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                     Cynthia Wilson
                     Senior HCM Consultant

December 2004
     A Development & Performance Culture
     Breeds Leaders
                            Company has a sense of purpose

                            Employees understand how they
                             can make a difference

                            Performance and development

                            Leaders are celebrated –
                              recognized and rewarded,
                              motivating others

Be the Employer of Choice
      PeopleSoft ePerformance

• Version 8.8 1st release of Self-Service
  Performance Management

• Version 8.9 will expand on functionality
   – General release date: Q4, 2004
Overview of ePerformance

• Utilized by Managers, Employees and HR

• Provides continuous performance evaluations
  throughout entire year

• Documents are always available for updating
  as employees’ projects and goals change
Overview of ePerformance

• Provides standardization of performance
  criteria across entire company

• Yet, application is very flexible, enabling
  development of separate documents
  according to divisional requirements

• Evaluations are created centrally or delegated
  to managers
  Disadvantages of Typical
   Evaluation Processes
• Largely non-automated, requiring extensive
  manual processing

• Usually late and not relevant to employee’s
  current performance and assignments

• Inefficient and difficult to understand

• Corporate strategy is not communicated to
  employees nor included in individual goals
                 Advantages of PeopleSoft ePerformance
                      6. Measurement
                                           7. Customer
          •     Continuous collaboration between manager and
                employee throughout the evaluation cycle
 5. Corporate
 Management                                                       1.    Business
          •     Continuous adjustment of employee goals and
                performance rating

          •     Enables corporate strategy to be communicated to
                employee and linked to performance expectations
4. Execution

          •     Easy creation of employee performance plans
                                                          2. Project Planning

                        3. Workforce
ePerformance Integration Points

• HR

• Planning Salaries

• Managing Competencies

• eDevelopment
   PeopleSoft Solutions: High-
Performance Workforce Life Cycle

• ePerformance Setup

• ePerformance Administrator

• Manager

• Employee
          ePerformance Setup Role

• Performs initial setup and on-going
  maintenance of application

• Creates performance criteria

• Creates document types, section definitions,
  and template definitions
   ePerformance Administrator Role

• Creates performance criteria
• Creates document types, section definitions
  and template definitions
• Creates performance documents
• Monitors progression of performance
  documents throughout the cycle
• Reports on missing or late documents
• Performs routine functions (changing status of
  document, canceling document, etc.)
               Manager Role
• Creates performance documents for direct
• Views performance history
• Maintains notes on their direct reports
• Approves performance documents
• Monitors progression of performance
  documents for their direct reports
• Receives notification of missed due dates
• Performs administrative functions (changing
  status of document or canceling document,
         Employee Role

• Maintains performance document
• Updates performance document
  throughout the year
• Keeps notes and tracks progression of
  goal achievement
• Suggests new goals to manager
• Views their personal performance history
• Prints out their completed performance
ePerformance Framework

• Collection of user-defined subdocuments,

   – Mission Statement – reconnects people to the goal
     of the company
   – Initiatives – company-wide goals
   – Employee Goals
   – Responsibilities
   – Competencies
Flexibility in Template Design

• Multiple templates may be designed according
  to corporate needs

   – Annual Review
   – Mid-Year Review
   – Performance Improvement Plan (for under-
   – One for each division, department, office, etc.
   – Any combination according to your needs
Business Process Tasks

• Define performance process

• Generate performance documents

• Maintain on-going performance

• Complete performance cycle
   Defining Performance
• Define document types

• Define document sections

• Define templates

• Create performance documents

• Establish workflow notifications
   Generating Performance

• Create performance documents
  from templates

• Update performance criteria, if
       Maintaining Ongoing
• Manager Document:
  • Manager maintains employee performance
    and records notes

• Employee Document:
   • Employee maintains self-appraisal and records
    Completing Performance

• Employee completes self-appraisal

• Manager completes performance document

• HR approves performance document (if

• Manager schedules face-to-face review and
Additional Features

• Ratings – Averaging, Summation or Review
• Competencies and proficiencies may be
  loaded from third party providers
• Templates can be grouped by Job Code, Job
  Family, Position, Salary Grade or User
• Performance documents are created by HR or
Additional Features (cont’d)

• Performance documents are passed between
  manager and employee continuously until
  performance cycle is completed
• Performance criteria on documents may be
  added, deleted or edited
• Employee and manager performance notes
  are kept private from each other
• Employees may add their own goals to
  performance document
Delivered Advisor Tools

• Development Tips – suggests
  methods of improving, developing
  and using a competency

• Results Writer – generic
  competency statements to assist
  managers with comments

• Language Checker – watches for
  inappropriate language
Text Catalog

• Allows functional staff to easily
make modifications to:

       •   Page Titles
       •   Instructional Text
       •   Group Box Labels
       •   Button Labels
       •   Field Names
       •   Hyperlink Labels
       •   Warning Messages
Approval Options

 • Multiple approval options to choose from

    • Drives when performance cycle is complete

    • Determines which buttons and fields are displayed
      to users during the approval process

• May be weighted

• Rounded up, down or nearest

• Trace log may be enabled for verification of
  ratings calculations
Performance Documents May Be:

• Transferred to new manager

• Updated with new due dates

• Rolled back to reflect a status change

• Cancelled when employee leaves company
  before cycle completion
Delivered Reports

• Missing Documents

• Late Documents
Inquiry Pages (Manager)

• View Performance History

• View Approval Status Summary Detail
      Inquiry Pages
    (HR Administration)

• Rating Distribution Summary
   • Displays preliminary, actual and desired rating

• Status Summary
   • Displays percentage of performance documents in
     each document status

• Both summaries produce ‘hot’ graphs,
  allowing for drill down to find details
                   In Summary

PeopleSoft ePerformance offers you

  Flexibility to meet your needs
  Integration with your HR and Business Processes
  Robust technology
  Availability through web-enablement offering
employee and manager self-service
  Monitoring to ensure your organization maximizes
the potential of your most valuable asset
Thank you for attending!!

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