Consumer Advocates Since 1988” by nyx11518


									        Top 5 Reasons To Call BENEFIT ADVISORS, INC.
    1. Member Services hasn’t resolved a claim or billing matter to your satisfaction
                          Utilize our experience in getting to the people that can solve problems
    2. You’re looking for affordable individual health insurance alternatives for your dependents
                          It may be less expensive to cover dependents on their own policy vs. your group health plan
                          A PPO plan with a $250 deductible runs $80 - $100 monthly per child ages 2-15
                          Options for children coming off of group insurance due to age/graduation
    3. You need temporary insurance during the waiting period for your group health insurance
                          Cost-effective major medical coverage is available for periods from one to 12 months
    4. You need coverage not offered by your employer
                          Dental Insurance: Comprehensive plan with no waiting period for services – for about the same
                          cost as your daily newspaper! Child-only plan with orthodontic benefit available.
                          Life Insurance: The general rule of thumb is that you should have enough insurance to replace 10
                          years of income. $100,000 of term insurance for a 35-year-old male as low as $16.00/month!
                          Disability Income Insurance: Replaces your paycheck when you can’t work for several
                          weeks, months, or years. Choose to insure your salary, or just enough to cover your mortgage or
                          car payment, or 401(k) contribution.
                          ALSO: Long-Term Care Insurance….Medicare                          * Securities and Investment Advisory Services
                          Supplements … Retirement Funding Projections &                            offered exclusively through
                          Planning*…College Funding Options*…Mutual Funds*
    5. You know someone that needs insurance
                          We greatly appreciate referrals! We will work diligently to earn
                                                                                                       Benefit Advisors, Inc. is an independent company.
                          the confidence you have placed in us.

                                          How May We Help You?
As an independently-owned agency, our role is simple: we work on behalf of our clients.
We are your advocate! We stay on top of products and industry issues by working closely with companies,
experts, and hundreds of our own clients. You benefit from our experience: our staff of licensed professionals
has a collective legacy of more than 90 years in the insurance and financial fields. We thank you for considering
BENEFIT ADVISORS, INC. for your insurance needs. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.
Perry L. Peters, RHU        David Sherman                 Patricia A. Nielsen          Melissa J-M. Earnshaw               Nancy Ramirez
President, BA               Planning Specialist, BAI     Client Services Manager       Client Services Manager             Client Services Manager
Financial Advisor, RJFS     Financial Advisor, RJFS

 “Consumer Advocates Since 1988”

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                                                          please visit our website at
                                               Benefit Advisors, Inc. * 745 E. Maryland Avenue, #106 * Phoenix, AZ 85014 * Telephone (602) 285-
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