Monarch Policy and Procedure Manual by pmm93834


                                      Policy and Procedure Manual

PROGRAM: Behavioral Health Services                 DATE ISSUED/UPDATED: 03/30/2005

SECTION: Treatment/Habilitation Process             BOARD APPROVED DATE:
                                                    (If applicable)

TOPIC: Special Admissions Populations               REGULATORY REFERENCE: PBHC Contract

It shall be the policy of Monarch to offer Priority Admission to Pregnant Injecting Drug Users, Pregnant
Women and Injecting Drug Users.


1. People supported will be assessed in order to determine whether they meet the following criteria:

Special Admissions/Eligibility Criteria
   • Pregnant women who use IV/injecting drugs
   • Pregnant women who use substances and who are seeking treatment
   • Injecting/IV drug users

2. Persons meeting one of the above criteria will be given priority for admission to outpatient services.
If through assessment it is determined Monarch cannot provide the necessary services, Monarch staff
will make every effort to refer the individual to the appropriate community providers.

3. Women who are pregnant or who have dependent children and found to be using substances will be
given the Adult SA Pregnant Women and Women with Dependent Children Checklist (see Attachment)
in order to ensure issues specific to that population are addressed or proper referrals made to
community providers.

4. Priority Admission for this population will be published on the Monarch website.

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