Mayor speech, Budget 2008 by nyx11518


									                                               Mayor speech, Budget 2008

                              Increase of 2,4% of the property tax in La Pêche for the 2008

        Although we enjoyed a growth of revenues in 2007, unfortunately, the Municipality must announce an increase
of 2,4% of the property tax for the year 2008. Furthermore, a special tax of 38 $, based on one year only, will be billed
for the implantation of civic numbers on the hole territory to ameliorate the population safety. However, the taxpayers
will beneficiate of a light diminution of the fees for to the domestic waste and recycling pick up which will past from
$ 177,50 to $ 175.

        This raise is caused by the increasing of the Fire department service. Indeed, the requirements imposed by the
safety cover plan have necessitate an augmentation of more than $ 126 000 to the budget, representing 19,9 % of
augmentation. Moreover, the renewal of the snowplowing contracts made the total cost increase of $ 98 237 per year
representing also an increase of more than 15,5 %. Finally, the Urbanism department sees its share of the budget
augment of more than $ 65 000 representing 10,4 % to permit the hiring of two supplementary employees, one full time
and the other on a seasonal base, that will permit to accentuate the septic installations visits on the territory in order to
put in place the systematic emptying of septic tanks anticipate for the end of 2009.

For the year 2008, our principal project will be:

                     •   Amelioration of the road network by injecting close to $ 790 000 and that, thanks to the
                         reimbursement of the excise tax on gasoline by the federal government.
                     •   A new path in Ste-Cécile de Masham representing an investment of $ 50 000;
                     •   $ 55 000 to the refection of the Pike Lake road in Edelweiss;
                     •   $20 000 for a calcium shelter in the East-Aldfield sector;
                     •   $ 271 000 for the purchase of a grader;
                     •   $ 44 000 for the Wakefield cenotaph;
                     •   $ 30 000 will be injected in the Municipality different Park;
                     •   $ 10 000 to the financing of community organisms
                     •   $ 15 000 in order the redo our tourist guide;
                     •   $ 10 000 for the High speed internet;
                     •   $ 20 000 for the Fairbairn Museum;
                     •   $ 60 000 for the Wakefield community and cultural center ;
                     •   $ 65 000 for the construction of elderly housing in Wakefield and Ste-Cécile de Masham;
                     •   $ 17 000 to study the transformation of the Ste-Thérèse school in housing for elderly peoples in
                         the Lac-des-Loups sector;
                     •   $ 300 000 for the expansion of the East-Aldfield fire station;
                     •   $ 537 000 for the purchase of fire trucks for the Ste-Cécile de Masham and East-Aldfield
                     •   And finally, $ 59 000 for the purchase of fire equipments.

In conclusion, the Municipality of La Pêche will invest for you this year, more than 2,7 millions of dollars in different
projects in order to ameliorate your life quality.

Robert Bussière
The mayor

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