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LIGHT FORMING PRODUCTS                  A-87 Jahn Rivet                         B-30 Screw-On Plastic Cone
A-2 Plastic Cone                        A-88 Jahn Eccentric                     B-31 Rock Anchor (Coil Thread)
A-3 Standard Snap Tie                   A-89 Jahn Scaffold Jack                 B-32 Handle Coil Nut
A-3 Heavy Snap Tie                      A-90 Scaffold Bracket Jack              B-33 Double Flared Criss Cross Coil
A-4 Hex Head Snap Tie                   A-93 Sure Guard Rail Post System           Loop Insert
A-4-H Sure-Snap Wrench Head Snap Tie    A-95, A-95-P Dayton Bars                B-35 Machine Thread Coil Tie
A-5 Threaded PullOut Tie                A-97 4x4 Post Shore Clamp               B-37 Toggle Coil Tie
A-6 Spandrel Point Tie                  A-100 SpeedStep Bracket                 B-39 Wing Nut (Coil Thread)
A-7 Spandrel Hook Tie                   A-101/B-1 Combination Resi/Coil Tie     B-40 Plastic Setback Plug
A-7-A Spandrel Plate Tie                D-1-PA Anchor Bolt                      B-42, D-22 Batter Washers
A-8 Waterseal Washer                    D-1-J, D-1-LA, D-1-L Hook Bolts         B-43 Triple Flared Coil Loop Insert
A-9 Tip-To-Tip Tie                      D-1-S Anchor Bolt Sleeve                D-1, D-18 Inside Tie Rods
A-10 Plate Tie                          D-12, D-12-S Rod Clamps                 D-1-PA Anchor Bolt
A-16 Omni Wedge                         D-12-A Pencil Rod                       D-1-J, D-1-LA, D-1-L Hook Bolts
A-18 Panel Bolt                         D-12-F Form Clamp                       D-1-S Anchor Bolt Sleeve
A-19 Corner Washer                      D-14 Tightening Wrench                  D-2, D-30 She-Bolts
A-21 Strap Ties & Accessories           D-21 Rebar Clip & Form Spreader         D-4 Hex Coupling Nut
A-21-U Strap Tie                                                                D-6 Nut Washer (ACME)
A-21-B Combination Strap Tie/Snap Tie   MEDIUM/HEAVY FORMING                    D-9 Taper Tie
A-21-C Panel Clamp                      PRODUCTS                                D-9-A Thread Bar Taper Tie
A-21-K Tie Key                          B-1 Two Strut Coil Tie                  D-12 Rod Clamp
A-21-F Flat Tie                         B-2 Four Strut Coil Tie                 D-12-A Pencil Rod
A-21-X Flat Tie                         B-3 Screw-On Coil Tie                   D-12-F Form Clamp
A-22 Spreader Cleat                     B-4 Waterseal Coil Tie                  D-12-S Rod Clamp
A-25 Rapi-Tie                           B-6 Welding Coil Tie                    D-14 Tightening Wrench
A-27, A-27-M Turnbuckle Form Aligners   B-7, B-22 2- and 4-Strut Coil Inserts   D-15 Paper Tubing
A-28 Adjustable Kicker                     (Crimp)                              D-19 Krueper Taper Tie
A-29 Snap Tie Wrench                    B-11 Flat Washer                        D-21 Rebar Clip and Form Spreader
A-30 Break Back Wrench                  B-12 Coil Rod                           D-24 Weld Angle Bracket
A-31 Hex Head Snap Tie Socket           B-12-A D/R Thread Bar                   D-25 Fitting Up Bolt
A-35 Strongback Tie                     B-12-AD D/R Euro Thread Bar             D-26 Fitting Up Nut
