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                                             SAS® Marketing Automation for Banking

                                             Maximize customer profitability through
                                             more effective communications

                                             As the banking marketplace grows              Given so many obstacles and such
                                             more competitive with each passing            high stakes, how can you improve the
                                             day, the need to effectively establish        efficiency of your marketing efforts and
                                             and grow profitable customer relation-        ensure that the right offer is reaching
                                             ships increases as well. Volatile             the right person at the right time?
                                             markets have also eroded consumer
                                             confidence and loyalty, putting a             A comprehensive marketing solution
                                             premium on superior service and               By fully integrating SAS’ powerful
                                             strong incentives.                            customer analytics with industry-leading
                                                                                           campaign management technology,
                                             To succeed, banks and financial               SAS Marketing Automation for Banking
                                             services firms must not only improve          enables you to gain a complete picture
                                             their ability to retain customers, but        of your customers, automate complex
                                             find new ways to maximize customer            marketing campaigns and increase
                                             profitability over the life of each           both their efficiency and profitability.
                                             customer relationship.
                                                                                           SAS Marketing Automation for
                                             To accomplish these objectives,               Banking combines marketing
                                             marketers require more precise                analytics and campaign management
                                             segmentation and more frequent and            in a predefined banking data
                                             sophisticated communications than             environment, which quickly provides
                                             ever before— communications that              highly targeted marketing campaign
                                             involve multiple stages and span              selections and response recognition
                                             multiple channels, from statement             rules for retention, loyalty, customer
                                             inserts and messaging to radio and            acquisition, development, activation
                                             television, telemarketing, e-mail and         and re-activation.
                                             the Web. But many marketers are
                                             finding that limitations in their marketing   Key features include:
                                             automation technology are hampering
                                                                                           • Integration between prebuilt
                                             their ability to implement the complex,
                                                                                             banking analytical models — such
                                             agile customer communication strate-
                                                                                             as customer retention and credit
                                             gies that today’s marketplace
                                                                                             scoring models — and campaign
                                             realities demand.
                                                                                             management processes, which
                                                                                             maximizes the value of your most
                                             Gathering and optimally structuring
                                                                                             current customer and campaign
                                             mountains of disparate customer data
                                                                                             information, providing reliable and
                                             as well as tailoring analytical models
                                                                                             timely knowledge to maximize
                                             to unique customer challenges are
                                                                                             campaign returns.
                                             additional hurdles facing marketing
                                             organizations in the banking industry,
                                             often requiring IT resources that are
                                             difficult to spare.
• Prebuilt suggested models that          • Automatic updates to the central       Expertise you can count on ... today
  can be implemented as templates           customer data warehouse of cus-        and tomorrow
  for retention, re-activation, loyalty     tomer contact history, response        SAS has long been recognized as the
  management and credit approval.           history and analytical results.        provider of the most reliable, proven
                                                                                   analytical expertise in the world. We
• In-depth campaign management            Comprehensive banking intelligence
                                                                                   deliver comprehensive solutions for
  functions that enable you to opti-      SAS Marketing Automation for
                                                                                   the management of strategy, risk,
  mize campaigns and channels             Banking is available as a component
                                                                                   customers and channels — all tailored
  by automatically tracking each          of SAS Banking Intelligence Solutions,
                                                                                   to the banking industry’s needs. In
  campaign element.                       a suite of software and services that
                                                                                   fact, more than 2,000 financial serv-
                                          combine award-winning analytic and
• Integrated prioritization and sched-                                             ices companies worldwide use SAS
                                          data warehousing technology with
  uling for complex, multichannel,                                                 solutions, including 97 percent of
                                          decades of industry experience.
  multistage campaigns.                                                            banks on Fortune’s Global 500.
                                          Through proven, prebuilt processes,
• Efficient selection, screening and      techniques and models, SAS Banking
                                                                                   Whether you’re focused on one facet
  filtering of internal and purchased     Intelligence Solutions speed up both
                                                                                   of your business or committed to
  contact lists to produce clean,         implementation and results — yielding
                                                                                   improving performance throughout
  non-duplicated target lists, without    significant returns within months,
                                                                                   your enterprise, SAS can help you
  reliance on the IT group.               not years.
                                                                                   maximize profitability, minimize risk
• Coordination and optimization of                                                 and achieve competitive advantage.
                                          SAS Banking Intelligence Solutions
  outbound and inbound communica-                                                  For more than 25 years, SAS has been
                                          provide powerful intelligence for many
  tions over multiple channels for                                                 giving customers around the world
                                          aspects of your business, including
  hundreds of thousands or hundreds                                                                  .
                                                                                   The Power to Know® Visit us at
                                          marketing automation, credit scoring,
  of millions of customers.                                              
                                          risk management, performance
• The ability to create, deliver and      management, anti-money laundering
  track high-volume, opt-in, personal-    and customer retention.
  ized e-mail marketing campaigns
  based on a thorough understanding
  of the customer.

• Dynamic response handling to auto-
  matically update customer contact
  history, response tracking and
  analytical processes.

• Tracking of “hard” responses
  (purchase decisions) and “soft”
  responses (subtle changes or trends
  in user behavior), recorded through
  conventional channels or e-media.