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					                Diocese of Canterbury

  Celebration of a New Ministry
                  The Licensing/Institution of
         The Reverend priest’s name
              as Priest in Charge/Vicar/Rector etc


                   Name of Parish
                   Name of place

The Right Revd Trevor Willmott/ A.N.Other
  Bishop in Canterbury and Bishop of Dover / Assistant Bishop

                      and Installation by
The Venerable Sheila Watson/Philip Down
            Archdeacon of Canterbury / Maidstone

                    Day and date
About this Service

Welcome to this Service of Licensing and Installation. Today we mark a
special moment in the life of this parish and a new stage on our journey of
discipleship, which brings a new priest to work alongside the many who are
called to serve in the mission and ministry of the church in this locality.

Christian life and work are always a partnership. There is the partnership
between God and his people, the whole church.
There is the partnership between the committed lay leaders of the
congregation, Churchwardens, PCC members and those who lead worship.
There is the partnership between the whole congregation and the minister
appointed to serve them. These partnerships are set within the wider
partnership of diocese and deanery. As well as parish representatives,
people representing the diocese, the cathedral and the deanery also witness
and celebrate this service and have an opportunity to welcome the new
Priest, and to pray for him/her and his/her family as they begin this new
phase of their ministry.

The service begins with the bishop, who has the responsibility under God for
caring for this congregation, welcoming everyone and recognising before
God the journey they have made to this point. The main door of the church
will then be opened to admit the new Parish Priest. The Patron or
Archdeacon will present him/her and a former colleague may commend
him/her to the bishop. Together with the congregation the Bishop will offer
prayer for the beginning of a new ministry.

The service continues with the ministry of the word where we listen to a
reading from the Bible and a sermon is preached. There then follows the
Licensing by the Bishop and the Installation by the Archdeacon. Then comes
the Liturgy of Ministry in which the new Priest and the Congregation promise
to work together in Mission, Ministry and Worship. In our Diocesan Strategy
Document, “Growing Forward Together” we are resolved to grow as a holy
people through mission, learning and evangelism and to discover what it
means to travel light as a pilgrim people. To affirm this shared journey, gifts
symbolic of baptism, scripture and the eucharist are presented to the new
Parish Priest by representatives from the congregation and the wider
community. After the exchange of the peace the new priest is welcomed and
then leads the congregation in prayer. The Bishop then gives the blessing.

As the procession enters we stand to sing
(Insert the text of the first hymn here)

Welcome and Introduction
The Bishop greets the congregation

Grace, mercy and peace from God our Father
and the Lord Jesus Christ be with you.
and also with you.

The Bishop welcomes the people and introduces the service.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, I come among you as your servant and pastor,
seeking together with you the grace of God In baptism God has cleansed us and
called us into his church, commissioning us to witness to our faith in Christ,
crucified and risen, and to be his faithful disciples to the end of our lives. Each of us
has been given grace to be an instrument of God’s love.

Over the years God has been working among his people here and has now brought
us to this important moment in our life together. He has also been walking with
Christian Name of new Priest in his/her life and ministry bringing him/her to this
new point along the way. As these two journeys now converge, it is good that those
who have worshipped and witnessed with Christian Name of new Priest, have come
to commend him/her to us.

So we welcome Christian Name of new Priest, who has been chosen as the new
priest of this parish, and we celebrate all that his/her coming among us will mean.

In this spirit of thankfulness and hope, I now ask those who, under God, shared
with me the responsibility of choosing your new priest, to bring him/her into the

Presentation and Commendation
The new parish priest, waiting at the west door, is led to the bishop, escorted by
the patron/archdeacon, a representative of his previous sphere of ministry and the

           Right Reverend Father in God,
           I present to you Christian Name and Surname of new Priest
           who has been chosen to serve as Priest
           in this parish/these parishes,
           and I ask you to admit him/her to this cure of souls.

A representative of St Somewhere’s, Anyplace (the previous parish or sphere of
            Right Reverend Father in God, I, Christian Name and Surname of
            Priest in Charge/Vicar/Rector etc of parish or sphere of ministry of the
            representative, who have shared Christian Name of new Priest’s
            ministry in the Parish/Deanery/etc of new Priest’s former location,
            warmly commend him/her to you
            and to the people of this parish.

