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									  DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES                                        CONDENSED and DRY - MILK & WHEY                                           INSPECTING AGENCY
           PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE                                                    PLANT INSPECTION REPORT
        FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRTION                                                         (In clu ding Bulk Ta nk Clean ing Fa cili ties)

NAME AND LOCATION OF PLANT                                                                                                                                               PRODUCTION PER DAY
                                                                                                                                                           POUNDS OF GRADE A RAW
                                                                                                                                                           PRODUCT RECEIVED

                                                                                                                                                           POUNDS OF GRADE A CONDENSED
                                                                                                                                                           AND/OR DRY PRODUCTS PRODUCED

                                                                                                                                                           MAXIMUM CAPACITY OF
                                                                                                                                                           DRIERS AND PANS

                                                                                                                                                           PERMIT NUMBER

 Si r: In spe ction of you r plan t toda y sho wed violations existin g in the items che cked below. You are further notifie d that th is inspectio n sheet serves as n otification o f the intent
 suspend your p ermit if the vio lati ons note d are not in complian ce a t the time o f the next i nsp ection . (Se e Sectio ns 3 a nd 5 of the Grade A Con densed and Dry Milk P roducts an d
 Cond ensed and Dry Whey, Supp lement 1 to the Gra de A p asteu rize d Milk Ordin ance - 197 8 Recommenda tio ns of the U.S . Publ ic Health Service/Food an d Drug Ad mi nistration .)

