Expeditionary Warfare School US Air Force Students by mtc13769


									U.S. Air Force Students
Air Force Student In-processing:
Air Force Students are assigned to the 333d Training Squadron, Keesler AFB.
Your servicing MPF is Bolling AFB. They handle all administrative actions for Air
Force EWS students such as leave, pay, and orders. Air Force captains
attending EWS (along with Air Force majors attending USMC Command and
Staff College) will in-process at Bolling AFB, Washington, D.C. It is
recommended that you in-process with the group so as not to miss any
scheduled briefings; bring all records with you for in-processing.

You will be required to in-process some USMC activities at Quantico and will
hand carry your medical and dental records to the clinics on base for in-
processing. You will also be required to register your POV with the Provost
Marshall's office upon arrival.

A secret clearance is required.

Academic Training Reports:
Air Force students will receive an Air Force Training Report not an OPR. Your
rater will be your Faculty Advisor. There is an Air Force Colonel assigned to
Command and Staff College for guidance.

Air Force Student Assignments:
Students should work with their functional managers from AFPC.

Physical Fitness:
Air Force students will take the USMC's PFT that consists of pull-ups, sit-ups,
and a three mile run. The results of this test are not used in official records or
evaluations. Most school days include a 1.5 hour lunch break in which PT is
encouraged. There are numerous gyms and running trails on post.

EWS Sister Service Faculty Rep
(703) 784-1864, DSN 278-1864, FAX (703)784-2582

Administrative Specialist
(703) 432-4867, DSN 378-4867
Bolling MPF
(703) 404-3264, DSN 754

Bolling AFB Finance/Pay
(703) 697-7747/4613, DSN 754, FAX -7139

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