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					       Travel Overview and
Avoiding Common Travel Mistakes

               New Employee
               June 2008
Travel Policy

   All authorizations for travel and
    reimbursement of travel expenses must be in
    accordance with RSCC Policy BA-01-01
   TBR Travel Policy 4-03-03-00
   State of TN Comprehensive Travel
    Regulations – Policy 8
Normal Commute

   All employees have an official worksite
   Daily commute - Must travel from home to
   Cannot be reimbursed for travel to worksite
   Travel reimbursement - miles driven in
    excess of normal commute on daily basis
Official Worksite

   Faculty
    –   Normally where most of teaching hours are located
    –   Reviewed each semester and approved by VP Academic
        Services/VP Financial Services/President

   Administrative/Support Staff
    –   Normally the location is the campus where most working
        hours are spent
    –   Assigned by President
Categories of Travel

   Non-Professional Development
    –   Routine for instruction, meetings…
    –   Required for proper execution of duties

   Professional Development
    –   Travel to conferences, seminars, workshops
    –   Increase usefulness to College
Professional Development Travel

   Faculty
    –   $1,000 maximum (as long as funding is available)
    –   3-year cycle (FY 07-08, 08-09, and 09-10)
    –   Account under VP Academic Services
    –   Submit Travel Authorization for approval
    –   Submit Professional Development Application
    –   Attach Brochure
Professional Development Travel

   Administrative Support
    –   $1,000 maximum (as long as funding is available)
    –   3-year cycle (FY 07-08, 08-09, and 09-10)
    –   Submit TA
    –   Attach Professional Development Application
    –   Attach Brochure
    –   Budget Adjustment
Professional Development Travel

   Support Staff
    –   $150 maximum (as long as funding is available)
    –   3-year cycle (FY 07-08, 08-09, and 09-10)
    –   Submit TA
    –   Attach Professional Development Application
    –   Attach Brochure
    –   Budget Adjustment
Travel Forms

   Travel Guide webpage
    –   Travel Authorization – to request approval for
    –   Claim for Traveling Expenses – to request
        reimbursement after travel complete
    –   Application for Professional Development Funds
    –   Student Field Trip Application
Travel Authorization

   Form TR-2 (on Travel Guide webpage)
   TA must be submitted well in advance and must be
    fully approved prior to departure
   Required for all travel:
    –   Out of the service area, out of state, or out of country
    –   Overnight
    –   When total cost of trip exceeds $50
    –   Registration Fee
    –   Professional Development
    –   Field Trips or Student Groups
Travel Authorization

   Attach Conference Brochure
    –   Dates, Schedule of Events, Cost, Meeting Notice

   Attach Professional Development Application

   Lodging Rates/Meals & Incidental Expenses
    –   In State – Addendum to BA-01-01
    –   Out of State – CONUS for Federal Government
Travel Authorization

   Airfare
    –   Estimate and booking must be secured by
        President’s Office, Pam Woody

    –   Booking cannot be complete until the travel
        authorization is fully approved
Travel Claim

   Form TR-1, Claim for Traveling Expenses

   Shows movement and detail of expenses on
    a daily basis

   Purpose of travel must be included for each
Travel Claim

   Submitted on a timely basis, should be
    submitted within 30 days after travel

   Sample Travel Claim on Travel Guide

   Standard Mileage Scale
Travel Claim

   Travel must be by most direct or expeditious
    route possible

   Employee who travels by an indirect route
    must bear any extra expense

   Current rate is $0.46/mile
Travel Claim

   Mileage Calculations
    –   State of TN Maps
    –   Standard Mileage Scales
    –   Odometer
Travel Claim

   Mileage reimbursement - allowed only for the official
    business mileage in excess of an employee's normal
    commuting mileage.
   For example, an employee leaves his/her home and
    travels to a location other than his/her official station
    to conduct College business and returns to his/her
    home at the end of the day. The employee will be
    eligible for reimbursement for his/her total daily
    business mileage excluding normal round-trip
    commuting to his/her official station and any
    personal mileage.
Travel Claim

   Non-regular workday
    When an employee leaves from his/her
    home on a non-regular workday
    (Saturday/Sunday) and travel is within the
    service area, commute mileage does not
    have to be deducted if employee does not go
    to official workstation.
Travel Claim

   Out of Service Area Destination
    When an employee leaves from his/her
    home and travel is out of the service area,
    the employee will be reimbursed the lesser of
    the mileage either from his/her home or
    official workstation to the destination.
Avoiding Common Travel Mistakes

   Missing information - Travel Claim:
    –   Worksite
    –   Normal round trip commute
    –   Budget account numbers
    –   Incomplete trip listed
    –   Trip must be shown as it actually occurred
    –   Purpose not included for each destination
Avoiding Common Travel Mistakes

   Copy of claim submitted instead of original
   Claim signed by other than traveler
   Claim signed/submitted in pencil
   Hotel receipts not attached
   Claim began or ended at other than worksite
    or home
Avoiding Common Travel Mistakes

   Inconsistent mileages
   Out of service area travel – lesser of the two:
    home to destination or worksite to destination
    – do not have to deduct commute in this
   Airfare estimates/booking not arranged by
    President’s Office
Avoiding Common Travel Mistakes

   TA not submitted and approved prior to
Assistance with Travel

   Annette Stooksbury, Business Office, extension
   Keyword “Travel Guide” from RSCC Homepage
   Standard Mileage Scale
   Department Secretaries
   Carol Smith, Administrative Assistant to Vice
    President for Financial Services
    extension 4217

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