            I thank you for your presentation and commendation.
            Christian Name of new Priest, I welcome you to this church and to this
            service. As we together dedicate ourselves afresh
            to God’s ministry and mission, I ask you,
            in the presence of this congregation:
            are you willing to receive this cure?

Priest      I am, the Lord being my helper.

Bishop      Churchwardens and people of this parish/these parishes
            will you welcome Christian Name of new Priest and uphold him/her in
            your prayers
            and share with him/her in this Ministry?
All         We will

Bishop      Brothers and sisters in Christ,
            because Christian Name of new Priest cannot fulfil this ministry
            without the help of God,
            let us pray that he/she may be a faithful pastor
            and a true shepherd of God’s people.

            God our Father, Lord of all the world,
            we thank you that through your Son
            you have called us into the fellowship of your universal church.
            Hear our prayer for your faithful people
            that each in their vocation and ministry
            may be an instrument of your love;
            and give to your servant Christian Name of new Priest,
            now to be licensed as the parish priest
            the needful gifts of grace
            through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

All sit.

The Liturgy of the Word
The Reading
Bible reference read by name of reader
(This reading is chosen by the new priest)

The Sermon

Bishop Trevor/
Archdeacon Sheila/Philip


(Insert the text of the second hymn here)

The Licensing
The new Parish Priest stands before the Bishop and is joined by the Churchwardens
and members of the Pastoral Team/ MLT/ etc. PCC members stand.

The Bishop or Archdeacon may introduce The Licensing and say:

The Church of England is part of the One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church
worshipping the one true God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It professes the faith
uniquely revealed in the Holy Scriptures and set forth in the Catholic Creeds, which
faith the Church is called upon to proclaim afresh in each generation. Led by the
Holy Spirit, it has borne witness to Christian truth in its historic formularies, the
Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion, the Book of Common Prayer, and the Ordering of
Bishops, Priests and Deacons. In the Declaration you are about to make, will you
affirm your loyalty to this inheritance of faith as your inspiration and guidance
under God, in bringing the grace and truth of Christ to this generation and making
Him known to those in your care?

The Priest affirms and takes the oaths, saying

I, Full Name of new Priest, do so affirm, and accordingly declare my belief in the
faith which is revealed in the Holy Scriptures and set forth in the Catholic Creeds
and to which the historic formularies of the Church of England bear witness; and in
public prayer and administration of the Sacraments, I will use only the Forms of
Service which are authorised or allowed by Canon.

Taking a New Testament, he/she turns to the people and says

I, Full Name of new Priest, swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, her heirs and successors, according to
law: so help me God.

Turning to the Bishop, he/she says

I, Full Name of new Priest, do swear by Almighty God that I will pay true and
canonical obedience to the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury and his successors in all
things lawful and honest: so help me God

The priest signs the Declarations.

Bishop       Christian ministry is a partnership.
             Christian Name of new Priest will you work with your colleagues in this
             Parish and Deanery to build up the Body of Christ?

Priest       With God’s help, I will.

Bishop       Members of the PCC and Ministry Team will you work joyfully with your
             new colleague in a spirit of collaboration and dedication?

Team         With the help of God, we will.

Bishop       We now ask God’s blessing
             upon Christian Name of new Priest’s ministry among you.

All kneel, the new Priest kneeling before the Bishop

Silence is kept.

The Veni Creator / Spirit of the Living God is sung

Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire,
and lighten with celestial fire;
thou the anointing Spirit art,
who dost thy sevenfold gifts impart.

Thy blessed unction from above
is comfort, life and fire of love;
enable with perpetual light
the dullness of our blinded sight.

Anoint and cheer our soiled face
with the abundance of thy grace;
keep far our foes, give peace at home;
where thou art guide no ill can come.

Teach us to know the Father, Son,
and thee, of both, to be but one;
that through the ages all along
this may be our endless song:

Praise to thy eternal merit,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.