A-40 Cone Removal Wrench                B-12 CAN Cast Hex Nut                   D-30-A Thread Bar She-Bolt
A-44 Stainless Steel Snap Tie           B-12-ASN D/R Steel Hex Nut              D-30-UHS Ultra-High Strength She-Bolt
A-45 Base Tie                           B-12-AW D/R Wing Nut                    D-32 Closed Coupler
A-46 Loop Panel Tie, Standard & Heavy   B-12-ASW D/R Swivel Wing Nut            D-33 Waterseal Washer
A-48 Gang Loop Tie, Standard & Heavy    B-12-AWN D/R Cast Nut Washer            D-34 Crimper Pigtail Anchor
A-51 Wedge Bolt                         B-12-AC D/R Hex Coupler                 D-40 He-Bolt
A-52 Z Tie Holder                       B-14 Coil Bolt                          D-42 Bag Tie
A-53 Waler Tie                          B-14-A Adjustable Coil Bolt             D-45 Rebar Safety Cap
A-54 Concrete Plug                      B-13 Coil Nut                           D-46 Tie Wire
A-55 Sure-Lock Tie                      B-14-W Wale Bolt Assembly               D-48 Sure-Guard Rebar Protective Cap
A-56 Sure-Lock Bracket                  B-15 Plastic Cone Removal Wrench        D-49 Magna Jaw
A-57 Sure-Lock Strongback Bracket       B-16 Coil Loop Insert                   D-50 DBR Coupler
A-56-A Speedy Bracket                   B-16-W Coil Loop Insert with Washer     D-51, D-52, D-53, D-54 DBR Setting-
A-57-A Stiffback Bracket                B-17 Double Flared Coil Loop Insert        Splice Bars
A-58 Sure Plug                          B-18 Single Flared Coil Insert          D-55 Metal Strip
A-59 Sure Plug Insertion Tool           B-20 Wale Holder                        D-56 Quickstrip
A-63 Strongback Loop Tie                B-21 Ply Lag                            D-60, D-67 Supertie Gripper
A-81 Jahn “A” Bracket                   B-25 Heavy Coil Nut                     D-61, D-69 Supertie Wedge
A-82 Jahn “C” Bracket                   B-27, D-6 Coil Nut Washers              D-62, D-68 Supertie Fiberglass Rod
A-83 Jahn Cornerlock                    B-29 Loose Plastic Cone                 D-63, D-70 Supertie Waterstop
A-86 Jahn Tie Extender                                                          D-64 Supertie Spreader Clip
D-65 Supertie Waler Wedge                  GENERAL SLABWORK                          K-18 FS Stake (#5 Ga. Wire)
D-71, D-72 Supertie Rockgrip               PRODUCTS                                  K-19 Channel Stake
A-58 Sure Plug                             C-1-B, C-1-C Wedge Hangers                K-21 Mat Stake
A-59 Insertion Tool                        C-2 Coil Hanger Saddle Type               K-23 Fabric Stake
A-90 Scaffold Bracket Jack                 C-3 Coil Half Hanger                      K-24 Mud Jack Tube
A-93 Sure Guard Rail Post System           C-13 Plate Saddle Hanger                  K-25 Paving Coupler (1.25 PY)
F-1 Screw Anchor                           C-13-A All-Wire Saddle Hanger             K-25 Paving Coupler (1.5 PY)
F-2 Screw Anchor Bolt                      C-14 Channel Hanger                       K-27-H, K-28-W, K-29 Longitudinal Joint
                                           G-1 Pipe Holder                              Ties
FORM ANCHORAGE/INSERTS                     G-1-U Special U-Shaped Cradle Head        K-30 False Form (18 Ga.)
