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									                           Amherst Crafts on The Common Fair
      Big Brothers Big Sisters of Hampshire County • Bangs Center • Amherst, MA 01002
            Phone (413) 253-2591 Fax (413) 253-0124 Email

February 2008

Dear Artisan:

We invite you to participate in our 28th Annual
                                  Amherst Crafts on the Common Fair
                                          Saturday, July 12, 2008
                                           9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
                                               on the beautiful
                                          Amherst Town Common
This Craft Fair is among the best established and most well respected in New England. It features 120
exhibitors representing a wide variety of fine quality handmade crafts. Attendance runs 6,000-8,000
people. Refreshments and entertainment are provided throughout the day. The fair takes place rain or
Please note: changes have been made to the application and the jurying process. Please read

The Crafts-on-the-Common Fair is carefully juried, free to the public and features:
Fair Helpers to assist artisans with set up in the morning and breakdown in the afternoon.
Great Food provided by local restaurants, with shaded picnic areas.
Music and Entertainment
The Fair is organized by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Hampshire County. Proceeds benefit the program.


Booth Size: 12' X 12' grassy area; exhibitor should bring tables, chairs, canopy, etc.
Booth Fee: $90.00 standard; $100.00 corner.

Registration and Set Up: beginning at 6:30 A.M. on Saturday, July 12th. Parking to unload is right
alongside the Common. Full instructions and maps will be sent prior to the Fair.

Advertising: In addition to newspaper and radio advertisements, flyers and posters, we would like to
provide accepted artisans with postcards to advertise this craft fair. These postcards will be sent in the
acceptance packet for you to send to your mailing list and/or distribute at other Craft Fairs. Please indicate
on your application if you would like to participate in this publicity program and the number of postcards
you would like to receive. Please note: postcards will not be sent to applicants accepted after July 1st but
will be available in the Big Brothers Big Sisters office. Thank you.

Publicity Information: We make every effort to engage publicity for this event by sending press releases
to local newspapers. If you are interested in participating in publicity opportunities which may arise,
please submit an artist bio along with your application and photos or slides. Images that are crisp and
clear, with high contrast, accompanied by an artists’ statement will be the first choices to use for these
opportunities. This is not required and may or may not be used for publicity of the Craft Fair.

ELIGIBILITY:All items must be hand crafted by the person selling them. Sales representatives
and agents will not be accepted. Imports, kits, manufactured items and products cast from commercial
molds are OT allowed. The Fair committee reserves the right to refuse any application.

     A program of the Center for Human Development. Supported by

   The Jury Committee will convene twice to jury applications. The application deadlines are
   April 1, and May 15, 2008 for the Jury Committee Meetings. All applications received at any time will
   be held for the next upcoming Jury Committee Meeting. We have limited numbers of spaces per
   medium (jewelry, wood, glass, etc.) and will fill these spaces on a first-come basis as we jury for the
   fair. Booth set up and appearance will be considered by the Jury Committee: a photo of your outdoor
   booth set up is required. We recommend that you apply early. This Fair fills quickly.

      Important Be aware that exhibitors failing to comply with the aforementioned eligibility
      standards may be asked to remove non-compliant items. Failure to meet agreed upon
      eligibility standards may ultimately result in an artisan being required to leave the fair and
      forfeit fair entry fee.


   Please ote: All artisans will be juried for this fair, even if they have exhibited in the past.
APPLICATIO I FORMATIO : All applicants must provide:
    • Booth Fee (check or credit card) made payable to: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Hampshire County.
      The Booth Fee will be returned in full if your application is not accepted.
    • Application Fee: There is a non-refundable $10 application fee for the processing and handling for
      all applications received. If paying by check the application fee must be a separate check from
      the booth fee check.
        If you withdraw your application after being accepted to the fair, there will
        be a $20 cancellation fee. o refunds will be made after June 1, 2008
2. To be juried, artisans must provide:
        • three clear photos representative of work to be sold at the Fair.
        • at least one photo of your booth set up. (All photos will be returned
                to exhibitors on the day of the fair)
                             o electronic images or applications will be accepted

         Any work exhibited at the fair that is not consistent with what has been represented in
         the submitted photos/slides will be subject to removal.