Spirit of the living God,
fall afresh on me;
Spirit of the living God,
fall afresh on me;
break me, melt me,
mould me, fill me;
Spirit of the living God,
fall afresh on me. (twice)

Bishop       Almighty Father,
             give your servant Christian Name of new Priest grace
             to fulfil his/her calling in this parish.
             Give him reverence in ministering the sacraments,
             faithfulness in proclaiming your word,
             diligence in pastoral care,
             tenderness in comforting,
             power in healing the wounds of Christ’s people,
             and humility and self-sacrifice in all things:
             that, following the steps of your Son,
             he/she may guide your people towards eternal joy;
             through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

The Bishop reads the Licence and then hands it to the Parish Priest, saying

Receive this Cure of Souls, which is both mine and yours;
in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The God of peace, who brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great
shepherd of the sheep, make you
perfect in every good work to do his will;
and the blessing of God Almighty, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,
be upon you and upon all your work done in his name.

All stand

The Installation
Bishop       Archdeacon, I ask you to install Christian Name of new Priest.

The Archdeacon conducts the Parish Priest to his/her stall and says.

(At an institution and installation)
By virtue of the authority given to me I induct you into this Church and
Benefice/Parish with all the rights and responsibilities belonging to it. I place you in
the stall of the Minister of this parish; and may God the Holy Trinity make you
strong in faith and love, defend you on every side, and guide you in the ways of
truth and peace. Amen.

(At a licensing)
Christian Name of new Priest I place you in the stall of the minister of this parish.
The Lord guard and guide you in his service;
may he preserve your going out and your coming in from this time forth for
evermore. Amen.

The Liturgy of Ministry – “Growing Forward Together”
As this hymn is sung the new Parish Priest together with the Archdeacon, Wardens
and representatives of the parish, Deanery and Churches Together go the font. The
Bishop goes to a chair in the sanctuary.


(Insert the text of the third hymn here)

Remain standing

“A missionary and evangelistic people”
(Title), Christian Name and Surname, a member of Churches Together:

The Church is called in the power of the Spirit to bring everyone to eternal life in
Christ Jesus. People of God in this place, will you share with your new Parish Priest
in spreading the good news of the Kingdom and in building up Christ’s body by
drawing people into the fellowship of his Church? Will you support each other in this

All    With the help of God we will.

At this point the new priest will toll a bell as a symbol of the new partnership
between priest and people of God looking to draw the wider community into the
fellowship of the church. (This provision may be used if the layout of the building is
(Title), Christian Name and Surname Lay Chairperson of Name of Deanery
Christian Name of new Priest, will you rejoice to spend and be spent in the
service of the Gospel. Will you encourage parents to bring their children to
baptism, and prepare them for the responsibilities they will undertake; lead all who
have been baptised forward to confirmation; and help every member of Christ’s
Church to grow in the Christian life?

Priest With God’s help, I will.

(Title), Christian Name and Surname, another member of Churches Together hands
the priest a vessel of water, and says

In the name of the wider church we welcome you and invite you to join us in calling
others to be disciples of Christ. We will work together in this community as a
missionary people to extend the Kingdom of God.

The priest pours the water into the font as a reminder of our common life in Christ
as baptised Christians. The new priest may sprinkle water over the congregation.
He/she then says

May Christ dwell richly in your hearts through faith, that you may be rooted and
grounded in love and bring forth the fruit of the Spirit.

All   Amen

The procession moves down the aisle

“A learning people”
(Title), Christian Name and Surname, a representative of a local school/ or a
Sunday School teacher:

The church is called in the strength of the Risen Christ to continue his work in the
world. Every member of the Church is to bring the light of faith to a dark world, to
kindle the fire of love in a cold world, and to open the door of hope in a tired world.
Will you support each other in this calling.

All   With the help of God, we will.

Title, Christian Name and Surname Area Dean of Name of Deanery:

Christian Name of new Priest, will you be diligent in studying God’s Word,
modelling your life upon it, and growing daily in faith and obedience.

Priest With God’s help, I will.

The Parish Priest is presented with a Bible by Title, Christian Name and Surname, a

We share in a ministry of teaching and interpreting the word of God. All of us face
complex moral issues. Take this Bible and be confident that here is the Word of
God. Learn from it and teach from it that it may guide us in our generation.

