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									                          PGSA Meeting Minutes for March 23, 2010

The following constitutes the minutes of the PGSA meeting held on January 29, 2010. Present
were: Daniel Peluso, Amy Janzen, Phil Sevigny, Theresa Dever-Fitzgerald, Shannon Jones, Clair
Barefoot, Heather Eritz, Kelsey Collimore, Kristi Wright, Matt Fetzner, Kathy Chan, Jocelyne
Leclerc, Melissa Kehler, Paulette Hunter, Murray Abbrams
Order of Business Overview:
       1. Call to order by the President
       2. Minutes approved or corrected
       3. Business arising from the minutes
       4. Reports of officers
       5. Committee reports
       6. Unfinished business
       7. New business
       8. Next meeting
       9. Meeting adjourned

I. Call to order and approval of the agenda
1- Dever-Fitzgerald, 2- Janzen

II. Approval or amendment of last minutes
- Daniel Peluso, 2- Melissa Kehler

III. Business arising from the minutes of the last meeting

Kehler: Since we previously approved the combination of the Curriculum Committee and
Departmental Representatives; since we previously approved that the Clinical and EAP
Committee representatives would also sit on hiring committees for new faculty members for
their respective programs; and since members were given the opportunity to review the mandate
in order to vote on the wording of all changes approved during recent business meetings, I move
that the PGSA now accept the changes to the wording of the mandate printed on pages 2, 6, and
7. Motion to approve: Kehler, seconded by Fitzgerald

IV. Reports of Officers

President (Hunter) – sample letters to MPs and MLAs for students who wish to show support for
FNUC. Hunter will email sample letters if wish to show support for FNUC.
Vice-President (Kehler) – Member Spirit Award reminder. Email Kehler to nominate student for
       Spirit Award.
Departmental Meeting Representative (Jones) – Nothing new to report.
Clinical Committee Representative (Peluso) – Nothing new to report.
Experimental and Applied Committee Representative (Brand) – Absent.
Curriculum Committee Representative (Dever-Fitzgerald) – Nothing new to report.
Secretary & Treasurer (S. Chan & Leclerc) – Nothing new to report. Account balance to be
reported next meeting.
GSA Representative (Eritz) – GSA conference report, GSA funding. GSA will be holding
elections for executive positions. Watch email for election updates.
 Social Representative (K. Chan) – End of the year social. Kathy indicated she has made a
        reservation at Bitten restaurant for the PGSA end of term social to take place on April 15
        at 7:30pm. Any feedback on this event should be directed to Kathy via email.
Faculty Liaison – (Dr. Wright) – Nick Carleton was offered clinical term position. He has
        accepted and will begin Fall 2010. Faculty will be announcing a new University
        Fellowship for teaching for graduate students. The fellowship will allow for graduate
        students to instruct a course with additional supervision from a faculty member. Dean
        Rick Kleer will be leaving his position. Dr. Donald Sharpe may take over this position.
APA Campus Representative (Ghandehari) – Sent his regrets.
Webmaster (Janzen) – Nothing new to report.
Union Steward (S. Chan) – Absent.
CPA Campus Representative (Kehler) – Nothing new to report.
External Relations Representative (Shujah) – Absent.
First-Year Clinical Programme Representative (Barefoot) – First year masters students are still
not aware of their upcoming practicum placements.

V. Committee Reports

S. Chan & Eritz: Update on the CPA-funded workshop that was held on March 12. The
workshop was well attended. The PGSA wishes to thank Dr. Kristi Wright, Sophie Grahame and
Dr. Keith Dobson, and the organizers for the workshop.

VI. New and Unfinished Business

           Since someone has been elected to the role of Webmaster for the last several years,
               since this role is important to the PGSA, and since the Webmaster role does not
               involve extensive duties, I move to add the title and duties of the Webmaster to
               the position of External Relations Representative (as described on pages 10 and
               11 of the mandate). The duties of the Webmaster are: (1) renewing our
               registration for a university website annually and (2) updating the website with
               PGSA contact information, a list of new executive members, announcements, and
               meeting minutes. Please note that Webmaster is not currently an executive
               position listed in the mandate.

       Kehler: Since a number of duties that are currently being performed by our executive are
       not reflected in the mandate, and since members had the opportunity to review the
       following list of proposed changes:
            Update list of officers in preamble (p. 2) to reflect all approved changes
            Add to the duties of the President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer: the
               responsibility to prepare and present a budget at the first or second business
               meeting of the year
            Add to the duties of the President: the responsibility to collect member signatures
               for club funding at the first business meeting of the year and to submit these
              within 30 days of the meeting. This will help the PGSA avoid loss of funding due
              to late application.
           Add to the duties of Vice President: the responsibility to take over some functions
              of the External Relations Representative (i.e., those related to the graduate student
              bulletin board and the PGSA website) in the event that position remains unfilled.
              This includes duties that are presently an essential part of PGSA’s operations,
              such as updating the graduate student bulletin board by September 30 of each
              academic year and updating the PGSA website with correct contact information.
           Add to the duties of Social Representative: the responsibility to take over some
              functions of the External Relations Representative (i.e., those related to charities,
              community events, and fundraisers) in the event that position remains unfilled.
           Make minor changes to the organization of the text for Clinical Committee
              Representative on page 7. The information about participating in the
              Accreditation process has been moved up, to emphasize this as a central part of
              the role during relevant years. The next relevant year is also mentioned.
           Make minor changes to the wording for First Year Representatives on page 10, to
              clarify that there should be just one representative from each program.
           Make minor changes to the wording of External Relations Representative, on
              pages 10 and 11, to recognize the tradition of a winter charity that members
           Delete references to the special election process for 1999, the year the PGSA was
           Delete a line that states we must have a ballot box set up in a room that is no
              longer available to us, for a full day, to elect our new executive.
       I move to approve these changes to the mandate.
       Motion to approve changes: Kehler, seconded by Eritz.

VII. Next Meeting

       The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, April 15, 4:00pm, CW126.
       Please submit any new motions at least one week in advance of the meeting.

VIII. Adjournment
- Shannon Jones, seconded by Melissa Kehler.

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