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									                              Xi'an International Studies University

                 Xi'an International Studies                               Shaanxi Provincial
   Name                                        The Governing Authority
                         University                                      Department of Education
                                               College or faculty
                                               specializing in Teaching     School of Chinese
  Province      Shaanxi    City       Xi'an
                                               Chinese as a Foreign             Studies
                                               Language (TCFL)
                                                    ■Yes □No Approved by: Ministry of
   Qualified to Admit international students
                                  (Please select from    Schooling       Course     Number of
                                  majors recommended     Period          Start Time Students
                                  by Hanban)
                                                                          Mar. and
                 Four Weeks         Chinese Language                                      100
   Non-degree                                                             Mar. and
                  One Semester      Chinese Language                                      60
    Programs                                                               Sept.
                  One Academic                                            Mar. and
                                    Chinese Language                                      40
                      Year                                                 Sept.
                                                                          Mar. and
                                  Chinese Language and
                 BA                                          4 years       Sept.          40
Degree Programs
  (primary and                                                            Mar. and
                                  Chinese Language and
secondary school MA                                          3 years       Sept.          10
bases please skip
   this column)

Introduction (within 300 words)
Founded in 1952, Xi'an International Studies University is one of the first 4 international studies
universities established since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. The University began
to admit graduate students in 1979 and was approved to grant master’s degrees by the Academic
Degrees Committee of the State Council in 1986. Xi'an International Studies University, which
received its current name in 2006, has 4 campuses occupying a total area of 1,593 mu (about
1,062,000 square meters or 1.062 square meters) with a constructed area covering 640,000 square
meters. The university boasts a full array of modern facilities including multi-media internet
classrooms, language laboratories, computer laboratories, simultaneous interpreting rooms,
tour-guide simulation laboratories, and news collecting and editing laboratories. The advanced
satellite television receiving systems can receive TV programs from different countries. The
computerized library catalogue of the university holds over 820,000 volumes and carries more than
1500 periodicals in Chinese and foreign languages. At present, the university teaches 12 foreign
languages, these are: English, French, Russian, German, Spanish, Japanese, North Korean, Arabic,
Italian, Portuguese, Hindi, and Thai. Xi’an International Studies University currently offers 39
bachelor’s degree programs and 6 minor programs. Master’s degree programs are in 1 discipline
and across18 sub-disciplines. The university also co-cultivates doctoral degree students with 3
overseas universities.

In addition to its provincial key disciplines, i.e. English Language and Literature, French Language
and Literature, German Language and Literature the university also features Brand Specialties. The
University’s brand specialties are those of: English, Russian, German, French, and Japanese. As one
of Shaanxi Province’s educational institutions the university has two first category national feature
specialties, these are English and Russian. The university’s provincial feature specialties are:
English, Russian, French, and Spanish.

                                        Name                Department and Title

                                                    Secretary of CPC General Branch at the School
                                   ZHENG Ruihua
                                                    of Chinese Studies, XISU

         Tel:     85309700/85319551                        E-mail:        zhengruihua@xisu.edu.cn
         Fax:     +86-29-85246154                    University Website        www.xisu.edu.cn


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