                                 Take advantage of this win-win opportunity.
You get great exposure to the shoppers under the big tent at the fair and Big Brothers Big Sisters
benefits as well! The Amherst Crafts on the Common Fair will include a Silent Auction to benefit Big
Brothers Big Sisters of Hampshire County. The silent auction area provides a great overview for shoppers as
they come to the Common and will serve to pique their interest about particular items or artists. Items donated
by artisans will be prominently displayed and clearly labeled with artisan name and booth number under the big
tent at the top of the Common. You get great exposure and publicity at the auction table and funds raised
support Big Brothers Big Sisters’ mentoring program. Please consider donating a craft item worth at least
$30.00 for the auction. All contributors will receive a receipt for this tax-deductible donation. Volunteers will
collect donations towards the end of the set up period. Thank you in advance for your generosity and support.

        A program of the Center for Human Development. Supported by
If you have any questions, please call us at (413)253-2591. Mail or bring application by the deadlines to:
                                           Craft Fair Coordinator
                              Big Brothers Big Sisters of Hampshire County
                              Bangs Community Center/ 70 Boltwood Walk
                                             Amherst, MA 01002

                                      Amherst Crafts on the Common

          Please fill out the following information so we may consider you for our 2008 Fair:

ARTISA      AME: ___________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________________________


PHO E: _______________________ EMAIL:____________________________________________

AUTO PLATE UMBER: ____________________________

MEDIUM: Please check all that apply. If more than one, please indicate % of each you will display:
_____ Basketry          _____ Pottery                 _____ Clothing        _____ Painting
_____ Fiber             _____ Glass                   _____ Jewelry         _____ Photography
_____ Leather           _____ Print Making            _____ Mixed Media _____ Wood
_____ Floral   Other (Please be specific):___________________________________________________

What is the price range of your work? _______________________________________________
How would you like your name/business name to appear on the Fair Map?
(Maximum 23 characters)___________________________________________________________
What would you like your craft type (pottery, wood, dolls, soap etc.) to be called on the Fair Map?
(Maximum 15 characters)___________________________________________________________

Please check one: ____ Standard Booth ($90)     ____ Corner Booth ($100)

Pay Booth Fee by: _____Check ____ Credit Card (please complete card information on the following page)
Pay Application Fee ($10) by: _____Check ____ Credit Card.      Please enclose separate check for non-
refundable $10 application fee or complete card information on the following page.

If you have attended the Amherst Crafts on The Common Fair before, which years?_______________
_____ Yes, I will donate an item to the Silent Auction.
    Do you want ___ 25 ___ 50 ___75 postcards to send to your mailing list or distribute at shows?
                           If you would like more postcards, please let us know.
Please read and sign the following:
I have read the exhibitor information, eligibility standards and application information and agree to the terms
described above.
____________________________________ Date ___________________

          A program of the Center for Human Development. Supported by
      Amherst Crafts on the Common Fair

      Credit Card Information: Please fill out completely if paying by credit card.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This charge will appear on your statement from the Center for Human

        ame: _______________________________________________________________
      Phone umber: ___________________________________
      Card Type:    ____ VISA ____ MasterCard
      Amount: $______________      (Standard Booth $90, Corner Booth $100)
      Plus non-refundable $10 application fee
      Total Amount to be charged if accepted: $______________
             (booth fee + application fee)

      The $10 application fee will be charged to your credit card when we receive your application.

      Credit Card umber _____________________________________
      Expiration date: __________________________________________
   (When processed, your statement will show this charge from the Center for Human Development)

      A program of the Center for Human Development. Supported by

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