B-16, B-17, B-18, B-33 Coil Loop Inserts   G-2 Screed Chair Base                     K-33 General Center Strip
D-34 Crimped Pigtail Insert                G-2-J Joist Type Adjustable Screed Base   K-34 Recess Form
D-24 Adjustable Weld Angle Bracket         G-2-S Special Height Screed Base          K-35 Half-Round Keyway
B-31 Rock Anchor                           G-3 Screed Chair Base with Sand Plates    K-36 Cold Rolled Keyway
F-1 Screw Anchor                           G-4, G-4-A Screed Bases, Drive Type       K-40 Combination Void Support & High
F-2 Screw Anchor Bolt                      G-5 Screed Chair Base, Free Fit Type         Chair, Heavy Type
F-3 Screw Anchor Eye Bolt                  G-7 Screed Chair Base for Steel Deck      K-41 Void Support, Heavy Type
F-4 Screw Anchor Setting Bolt              G-8 Form Bracket                          K-46 J-Hold Down, Coil Type
F-4-T Screw Anchor Bolt Setting            G-9 Form Bolt                             K-47 J-Hold Down, Snap Tie Type
   Template                                G-11 Screed Stake for Pipe                K-50 Void Retention Insert
F-5 Threaded Insert                        G-14 Heavy Duty Screed Holders            K-51 Vent Tube
F-7, F-7-L, F-8 Shelf Angle Inserts        G-15 Heavy Duty Screed Support            K-54 Snap-On Dowel Chair
Askew Head Bolts                           G-16 Heavy Duty Screed Chair Base         K-57 TBS-Transverse Bar Support
Nuts and Cut Washers                       G-26 Stake Puller                         K-58 TBA-Transverse Bar Assembly
F-8 “T” Head Shelf Angler Insert           G-27 Round Stake                          K-59 CMS-Continuous Mesh Support
F-9 Horsehoe Shimming Washer (Steel)       G-28, G-29 Screed Brackets                K-60 Continuous Mesh Support
F-11 Hanger Insert                         G-33 Screed Key                           K-62 Epoxy Patch Kit
F-12 Hanger Hooks                          G-34 Load Key                             K-81 Square Spiral
F-16 Reglet                                G-35 Removable Plastic Cap Strip          K-82 Round Spiral
F-17 Dovetail Anchor Slot                  G-37 Stake for Screed Key and Load Key    K-83 Rectangular Spiral
F-21 Dovetail                              G-40 Expansion Joint Holder
F-34 Corrugated Wall Tie                   G-60 Curb Smart Forming System            SUPPORTS FOR REBAR AND
F-37 Wall Plug                             G-60 Straight Forms                       WIRE MESH
F-39 Grout Retention Ring                  G-61 Flexible Forms                       Baked On Plastic Feet
F-41 Guard Rail Anchor (Pre-Set            G-62 Curb Face Forms                      Epoxy-Coated
   Anchors)                                G-63 Top Spreaders                        Plastic Tipped Feet
F-42 Loop Ferrule Insert                   G-64 Division Plates-Straight Forms,      Stainless Steel Tips
F-42-W Loop Ferrule Insert with               Flexible Forms                         Slab Bolster (SB)
   Mounting Washer                         G-65 Skeleton Plates-Straight Forms,      Slab Bolster with Plate (SBP)
F-43 Plain Ferrule                            Flexible Forms                         Slab Bolster Upper (SBU)
F-44 Thin Slab Ferrule Insert              G-66 Straight Filler Forms                Joist Chair (JC)
F-45 Cap Plug                              G-67 Corner Forms-Inside, Outside         Beam Bolster (BB)
F-47 Double Flared Loop Insert             G-69 Dowel Hole & Keyway Section          Heavy Beam Bolster (HBB)
F-48 Eye Nut                                                                         Beam Bolster Upper (BBU)
F-49 Eye Bolt                              MISCELLANEOUS PRODUCTS                    Beam Bolster with Plate (BBP)
F-49-A Shoulder Eye Bolt                   H-2 Strand Clamp                          Individual High Chair (HC)
