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									                       PCQHA TRAINERS SALE

                                             April 12, 2010
Name of Trainer                        City & State           Phone Number           Sold           Specialty
Nancy Alto – Renfro               Finley, CA                707-279-2334                            E, W, AA
Mike Berg                         Temecula, CA              951-694-4950                             R, WC
Judy Bonham                       Norco, CA                 951-735-1325                            E, W, AA
David Busick                      Danville, CA              925-831-3158                            E, W, AA
Rebecca Cook                      Oceanside, CA             760-994-4716                                H
Irene Davis                       Chico, CA                 530-966-1012                            E, W, AA
Catherine De Coster               Palm Springs, CA          760-251-6367                               E,W
Ashley Dunbar                     Simi Valley, CA           805-207-4544            SOLD            E, W, AA
Jim & Nena Edwards                Galt, CA                  209-334-5222            SOLD            E, W, AA
Brian Gruenig                     Farmington, CA            209-845-2554                              RWC
Cathy Hanson                      San Juan Cap., CA         949-347-0276            SOLD            E, W, AA
Kellie Hinely                     Chino Hills, CA           909-305-8812                            E. W, AA
Michael Hoyt                      Chino Hills, CA           951-288-3179                             W, AA
Doug Huls                         Phoenix, AZ               480-513-0818                            E, W, AA
Whitney Nevels                    Exeter, CA                559-793-0143                            E, W, AA
Jill Newcomb                      Rancho Santa Fe, CA       619-884-8582            SOLD            W, E, AA
Liz Place                         Del Mar, CA               760-519-0435            SOLD               E,W
Karen Rabin                       Valley Center, CA         760-751-8776                           R, WC, WP
Gary & Kelly Roberts              Murrieta, CA              909-698-2897                            W, AA, R
Terry Skevington                  Lodi, CA                  209-333-8759                            H, W, AA
Kelly Smith                       Scottsdale, AZ            209-988-0057                              E, W
Mike Weaver                       Loomis, CA                916-747-8380                            E, W, AA
Melissa Zanetti                   Napa, CA                  707-793-9656            SOLD            E, W, AA

                         275.00 per trainer (discounted fee) - 1 month training 
                    Please note: Normal monthly training charge is substantially higher!
                          Training Fee does not include Boarding Fee of horse!

                          C       Cutting                  AA      All-Around
                          H       Halter                   RWC     Reining & Working Cow Horse
                          E       English                  SE      Speed Events
                          W       Western                  R       Reining

                          PCQHA Membership required ~ Sign-up today!
  The individuals on this list have represented themselves to the Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Association
  as professional trainers and have asked to be included in this trainer sale. Inclusion in the trainer sale
  does not represent accreditation or recommendation on the part of Pacific Coast Quarter Horse
  Association. Potential purchasers should undertake their own investigations with respect to any trainer
  whose services they purchases through this trainers sale prior to such purchase. Purchasers of training
  services through this trainer sale agree to indemnify and hold harmless PCQHA and its officer and
  directors from any liability in connection with training services purchased through this trainer sale.

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