Tennis in Menorca- Home of Wimbledon Champion

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					Tennis in Menorca- Home of Wimbledon Champion

Few years back Menorca, considered as a serene and peaceful holiday destination suddenly came
into the limelight as the paradise for tennis lovers. Today, tennis in Menorca has gained popularity,
as it is the home of the Wimbledon champion Rafa Nadal. Although, Rafa belongs to Majorca, the
Balearic Islands also include Menorca and Ibiza islands. Therefore, during the recession when
Spain’s travel and tourism market was facing a major setback the authorities signed Rafa for
promoting tourism especially in Menorca.

At present, tennis in Menorca has become the main focal point for drawing tourists who love
tennis as most of the tourist outlets like hotels, resorts, and vocational rentals have added the facility
of tennis courts in their list of entertainment and recreation provided to the visitors who opt to spend
their holidays in Menorca. The inflow of tourists from Germany and UK increased to Menorca after
Rafa Nadal’s return from Wimbledon. Nowadays, Menorca has become the favorite choice of the
younger generation tennis lovers, as they not only get the chance of meeting Rafa, the star player
but also satisfy their own desire of playing tennis on the lush courts in hotels, resorts, villas or rental

The increased inflow of tourists in Menorca due to the importance of tennis in Menorca many
other companies have taken the initiative to turn this sedate place into a place of fun and
entertainment, which will help the travel and tourism department of Spain to flourish. Therefore,
Menorca is no more a holiday destination for the middle aged or the old people who like to spend
their holidays in seclusion, but have become a destination for all age groups as it has in store every
type of activity to satisfy the needs of every age group.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy your holidays along with tennis in Menorca you can easily satisfy
your desire by booking a family holiday in Menorca. After reaching Menorca all the members in
your family irrespective of age and gender will surely find some type of entertainment and fun,
which will surely captivate them and give you the freedom of fulfilling your own desire of
practicing or playing tennis with other enthusiasts holidaying on the island. Thus, Menorca has
become the choice destination for most of the people throughout the world, including the people
who have visited Menorca before the Wimbledon fame.

Nowadays, people not only come to enjoy tennis in Menorca but the people with adventurous
spirit and the bird lovers are easily attracted towards Menorca as many companies have introduced
adventure sports like mountain biking, surfing, and other sports, which attracts the youngsters who
are full of energy and daring spirit. Moreover, the attraction of meeting the star tennis player is
another attraction that draws people towards Menorca. This inflow of tourists has instigated the
hoteliers to add new facilities of entertainment, sports, and sight seeing facilities in their brochure.

It is true that the cost of spending your holidays in Menorca is higher than spending your holidays at
other European destinations. However, the attractions offered in Menorca are incomparable as you
can get every source of entertainment that you desire during your holidays. You can enjoy diving or
snorkeling in the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean, or visit the historical places on the island.
Moreover, you can visit the other nearby places like Ibiza and Majorca, where you will experience
the Spanish city lifestyle. Therefore, spending your holidays on the small island village called
Menorca is an experience that you will retain in your memory throughout your life.

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