F-50 Rocket/Kohler Ferrule Insert          H-3 Beam Clip                             Individual High Chair with Plates (HCP)
F-52 Thin Slab Ferrule Insert (“L” Leg)    H-5 Plastic Plug                          High Chair for Fill (FHC)
F-53 Thin Slab Coil Insert (“L” Leg)       H-6 Form Patch                            Joist Chair Upper (JCU)
F-54 Ductile Embed (SAE)                   H-13 Round Void Hold Down                 Bar Chair (BC)
F-54 C Nylon Rail Track Insert             H-15 Push Down Unit                       Bar Chair with Plate (BCP)
F-54-RT Rail Fastener Embed (RT-SAE)       H-21 thru H-56-S Prestress Strand         Stainless Steel High Chair (SSHC)
F-56, F-57, F-58, F-59, F-60, F-61            Restraining Devices                    Special Laced High Chair (SHC)
   Expanded Coil Inserts                                                             Continuous High Chair (CHC)
F-62 Flared Thin Slab Insert (Ferrule)     PAVING ACCESSORIES                        Continuous High Chair Upper (CHCU)
F-63 Flared Thin Slab Insert (Coil)        K-4, K-5 Dowel Baskets (Without           Continuous High Chair with Plate
F-64 Ferrule Loop Insert                      Dowels)                                    (CHCP)
F-65 Type L Insert                         K-6 Stake for Dowel Baskets               Continuous Support (CS)
F-65-W Type L Inserts with Mounting        K-7 Smooth Dowel                          Heavy Bar Chair (HBC)
   Washer                                  K-8 Dowel Aligner                         High Chairs for Metal Decking (HCM)
F-67, F-68, F-69 Ceiling Hangers           K-9 Kelode Unit                           Continuous High Chair for Metal Decking
F-72 Threaded Steel Setting Plug           K-10 Barrier Dowel Aligner                    (CHCM)
F-73 Ferrule Instead of a Coil             K-11 Dowel Cap                            Precast Chair (PC)
F-74 Threaded Plastic Plug                 K-12 Basket Clip                          Bar Clip (BC)
F-75 Marble Facing Anchor                  K-13 Grout Retention Ring for Dowel       Dowel Clip (DC)
F-105 Type B-4 Cushion-Lock Reglet            Baskets                                Rebar Carrier (RC)
                                           K-14 Dowel Bar Clip                       Straight Leg High Chair (SLHC)
                                           K-15 MS Stake, Standard Type              Tower Bar Chair (PBC)
                                           K-17 PS Stake (#1/0 Ga. Wire)             Tower High Chair (PTC)
Tower Chair Sand Plate (PTCP)             C-25 Adjustable Half Hanger             TILT-UP PRODUCTS
E-Z Chair (PEZ)                           C-26 90°, 45°, & 15° Half Hangers       T-1 Single Pickup Insert
E-Z Chair Sand Plate (PSP)                C-28 Haunch Hanger                      T-2 Double Pickup Insert
Bar Chair (PBC)                           C-29 Fillet Clip                        T-3 Double Edge Pickup Insert
Hy Chair (PHC)                            C-41 Coil Rod Hanger                    T-3-A Single Edge Pickup Insert
Straddle Chair (PSC)                      C-60 Pres-Steel Hanger, Type 1-A        T-4 Brace Anchor for Fill
Castle Chair (PCC)                        C-62 45˚ Pres-Steel Hanger              T-5-A Inverted Brace Anchor
Paving Sand Chair (PPSC)                  C-60 45˚ Pres-Steel Hangers,            T-6-A Brace Anchor
Post-Tension Cable Intersectional Chair      Type 4-A & Type 5-A                  T-7-S, T-7-ST Slotted Steel Setting Studs
     (PPT)                                C-24 45˚ Pres-Steel Half Hanger         T-8 Lifting Angle
E-Z LOK Slab Bolter (PSB)                 C-25 45˚ Adjustable Half Hanger,        T-10 Single End Pickup Insert
X-Chair (PXC)                                Type 1-A                             T-11 Double End Pickup Insert
Snap-On Chair (PSN)                       C-41 45˚ Coil Rod Hanger, Type 1-A      T-12 Swivel Lifting Plate