The Priest places the Bible on the Lectern, and says

Blessed Lord,
who caused all holy Scriptures to be written for our learning:
help us so to hear them, to read, mark, learn and inwardly digest them that,
through patience, and the comfort of your holy word,
we may embrace and for ever hold fast the hope of everlasting life,
which you have given us in our Saviour Jesus Christ,
who is alive and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.
All Amen.

The procession moves towards the sanctuary

“A holy people”
(Title), Christian Name and Surname, a Churchwarden:

The Church is called to offer up to God continually the sacrifice of praise and
thanksgiving, and to pray not only for its own members but for the healing of the
world. It is every Christian’s duty to worship each Sunday, to hear and study the
Scriptures, to pray every day, and to receive the Holy Communion faithfully, that
we may know God’s will, and live to his glory. Will you support each other in this
All    With the help of God, we will.


Christian Name of new Priest, will you be diligent in interceding for all the people of
this parish, and pray that by the grace of the Holy Spirit the worshipping
community may grow stronger in faith upheld by the regular celebration of the Holy
Priest With God’s help, I will.

 (Title), Christian Name and Surname, a member of the congregation presents the
bread and wine:

Take this bread and wine, and be among us to break the bread and bless the cup.
Pray for us as we shall pray for you; encourage us as we shall encourage you and
grow with us that our lives may be enriched by the Spirit of God.
The Priest holds the bread and wine before placing them on the altar, and says
      As the grain once scattered in the fields
      and the grapes once dispersed on the hillside
      are now reunited on this table in bread and wine,
      so, Lord, may your whole Church soon be gathered together
      from the corners of the earth into your kingdom.
All   Amen

The Peace and Greetings

The Priest introduces The Peace:

We are the body of Christ. In the one Spirit we were all baptized into one body. Let
us then pursue all that makes for peace and builds up our common life.
The peace of the Lord be always with you

All   and also with you

Let us offer one another a sign of peace.

All may exchange a sign of peace.

The Area Dean welcomes the new parish priest (and (with permission) his
wife/husband Christian Name of new Priest’s spouse,) and introduces others who
offer a brief word of welcome. At the end of the welcomes, the new parish priest
may reply.

The Prayers
The new priest returns to his/her stall and leads the prayers, concluding with the
Lord’s Prayer.

As this hymn is sung a collection is taken for the Diocesan Ministry Training Fund
which supports those training for ordination. Please give generously.


(Insert the text of the fourth hymn here)

Commission and Blessing

“Travelling light”

Bishop       As a church we are called to hold on to all that is     important and
              to let go of all that holds us back. Will you seek together the resources
              you need for this new stage of your pilgrimage, encouraging each
              other, enjoying each other and enthusing each other within the love of
All           With the help of God we will.

Bishop        God in his infinite wisdom strengthen,
              establish and settle you in the faith;
              and the blessing of God almighty,
              the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
              be among you and remain with you always.
All           Amen.

              Go in peace and joy as the servants of the Lord
              In the name of Christ. Amen.

The Bishop and the new parish priest process out together. Applause may be

( Use this area for notices such as:
     refreshments in the church following the service
     details of the loop system
     details of toilet facilities
     any special arrangements
     details of next Sunday’s service
     any particular thanks due)


The Liturgy of the Ministry may, with the Bishop’s permission, be extended beyond the core
themes of Bible, Baptism and Eucharist if the parish has a particular ministry that it wishes
to be recognised. One possible additional text relating to the healing ministry is offered
below. For details of including this text or highlighting any other ministry, please speak to
the Bishop’s Chaplain.

(Title), Christian Name and Surname, a member of the Ministry Team presents the
Priest with a flask of oil:

Receive this oil for the healing of the sick, and pray for comfort, reconciliation and
wholeness for those in need.
The priest says:

            Heavenly Father,
            you anointed your Son Jesus Christ
            with the Holy Spirit and with power
            to bring to us all the blessings of your kingdom.
            Anoint your Church with the same Holy Spirit,
            that we who share in his suffering and victory
            may bear witness to the gospel of salvation;
            through Jesus Christ our Lord

All         Amen

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