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					                     Ohio State University Extension
                     Montgomery County 4-H                                     Highlights:
                     1001 South Main Street
                     Dayton, OH 45409                                          Club Premium Pick Up Oct 5
                                                                               4-H Committee Oct. 16
                                                                               Livestock Committee Oct. 19
                     Phone 937-224-9654
                     Fax 937-224-5110

      Montgomery County 4-H Club News
                                                                 Fall & Winter Calendar 2009
Dear 4-H Leaders,                                            
Thank you so much for a GREAT county fair!              8    Jr. Fair Premium checks available for pick up,
What fun we all had and what beautiful weather.              along with member pins and certificates at Ext. Office
                                                       12    Jr. Fair Board, 7pm
I‘m always sad to arrive on that Tuesday after the
                                                       15    4-H Committee, 7:30pm. One advisor and one teen
fair and everyone is gone – no animal noises,                member from each 4-H Club expected; a parent may
laughter, ice cream, greasy French fries.                    attend if advisor cannot
                                                       19    Jr. Fair Livestock Committee, 7pm
The success of our youth activities and shows          23-30 Betty at NAE4-HA, NY
couldn‘t happen at the Fair without the hard
work, phone calls, emails, meetings, and one-on-       November
one help you give to the 4-H kids all year long.       2     New 4-H Volunteer (Advisor) Orientation, 7pm
Those gifts from you are priceless.                    5     4-H Horse Advisors, 7:30 pm.
                                                       11    Office Closed: Veterans‘ Day
                                                       13-15 Ohio Nationals Poultry Show, Columbus
With the Fall, many of your 4-H Clubs are having
                                                       16    Jr. Fair Board (elections) 6:30pm
bonfires and banquets to celebrate the kids and        19    4-H Committee Carry-In 6:30pm, meet 7:30 pm
the past year‘s accomplishments with your 4-H          26-27 Office Closed: Thanksgiving
Club. Have fun!
If you miss the fair days, re-live the memories at     1     DUE: COUNTY 4-H MEDAL NOMINATIONS There are tons of photos            24-25 Office Closed: Holidays
posted by day of the fair.                             31    DUE: BANNER CLUB FORMS
                                                               Quality Assurance Test-Out dates/time
A list of all of our Jr. Fair and State Fair honors,            to be determined during Winter Break
are on our website:
then 4-H, then Awards.                                 January
                                                       1      Office Closed: Holiday
Enjoy the beautiful Fall,                              5      Jr. Fair Conference, Columbus
                                                       9      4-H/FFA Steer Tagging, Bussard‘s
Betty Wingerter                                            2010 Dates in next newsletter emailed, late November
Betty Wingerter
Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development                  Banner Club and County Medal Nomination forms
                                                             available at October 4-H Committee meeting

In this Issue: ■ Thank You Notes ■ Fair
Premiums & More ■ Junior Fair Board ■ Thank You Jr. Fair Superintendents ■ County 4-H Committee ■
New 4-H Volunteer Orientations ■ United Way Donations ■ Good Luck to State 4-H Horse Speaking
Contest Winners ■
■ Thank You Notes
Jr. Fair Premiums and ribbons:               Montgomery County Agricultural Society
Club Thank you notes are appropriate.        1043 S. Main St., Dayton OH 45409

Premier Exhibitors and Skillathon Awards:        Montgomery County Agricultural Society, address above.
Individual ‗thank you‘s‘ should be sent.

Jr. Fair Livestock Sales: Main Advisors should remember that these thank you notes are required to be
turned not the Extension office – with postage – before Sale checks will be mailed. As of this writing, I have
notes from All Star 4-H and several individuals. Get this done ASAP!!

Please collect these by Club – it helps me out! Also, if a member needs addresses and names of buyers, call
Tim Heller at 836-1451. If the buyer is known, our office can help with addresses only.

■ Fair Premiums & More
Member fair premiums, certificates, pins for 3-5-8 year and beyond members are in packets for you at the
Extension Office beginning October 8. Please cash those checks by December 31!!

Premiums are written to the 4-H Club. Included will be a roster of grades and how much each child receives. If
there are errors on any items in your recognition packets, please call or email the office.

■ Junior Fair Board
Without the help of our Junior Fair Board Teens, many events with the Junior Fair could not happen so
smoothly. Special thanks to Niles McGuire for his work with the ―Golden Shovel Awards‖ - overall winner was
KNL. Special thanks to Olivia Flory for organizing the ―Cow Pie Bingo‖ contest – Sandy Seim was the 50-50
cash winner on this. Also thanks to Marie Severyn and Stanton Garrett for designing the Alumni Showmanship
flyers and registration forms. Overall alumni showman was Monique McGuire. What fun to watch these
exhibitors showing hogs, chickens, and dairy cattle. The judges were the 2009 specie Showman of Showman.