Mesh Chair (PMC)                          C-44, C-45, C-46 Con-Beam Hangers       T-13 Coil-Anchor
On Grade Mesh Chair (PPMC)                C-46-H Offset Free-Fit Hanger           T-13-D Strongback Anchor Bolt
Utility Chair (PSUT)                      C-46-TH Twist-Type Offset Free-Fit      T-13-L Set-eez
Strongback Slab/Beam Bolster (PSBB)          Hanger                               T-15, T-15 Standard Pipe Brace
Strongback SBU (PSBU)                     C-47 Con-Beam Hanger                       Assemblies
E-Z Lok Wheel (PLW)                       C-65 Adjustable Joist Hanger            T-19 On-Site Pipe Brace
Space Wheel (PSW)                         C-49 Bridge Overhang Bracket            T-21 Insert Locator Plug
Plastic Mesh Spacer (PMS)                 C-49-D Bridge Overhang Bracket for      T-26 Double Swivel Lifting Plate
Shaft Spacer (PSS)                           Deep Girders                         T-27 Edge Lifting Plate
Bar Boot (PBB)                            C-49-W Bridge Overhang Bracket          T-41, T-41-S Ground Release II System
Dowel Chair and Cap (PDCC)                C-51 Wall Plate Assembly                T-43-R Ground Release II Lifting
Plain Dobie (CPD)                         C-51-R Adjustable Insert Adapter           Hardware
Wire Dobie (CWD)                          C-52, C-53 Bridge Overhang Guard Rail   T-45 Ground Release II Patch Caps
Combination Dobie (CCD)                      Receptacle                           T-46 Ground Release II Spreader Beam
Dowel Dobie (CDD)                         C-52-P Guardrail Speed Bracket          T-49 Gyro Tilt Plus Face Lift Insert
E-Z Bolt Holder (PEZBH)                      Assembly                             T-49-E Gyro Tilt Plus Edge Lift Insert
Screed Chair (PAS)                        C-54 Bridge Overhang Extender           T-50 Gyro Tilt Plus Hardware
Panel Pad (PPP)                           C-59, C-59-D B.O.B. Conversion Kits     T-51 Gyro Shear Bar
Insulation Fixing (PFA)                   C-61 Combination Bridge Deck Hanger     T-52 Gyro Tilt Plus Heavy Duty Insert
Paddle Mixer (PMP)                        C-62 Pres-Steel Hanger with Interlock   T-53 Gyro Tilt Plus Heavy Duty Hardware
Tire Wire Reels (RSTWR, RRSPTWR)          C-63 Pres-Steel Hookhanger              T-58 Double Chamfer Strip
Wire Tying Tools (RATCHET, TTWH)          C-64 Pres-Steel Hanger                  T-59 Plastic Keyway
Iron Workers’ Pliers (RSO)                C-68 Ty-Down Hanger                     T-61 Quick Release Strongback Insert
Leather Gloves (RSGDPP)                   C-89, C-89-L Heavy Duty Bridge          T-62 Quick Release Strongback Bolt
D-21 Rebar Clip and Form Spreader            Overhang Brackets                    T-63, T-63-S Aluminum Strongbacks
R-28 Sand Plate                                                                   T-66 Tilt Bracket
D-42 Bag Ties                             REBAR SPLICING                          T-68 ACA-1000 Construction Spray
D-45 Rebar Safety Cap                     D-101-A thru D-104-A DB-SAE Splicers       Adhesive
D-46 Tie Wire                             D-101 thru D-104 Dowel-Ins              T-69 T Strip
D-48 Sure-Guard Rebar Protector           D-105 Transition Splice Coupler         T-70 EZ Nail Bracket
Annealed Bundle Wire (WBW)                D-106 Welding Half Coupler              T-75 Special Drill-In Lift Plate
Low Carbon Bundle Wire (WBWLC)            D-107 Position Coupler                  T-81 Ground Release II Heavy Duty
Stirrups & Assemblies                     D-110 US/MC-SAE Coupler                    Insert
Tight Bend Forming                        D-111, D-112 US/MC-SAE Threaded         T-83 Ground Release II Heavy Duty
Precast Spacer Stirrup                       Splice Bars                             Hardware
J-62 Rebar Green Epoxy Spray Paint        D-140 Dayton Shear Resistance (DSR)     T-90-F Tilt-Up 3-Face Lift Insert