 1. FLOO RS :                                                            Cleane d-in-Pl ace lin es meet Ordina nce                                Flow pro mo tin g d evi ces co mp ly with Ord inance
 Smooth; impe rvi ous; no pool s; g ood repai r;                         specifi cation s                                         (b)-- -------   requ irements; no improper manua l switche s;
 trapped dra ins                                         (a)-- -------   Pasteurized prod ucts con ducted in                                      maximu m speed assures 15-second hold;
                                                                         sanitary pip ing                                                         setting seale d a s requi red; pr oper location      (d)-- -------
 2. WA LLS AND CEILINGS :                                                                                                         (c)-------- -
 Smooth; washab le; ligh t-color ed; go od repair        (a)-- -------   11. CO NSTRUCTION AND RE PAIR OF                                         16b . PASTEURIZATION -- REGE NE RATIVE
                                                                            CONTAINE RS AND E QUIP ME NT:                                              HE ATING:
 3. DOO RS AND WINDO WS:                                                                                                                          Pasteurized prod ucts i n re genera tor
 All outer open ings e ffectively protected ag ainst                     Smooth, impr evi ous, corrosion-re sistant, non -
                                                                         toxic, e asi ly cleanab le materia ls; good rep air;                     automatically und er greater pressure tha n r aw
 entry of flie s and rod ents                        (a)-- -------                                                                                prod ucts i n the rege nerator at all times          (a)-- -------
                                                                         accessibl e to inspecti on                               (a)-- -------
 Outer door s self- clo sin g; scre en doors open                        Sel f-dra ining; strain ers and sifter s of                              Accurate p ressu re g auges instal led as
 outward                                                                 app roved design                                                         requ ired; b ooster pu mp pro perly in dentified     (b)-- -------
                                                         (b)-- -------                                                            (b)-- -------
                                                                         App roved sin gle-service a rticle; not reu se d                         16c. PA STEURIZATION-- TEMPERATURE
 4. L IGHTING AND V ENTILATION:                                                                                                   (c)-------- -        RE CO RDING CHARTS :
 Ade quate light in al l ro oms                          (a)-- -------   12. CLE ANING AND SA NITIZING OF                                         HTS T pasteurizer ch arts comply with
                                                                            CONTAINE RS AND E QUIP ME NT:                                         app lica ble Ordin ance r equiremen ts               (a)-- -------
 Well ventilated to preclud e o dors a nd                                Containers, u ten sils, a nd equipmen t
 conden sa tion ; fi ltere d a ir with pressure systems (b)-- -------    effe ctively cleane d                                                    17. CO OLING
                                                                                                                                  (a)-- -------
                                                                                                                                                  Raw an d p asteuri zed pr oducts and conden sed
 5. S EPARATE ROOMS:                                                     Mechanical cleanin g re quiremen ts of Ordi nance                        prod ucts coo led to and maintain ed at requ ired
 Sep arate r ooms as require d; ade quate size           (a)-- -------   in compliance; r eco rds complete                        (b)-- -------   temperatures                                         (a)-- -------
 No d irect ope ning to living qu arte rs                (b)-- -------   App roved san itization pro cess a pplied pri or
                                                                         to u se of p roduct-co ntra ct sur faces                                 App roved the rmo me ter pro perly lo cated in all
                                                                                                                                  (c)-------- -   refriger atio n ro oms and sto rage ta nks
 Storage tanks pr operly ven ted                         (c)-------- -                                                                                                                                 (b)-- -------
                                                                         Require d e fficiently tests i n complia nce             (d)-- -------
 6. TOILET FA CILITIES:                                                                                                                           Recircu lated coo ling water from safe so urce
 Complies with local ordina nce s                                        13. STO RA GE OF CLEA NE D CONTA INERS                                   and pro perly p rote cted; compli es with
                                                         (a)-- -------     AND EQ UIPMENT:                                                        bacteriolo gical standar ds                          (c)-------- -
 No d irect ope nings to processing rooms;                               Stored to a ssure dra inage and pr ote cted fro m        (a)-- -------
 self-clo sin g d oors                                                   contamination                                                            18. CO NTAINER FIL LING:
                                                         (b)-- -------                                                                            Dry prod ucts p ackag ed in n ew container s              (a)-- -------
 Clean; wel l-lighted and ventilated;                    (c)-------- -   14. STO RA GE OF S INGLE -SERVICE
 prop er facilities                                                        A RTICL ES:                                                            Performed in sanitary mann er by mechanical
                                                                         Received, sto red, a nd handle s in a san ita ry                         equ ipment                                                (b)-- -------
 Sewage an d o the r liq uid wa stes d isp osed          (d)-- -------   manne r; pape rboard shipp ing con tai ners n ot
 of in a sanitary mann er                                                                                                                         Transportation in se aled containers for further
                                                                         reused                                                (a)-- -------      processing and/or packaging                               (c)-------- -
 7. WA TER SUPPLY :                                                      15. PROTE CTION FROM CONTAMINATION:                                      Stored in sanitary mann er
 Constru cted and op erated in a ccord ance                              Ope rati ons cond ucted and located so a s to                                                                                      (d)-- -------
 with Ord inance                                         (a)-- -------   preclud e con tamina tion of produ cts, ingred ients,                    19. CO NTAINER CLOS URE, S EALING AND
                                                                         containers, e quipment, an d u ten sils               (a)-- -------        S TO RA GE:
 No d irect or indir ect co nnecti on b etwee n                                                                                                   Closing and sealing pe rfo rme d in sanitary
 safe an d u nsafe water                                 (b)-- -------   Overflow, spilled an d le ake d p roducts or                             manne r by me cha nical equipmen t
                                                                         ingr edients d iscrade d                                                                                                           (a)-- -------
 Conden sin g water and vacuum water in                                                                                        (b)-- -------
                                                                                                                                                  Imp erfe ctly closed prod ucts p roperly handle d         (b)-- -------
 compliance with Ord inance requi rements                (c)-------- -    Air and ste am used to process prod ucts in
                                                                          compliance with Ord inance                           (c)-------- -      San itar y cl osu re                                      (c)-------- -
 Reclaimed wa ter complies with Ordin ance               (d)-- -------   App roved pesticide s; safely u sed                   (d)-- -------      20. PERSONNEL CLEANLINE SS:
 Complies with bacte riologi cal sta ndard s             (e)-- -------                                                                            Hands washe d clea n be for e p erfo rmi ng plant
                                                                         16a . PASTEURIZATION--HIGH-TEMPERATURE                                   functio ns; reqashed when contaminated
                                                                             SHORT-TIME CO NTINUOUS FLOW:                                                                                                   (a)-- -------
 Located and equ ipped as require d; clean                               (1) Indicating and Reco rding Thermometers:                              No u se of tab acco in processing area                    (b)-- -------
 and in goo d re pair; i mp roper fa cil itie s                          Comply with O rdinance specifi cation s     (a)-- -------                Clean outer garments worn                                 (c)-------- -
 not use d                                               (a)-- -------   (2) Time an d Tempe ratu re con trol s:
                                                                         Flow di version de vice complies with Ordin ance                         Clean bootco ve rs, cap s, and co ver alls worn
 9. MILK PLAN CLEANLINE SS:                                                                                                                       when entering dryer                                       (d)-- -------
 Neat; clean; n o e vid ence of insects or                               requ irements; diverted flow line self-drainin g;
 rode nts; trash prope rly hand led                                      stop page preclud ed; pr oper asse mb ly and                             21. VEHICLE S:
                                                         (a)-- -------   ope rati on; pro duct held minimum paste urizati on                      Veh icl es clean; con structed to protect milk            (a)-- -------
 No u nnecessary equ ipment                              (b)-- -------   temperatures                                             (a)-- -------
                                                                                                                                                  No con tamina tin g substances transpor ted               (b)-- -------
 No e xcessive pro duct dust                                             Recorder-con trol ler compli es with Or dinance
                                                         (c)-------- -   requ irements; recorder temperature no high er                           Dry prod ucts transpo rted in sanitary man ner            (c)-------- -
 10. SANITARY PIPING:                                                    than indicating thermometer tempera tur e; cut- in
                                                                         and cut-out tempera ture at or a bove require d                          22. SURROUNDINGS:
 Smooth, impe rvi ous, corrosion-re sistant,                                                                                                      Neat an d clea n; free of poo led wa ter ,
 non -toxic, easily cle anable materials; g ood                          temperature; setting se aled; n o b ypa ss around
                                                                         sensor; sensor located prope rly                                         harb orages, a nd breedi ng areas                         (a)-- -------
 repa ir; accessib le for inspection                     (a)-- -------                                                            (b)-- -------
                                                                         Holding tube complies with Ordin ance                                    Tank u nloadi ng a reas p roperl y co nstructed           (b)-- -------
                                                                         requ irements; prope r de sig n a nd assembly; no                        App roved pesticide s, u se d p roperly                   (c)-------- -
                                                                         short circuting; p roper slope and suppo rts             (c)-------- -

 DATE                                                                    SANITARIAN

1 Facilities for th e clea ning and sanitizing of bu lk transport tanks shal l comply with items 1, 4, 6 , 7, 8, 9, 10, 1 1, 12, 14,15, 20 , 22, a nd as climatic and op erating co nditions r equire ,
        app licable provisions of Items 2 and 3. In every case, overh ead protectio n shal l be re quired.

NOTE: Itern numbers cor respond to re quired sanitation items fo r G rade A Co ndensed Milk, Dry Milk Pr oducts and Dry Whey in the Grad e A Conde nsed and Dr y Milk Pro ducts and Dr y
            Whe y, S upplemen t 1 to the Grade A Pasteurized Milk Or dinance - 1978 Recomme ndations of the U.S. P ublic Hea lth Ser vice/Food and Drug Administration.

FORM FDA 2359g (4/86)                                                                                                                                                         Created by: PSC Media Arts (301) 443-2454 XFT

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