with empathetic characters. Author
Cheryl Dickow's research and attention to
detail are apparent in this smartly written
tale. Dickow's strengths lie in both
character development and in educating
the reader without taking on an overly
dogmatic tone. In reading this novel, I
learned a tremendous amount about Jewish
culture and its relevance to the roots of
Christianity. The close connection I felt with
several of the characters in this book, along
with my admiration for the wisdom and
spiritual reflections of author Cheryl
Dickow, leave me hoping that we will be
treated to a sequel to Elizabeth: A Holy
Land Pilgrimage.

  Lisa Hendey, Catholic Mom webmaster and reviewer
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