Midway College Minority FacultyStaff Retention and Recruitment Plan by mtc13769


									                                  Midway College
               Minority Faculty/Staff Retention and Recruitment Plan


        Midway College is committed to achieving diversity among its faculty, and staff
through aggressive recruitment and retention activities. Faculty and staff at Midway
College understand that “minority” refers to African Americans, Hispanic Americans,
Asian Americans, and Native Americans. Furthermore, it is our belief that diversity and
diversity initiatives enhance and benefit all faculty and staff. Therefore, Midway College
is committed to constructing policies, practices, curricula, and campus climates to
capitalize on the synergism that emerges from a diverse faculty and staff.

Action Plan #1: Advertising Academic Job Vacancies in Minority Publication

        The units represented in Academic Affairs at Midway College will implement
Midway College’s Affirmative Action Plan, including the advertising for diverse
minority candidates and ultimately in pursuing efforts to hire more minority faculty and
staff. Ads for vacancies are currently placed in Black Issues in Higher Education,
Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education, and HigherEd.com in order to reach a more
diverse array of applicants.

Action Plan #2. Hire Promising Minorities at Master’s Level and Provide Support
through to the Achievement of the Terminal Degree

        To provide an incentive for minority applicants for teaching positions, Midway
College will provide support for promising minority instructors at the master’s level or
beyond toward fulfilling terminal degree requirements. Support may be applied in the
following ways: 1) reassigned course loads to include time for advanced study; 2)
appointment of mentor to assist in preparing and planning for classes; and 3) seeking
grants to support instructor toward degree completion.
Action Plan #3. Providing Opportunities in Leadership Roles for Minority Faculty on

        Once minority faculty are hired, it is important that retention incentives are
provided. Midway College will provide mentoring opportunities for minority faculty
interested in leadership positions. These mentoring activities may include, but are not
limited to: 1) attend ing conferences that target leadership ; 2) shadowing an effective
administrator at Midway College ; or 3) chairing an ad-hoc committee.


         Midway College is dedicated to establishing an environment that celebrates
diversity among faculty and staff. With the action plans fully implemented as described
in this plan, our goal is that we will achieve a level of dive rsity that adds richness to our

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