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					                                                NZDF Archives

                           First World War Army Service Records
                                 Commonly Used Abbreviations

#A1                  Fit for Active Service               Coy          Company/Sub-unit
#B1                  Able to be made fit by                            commanded by Major
                     medical treatment                    Cpl          Corporal
#C1                  Likely to become fit for             CSM          Company Sergeant-Major
                     service overseas after               ctba         Ceases to be attached
                     special training                     CWGC         Commonwealth War Graves
#C2                  Permanently unfit for Active                      Commission
                     Service but fit for service in       DAC          Divisional Ammunition
                     NZ                                                Column
#D                   Permanently Unfit                    DADMS        Deputy Assistant Director
A                    Artillery                                         Medical Services
A/                   Acting                               DAPM         Deputy Assistant Provost
AA                   Assistant Adjutant                                Marshal
AAG                  Assistant Adjutant General           DCM          Distinguished Conduct
Adj                  Adjutant                                          Medal
Adm                  Admitted                             Div          Division commanded by
ADMS                 Assistant Director of Medical                     Major-General
                     Services                             Div Sig      Divisional Signals
AGH                  Australian General Hospital          DMS          Director of Medical Services
AI                   Auckland Infantry                    DOD          Died of Disease
AIB                  Auckland Infantry Battalion          DOW          Died of Wounds / Duration
AIF                  Australian Imperial Force                         of War
ALH                  Australian Light Horse               DRS          Divisional Rest Station
AMR                  Auckland Mounted Rifles              DSO          Distinguished Service Order
ANZAC                Australia and New Zealand            E            Engineers
                     Army Corps.                          ED           Efficiency Decoration
AOR                  At Own Request                                    (Territorial Force)
APM                  Assistant Provost Marshal            EEF          Egyptian Expeditionary
App                  Appointment                                       Force
AQMG                 Assistant Quarter-Master-            EGH          Egyptian Government
                     General                                           Hospital
AR                   Auckland Regiment                    Emb/Embn     Embarkation
ASC                  Army Service Corps                   Engr         Engineer
ASH                  Australian Stationary                FA           Field Ambulance
                     Hospital                             FAP          For All Purposes
Attd                 Attached                             Far Sgt      Farrier Sergeant
AW(O)L               Absent With / Without Leave          Fd Amb       Field Ambulance
BA                   British Army                         FPC          Field Punishment Centre
BAC                  Brigade Ammunition Column            GBD          General Base Depot
BC                   Battle Casualty                      GH           General Hospital
Bde                  Brigade                              Gnr          Gunner
BM                   Brigade Major                        GOC          General Officer
Bn/Btn/Batt          Battalion                                         Commanding
Brockenhurst         No 1 NZGH for NZEF in UK             GSO          General Staff Officer
Bt                   Brevet                               GSW          Gunshot Wound
Bty                  Battery                              HMNZT        His Majesty’s NZ Troopship
Capt                 Captain                              Hornchurch   NZEF Convalescent
CB                   Confined to Barracks                              Hospital
CCS                  Casualty Clearing Station            HQ           Headquarters
CI                   Canterbury Infantry                  HS           Hospital Ship
CIB                  Canterbury Infantry Battalion        IA           Indian Army
CMR                  Canterbury Mounted Rifles            IB           Infantry Brigade
CO                   Commanding Officer                   ICC          Imperial Camel Corps
Codford              No 3 NZGH convalescing               Inf          Infantry
                     home for NZEF                        Instr        Instructor
COE                  Church of England                    Instrn       Instruction
Co/Coy               Company                              KIA          Killed in Action
Coln                 Column                               Lieut        Lieutenant
Corps                Group of Divisions                   LH           Light Horse (The Mounted

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                                                NZDF Archives

                     Rifles of Australia)                 OI           Otago Infantry
LH Bde               Light Horse Brigade                  OIB          Otago Infantry Battalion
Lt/2 Lt              Lieutenant /Second                   OMR          Otago Mounted Rifles
                     Lieutenant                           Pte          Private
Lt Col               Lieutenant-Colonel                   Pl           Platoon
LWOP                 Leave Without Pay                    POW          Prisoner of War
Maj                  Major                                QMG          Quarter Master General
MC                   Military Cross / Medical             QI or Qi     Quarantine Island
                     Corps                                RAP          Regimental Aid Post
MDS                  Main Dressing Station                RC           Roman Catholic
MEF                  Mediterranean Expeditionary          Regt         Regiment
                     Force                                Res          Reserve
MG                   Machine Gun                          Rft          Reinforcement
MGS                  Machine Gun Squadron                 RHA          Royal Horse Artillery
MIA                  Missing in Action                    Rft          Reinforcement
M/I                  Marched In                           RMO          Regimental Medical Officer
MID                  Mentioned in Despatches              RSM          Regimental Sergeant-Major
MM                   Military Medal                       RTNZ         Returned to NZ
M/O                  Marched Out                          SAA          Small Arms Ammunition
Mtd                  Mounted                              Sec          Section
NCO                  Non-Commissioned Officer             Sgt          Sergeant
NYD                  Not Yet Diagnosed                    Sling/       Main NZEF depot/camp at
NZ & A DIV           New Zealand & Australian             Slingshott   Larkhill, Bulford Village,
                     Division                                          Salisbury Plain, England
NZA                  NZ Artillery                         SOS          Struck Off Strength
NZASC                NZ Army Service Corps                Spr          Sapper
NZCC                 NZ Camel Company/NZ                  Sqn          Squadron
                     Cyclist Corps/Corps of               T/           Temporary
                     Cyclists                             TD           Territorial Decoration
NZ Div Tr            NZ Divisional Train                  TF           Territorial Force
NZE                  NZ Engineers (Field or               Tfd          Transferred
                     Signalling Troops)                   TM Batt      Trench Mortar Battery
NZEF                 New Zealand Expeditionary            TOS          Taken On Strength
                     Force                                Tp           Troop
NZFA                 NZ Field Artillery                   Tpr          Trooper
NZGH                 NZ General Hospital                  Trg          Training
NZGRU                NZ Graves Registration Unit          TS           Troop Ship
NZHS                 NZ Hospital Ship                     VAD          Voluntary Aid Detachment
NZI & GBD            NZ Infantry and General              VC           Victoria Cross
                     Base Depot                           VD           Volunteer
NZMC                 NZ Medical Corps                                  Decoration/Venereal
NZMFA                NZ Mounted Field                                  Disease
                     Ambulance                            WEF          With Effect From
NZMR                 NZ Mounted Rifles                    WI           Wellington Infantry
NZPS                 NZ Permanent Staff                   WIB          Wellington Infantry Battalion
NZRB                 NZ Rifle Brigade                     WMR          Wellington Mounted Rifles
NZSC                 NZ Staff Corps                       WOAS         While on Active Service
NZSH                 NZ Stationary Hospital               WWI          World War One
NZST                 NZ Signalling Troop
NZTC                 NZ Tunnelling Company
NZVC                 NZ Veterinary Corps
OC                   Officer Commanding

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