R-20, R-21 Snap-On Paving Chairs             System                               T-90-C Tilt-Up 3 Rebar Clip
R-22 Mesh Chair                           D-158 End Anchor                        T-90-E Tilt-Up 3 Edge Lift Insert
R-25, R-26, R-27 Snap-On Power Chairs     D-250-SCA, D-250-L Bar-Lock Couplers    T-92 Tilt-Up 3 Edge Lifting Hardware
Aztec E-Z Chair (PEZ)                     D-310 Taper-Lock Standard Coupler       T-110 Superior Lift TU Insert
Aztec Tower Chair (PFC)/Bar Chair         D-320 Taper-Lock Transitional Coupler   T-120 Superior Lifting Hardware
     (PBC)                                D-330 Taper-Lock Positional Coupler     Wall Braces
Aztec Straddle Chair (PSC)                D-340 Taper-Lock Flange Coupler         Brace Inserts
Aztec Castle Chair (PCC)                  D-350 Taper-Lock End Anchor             T-13 Coil Anchor
Aztec Strongback Slab/Beam Bolster        D-351 Taper-Lock Mini End Anchor        T-13-D Strongback Anchor Bolt
     (PSBB)                               D-352 Taper-Lock Column Connector       T-12, T-26 Swivel Lift Plates
Aztec Strongback SBU Slab Bolster         D-360 Taper-Lock Weldable Coupler       T-8 Lifting Angle
     Upper (PSUB)                                                                 T-27 Edge Lifting Plate
Dowel Baskets                             RISER FRAMES AND SEAT                   T-61-R, T-62-R Quick Release
                                          BRACKETS                                   Strongback System
BRIDGE DECK HANGERS                       E-1 Riser Frames, Standard
C-60 Pres-Steel Hanger, Type 1            E-2, E-3 Riser Frames                   PRECAST PRODUCTS
C-50 Pres-Steel Hanger,                   E-7 Cut Washer                          P-8 Precast Forms
   Type 2 & Type 7                        Seat Brackets                           P-9 Precast (Sandwich) Panel Connector
C-60 Pres-Steel Hanger, Type 4                                                    P-11 Flange Connector
C-24 Pres-Steel Half Hanger                                                       P-12-D Dur-O-Web
P-14 Type L Connector Pin                   P-24 Delta Tie/Insulated Concrete Panel    RUSTICATIONS
P-15 Type M Connector Pin                      Tie                                     Elasto-Tex Rustication
P-21 Wire Rope Loop                         P-86, P-87, P-88 Star Inserts and
P-24 Delta Tie Sandwich Panel                  Accessories                             PRESTRESS STRAND
   Connector                                P-90 Connecting Systems Threaded           RESTRAINING DEVICES
P-24-T Foam Tape                               Insert                                  H-60-A CCL Spring Loaded Anchors
P-25 Plastic Setting Bolt                   P-91-S Fleet Lift Ring Clutch              H-60-B CCL Open Chuck
P-30 Corewall Slotted Insert, Nut Type      P-91-NC Fleet Lift Ring Clutch             H-64 CCL Stressomatic Prestressing
P-31 Corewall Slotted Insert, Strap Type    P-91-RB Fleet Lift Ring Clutch Handle         Jack
P-32 Corewall Strap Anchor, Standard        P-92, P-92-P, P-92-DP, P-92-AH Fleet       P-66 CCL Prestressing Clamp
P-33 Corewall Strap Anchor with Slotted        Lift Erection Anchors                   P-12 Dur-O-Web Shear Reinforcement
   Hole                                     P-92-FE, P-92-FEW Fleet Lift Forged        Steel Forms for Precast
P-34 Corewall Threaded Strap Anchor            Erection Anchors                        Magnets
P-35 Corewall Strap Hairpin                 P-92-H, P-92-HP Fleet Lift Two-Hole
P-36 Corewall Heavy Duty “S” Clip              Erection Anchors                        SCREEDING PRODUCTS
P-37 “M” Anchor Shear Connector             P-92-S Fleet Lift Sandwich Panel
                                                                                       Standard Screed Bases
P-49 Coil Rod                                  Erection Anchor
