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New Surlyn® 3D Technology for new visual effects in the
luxury cosmetic and perfume packaging

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The Surlyn® 3D technology offers greater design freedom in the production of
perfume, personal care and make-up packaging in different shapes and with a range of
visual effects – from crystal transparency, coloured translucence to frosted effects.

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                                                                            News Release

New Surlyn® 3D Technology for new visual effects in the
luxury cosmetic and perfume packaging

Monaco, October 2009. In the year since its introduction at Luxe Pack 2008, DuPont
has extended the capabilities of its overmoulding technology to bring further design
freedom to the packaging of cosmetic and perfume products. Named Surlyn ® 3D– the
D’s standing for Design, Decoration and Depth – enhancements from DuPont include
new shapes and colours for the inner and outer containers of perfume, personal care and
make-up packaging and new material combinations for improved barrier properties and
chemical resistance according to the cosmetics ingredients and application. The result
for customers is the creation of cosmetic and perfume packaging providing glass-like
transparency, luxury decorative effects and increased consumer safety and convenience
that simultaneously reflect brand identity and achieve product differentiation.

3D - Design, Decoration and Depth

The Surlyn® 3D technology involves the overmoulding of a single or multilayer
polymer inner container with glass-like transparent, highly-durable Surlyn® resins. Its
core benefit is the greater design freedom offered by the creation of inner and outer
containers in different shapes and with a range of visual effects – from crystal
transparency, coloured translucence to frosted effects. Its use of polymers and unique
production process enable the simple and cost-effective decoration of both the inner and
outer containers surfaces, which remain protected without the need for additional
coatings or varnish. DuPont’s increased familiarity with the technology and
understanding of its full potential have led to the development of new colours, textures,
shapes and sizes of both the inner and outer containers. Of additional functional and
aesthetic benefit, the overmoulded Surlyn® provides a protective, thick-walled outer
shell with a deep, glass-like appearance, yet with no risk of breakage for greater
consumer safety and convenience with “on-the-go” products. Allowing greater control of
wall thickness and tighter dimensional tolerances than when producing with glass, the
all-polymer construction is also lighter for cost and environmental savings in terms of
transportation, energy and CO2 emissions.
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A unique patented process

The overmoulding technology consists of two manufacturing steps including two
different processing techniques. The inner container can be mono or multilayers and
made of different materials (polypropylene, copolyesters…) depending on the required
barrier performance and chemical resistance, as well as the desired decorative effects. It
is manufactured by extrusion blow moulding, injection blow moulding or the assembly
of injected moulded parts. The inner container is subsequently overmoulded with
Surlyn® by injection moulding using a unique process developed and patented by the
DuPont affiliate in Japan, MDP (DuPont Mitsui Polychemicals). In addition, and in
order to extend the application of Surlyn® 3D, DuPont has invested in the training of a
number of moulders worldwide in the adoption and use of the overmoulding
technology, where production will take place under licence.

Enthusiastic customer reception

Since its launch in Monaco in October 2008, the overmoulding technology has been
enthusiastically received by moulders, brand owners and packaging designers alike.
“Surlyn® 3D overmoulding technology is recognised in the market as a genuine
breakthrough which allows new and innovative effects which would be hard and costly
to do with other materials,” confirms Arnaud Mastain, cosmetic market development
manager at DuPont Cosmetic Solutions. “They are genuinely excited by the
technology’s potential for true market differentiation, and we expect to see its first
commercialisations in Europe and across the world in the coming months.”

DuPont Cosmetic Solutions brings DuPont’s "Miracles of Science" to the world of beauty and personal
care by expanding the possibilities of its comprehensive range of materials and technologies, and by
fostering partnerships focused on technology and consumer insight. Its primary aim is to develop new
and differentiated cosmetic solutions that meet brand owners’ and designers’ needs for innovation while
enhancing the consumer experience and bring more fun, emotion and well-being.

DuPont Packaging and Industrial Polymers is a world-class manufacturer of high-performance resins
and films for a variety of packaging and industrial applications. Its best known ethylene copolymer
products include Surlyn® resins for packaging and industrial applications, Bynel® coextrudable adhesives,
Selar® PA amorphous polyamide barrier resins, Nucrel ® acid copolymers, Elvax® EVA copolymers,
Elvaloy®, Elvaloy® AC , Entira™ and Fusabond® modifiers.
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