Thank you 2009 Jr. Fair Board Members:
Josh Anderson, KNL                   Stanton Garrett, City Slickers     Reece Potter, KNL
Bryen Ballard, Miami Producers       Maggie Gearhart, City Slickers     Kyle Rutherford, Kreative Kids
Morgan Davis, KNL                    Molly Martin, Animalmania          Marie Severyn, Dog Whisperers
Jeremy Deschler, FFA                 Niles McGuire, KNL                 Emily Shephard, FFA
Kassidy Duncil, KNL                  Heidi Pence, KNL                   Leah Shurte, Los Cahbahyos
Olivia Flory, KNL                    Lauren Pigg, Pet Pourri            Rebecca Whitesel, Country View
DJ Gardner, Pet Pourri               Chelsey Pionke, Caring Kids
Advisors: Josh Hurst, Jeffrey Lewis, Megan Brittingham, Chad Stebbins, Jenna Genson, Rhonda Brunk

■ Thank You Jr. Fair Superintendents
Special thanks to our Jr. Fair Department Superintendents for their extra work in organizing and conducting our
Jr. Fair Livestock events and sales!!! Have you sent them a ‗thank you‘ note??

Beef: John Friedline, Brian McGuire, Colleen Snider, Stuart Yancik. Dairy: DR Coffman, Janet Hawvermale.
Sheep: Russ Banks, Mark Jimison, Ryan Brink. Swine: Calvin Helsinger, Tom Hoffman, George Stebbins,
jack Warner. Goats: Dianne Black, Keith Ballard, Christy Montoya, Tim Terrill. Rabbits & Poultry: Duane
DeGroat, Becky Anderson, Donna DeGroat, Chad Stebbins. Horses: Sheila Bushong, Chris Craft, Gretchen
Campbell, Cheryl Luksic, Vicki Smith, Katy Schaaf.

■ County 4-H Committee
Each 4-H Club is strongly encouraged to have one advisor and teen member (13 & older) attend the County
 4-H Committee Meetings. We re-organize on Thursday, October 15 at 7:30pm at the Extension Office. If an
advisor cannot attend, then feel free to send a parent. Main Advisors received this invitation.

Plan to attend these meetings. Your 4-H Club has 2 votes – one for an advisor and one for a teen.
■ New 4-H Volunteer Orientations
Monday, November 2 has been set as a new 4-H Volunteer orientation, 7-9pm at the Extension Office.
Feel free to send new volunteers. I‘ll get them hooked up with paperwork and processes.

As we begin planning for 2010, please look at the help you need in your 4-H Club. Are there some parents or
4-H alumni who may be willing to step up and help you? Revised 4-H Volunteer Applications and the
background check (BCI) process are on our website. A complete list of orientation dates will be posted in the
next newsletter.

■ United Way Donations
If you, parents or friends would like to support our Montgomery County 4-H program through a United Way
donation, it must be designated. You will need to know:

               Montgomery County 4-H Clubs.
               1001 S. Main St., Dayton OH 45409

AND direct donations to our Montgomery County 4-H Endowment are always appreciated. Send a check
payable to ―The Ohio State University‖ to our Extension Office, attn: Betty. This account is maintained with the
Ohio 4-H Foundation with all interest returned is used for our Montgomery County 4-H Programs.

■ Good Luck to State 4-H Horse Speaking Contest Winners
Marie Severyn, Dog Whisperers, will be representing Ohio 4-H at the Ohio Quarter Horse Congress and
National 4-H Horse Speech Contest in Lexington as winner of the Ohio 4-H Speaking Contest on an equine
topic. Ashley Swink, Los Cahbahyos, will be representing Ohio 4-H at the National Speech event with her
demonstration on an equine topic. Good luck, ladies!!!

AND—Junior Winners in the Ohio 4-H Horse Speaking Contest: Michelle Smith, Los Cahbahyos – 1st place
demonstration; Brooke Ralston and Maria Koukoulas, both of Los Cahbahyos – 2nd place team
demonstration. Seniors to note: Taylor Luksic and Christina Smith, both of Los Cahbahyos – 2nd place
team demonstration.

             OSU Extension Montgomery County fully understands and agrees to comply with the policy of Ohio State University
             Extension and the United States Department of Agriculture regarding the provisions of Title VI and VII of the Civil
             Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, Section 605 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the
             Age Discrimination Act of 1975, and the Americans with Disability act of 1990. No person shall, on the grounds of race,
             color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, gender, age, disability or Vietnam-era veteran status be subject
             to discrimination under any Extension service program and related activities.

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