                                                                                       Fill-Type Screed Bases
P-50 Swift Lift Universal Lifting Eye       P-92-RB Fleet Lift Sandwich Panel
                                                                                       Cradle Heads
P-51 Swift Lift Lifting Eye                    Reinforcing Bar
                                                                                       G-33 Screed Key Joint
P-52 Swift Lift Anchors                     P-93 Fleet Lift L-Anchor
                                                                                       G-27 Round Stake
P-52-W Swift Lift Anchor with Washer        P-94 Fleet Lift T-Anchor
P-53 Swift Lift Eye Anchors                 P-94-H Fleet Lift H-Anchor
P-54 Swift Lift Throw-Away Recess Plug      P-94-S Fleet Lift S-Anchor 6-Ton
P-56 Swift Lift Narrow Recess Plug          P-95-F Fleet Lift Flat Foot Anchor
P-56-PL Swift Lift Plus Recess Plug         P-95-P Fleet Lift Plate Anchor             Concrete Contractors
P-56-R Swift Lift Recess Plug               P-96 Fleet Lift Two-Hole Anchor            Depend On Dayton Superior
P-57 Swift Lift Steel Recess Plug           P-96-DT Fleet Lift Double Tee Specialty    Over 100 years ago, the individuals and
P-58 Swift Lift Rubber Ring for Steel          Anchor                                  companies that now make up the Dayton
   Recess Plug                              P-97-DT Fleet Lift Double Tee Specialty    Superior Corporation first began developing
P-59 Shear Bar for Swift Lift Anchors          Anchor                                  the products and solutions that help concrete
P-60 Reinforcing Bar for Swift Lift         P-98-S Fleet Lift Shear Bar                contractors meet the demands of the jobsite.
   Anchors                                  P-98-T Fleet Lift Tension Bar              Decades of product innovation,
P-61 Swift Lift Setting Plate with          P-99, P-99-N Fleet Lift Reusable Recess    manufacturing advances and engineering
   Countersunk Screw                           Plugs                                   excellence later...Dayton Superior concrete
P-62 Swift Lift Countersunk Screw           P-99-C Fleet Lift Cast Steel Recess Plug   forming accessories are found on virtually
P-63 Swift Lift Stud                        P-99-D Fleet Lift Disposable Recess Plug   every job where concrete is placed. Our job is
P-63-PL Swift Lift Plus Holding Stud with   P-99-P Fleet Lift Fleet Patch              to help you build productivity and
   Wing Nut                                 P-100 Fleet Lift Holding Plate             profitability into every job!
P-63-R Swift Lift Attachment Stud with      P-100-M, P-100-MS Fleet Lift Magnetic
   Wing Nut                                    Setting Plates
P-64 Swift Lift Wing Nut NC Thread          P-104 Fleet Lift Magnetic Setting Plug
P-65 Swift Lift Safety Pin with Washer      P-101 Fleet Lift Holding Rod
P-66 Swift Lift Tapped Plate                P-102 Fleet Lift Wedge
P-66-PL, P-67-PL, P-68-PL Swift Lift Plus   P-103 Fleet Lift Foam
   Plates                                   P-110 Wire Rope Lifting System
P-66-R Swift Lift Attachment Nut            P-153 Magnetic Chamfer
P-69-M Swift Lift Magnetic Setting Plate    P-154 Form Magnets/Accessories
P-74 Pipe Turning Device
P-75 Utility Anchor                         FORMLINERS
P-75-H Heavy Duty Utility Anchor            Fractured Patterns
P-76 Utility Anchor Setting Plug            Wood Patterns
P-77 Double Tee Insert                      Smooth Flute Patterns
P-78 Panel Pad                              Brick Patterns
P-80 Shim Strip                             Block Patterns                             Building Productivity
P-81 Heavy Duty Shimpaks                    Stone Patterns
P-82 Bearing Strip (Non-Skid)               Vinyltite Formliners
P-83 Horseshoe Spacer Strip
P-84 Korolath Core Plug